It was just your typical day at St. John's High School. Students buzzing every which way, teachers chatting near the water cooler, lockers opening and shutting; all was normal for everyone except one boy. His name is Hayden Miller, and he has a secret. As he roamed the halls, scanning for his locker, he couldn't help but feel out of place. Everyone around him was rich, good-looking, or even both. Such as the case was with Derek Foster. Hayden had been so drawn to him; totally unable to refrain from staring. Derek's dad, Bruce, is the CEO of Foster Industries, one of the largest Oil companies on the eastern seaboard. Hayden on the other hand, was just an average guy; nothing really stood out about him. He was 5' 11" tall, he had blue eyes, dark spiky hair, and weighed about 150 Lbs. He had more of a boyish look to him; much to the opposite of Derek. He stood at 6' 2" tall, had brown hair, brown eyes, a smile that would leave any girl breathless, he was confident, and rightfully so. His stunning good looks were enough to make any professional model look amateurish. Hayden walked over to his locker and opened it; placing his backpack inside and taking out his necessary books. He looked out of the corner of his eye and saw Derek walking towards him with his beautiful smile creeping across his face. Hayden watched as his body moved; it was then that he realized that Derek was walking over to his girlfriend, and not himself. He watched as they kissed sensually; every guy knew who Stephanie Myers belonged to, and that is Derek. Hayden felt his heart break as the two love birds walked away holding hands. "I can't do this..." he whispered to himself. "are you ever going to at least talk to him?" a voice said behind his locker door. He peeked around it and saw his one and only friend, Blake. "seriously, it's been 4 years dude. It's time to talk to him." he said. "what are you talking about, Blake?" Hayden questioned.

"do you think I'm stupid? Half of the day you spend staring at him."

"I'm not gay!" Hayden shouted as he looked around; seeing if anyone heard him. "I can tell. Do we forget that my 2nd cousin is gay?" Blake asked. Hayden has had enough. He closes his locker and walks toward biology class. "I don't think you need to lie to yourself anymore. Stop fighting it. It's not going to change, dude." 

"shut up! It's hard enough having to deal with this... Feeling, and I don't want to have to deal with you breathing down my neck about it either."

Hayden said as they walked into the room and sat in their usual spots. As the class started to fill, in steps Derek. Hayden put his head down; pretending not to notice him walking in, but he stole a few glances. He soon found himself staring again. "god, he's so beautiful." he thought. He tried to focus on what he needed to do, but derek's natural beauty distracted him. He looked back at his paper and noticed Blake out of the corner of his eye. "what?" he asked. He felt a hand on his shoulder, and turned to look at Blake. "whenever you decide to come out, I will always be your friend." he said with a sincere look in his eyes. Hayden tried to fight this feeling, but no matter how hard he fought, it only got worse. The class seemed to drift away after that, and he found himself walking right behind Derek. He watched as his body moved; it was like art. Hayden couldn't take it anymore. He walked up and embraced him from behind in front of everyone. He kissed his neck and Derek cocked his head to the side allowing Hayden more access. Hayden slipped a hand up his shirt; feeling every muscle on his torso move and react to his touch. "Hayden..." he whispered. Hayden continued to kiss him. "HAYDEN!!" he snapped out of his daydream when he heard Blake yell. "dude, your gay."

"no.... No I'm not."

"dude! You were daydreaming, weren't you?" Blake said with his hands on his hips. "no... I-I..."

"it's ok dude. I still love you like a brother, you know that right?" Blake asked. He watched as Hayden tried to work things out in his head. Nothing made sense to him. One minute he gets hard thinking about Derek shirtless, the next, he finds it revolting. "I know, Blake, but I'm not gay!" Hayden yelled.

Hayden looked in Derek's direction, and raised his eyebrows as he stared once again. Hayden felt a hand on his shoulder and he looked at Blake who smiled gently. "just talk to him." he said. Hayden took in a slight breath and proceeded over to Derek. He was shaking; he was so nervous. He had never felt this way about a boy, but he sort of liked it. "hey Derek." he said putting his hands deeper into his pockets of his jacket. Derek looked at Hayden with his beautiful eyes once again. "um... Would you... Like to hang out sometime? l-like go to the movies or s-something?" he asked nervously. "hold on a sec." he said pulling out his Bluetooth device. "what did you say? I didn't get anything you just said. Is it worth repeating?" he asked with a little hint of aggravation in his voice. "n-no, sorry. I-I was... Nevermind." he said hanging his head. He turned back and went over to Blake. "so... How did it go?" he asked with a sly grin. Hayden rolled his eyes slightly. "I'm never going to have--"

"Hayden!" Derek hollered as he walked over to him.

Hayden choked up at the sight of Derek walking over to him. "hey... Sorry for being a jerk back there... But let me make it up to you. Uh there's a party tonight, and I wanted to invite you. You wanna go with me?"

Hayden was stunned! "Was this a date?!?!?! The hottest guy in the school wants to go with ME?!" he thought. "uh... Uuuuhhhhhh..... Yeah!" he finally said. "I'll go with you." he finished. Derek's face lightened up. "I'll pick you up at 7 tonight. Sound good?" he asked. "perfect!" he yelled. 

"see you then." he said as he walked away. "did that really just happen?"

"you bet your ass it did!!" Blake screamed. Hayden never expected something like this. He was going to the party of the year with the hottest guy in school. Hayden couldn't help but feel anxious. All of his joyous emotions were running through his mind. He didn't know what to make of it. After school, he immediately rushed home to pick out an outfit. He decided on a purple silk button-up shirt, a white leather belt, some black dress pants, and matching black shoes. He fixed his hair to get the perfect spike to it, and he looked good. He glanced at the clock; 7:00. A faint knock came from downstairs. He walked slowly down the old staircase and opened the wooden door at the bottom. Hayden was speechless. There stood Derek in a very light blue button-up shirt, his hair was cut closed crop style, he had on a pair of black dress pants and a black tie. He also was wearing Armani cologne, which made it even harder for Hayden to resist him. "you ready?" he asked.

"y-yeah!" he stuttered. They got in Derek's Porche Camera and took off down the road towards the party. Once they arrived, people were hollering, dancing, music was blaring, people were drunk, high, or both. Hayden had never been to a party before; and he had never expected one like this. As they made their way into the house, guys were grinding against girls, some girls were grinding up against guys. Hayden looked around as strobe lights flashed and people screamed. Some guy was throwing up in the corner, two chicks were making out on the couch, some guys were getting blowjobs in front of everyone. Hayden and Derek were the only decently dressed ones at the whole party! "Hayden?" Blake yelled from across the room. Hayden watches as he staggers through the crowd; totally shit-faced. "heyyyyyyy... Y-you came to the party?" he said with his speech slurred as he puts his arm around Hayden. "don't worry. I-I won't tell Derek you want to s-suck his c-cock for him." he said turning to see a blonde girl unbuttoning his jeans. "gotta go. Your comin' w-with me, babe." he said walking off with the girl. Hayden turned to face Derek. "I-I don't know what he's talking about. I'm n-not gay ok?" he stammered nervously. Derek took a step towards Hayden, placed his hand softly on his cheek, and laid a soft kiss on his lips. Hayden had felt something he had never felt before; like an electrical connection of sorts. He felt Derek pull away. "this is probably a shock to you right?" he asked. Hayden looked around and saw people looking at Derek and him. "I-I gotta go..." he said looking at the floor. He turned away and walked out of the house as fast as possible. "I like girls... I like girls!!!" he said in tears. "what is wrong with me?" he whispers. 


Aaron Heights

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