Having royally fucked our prospective client on his desk, the wheels of CJ's mind were spinning for the ultimate deal closer. He turned to me and said, 'Now for a change of pace. Here, help me turn him.' And there, on the desk, we rotated Binggum around CJ's buried cock so that he was face down. He held Binggum down on the tabletop with one hand in the center of his back and held one leg out to the side, while I held the other. And then CJ began to rotate his hips in a revolving motion that stretched Binggum's ass even further and moved CJ's dick around Binggum's ass rim.

Binggum was moaning in pleasure, and he brought his hands back to spread his butt cheeks himself.

'Join me?' CJ asked after a series of varied-rhythm pumpings.

'I really shouldn't,' I answered. 'This was only supposed to be the appetizer. I'm supposed to be the main course, after the papers are signed.'

'But you can't resist, can you?' CJ responded with a laugh. 'I don't think we need to worry about spoiling the main course or about the papers needing to be signed, do we, Love?' CJ lowered himself on Binggum and nuzzled his face into his neck.

'No,' Binggum gasped. 'Do it. You know you promised me a double the next time we did business, and I've never been this open before.'

'Well, okay,' I said, 'but don't look. The strip is part of the main course.' I walked over to where Binggum couldn't see me, no matter how he strained to do so and stripped off my chaps, my pants, and my net sock jock. The freedom it brought felt good. I'd had a hard-on for what seemed to be forever, and the net had been chafing me.

As I pulled the jock off, I could hear CJ take in a gulp of breath. 'God, you're beautiful, he said. I didn't know you could get so big.'

'What?' Binggum asked. 'What's happening? What did you say?'

'Just that you're a very, very lucky piece of ass,' CJ said, with a chuckle.

I went over to the coffee table, took a big glob of ointment, and rubbed my dick down with it. It felt cool, and I found it had a numbing agent of the skin but something that increased the sensitivity of the glans. This was going to be fun. I walked back over to the desk, approaching from the rear so that Binggum couldn't see me, my big, long tool freely flopping in the air.

'This might be tricky,' I said as I approached. 'Got any ideas?'

'Piece of cake,' CJ answered. 'I can crouch forever. You can have top.' With that, CJ crouched down, but his chest went back rather than forward and he had his weight balanced on the toes and balls of his massive feet. His dick went down to the bottom of Binggum's asshole and retracted several inches as he crouched, and I could see what looked like a good bit of room open on top. I came up between CJ and Binggum's butt. CJ pulled out of the hole until only his glans had purchase, and I threw my leg over the space between the two men. CJ was crouched down far enough that I could easily stand between them, my butt cheeks cuddled into CJ's stomach and my dick running up Binggum's butt crack. I gave him a couple of strokes there for effect.

Binggum shuddered with pleasure and had both of his hands running down my dick from glans to root before I could do anything about it. His hands began to shake when he discovered I was still wearing the cock ring he'd seen in the men's room back at the office. But then he squeezed it in a sign of approval.

This show was for him, so I left him to it for a moment. Then I said, 'You might want to get back to spreading those cheeks again, at least at first, if you know what's good for you.'

Binggum complied, and I lifted myself up a bit and guided the tip of my dick down to where it rested on top of where CJ's dick was positioned just inside the entrance. CJ was pulled back so that when I came back down, my dick was laying along atop his. His was a bit thicker and longer, but neither of us had any reason to be ashamed. I moved both of my hands down and encased our cocks into one unit. I held them there for a moment, my cock still rising, CJ's ramrod straight and strong. Then I undid the studded leather cock ring that had been nestled at my root, flipped it open from where it had been doubled up, wrapped it around our combined cocks, and fastened it again. A tremor went through CJ's body, his cock hardened a bit further, and he gave a little sigh and buried his head into my neck and nibbled along the artery pumping blood up into my head. My blood began to boil. I turned my head, and we kissed. Binggum was giving little pants of anticipation. I removed one of my hands and pushed his free leg up and out again.

And then, with me snuggled into his stomach, CJ slowly started to move forward and upward. A little thrill of sensation flashed through my glans as I felt it moving into Binggum's tunnel, largely under CJ's power. I wondered if there could possibly be room, but then there we were, both in up to the rim of our glans. Binggum continued panting and giving little mewing sounds. CJ's and my kiss lingered and we opened our mouths to each other. CJ pushed us in a couple of more inches and then stopped and gently rocked back and forth, waiting for Binggum to open more. A couple of more inches and then it felt like we could go in for miles, and so CJ pushed us right in up to the hilt.

My free hand no longer had any dick to hold, so I lowered it and found Binggum's dick and balls. I played with the balls briefly and then began slowly milking Binggum's dick. Binggum, very happy with himself, was giving little moans of pleasure and informing the world that he had done it; he had taken in two of the world's largest and most luscious dicks.

I could feel the change in CJ. The master of holding it was not far from giving up his load. I could feel that Binggum was loading up for another shot as well. I willed myself to time my load and Binggum's shot to match CJ's. CJ helped by losing control. He began to pump, and I had no control over that myself. His dick was supporting mine and he was providing the thrust from the rear with his massive thighs and calves. In. Out by a third and dive. Out by half and plunge. Out nearly all of the way and a deep thrust that was extended by a flood of CJ's cum. Then another spurt. And then a third, accompanied by my first. And then another by all three of us, simultaneously, that caused us to yell with pleasure in harmony—one well-oiled extraordinary fucking machine. Having cum before, Binggum's effort was short-lived, but CJ and I bathed him all the way up to his eyeballs in our sperm.

When I was sure that CJ's legs must be about to give out, I stood up full, unfastened the cock ring, withdrew from Binggum, gave him a little pat on the butt cheek, and moved off to the side.

'Take your pants into the other room and clean yourself up,' CJ said, as he held Binggum in place with his buried rod. 'There's a bathroom in there. Don't let him see you yet.'

I picked up my clothes and headed for the room, but I turned at the door in time to see CJ gently pull an exhausted Binggum up off the table and fold him to his chest with his arms under Binggum's knees. He moved them to the sofa and slowly sank down into a double fetal position without losing the sausage-in-the-bun position. Binggum was being very quiet.



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