The client we were trying to reel in, Jonathan Binggum, was putty in my hands now. I had just told him to let me control the exploration of his body, when we heard a voice correcting my statement.

'Just let us control,' I heard CJ say from across the room. I looked up, and Binggum stretched his head back to look behind him at the sound of CJ's voice. That big, magnificent, chocolate-brown man was leaning against the door into the room he had entered. He was outfitted in black, tight silk from an armless vest open in front down to below his navel, to tight black pants, with a bright red silk, bulging pouch at the crotch. When he'd made his dramatic entrance, he moved right over to where Binggum was stretched out, and deftly pulled Binggum's shirt up and off his body. CJ sank down on his knees beside Binggum's chest and gave the man a big grin.

'Hi, guy, long time no see,' CJ said with a laugh. Binggum laughed back, and CJ covered his grinning mouth in a big sloppy kiss. I left CJ to that area of activity and slowly brought my hands down along Binggum's sides until they rested just above his hip bones and above the line of his cotton pants. I fanned my fingers out up his sides. He was shuddering slightly like Jell-O. I took the tip of his dick back into my mouth through the cotton pants and took him in up to the rim of his glans like a mechanical shovel. He tried to reach down to me with his hands, but CJ took both of his arms in his strong hands, moved them over his head, and went exploring on Binggum's ears, throat, nipples, and armpits and down to his navel with his tongue and teeth. Binggum was giving little yip, yip sounds, breathing in pants, and moaning. I was pretty sure he was getting his contract's worth with this little appetizer.

Next thing I knew, one of CJ's hands was slowly snaking down across Binggum's chest and belly and had disappeared below the cotton pants line. I slowly took all of Binggum into my mouth, down toward the root, to discover that CJ had wrapped his thumb and finger around Binggum's penis at the root and was applying pressure. And Binggum was responding by engorging further and arching his hips up. I sat up and looked up toward Binggum's head. CJ had his other hand buried in Binggum's hair, keeping him from raising his chest. Binggum was running one hand up and down CJ's back, under his silk vest and had his other one clutching alternately at CJ's chest and crotch, unsuccessfully trying to find an entry through the tight silk.

Binggum looked down at me in dreamy ecstasy, and I smiled back at him. Taking the hem of his pants in both of my hands at the hips, I raised myself briefly, and slowly brought the pants down until his dick flopped out. Seeing that chocolate-brown flesh cock ring provided by CJ very nearly made me cream myself. I lowered my mouth to Binggum's dick and gave his glans a tight suction kiss. While holding his glans in my mouth, I opened his piss slit with my tongue, an action that sent Binggum completely over the edge. He began flopping around and squirted cum. I had sensed he was coming, however, and had moved my mouth down to where my lips met CJ's fingers, so that I was able to take in Binggum's three eruptions without damaging the nap of the sofa.

Binggum flopped back on the sofa and threw his arms over his head with a deep sigh. I maintained my purchase on his dick while stripping him completely of his pants. I could feel CJ's fingers leaving Binggum's dick and continuing down to where he could play with Binggum's balls. He went back to nibbling and tonguing on Binggum's stomach, chest, and armpits and giving him deep kisses, and it wasn't more than a few minutes before I could feel Binggum's penis start coming to life again. After a few minutes, I felt Binggum give a jolt and I heard a little grunt from him, as much pain as pleasure. I turned my head and found that CJ had moved his arm and hand under Binggum's ass and I could see a chocolate finger buried up to the knuckle in Binggum's asshole. I watched in fascination, as the finger rotated and probed, and Binggum responded by wiggling his ass, making gasping sounds when CJ wasn't kissing him, and regrowing his dick in my mouth.

I began to give him head, slowly at first and then faster. I moved a hand over his thigh to cup his balls and to roll and pull at them. One finger of that hand, though, I allowed to travel down even further until I could feel CJ's knuckle, buried in Binggum's hole. I heard a little sucking sound from below and a grunt and moan from above, as CJ's knuckle pulled down in Binggum's hole and gave my finger purchase to enter the cavern. CJ and I got a little, slow piston rhythm going, whereby he pushed in as I retracted my finger and then I pushed in up to the knuckle as he pulled out. Then we changed the pattern, both going in up to the knuckle and rimming around the canal wall, opening the hole wider. A second of CJ's fingers worked its way into the hole and then a second of mine. Binggum was panting and rotating his butt in rhythm with ours. CJ permitted him to rise up on his haunches and watch me giving him head. He took my head in his hands, and I let him guide me; back and forth, up and down, slowly down and up, and then a plunge to the root. We now had three fingers each in Binggum's hole, and his tunnel was opening wide. He'd obviously done a lot of this before.

CJ pulled his fingers out and rose to his feet in one languid move. He stood there, looking down at us. He had Binggum's full attention, and I could see him out of the corner of my eye, as well. His hands slid down his body and met at his crotch. He reached into the folds of the material, unbuttoned his red silk pouch, and out popped his gigantic tool. He moved his hand back to the coffee table and picked up a small tube and pushed out a large dab of salve, which he proceeded to rub into his cock, from root to tip, leaving both Binggum and me with the impression that he might be masturbating himself to climax for our entertainment.

Binggum was watching him in fascination laced with trepidation and doubt. His hands left my head, and I held his dick in check, and my hand went back to cupping his balls. Binggum reached out for CJ's cock, but CJ playfully slapped his hands away and came down onto the sofa behind him on his knees. I moved around to the side and went down on my knees on the floor, freeing Binggum's leg. CJ reached over and took a pillow from the back of the couch, lifted Binggum's hips, stuffed the pillow under and up to Binggum's hipline so that his butt was suspended in the air, and lifted both of Binggum's legs over his shoulders. Binggum was propping himself up on his elbows, getting as good a look over my head of what CJ was doing as possible. CJ slowly walked into Binggum's butt on his knees. I moved my hand back down to Binggum's asshole and stretched the rim. I could feel CJ's cockhead flopping against Binggum's ass and my fingers. Binggum was moaning again and giving little shudders of anticipation. I took CJ's cock in my hands and guided his glans to Binggum's asshole. CJ bellied in closer, and I helped push the head of his cock further into the hole. Binggum moaned a quiet 'No,' and started to reach down with his hand. But I collapsed his other elbow prop, and he fell back onto the sofa, as CJ glided several inches into the hole. I ran my hand up Binggum's stomach and chest and held him down with my hand just below the Adam's apple. He probably could have fought me off, but he was getting what he wanted—much more of a appetizer than I thought we'd give him—so he just played at struggling, playing the powerless victim. Playing like he didn't want it, but aching for it.

'Oh, Man, that's nice,' CJ said in a husky voice. 'I remember this ass. This is such a nice ass. I'd never forget it.' I thought maybe CJ was laying this lust for a customer thing on a bit thick, but I was sure that Binggum was loving it. I took my mouth from Binggum's dick and moved it up his stomach to his nipples, where I gave him some loving and rimming. I left his dick encased in my hands, though, and was keeping track of how close to shooting off for a second time he was coming. I turned my head and lay it on Binggum's chest and watched CJ go to work. And work he did. At first I could see him coming in closer on Binggum, and I could tell by Binggum's grunts that CJ was slowly moving deeper. But he must have reached an impasse of some sort, because he took hold of Binggum's legs and pulled them wide. He got in a little further after that, I think, but he was looking a little perturbed. Suddenly however, he just plunged all the way in. Binggum gave a little scream, flopped around, and huskily cried, 'Oh God, please save me. He's splitting me,' to me.

'Shush, shush,' I responded. 'This is just an appetizer, you know. I'm actually bigger.' And then I took his lips into a deep kiss. He took my head in his hands, and concentrated on the kiss. I could feel him relaxing, and I also could feel his head moving up and down. I looked around. CJ was slowly pumping him, putting his whole body into motion. In a little. Out. In half way. Out to nearly the tip, and then a slow plunge down to the root. Out again, followed by a quick deep thrust.

I sat back on my haunches, watching in fascination. Binggum was flopping around again, but his frightened—or feigned—no's had turned into yes, yes, yes.

Then CJ showed what a magnificent athlete he was. Pulling Binggum's legs back over his shoulder, he locked his hands behind Binggum's back and stood up in the sofa, bearing Binggum's entire weight. He stepped down off the sofa, moved over to a corner where the wall met the sliding windows, pushed Binggum up against the wall and started pumping deep and hard.

Binggum was whimpering. Turning his eyes toward me, he whispered, 'Save me, save me. This monster is going to split me apart. This big, black stud is killing me. This can't be a dick; it's got to be a baseball bat.' I wasn't having any of that, however. Binggum was having a ball. Supporting Binggum on one arm, CJ reached around and took Binggum's dick in his big mitt and pumped and pumped and pumped. With a scream of joy, Binggum came for the second time. Squirting his cum up onto CJ's heaving chest. The silk vest had opened wide, so that most of the load just mixed with the sweat on CJ's chest and made his body glisten in the light reflected through the glass off the ocean and the pool. Binggum buried his hands in CJ's chest and his face into CJ's throat.

CJ just held him there for a few minutes and then gave a little jerk. 'Hey, you bastard, no biting.'

Then CJ pulled away from the wall and frog marched Binggum over to a wood-topped desk. With a sweep of his hand, he pushed everything off the desk top and pushed Binggum down on his back on the cold surface. Holding him down with one mitt in the center of his chest, CJ spread one of Binggum's knees up and out.

'A little help here?' he asked me, and I walked over and took the other leg and pushed it up and out, bent at the knee. 'Surfacing submarine maneuvers,' he said, and I figured out immediately what he was going to do. I moved my other hand over and circled Binggum's asshole and CJ's buried cock, giving CJ and more visible target.

Binggum was moaning. 'What, What? What are you going to do?'

'This,' CJ answered, and with a great slurping sound, he pulled his cock all the way out of Binggum in one smooth glide. He brought his mouth down on Binggum's cock and slid all the way down on it twice, in two swift motions. Binggum was engorging again, and voicing little, 'Oh, oh, oh's.' Then CJ raised up again, reared his butt cheeks back, and, in perfect targeting, entered and buried his cock up to the hilt. Binggum screamed and jerked. CJ pulled all of the way back, reared his butt back again and then thrust forward again, pushing Binggum further up on the desk top with the furry of his motion. Binggum moaned and jerked again. Binggum's head was bouncing off the wall, and he had to lift his hands up to the wall to cushion the blows. CJ lowered his mouth and swallowed Binggum's rising cock again in one swift motion, then again, and then a third time. This was followed by three swift, deep thrusts by the battering ram. Then a series of four. Binggum's screams of pleasure were overriding his yelps of pain now.

'Get the pattern?' CJ asked through clinched teeth.

'Oh, yes, yes. God you're good. God, god, fuck me. Fuck me harder. It's been so long since I've had it this good.'

But in short course he would be having it good... times two.



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