Connor 's wide dick was splitting open my hole as he slid in. He didn't give me time to get used to him but pushed all the way in. He finally stopped when he was all the way in, and I quickly began to adjust. He smiled down at me, pure lust on his face.

"You ready?" he asked, a smile crossing his face.

I nodded and instantly regretted it as he began to fuck me hard. He was obviously not used to fucking a guy cause he wasn't hitting in the right spots at first but I began to move underneath him and when he hit the right spot, I let out the longest groan. I began to feel the high of it and began to clench, milking his cock. He sighed and began to fuck even harder, which I didn't think was possible. Although he wasn't as long as my boyfriend he was much wider and was sliding across nerves that had never been touched before and I had never been harder. I began to jerk myself off and as I did, Connor began to fuck me from a different angle and nearly had me coming right then. I moaned as the feeling subsided and gave over to the feelings Connor's wide cock was giving me.

He flipped me over while he was still in me, so I was lying flat on my stomach. I pounded my ass so hard then that I knew I'd be sore in the next couple of days but didn't care. I had never had someone as wide he was and was enjoying every second of it. I turned around to stare at him. His jet black hair was wet with sweat and his hot face was turning red, he winked at me. His pecs and abs were beaded with sweat and made him look that much hotter and his tan darker. I may love Ollie with all my heart, but I had to admit that I enjoyed the variation that I got. Ollie's 12 incher, always giving me the best orgasms, was what 'making love' would be. But with people like Connor and Alec who were only interested in getting some ass, was always good as they would hit other spots I never knew existed and would give me that extra nudge over the edge. Connor was pushing me closer and closer quite fast and I couldn't do anything about it. He was making me shudder and I let out a loud moan as I began to cum with out grabbing myself. My load hit the top of the bed and began to roll down, 4 more shots followed, it scattering over the messed up bed sheets. Connor watched and fucked a little faster, obviously ready to blow. When he did, he gave out a shout of "FUCK!" and I felt as he shot very powerful loads up my ass, filling me up.

I stayed, still waiting for it to subside, milking everything out of his dick, until he lay on top of me. His dick began to grow soft as he pulled out. He gave me a quick smile and jumped up and bent over, his bubble butt parting to show me his hairless hole, to slip on a pair of underwear. He tucked his dick in to the pouch as he turned to me.

"We took longer than I thought we would and I didn't even get to take you in my ass." He said, pouting.

"Well," I said staring at the front of his briefs raking my eyes up and down his body. "I'll give you the extra cash back."

"No, keep it. That way I know I'll get to meet you again soon." He smiled.

"Well if that's you making an appointment. I'm free tomorrow?"

"Tomorrow, here. I'll look forward to it."

I hoped up and began to get dressed and pattered my pockets, making sure I had my phone and wallet and nearly had a heart attack when I couldn't find my phone until I realised I left it at home having to use the check in desk's phone to call up Connor. I walked out to the living room where Connor was still in his tight, super hot, black briefs with an open beer.

"What's the time anyway?" I asked, doing my belt up.

He checked his watch and looked up with a lazy smile that made my cock jump.

"Three seventeen. What?" He said as my smile dropped, realising Ollie was going to be home at 3 so I could finally release the blue balls he would've been having all night and day.

"I was supposed to be somewhere by 3."

"Do you need a ride?" he asked hoping up.

"No," I said opening the door. "Thanks. I got my car outside. See you tomorrow!"

I rushed to the elevator and as soon as it opened I pressed the LOBBY button continuously till the doors closed. The annoying elevator music made me feel more anxious than I already did. Ollie was never late to anything, if he said 3, he would be there by 3. He would get home expecting me to be lying on the bed ready to finally get him off to find that the apartment would be empty and he'd try to call to only find my phone charging in the kitchen. The doors opened and I rushed to my car parked outside. Crap. My phone. What if someone called to make an appointment and he picked it up? Or someone left me texts? What would he say? I knew I should've stopped this.

I sped home, not caring if I got caught speeding. All in all a usual 15 minute ride took me about 7 minutes. Ollie's car was in his spot, I pulled into my spot and jumped out and ran up the stairs. The apartment door was unlocked as I walked in, to find Ollie sitting at the kitchen bench with a bottle of wine. He jumped up when I walked in.

"Where have you been?" he asked, not judgementally but an honest to god question.

"I just went out when I got bored. I completely lost track of time so I sped home when I realised it was past 3. Might have gotten a few tickets." I laughed.

He jumped up to reveal he wasn't wearing any pants, and was still wearing my briefs from this morning, his huge cock was making the briefs stretch as afar as they could and my mouth watered. I closed the door and checked my phone to only find I had 2 missed calls from Ollie along with a few different texts from a couple of friends. I was so relieved. I felt Ollie's arms wrap around me and he put his head on my shoulders, grinding his underwear covers cock against my ass. He began to kiss from my earlobe down to the nape of my neck and back up, using his tongue to add more pleasure. On his third way down my neck, he stopped half way and bit down and began to suck on the skin, swirling his tongue as he sucked, marking me has his.

All the thoughts I had had of telling Ollie about what I did left me as my dick grew, and began to grind my ass against Ollie's fully hard dick. As Ollie finally stopped leaving me a huge hickey, I turned around and stared him in the eyes and smiled at those beautiful chestnut coloured eyes, and kissed him. Not a lust filled one like I had had with Connor, but one with passion and love. When we finished we were both completely out of breath and we both just stared at each other. I gave him a quick kiss and then grabbed him by his tie and dragged him to our room.

I threw him on the bed and jumped on top of him, grinding my hips into his extremely hard 12 incher, and ripped open his shirt. I began to run my hands up and down his 8 pack abs meeting at his pecs and bit down hard on one of them, wanting to leave a huge hickey there. As I did, I ran my hands from his abs to his back and down to his brief covered muscle ass. When I grabbed it I moaned, remembering what drew me to him in the first place, seeing him bent over one day back in High School picking up his books that he had just dropped. It was very rare when I slid my 8 inch dick into Ollie's super tight ass, but when I first did, he milked me from my first stroke, taking us less than a minute for me to cum in his ass like I was fucking someone for the first time. Although Ollie wouldn't admit it but he was a born-to-be bottom and had a natural talent for it. So that ass gave off a kind of drug for me that not even his cock could supply me, I knew I wouldn't be able to do it know but I was going to fuck that ass before the week was out, I'd make sure of that.

I was still biting and sucking and I spot on Ollie's left pec when he pulled me up and began to gave me a kiss that had me ripping of both of our underwear and jerking the top of his dick quickly. When we broke apart I instantly slipped the head of his dick into my mouth and swirled my tongue around it. His cock jerked weirdly and I knew I had drawn him close to exploding. I knew Ollie could fuck me no matter how many times I had made him blow his load and release I decent amount of cum, but the first one always had the most and with the most power when he shot which is what I always liked since we began to fuck each other casually in High School. I stopped, waiting for his load to go down, and then began to slowly work his cock in my mouth, he let out along moan and grabbed my head and jammed me right down without thinking to the root of his dick.

We may have been together for 2 years and casually fooling around for nearly 5 years, but I still was not able to take his 12 incher all the way down with out choking. My reflex kicked in but I settled it down quickly, just in time for Ollie to face fuck me. He began off quickly, sliding the head of his dick a couple of inches up and down my throat, but began making it drawn out and long. He would draw his cock all the way to my lips and would then jam it quickly back down my throat. When Ollie was about to cum I tightened my throat around the head of his deck and felt his cock jerk and his breath catch, and then he came. The first shot went straight down my throat and I could feel the strength of the shot. He began to shoot more and more his hips grinding around, his body in ecstasy. He had always tasted good, and I never had a weird after taste when I took his load in my mouth and this time was no exception. He came about nine times, after a day of being continuously teased and not allowed to cum, and my mouth still continuously filled with more and more afterwards.

I pulled his dick out of my mouth, which was only now beginning to turn soft, and it slipped out with a soft 'pop'. I looked up at Ollie who was breathing heavily and had his eyes closed. His body doing jerks every now and then, showing how powerful his orgasm actually was. I trailed my tongue from his dick, up to his abs and across every single one till I reached the space between his pecs and rested my head on his left pec, eyeing off the super red hickey I had only just given him. His breathing finally returned too normal and I looked up at him to find out he had fallen a sleep. I laughed and jumped up, rubbing my hands across my aching boner and walked into the kitchen. I opened the fridge to grab a drink when my phone rang. I checked the caller id to see 'Unknown number'. Another new client? I answered it.


"Hey Dave, that's you right?" Connor's voice spoke back.

"Yea its me. What's up?"

"Well, I know we said I can meet up tomorrow, and I still can but I was speaking to Alec and he has wet dreams about the blow job you had given him the other day and wants to know if he can join us, and how much will he have to bring?"

I let it sink in that I was going to have a threesome with a super hot rower and beautifully built swimmer.

"Um. Nothing, I'll do it for free."

"What? Really? You sure? He can pay."

"No," I said smiling, rubbing myself. "It's fine. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow."

"Yes, I do too." He said in his sexy voice.

He hang up and I put my phone back on it's charger.

"Who was that?" Ollie asked from behind me, suspiciously.

"Ah." Shit, why hadn't I heard him come in? "Just a client looking for a house inspection tomorrow."

"Why did you say you would do something for free?"

"I usually charge clients an inspection fee to say what I have to sell. You should no that Ollie." I laughed awkwardly.

"Why aren't you gonna charge it?" He asked opening the fridge for a beer, now longer interested but carrying on the conversation.

"He is a friend of a friend."

"Oh ok." He closed the friend and turned around with a smile. "So he is hot?"

"What?" I giggled.

"You didn't even drop an inspection fee for your own mother, this guy must be super hot."

"Well, I guess he is." I said, grabbing Ollie's naked ass and pulling him closer. "But nothing beats my boyfriend's looks."

"Am I allowed to come see this client of yours, see what I'm beating in the hotness scale?"

"Um, I'm not sure."

"Why, do you want him all to yourself? Planning to have some fun in his bed?" he joked, kissing my forehead.

"We'll see, how 'bout that?"

"Ok." He smiled. "Is he gay?"

"Yea, so is my friend."

"Well I'm definitely coming. We haven't hung put with a gay couple for a year now. I'm sure your friends wouldn't mind. He smiled and walked to the bathroom.

I knew that Ollie would plan to come with me tomorrow, so I sent a text to Connor: 'Hey, Connor, its me david. My BF thinks I'm inspecting ur house tomorrow and wants to come meet u and ur friend as I told them ur hot, is that ok? U never know u may have sex with my BF tomorrow, see you then.'

I was walking back to the bedroom when I got a reply text from Connor.

'Send me a pic of what he looks like. Whats his stats?'

Luckily I had a photo of Ollie naked on my phone so I sent that on to Connor with only important stat Connor will care about:

'His dick is 12 inches.'

I sent it off, and almost instantly got a another reply from him, I could just imagine him freaking out over my boyfriend coming to see him as I read it.

'Holy shit, I cant wait!'.

I walked into the bedroom to find Ollie perched on the bed still naked. He looked up at me when he was settled, playing with his dick.

"Round 2?" he asked.



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