I met him where he told me to meet me, at the local swimming centre. He was swimming in the pool by himself while little kids played in the shallow end with their parents. I sat in the stalls, next to his towel, watching him. He was blond, streaked with brown, had a light brown tan and had beautiful back muscles as he moved through the water. I looked at his butt. I could see every muscle in it as he kicked, the Speedo that he was wearing, lightly went inside his crack and I felt my cock jump.

He did two more lengths of the pool and then jumped out. I watched his bulge as he walked over, which was barely held by his Speedos. He didn't acknowledge me as he picked up his towel, but flicked his eyes from me too the change rooms. He walked off towards the change rooms, I followed soon after, so I could have a good view of his ass as he walked. When I reached the change rooms after him, I followed him into the toilets. I didn't want to be fucked in a small cubicle but looking at his bulge again made me rethink but luckily there was cubicle for disabled persons. He opened the door and waited for me to enter. When I was inside he closed the door and locked it.

When he turned around he was still dripping wet and his hair was sticking up everywhere. His eyes were a storm blue. His pecs were huge and he had beautiful six-pack. He stuck out his hand.

'I'm Alec.'

I took Alec's hand and wrapped him in my arms and I kissed him. He tried to back away but I held him closer. As we kissed I ran my hands over his powerful swimmer's body, all the way down to his cute, tight butt. I gave it a squeeze and felt him respond. We kept kissing, I felt his hairless chest and squeezed his nipples, he gasped and something jumped in his pants.

'For someone as hot as you, why are you here paying me to get you off?'

He pulled me closer.

'I don't get hard naturally around them, even during a blow job.'

I laughed.

'Well then,' I said feeling his growing bulge. 'I can feel that you are hard now.'

I knelt down on my knees and pulled down his fully packed Speedos. His cock almost leaped out of the tiny confinement. It smelled like chlorine and was throbbing. It stuck straight out and was dripping pre-cum.

'Just suck it,' he whispered. 'You don't have to remember every detail.'

He didn't wait for a reply and pushed me all the way down his cock. He nearly screamed and it felt like he was about to blow. I began to choke and he let go of my head so I could ease off it. I let him relax so he wouldn't blow instantly. When I judged he was ready I slowly went down on him. I flicked my tongue on the underside of the head and heard him whimper. I then began to ease all the way down on him. When he hit the back of my throat I began to choke but didn't stop till his head had passed the entrance. Alec groaned and began to face fuck me. I licked the underside of his cock. I moved off his cock and placed his balls in my mouth. As I licked them Alec gasped and thrusted his hips. I stopped sucking and licking and looked up at him. Alec looked down at me, his eyes pleading me to continue.

'I can give you more pleasure.' I said starring at his huge cock. 'Sit down on the toilet.'

He walked over to the toilet seat and sat down, cock up. I walked over and began to sit down on his cock. I stripped off my clothes and then I moved around till I felt the head pressing against my hole.

'Get ready,' I said. 'To feel the best thing in the world.'

I pushed down on him and felt my hole begin to wince as the head began to push through. I heard Alec give a huge gasp as his head and another inch pushed into me. It was a lot thicker than what I was used to so I stopped sliding down on it.

'What are you doing?' Alec asked.

'Getting used to the width of your cock.'

Once I was comfortable I without warning slid all the way down his cock in one push. I nearly screamed as it felt like I was being ripped open. While I was in pain Alec was moaning with pleasure.

'My god Dave, you are so tight and hot.'

He began to pound into me, each thrust going deeper inside me. I groaned and gasped as he hit my prostate. Alec was moaning and muttering my name under his breath. He stood up, with me still attached to him; he turned me around to face the wall. I put my arms out against it as he fucked me from behind.

'Fuck me!' I whispered. 'Alec, give me that huge cock.'

'Anything you say.'

He began to fuck me harder, sliding all the way out of me then pushing all the way back in. For the next few minutes I groaned for him to fuck me harder then anything and every time he obliged.

'I'm about to cum.' Alec said. Picking up his pace.

Just then I felt Alec's cock jut and jolt in me and I new he was blowing his load. I slumped into Alec's muscles and he lay down together in the corner.

We lay there for what felt like forever, with his cock still inside of me. Looking at my watch I realised I had another appointment in a couple of hours so I had to get ready. I stood up and felt Alec slip out of me.

'I need to go Alec.'

His eyes were glassed over, a smile lingering over his lips.

'Thank you so much Dave. The money is in the bag outside.'

I put my clothes on, gave Alec I strong hard kiss, gave a tug on his cock, told him to call anytime and walked out.

His bag was hanging on a hook just outside the toilets and at the bottom was an envelope with my name on it. I took it out and counted the money, it was all there. I slid in my pocket and walked out.

When I reached home, I had less then an hour till my boyfriend was coming over, I had a quick shower to get rid of the smell of chlorine and raw sex. When I came out I had less than twenty minutes to get a 'Welcome Home' party ready.

I put on my tightest pair of briefs that showed my bulge perfectly. I then put out some lube all around the house just in case we didn't make it back to the bedroom. I turned off all the lights in the house and waited near the door. I heard Ollie's car drive in to the driveway. I heard him lock the car and walk up to the front door. He turned his key and opened the door. As he walked in and closed the door, before he could turn on the light I jumped on his back and wrapped my arms around him.

He began to struggle but I held him closer.

'Faggot,' I said in the sexiest and most dangerous voice I could manage. 'You are my bitch, you do what ever I tell you or you will be in a lot of danger.'

He caught on quickly and played along.

'Yes,' he said pretending to be scared. 'What ever you say sir.'

'Good, first take off your clothes down to your underwear.' I jumped off him and pushed him against a wall. He began very slowly to strip knowing I would get angry.

'Faster bitch!'

He whimpered and ripped off his clothes. When he stepped out of his pants I saw his twelve-inch cock straining to get out of his briefs.

'Now what sir?'

'Get down your knees and suck on your master's cock.'

He got down and pulled down my briefs, my nine-inch cock swung out and hit him in the nose. He opened his mouth and I pushed my cock all the way down his throat. He began to choke but he didn't come off it, he opened up his throat to allow me to get all the way down it.

'You suck cock well faggot.' I said between gasps. 'Who taught you?'

He slipped off me and began to slowly jack me off.

'My boyfriend, he sucks cock better than anyone. I can sallow me in one gulp but will never let me cum. He can make me scream for over four hours till he finally let's me cum.'

He went back down on me and let me slip all the way down his throat. I began to thrusted my cock in and out of Ollie's lips. He began to use his tongue on my head which always nearly made me blow. I pulled out and held Ollie by his hair.

'Stand up and follow me queer.'

He stood up and followed me to the bedroom, whimpering as I tugged on his hair. I had made the bedroom look like it had been robbed. Ollie's clean underwear was thrown over the floor, and his dirty, cum stained ones were over the bed.

'What did you steal?' he asked, playing along.

'You.' I said throwing him on the bed. He rolled around in his dirty underwear moaning.

'And this.' I said pulling out his vibrator from underneath the matrass.

I grabbed some lube and applied some to my cock and the vibrator.

'Go on your all fours bitch.'

I lubed up his hole. I slid one finger up his ass and moved it around; I then slid two more up to the knuckles and moved them in all different directions. Ollie moaned so loudly and squirmed around them.

'Oh, oh!' Ollie moaned.

'Shut up! No groaning or moaning and you can't cum till I say.'

'Ye...yes Si...sir.' he moaned.

After a while I removed my fingers and then turned the vibrator on slowly entered it into his ass.

Ollie moved his hand over his mouth to stifle a moan. I worked the vibrator in further and had Ollie squirming so much it looked like he was having a fit. I left it in and stood up. I picked up a red dirty pair of Ollie's briefs and put them on. His cock had stretched them so they were to big at the front to show off most of what I was packing. I picked up a black pair that in the inside it was almost completely white. I stepped up to Ollie who was writhing with pleasure.

'Put these in your mouth.' I said dropping them on his head. He did and my cock got harder. I went back to his ass and began to fuck him with the vibrator. Ollie, unable to contain himself, let the briefs drop out of his mouth and screamed.

I pulled out the vibrator; unable to wait any longer, sunk my cock all the way into his ass. I nearly came then, as I hadn't jacked off or fucked anybody since Ollie went away a week ago. I pulled out.

'Turn around bitch, let me look at you as I fuck your ass.'

He basically collapsed on to the bed and turned around to look at me. He was smiling but went back into character. He lifted up his legs and put them on my shoulders.

I smiled as I repositioned my self against his ass. I then slammed right into him without pause. Ollie groaned as I began fuck him hard.

'You like this Fag?'

He nodded.

'Good cause I'm going to fuck you till I allow you to cum.'

I pounded him hitting his prostate with each thrust. He let out a huge groan every time my pubes hit his ass.

'Fuck me!' he screamed. 'Fuck me so hard. So hard with your thick cock.'

As he said that I felt myself begin to reach the point of no return.

'Ollie! Ollie! Ollie!' I moaned. 'I'm cumming!'

I released loads and loads of cum into his tight ass and while I did I was moaning with delight. When I was done I slipped out and knelt between his legs. I then looked up at Ollie and said 'You can cum now' and then I flicked the head of his cock twice before he erupted in my mouth over six times. I held it in and crawled up to Ollie, we kissed and I gave him half of his cum. We swallowed at the same and began to kiss harder.

We both fell asleep there in each other's arms, peacefully.

Tomorrow we would have sex that wasn't acted out, but old fashioned lovemaking between us. I hoped.

To be continued...



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