Even though we both new we were awake we didn't move, we just lay in each other's arms. After an entire week with out Ollie, which doesn't sound that long but after being together for nearly 2 years the longest we spent apart was 2 days, all we wanted was to just be there with each other. Even though we were still to make proper love instead of the rough fucking I gave him that night, I just wanted to stare in to his face. He had brown eyes that crinkled when he smiled. He had brown hair that at the ends was lighter, almost blonde, that did a lift above his eyes. Moving form his face, he had a thick neck which would get a daily dose of heckies, that I love to wrap my arms around. His chest was well defined for the stocky guy he was at 6'6, and I loved to rest my head there whenever we were together. I moved my hand to rest on his forming 8 pack that is one of the first things that drew me too him. I moved my hand southward to his tight briefs that, even when he was soft, never really covered his dick. Sitting at 12 inches when he was hard, my friends would offer me their boyfriends or other things just to be able to feel it. He and I both would decline these offers though as we just for each other. As I brushed over Ollie's dick I felt that it was half hard already and I smiled. I crept my arm around to his ass that toped off his perfect body. It was that perfect balance of muscle that it wasn't so tight that it would hurt to open the butt cheeks, but tight enough that if you tapped it your hand would bounce right off. When I reached his ass I felt that his briefs were down and then I felt that I had left the vibrator in there from last night and it was still going! No wonder he was still hard, he'll be bursting.

'Why didn't you take that out?' I asked, looking up into his face.

'I was never told to by my master from last night.'

'Well he was smart cause it just means you will wanting to cum soon. And I haven't had your cock up my ass in a week.'

'You haven't had any cock up your ass.' He says, think he is correcting me. And I feel my smile slip a little but I put it back up before he can notice. I kiss him, a kiss filled with all the love I feel for him and he responds the same way and it was the most perfect kiss. While we kiss I move my hand back to his ass and begin to twist the vibrator further in and the elastic on his briefs snap, as his dick breaks free at last. I ignore it and begin to kiss down his neck to his pecs and nibbled on his nipples and then slid my tongue around his beautiful abs down to the broken underwear and I engulf the head of his cock and to quick sucks on the head and then release, making him extra sensitive. He lifts my head.

'Dave, I've been dreaming of your ass for a week and I don't think I can wait anymore.'

I grabbed some lube that I had laid out last night and put it on my ass and the 12, closer to 13, incher and sat on top of Ollie. He smiled and I mouthed 'I love you' and put his dick between my ass and I slid right down on it. Though I was used to his huge cock, it still hurt to have him go up inside me. I let out a gasp and winced but still kept going down, all the way to were my ass reached the root of his dick, and I felt at home. I began to slide up and down on his cock, clenching my ass so it was really tight, Ollie gasped and began to kiss my neck up and down. I loved the way that he showed how much he loved me. How every time we made love was like we were exactly like how it felt when we first met. As I slid up and down faster on his dick, Ollie traced my back making me shiver and then moved his hands to my cock and began to jack me off with both hands. Ollie was able to use his hands about as masterfully as he was with his cock and he bought me to the edge in only a few minutes. I groaned and moaned as he pumped his hands over my dick and pumped his own dick into my ass.

'Ollie! OLLIE! I don't want to get off till you do. Please Ollie!'

'Dave,' he said out of breath. 'I get off just watching you get off.'

And then I came. The first shot hit me in the face, the second went over my shoulder and then I began to shoot up my chest and abs. Ollie pulled out and I turned around to see that I had hit him in the face as well. He smiled and licked his lips.

'Aren't you gonna fuck me till you get off?'

He shook his head. 'Tonight. But I have to go to work now.'

Ollie stood up, still with his raging hard on, and put on a tight pair of briefs he found on the floor, that were probably mine and walked into the bathroom. I stood up and picked up a pair and walked into the kitchen. I turned on the kettle and put on the briefs, they were a little stretched at the front so they must've been Ollie's. I heard Ollie turn on the shower and I poured me a coffee, I was about to sit down when my mobile rang and I went to go get it. I picked it up to see that it said a number I didn't know.

'Hello?' I asked.

'Hi, is this Dave?'

'Yea, who is this?'

'I was given this number by my friend, Alec. You apparently 'helped',' he chuckled, 'him out the other day and said you were really good and that I should give you a call.'

'How do you know Alec?' I asked, hoping that it he will look like Alec, blonde with a tight muscle ass with a hot swimmers body and a nice tan and a wide cock.

'He and I used to row together and he knows that I'm bi.'

'Did he tell you how much I charge, and that no relationship can come from this?'

'Yea he said for an hour it's $90 and if I want you to fuck me its $110.'

'So what's your name and when do want to meet?'

'My name is Connor. I rent an apartment in the 'W' on 43rd street. Be there at 12.'

I heard the shower turn off.

'Okay I'll meet you there then. Have the cash ready.'

'I look forward to it.' He hung up.

Ollie walked out of the bathroom drying his hair with his towel his dick bouncing softly against his balls as he walked towards me. I looked up at him as he walked towards me his hot body glistening and my cock sprang to life again rising to fill out his briefs, I saw his eyes look down to see.

'Why are you wearing my briefs?' he asked throwing the towel onto the bed and bringing me closer.

'Because you took mine into the bathroom.' I said looking into that crinkling smile of his.

'Oh yea.' He let go and walked back to the bathroom. He came out a second later wearing the too tight briefs with his bulge stretching them to their limits and walked to the closet and pulled out a suit and began to get dressed. I sat on the bed and watched him.

'Don't you have a work to go to?' he asked with a smirk.

'Yea I do, but I said that I won't be in today as my partner is coming home and I thought he might stay at home with me as I haven't seen him for a week.'

I finished doing up his tie and walked into the kitchen and picked up his briefcase that he had dropped at the door when I jumped on him last night and opened the door and turned towards me in his briefs.

'If you want I'll come back early tonight, around 3, how about that? And we can make up for the week I was away then ok?'

'Fine.' I said and I went up on tiptoe to kiss him, I began to kiss him harder rubbing the front of his pants but he pulled away.

'Later.' He said and closed the door. I looked at the time it was only 10 and I didn't have to meet Connor till 12. I walked into the bathroom and turned on the shower and began to wash my self. I cleaned out my ass and washed off mine and Ollie's dried cum from last night. I turned it off and had a shave and walked out to get dressed, I looked around the room to see all of our briefs lying everywhere and began to clean them up putting them all in the washing machine. I went back to my room and got changed and put a bottle of lube and a few condoms into my pocket and left. I walked to the hotel and called the number I got from Connor, he answered almost instantly.

'Hi Dave, I'll come down now.' He ended the call.

A minute or two later he walked out of a lift and gestured my over to him. My cock went hard instantly and my mouth hung open. He had jet-black hair with a nice, darkish tan. He wore a very tight, light blue shirt that revealed that he had very nice pecs and a six-pack. He saw me gapping and chuckled. I walked into the lift and he took us up to his floor which was all the way at the top of the building. I followed him out of the lift and saw he had a Grade A bubble butt that stood out of the tight jeans that he wore. He opened the door and let me enter first. He followed me in as I took in the room. We were in a full fleshed out living room with the TV on mute a proper kitchen and a hallway that led into different rooms and a balcony.

'What do you think?'

'You live hear?' I asked. He nodded.

'Do you want anything to drink?' he asked. I shook my head.

He walked over to the kitchen and picked up a couple of bills and handed them over. I counted them.

'This is double what I charge.' I said.

'Yea, I know. I just don't know what else will happen besides me sinking my cock into your ass.' He smiled. 'Which by the way I haven't had a look at yet, he turned me over and lifted up my shirt so he could see the outline of my ass in the slacks that I wore. He gave it a good squeeze and rubbed it and I tensed. He stood up, his hand still on my ass.

'So since you don't want anything to drink I guess we should get started then.'

He pulled my shirt off and threw it on the floor and groped my pecs and rubbed my nipples, he then slid his hands to my abs and traced the outline of each one landing on the top of my jeans above the zip. My breath caught as he unclasped them and unzipped them to reveal that I wasn't wearing any underwear, he chuckled again and took hold of my growing wood. He began to rub the foreskin back and forth and it grew the last few inches, I whimpered as he slowly rubbed his thumb across the head.

'I think I should get out of these clothes too, don't you think?' I began to lift the shirt off but I stopped him.

'Keep it on, I will have plenty of time to stare at your body, let me see you bulge out of that shirt.' I then moved down to his jeans and unbuttoned them and slipped them down to his ankles were he stepped out of them. I looked up at a bulging pair of boxer briefs with a cock that wrapped around his waist and stuck out at the side. I crawled my hands up his legs and placed them on his ass and this time he tensed and it felt as hard as a rock. I moved so that I was fully straight on my knees that faced the front of his briefs perfectly. I moved my hands from his ass and began to rub his cock through the fabric. I put my head to the head and began to suck it through the material and began to kiss up and down the length of it. When I was bored I put my hand through the front and pulled out his cock, which took longer than I thought, as it was longer that it looked, and a whole lot thicker. It was between 9 & 10 inches but I couldn't get my hand around it.

'Ah.' I said. He burst out laughing and with every laugh tit bobbed up and down, leaking pre cum from the slit. I help it with both hands and began to slide up and down it and let the little bit of foreskin that he had on his cock tease the head, he sighed. I began to speed up and wait till he was gonna blow and then stop. I did that for about 5 minutes before I summed up the courage to take the head in my mouth. I opened up as wide as I could and slipped it in, it nearly burst my jaw open but I adjusted quickly and swirled my tongue around the head and played with the underside of the head and his knees buckled but he quickly stood up straight again. I began to slide further down on the cock till I was half way down it and slid up and down on it. Letting the head slide up and down on the back of my throat. I then went to just sucking on the head, milking the precum out of it.

'Dave-' he cried, but it was to late and load after load of cum erupted into my mouth and I quickly swallowed before another after another filled my mouth. After what felt like forever he finally stopped shooting but he still twitched until the orgasm finally subsided. He slumped into the lounge and just sat there breathing heavily.

'That...was...fantastic dude.' I stood up and sat next to him and looked at the slowly rising again cock between his knees.

'I see you're up for another round there Connor.'

'As long as it involves sinking 'Little Connor' here into your tight ass.' He smiled.

My cock, which I didn't even touch when I was sucking on 'Little Connor', began to throb painfully; I ignored it as I bent over to pick up the lube and the condoms. When I stood up I felt Connor right behind me, the head of his cock getting caught between my cheeks.

'We don't need the condoms Dave, I'm safe. I get myself tested almost every week.'

I dropped the condoms and gave him the lube to put over his cock. I walked down the hallway into what I guessed was his room and lay on the bed and stared up at the ceiling, not even noticing Connor when he walked in. He grabbed my legs and pulled me closer to him and I stared up into his face.

'Ready?' he asked. I nodded and he lifted my legs up and positioned his cock so that it was right up against my hole and he began to push in and I screamed as it felt like I was being fucked for the first time as he began to slide in.

To be continued...



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