Dance with Me : Chapter Two

By : A. Williams

I was happier than I’d been in years as I unpacked my food and thought of Bradley. I was really getting excited as the time for our date approached. I showered, shaved and as Bradley had told me, I picked out a nice dark blue pair of boot cut five-o-one Levi jeans and a Ralph Lauren deep red polo shirt. I finished off with my black ankle boots and my silver wrist watch.

I only had to wait a few minutes because once again Bradley was early. At six-twenty the doorbell rang and there he stood looking handsome as ever. He was wearing a dark green polo shirt that made his emerald eyes look so much darker, dark blue Wrangler jeans and his old black biker boots. He hadn’t shaved and I was beginning to like his look with a beard.

“Hey Clark, you look very nice tonight. Ready for the movie?” he asked wrapping me in his strong arms.

“Hey you, yes I am and you are looking very sharp yourself. You planning on growing a beard and a moustache?” I asked as I touched his hairy face.

“Do you like it?” he asked me.

“Very much,” I said kissing his sweet lips.

“Then it stays. Anything for you,” he laughed.

“Let’s go, I need popcorn and a middle row seat five rows back from the screen,” I said moving out of his arms and stepping out to shut the door and lock the door. But Bradley turned the lock and shut it for me. He walked me to the Cadillac and placed me inside and told me to get in the middle and buckle up.

As soon as he was in the car and buckled in, he wrapped his arm around my shoulder. He did love to hold me and I loved it too. I’d thought I’d romance him when we first met a few short nights ago but he was the Alfa male and was romancing me instead.

“Ready? Did you pick the movie yet?” he asked me.

“Nope. As long as we are there together, it doesn’t matter what movie we watch Bradley,” I said as I snuggled up against him.

“I know what you mean CB, God you’re getting to me in a big way,” he said softly and kissed the top of my head. For some reason that comment made my heart swell with love for him. I was so in love with him now and I knew my heart would get broken in the end but I didn’t care. All I wanted was to be with Bradley as long as he wanted me, I wanted him in every way and in all ways.

“You ready to go? Or would you rather go back inside?” he asked me smiling that devilish grin.

“I don’t want to mess up your special plans Bradley,” I said as I nuzzled his neck and kissed it softly.

“Then you have to stop kissing my special place, before I rip off your clothes sweet man,” he said laughing and kissing me sweetly.

“Yes Sir. I'll stop… for now. But just for now,” I said laughing too.

“Let’s go before it’s too late,” he said as he drove to the movie house downtown. When we arrived, he opened my door and helped me out of the car. He held my hand as we walked to the line of people waiting to buy tickets for the old movies.

“Which movie Clark?” he asked me.

“Is Roman Holiday good for you Bradley?” I asked.

“Of course, your choice tonight. I got the popcorn and Pepsi’s too,” he said kissing me.

We moved up in line and Bradley payed for the tickets. I loved the old movie house, it had dark red plush carpet and wide seats. Both theaters were small, only seating about sixty people. But it was so much nicer and more comfortable than those mega cinemas at the mall.

Bradley was so sweet to think of bring me here. He really was special. He bought us both boxes of buttered popcorn and large drinks. He made sure to find us seating right where I wanted it and led me there. We sat and waited for the movie to start.

I turned to him and rubbing his hairy face said, “Thank you for bringing me here. I love this old place and this movie. You are too good to me Bradley.”

“Nothing is too good for my one special man. I love it here too Honey. Let’s relax and hold hands and enjoy the night,” he said getting my hand in his and lacing our fingers together.

“I like that pet name, Honey,” I said as I sat back and relaxed.

“I’m happy that you like it. You're so sweet and your lips taste so sweet, it seemed to fit you,” he said laughing.

I wanted to tell him he had my heart but it was too soon, the lights were dimming. So I remained quiet as the movie started.

We watched the movie and feed each other popcorn and sips of Pepsi. It was the best time at a movie I’d ever had. When the credits rolled we made our way to the exit and out to the car.

Once we were on the road Bradley said, “You ready to dance the night away in my arms Honey?”

“Are you taking me to a dance club?” I asked, not thrilled about that idea.

“Hell no! Too noisy and too crowded. Not special enough for my one special man,” he laughed and winked at me.

We headed towards the docks and down by the river. I loved the river. It was dream-like at night. I wondered what Bradley had planned but I knew whatever it was it would be wonderful.

We pulled up to a long pier leading to a huge Paddle Boat. It was all draped in strings of little white lights. The boat was amazing, almost magical in its appearance. I could hear big band music being played as Bradley opened my door and lead me to the pier and up the gangplank.

As we walked up the gangplank he held my hand and asked, “Ready to dance in my arms all night Honey?”

“Yes I am Bradley, I am so ready. You are so full of wonderful surprises Sweetheart,” I murmured.

He stopped dead in his tracks. He looked at me with those green eyes and asked, “What did you call me?”

“Sweetheart? I feel like it fits you. You have such a loving heart,” I said as I stared back at him and into those beautiful green eyes.

He nodded and started walking again up the gangplank and on to the boat still holding my hand. I felt like I had pissed him off somehow but didn’t know how or why.

We walked onto the deck and it was all decorated with gleaming gold balloons and black streamer’s. Name tags were placed at each pure white lavish plate setting and chilled champagne awaited us as the band played on.

We found our seats at a private corner table that was just big enough for the two of us. It was near the dance floor and Bradley whispered in my ear, “Please Honey dance with me. I need you in my arms.”

I walked with him onto the empty dance floor and he led us into the Tango. I had no idea what to do but I followed his lead and the dance was so sensual. As I was dipped in his strong arms, I moaned and when he kissed me deep after the song was finished, I thought I might pass out from his passion. He was an amazing kisser and a better dancer, so light on his feet for such a big guy.

We walked back to our table as the captain announced we were under way for the river cruise. As we sat as the waiters came around to take the drink orders. Bradley ordered a fifth of Vodka and two bottles of Champagne for us alone.

“You planning on getting drunk tonight?” I asked.

“Hell yes….we have the most private room on the ship Honey. I booked the deluxe stateroom with its own balcony and a king size bed. Only the best for my sweet man,” he said as he reached for my hand and held it tight. I squeezed his hand and my heart skipped a beat. A private room, just one … for us both. This night was getting better and my mind went into fantasy mode as I looked at this striking man that sat in front of me.

I thought about his hot naked sweaty body all twisted up with mine. I fantasized about what his body would look like nude, was he hairy like his arms? Did he shave his bush? I visualized what his cock looked like, how long it was, how fat it was. I wondered what his private parts smelled like and tasted like. I was so into my fantasy, I didn’t hear him talking to me.

“Honey are you listening to me?” he asked waving his hand in front of my face.

“Sorry Sweetheart, I was thinking about our private room,” I smiled at him and he winked at me.

“Tell me, I know it was something very, very naughty,” he whispered.

“Why don’t I just show you later,” I teased.

“Yes please, show me everything you want to do to me and my body. I’m all yours Honey,” he teased back.

“Damn Sweetheart, you promise?” I asked my cock rock hard and my heart beating wildly.

“Yes, every inch of me. We’ve waited long enough, maybe too long. We could go now. They do have room service,” Bradley laughed.

“Maybe we can go after a dance or two and a drink or two. We’ve waited this long, a couple of hours won’t make a difference. You went to so much trouble to make this evening special. Let’s just enjoy the band and this lovely boat,” I said wanting him to agree.

“Okay Honey, you’re right. My big head wasn’t doing the thinking just then. Sorry,” he said as the waiter came back to our table with the drink order.

He poured us both tall goblets of the chilled champagne and placed two more bottles in buckets of ice on those cute little stands beside the table along with the chilled vodka. “Will you gentlemen require anything else?” he asked.

 “No, I think that will do it for now,” Bradley said.

We downed two shots of the cold Vodka and slowly sipped on the bubbly champagne.

“Dance with me Honey. Let’s go outside, on the deck and dance under the stars,” he asked standing.

“Of course, led the way,” I replied as I followed him across the dance floor to the sliding glass door. As we stepped outside, you could smell the river and woods in the warm night air. Bradley closed the door and you could still hear the band playing softly in the back ground.  The darkening sky was full of millions of twinkling stars and the small white lights that hung on the boat gave us enough light to see.  You could hear the water being churned by the paddle on the boat that propelled us forward along the river.

Bradley pulled out two Marlborough's and offered me one. I accepted it and he lit mine first with that old Zippo lighter of his. “Let’s go aft and see the Paddles, I bet it looks amazing,” he said.

“Sure Bradley, I’d love to see it,” I said.

We walked hand in hand around the old deck, puffing on our cigs, in no hurry at all. Just that alone was very romantic to me. We reached the stern of the boat and the paddles were huge. I was surprised they were so quiet, you could only hear the chopping of the water. The stars lit up the waves around the paddles in the black water turning the waves into a sliver color. It was beautiful and serene somehow.

“Clark, I need a kiss Honey,” Bradley said sweetly while pulling me into his arms. Standing between his legs as he leaned back on the rail, with my face right in his … his lips were hard to resist. I allowed myself to melt into him and as our lips met, I moaned and slipped my tongue into his mouth. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me closer to him. He rubbed my back and played with my hair as our kiss deepened. “UUmmm” we moaned together. My hands found his beard and his soft black hair and we made out like teenagers for a good half an hour as we listened to the water being chopped by the paddles.

“Ready to dance with me back to the ballroom?” Bradley asked when he broke our kiss.

“We can’t hear the music,” I said still standing between his legs.

“Just feel it in your heart and let me led you,” he said in his deep sexy base voice.

He moved us almost effortlessly in the most romantic dance of my life. He swayed me close in his arms and I felt like I was floating down the deck, my feet never touching the wood. God, this man was amazing in all kind of ways and he had me eating out of his hand.  As we danced closer toward the ballroom, we could hear the band playing. I loved being held in his strong arms as we danced so I laid my head on his masculine chest and closed my eyes. This was the most romantic moment in my life by far and I never wanted it to end but soon the band finished their song and Bradley released me from his arms with a soft kiss.

“Come Honey, let’s have a drink,” he said as he walked us back thru the doors and back to our table. He helped me with my chair and then sat down across from me and poured us a fresh glass of champagne and each a shot of the vodka.

“We need a toast,” he said raising his glass of champagne. “I think it’s my turn,” he said smiling.

I raised my glass as he said, “To the first man that has ever given me a nickname… I’m his Sweetheart, and I thank you for calling me that my Honey,” he said in that deep voice while winking at me.

We tapped glasses and as we drank, I thought how surprising it was that no-one had ever called him a sentimental nickname before. 

“You do have a sweet heart Bradley. May I ask you a very personal question?”

“Of course sweet man, ask away,” he said as he downed his shot of vodka.

I downed mine too for extra courage and then I asked him, “Have you ever been in a loving relationship before?”

He took a long breath and poured us another glass of champagne along with another shot. He took my hand and looked me deep in the eyes. “I have always been pursued for sex and only sex, by both women and men. No one has ever been loving or romantic with me until you Clark. I have never found a man I wanted a relationship with until you Honey,” he said smiling, so sure of what he had just said. He raised my hand to his sweet lips and kissed it tenderly and then released it.

We drank and listened to the band, both of us deep in our own thoughts. Somehow what he had told me scared me. I was worried I would let him down, disappoint him in some way. I decided then and there that my love for this man would conquer all my doubts, all my fears. I would love him with all my heart, cherish him every day we were together and always call him my sweetheart.

“Bradley, can we go to our room now? I want us to be alone. Like you said…they do have room service,” I asked smiling.

“You read my mind. Come on, I’ll led the way,” he said taking my hand.

We walked to the curved wood staircase and he led us up the steps to the second floor, down a hallway to an unmarked door. Bradley pulled a key from his pocket and unlocked the door. He nudged me just inside the room, closing and locking the door behind himself.  

From the big bank of windows on the far wall and the door to the balcony, the moon and stars gave off a natural soft light in the room. Before I knew it, I was wrapped in Bradleys’ strong arms. 

In his deep sexy voice Bradley said, “Hello Honey, you feel so amazing. If you want to freshen up, the bathroom is stocked with everything we both need. I can pour us some champagne while you’re gone and turn down the bed for us.” Then he kissed me and my toes curled. I moaned deep in my throat as he pressed his groin into mine and I felt his hard cock for the first time. He grabbed my ass and pulled me to him roughly as he shoved his thick tongue down my throat. I knew there was no stopping either of us now.

He walked me backwards to the bed, never breaking our kiss. Our hands were all over each other and Bradley started to undress me as I fell back on the bed. He had my shirt off and next came my boots. I ripped off my watch and unbuckled my belt as he was pulling my jeans and underwear down and off.

When I was completely naked Bradley suddenly stopped, “My God, you’re the most beautiful man I have ever seen in my life Clark,” he said softly.

I was proud of my hairless muscled body and my seven inch fat cock. I was glad he was pleased.

“Please Sweetheart, strip for me. I want to see your body too,” I whispered hoarsely.

In the moon and the star light his body was slowly revealed to me as I watched in absolute hunger and desire. He removed his boots and socks first while I anxiously waited. Next came his shirt and he was indeed hairy. He had lots of black chest hair and a nice trail from his belly button into his pants. He slowly unbuckled his belt, unzipped and let his jeans fall to the floor.

He stood there in just his silk tight black boxers breathing heavy and hard as a rock. I could tell he had a large cock and I was dying to see it… to taste it… to smell it.

There was a sudden knock on the door and I silently damned whoever it was. Bradley did not move, “Yes, who is it?” he called out loudly fist clenched by his sides, never breaking our deep gaze at each other.

“Room Service Sir, I brought your drinks up from the Ballroom.” the man said through the door.

“Hold on,” Bradley said to him.

“Don’t you dare move an inch. Not a muscle on your handsome sexy body. Do you hear me?” he asked smiling.

“Not a muscle Sweetheart. I promise,” I said laughing softly.

He opened the door wide, and the man stumbled over his words. “ sso..orryy to iinntt..eerrr..upt” he stammered quite embarrassed by my nakedness and Bradleys’ large boner.

After a few deep breaths, he continued, “Here are your drinks Sir and the Chef in the kitchen wanted me to remind you that room service is open all night.”

“Very good. Sit the drinks down and place a “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door please.” Bradley reached for his wallet and pulled out a fifty dollar bill. “Thank you and  good Night,” Bradley told him as he handed him the cash and closed the door.

He turned back to me, “Now… where were we my sexy beast?” he ask me.

“You were about to drop your boxers and crawl in bed with me so we can ravish each other,” I said snickering.

He laughed out loud. Hardy and deep and I loved it. “Well then … Let the games begin,” he announced and lowered his boxers. Before I had a chance to see his hard cock, he jumped on the bed and was on top of me.

Our mouths locked and we roughly embraced each other. Our hot bodies were finally pressed together, skin to skin and it was glorious. We tangled our legs together and kissed deeply with no regard for spit or drool. We needed to unite… to become one quickly and Bradley felt it too. He raised my leg and broke the sloppy kiss saying breathlessly, “I need inside you…I need us to be one.”

“Take me!” I screamed as he rubbed spit on my quivering hole. I felt him push and he was inside me…sinking in slow…inch by fat inch…and we both moaned… “UUuummmmm”…as his balls touched my ass. Our kiss resumed and he held still to let me adjust. God I had never felt so full or so contended to have a cock in me.

He started to move slowly out…but only half way…then back in. Over and over he teased me…rubbing my prostate and making my toes curl. I was moaning constantly in his mouth and he was working up a sweat. He rolled us over, me on my knees, his cock never leaving my ass.

He rubbed my back gently and asked me, “Honey, how do you want your cock? I want to make you cum hard and long, tell me what you like.”

“Fuck me hard and raw right now… breed my ass deep… I need you to FUCK ME!” I screamed.

Bradley started to pound my ass. No man had ever fucked me like he was doing and I was in paradise. In hard and deep and out fast…..back in hard and deep and out fast…over and over he assaulted my hole like I had demanded as he kissed my neck and licked my back.

Suddenly my build up was done and I felt that boiling in my balls. I screamed again in passion, “Don’t stop…I’m SO CLOSE….”

“Fuck Honey cum for me…all over the bed. I’m close too,” Bradley screamed in desire.

That was all I needed, his approval and with that I screamed, “F..F..U..C..K…ccccccccccuuuuummmmmiiiinnnngggggg,” as I shot a huge load all over the bed. His fingers dug into my hips and he roared like a lion as I felt him unload deep in my ass a gallon of sweet cum and we both collapsed on the bed, me in my own pool of cum and him on my back.

We struggled to breathe as we came down form our hard orgasms’. Bradley rolled off of me and his fat long cock came out of my well fucked ass with a pop. I felt his cum run out of my hole and thought what a waste of sweet cum.

As we started to breathe normal again I said, “Sweetheart, you were incredible. Now I’m hooked on you for the rest of my life. No-one and I mean…no-one has ever pleasured me so much. You are the best lover I have ever had.”

He snuggled up behind me, his hot sweaty hairy body felt amazing against my skin and I moaned out loud.

“Damn Honey, you trying to kill me?” he whispered in my ear laughing a little. He went on, “I have never been that rough with anyone ever. Is that what you want all the time? I didn’t hurt you did I?” he asked softly.

“No sweetheart, you didn’t hurt me. I got carried away with our first time, so sorry Lover,” I said regretfully.

“That’s fine with me Honey. Whatever you want or need, I’ll do my best to provide. That’s my job as your man … I belong to you now and you belong to me,” he said sweetly while kissing my ear.

“I want no one else, ever. Only my man…you.” I said softly.

“Honey, do you want a shower, food, a nap or a drink? You name it and I’ll see that it happens,” he asked without moving.

I thought a moment and said, “I’d like for us to get in the tub with lots of bubbles.”

“Done! Don’t move until I say so,” he laughed and got out of bed.

I heard the water start in the tub, the front door open and close. I remained still as I had been told to do. Suddenly I was being lifted out of the bed and  carried to the bathroom. I wrapped my arms around Bradleys’ neck and begged, “Don’t drop me!”

“Never Honey, not ever,” he said while lowering me into the warm tub. The large tub was full of bubbles and I could finally see my sweetheart naked. Somewhere he had found candles and the light from them gave his body a warm glow. God this man WAS perfect, his body was beautiful in every way. I could see now why my ass was sore, his cock had to be eight inches and was very thick soft. How in the hell did an average guy like me get so lucky?

After I was settled down into the water, he headed for the door, “Wait sweetheart, get in with me…Please.”

“You soak a minute, I’m going to order our supper and make sure the door is locked,” he said with a smile.

I laid back and relaxed. It felt so good to really relax, not to worry at all. I knew Bradley would take care of everything and that felt amazing.

He snuck in the bathroom and climbed in behind me in the tub and slide in, his hairy legs surrounded my hairless ones. I felt his soft cock on my ass and his hairy chest on my back. I leaned back and rested on him and said, “I missed you Sweetheart.”

“Me too Honey, God you feel so good,” he whispered in my ear and began to wash me gently. “You feel so sexy, I love rubbing that gorgeous body of mine. You know that you belong to me now,” he whispered.

I had to laugh, “Lover, I only want to belong to you, no one else ever. You, Bradley are all I will ever want or need Sweetheart,” I said.

“I’m glad to hear that, now scoot over so I can wash you all over,” he laughed.

I moved around and felt his large hands all over me, washing me and I was so ready for him to make love to me again. “Please lover make love to me …right now… right here. I need you inside me,” I begged.

He moved on top of me and kissed me softly, “No rough stuff Honey…love making this time.”

He slide into my ass slowly and I was in heaven. Out slow…in slow…while he kissed me softly but deeply. The warm water was sloshing around us and that made the love making all the better. “You are so tight, damn your pussy is so sweet,” he whispered in my ear.

“Yes love me, yes….feels so great. Don’t stop,” I begged him running my nails down his wet back and grabbing his firm ass. In slow…out slow…in slow…out slow…my toes were curled in a tight ball as he rubbed all my pleasure spots with his amazing cock. He was rubbing my hard dick in the slick soapy water on his firm abs with each unhurried trust and I knew I would cum soon.

“Yes …Ooohh yes…so close Sweetheart. God make me cummmmmmmmm,” I screamed as I shot my load over and over in between us and into the water. I felt him unload his hot cum in my quivering ass deep and strong.

Bradley pulled out of me and washed himself of our cum. “Damn honey, you’re the best lover I’ve ever had. How did I get so lucky?” he said smiling and his green eyes twinkling.  I had thought that same thing earlier tonight, how lucky I was.

“Our dinner should be here soon Honey. Wash that beautiful body and join me in the bedroom,” he said as he got out of the bath and dried off.

When I walked into the bedroom, I was surprised again. Bradley had red roses all over the room, in vases and laying on the tables …rose peddles on the bed and more candles all aglow. He was sitting at the small table, in only his boxers with a glass of Champagne for us both.

“Come to me Honey, we need to celebrate our union,” he said with that sexy smile.

I pulled on my own boxers and sat down across from him. He smiled and said, “I need your hand. I have something important to tell you Honey.”

I gave him my hand and he kissed it softly making my heart beat faster. “I love you Clark Brooks, with all of my heart and soul. Will you marry me and make me the happiest I have ever been in my life?” he asked me as his tears rolled down his cheeks.

“GOD…YES…YES…a million times yes. I love you so much sweetheart, will all of me.” I answered as my own tears fell……….

Next chapter soon….


A. Williams

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