Dance with Me : Chapter One

By : A. Williams

I accidentally walked into a straight bar one night in June. The weather was hot, muggy and I needed an ice cold beer to cool down. The place was packed but one particular guy caught my eye. He was at the bar with ladies all around him like flies.

He was tall about 6-foot 2, black hair curling over his ears and down the back of his neck. He had emerald green eyes, a square jaw and a mischief smile. He was wearing faded Levis, a white t-shirt and a vintage black leather Harley-Davidson motorcycle jacket. You know, the kind of jacket with all the zippers and black motorcycle boots. He was the bad boy type which was very appealing to me.

Apparently he wasn’t with any of the girls, because they came and went between him and the group of friends they came with. I also noticed that as the girls came and went, they bought drinks for him rather than him buying theirs. I heard one of the girls call him Brad.

Since this was a straight bar, I knew I had to tread lightly. Even if he was interested, the wrong move could get me thrown out and most likely beaten up first. Under the guise of hearing the game better on the TV, I moved to the bar. Fortunately I was knowledgeable about football so it gave me a door to strike up a conversation.

“Hey man, what’s the score?” I asked him casually as I sat down next to him.

“All tied up, twenty one each,” he said in a deep voice looking me over.

“I’m Clark and you are Brad right? I heard one of the girls call you Brad,” I said matter of fact like.

“Yes, one of the never ending stream of women. Don’t get me wrong, I love getting my drinks for free but those tramps do not interest me at all,” he said laughing and downing his beer.

Just then a blonde came up to Brad. She was rubbing her big tits all over his back, just like a slut. “Time for a refill Brad honey?” she asked.

“Sure thing Sandy but make it two this time. Need one for my friend Clark here too,” Brad told her winking at me. She ordered the beers and paid. As she left she whispered something in Brad’s ear and I saw him roll his eyes.

When she was back at her table, Brad turned to me, “She wants me to have a three-way with her and Gena over there,” he said tipping his head in their direction. I let my eyes scan the room and saw Sandy with a brunette at her table.

“Told you, they are all tramps,” he said laughing.

He continued, “There is a difference between being pursued for sex and romanced for a relationship.”

I laughed but realized he was dead serious. “You’re a bad boy type. You mean you don’t take advantage of these women throwing themselves at you?”

He looked deep into my brown eyes with his emerald green ones. “NEVER,” was the only word he said and I knew right then he was gay.

“That’s why they work on me so hard because I have never been to bed with any of them and never will,” he said downing his beer and ordering another for both of us.

“Hey Brad, thanks for the beer man,” I said.

“No problem Clark. I like your company. Hey, the home team is winning now,” he said pointing to the forgotten game.

I was only interested in looking at him, not the TV. But I had to play the part of a straight guy in a straight bar or risk getting both of our asses beat.

“Great, I want them to win the game or at least cover the point spread so I can collect on all my bets,” I said.

“What kind of money are we talking about Buddy?” he asked

“About five hundred bucks I think,” I replied watching the game more closely.

I watched the TV and drank my beer, not looking his way even though I could feel his body heat. Then I felt his leg on mine for few seconds and looked his way.

“Let's go outside for a smoke,” I said, standing and downing my beer. He did the same and we walked out of the bar into the warm summer night. He produced a vintage Zippo lighter and lit both our Marlborough's. I knew of a park nearby with a nice large Gazebo that was lit by strings of small white Christmas lights and hanging flower baskets. Taking a drag, I said, "Tell me more about you. Where do you work?" as I lead us in that direction.

“I own a wood working shop downtown. I’m a woodworker, I design and make specialty cabinets tables and chairs. Clients come to me from all over the state to craft things for them or to buy things of mine that I make. I even do a lot of restoration on antiques. I always use the best wood and take great pride in my work,” he told me.

 Damn, I would have never guessed this about this handsome man but I liked that he worked with his hands.

“How about you Clark, where do you work?” he asked.

“I teach down at the local collage. Math and creative writing, been there for four years now,” I answered as we reached the park and I continued to lead us toward the Gazebo.

“Wow a book man. A teacher. Very impressive Clark,” he said smiling.

The park was deserted and dark. The only light was the moonlight and the stars so I reached out and took his hand as we walked. He laced my fingers in his and squeezed my hand as he laughed.

“You’re you a romantic man, aren’t you?” he asked.

“Yes indeed and very affection too,” I said laughing.

“I think I like your company more and more Clark,” he said surprising me.

I never really thought I had a shot at a relationship with this man. I have always felt I was OK looking but not handsome like Brad. But his words stuck with me and I decided to take it slow and not pursued him for sex but romance him for a relationship. Just like he had told me in the bar earlier.

We arrived at the Gazebo and it was lit up and the flowers were beautiful. There was a blind older black man playing the saxophone for tips. I dropped a twenty in his open case and whispered in his ear, “Play Kenny G, Forever in love for me Sir.”

He nodded and stared the song and that old man could make that horn sing. Brad and I walked up the steps and sat on the bench along the side of the Gazebo still holding hands.

He looked at me and said, “This place is lovely and the music is so sweet Clark.”

He stood and with my hand still in his and he asked me “Will you dance with me? I want to be your partner. I want to hold you in my arms under the moon and the stars. I hope you’re willing to pick your feet up and dance with me?”

“Of course I will dance with you Brad. It would be my pleasure,” I said standing as he wrapped his arms around me and started to lead me in a slow dance that made me tingle all over.

I was shorter than Brad and my head rested nicely under his chin. God he smelled great and he was so light on his feet. Brad swayed us all around that Gazebo and the saxophone man kept playing song after song.

“I love to dance Clark and you feel amazing in my arms,” he whispered. “I’ve dreamed of this all my life. Holding a sweet man like you and dancing at night. Thank you Clark for bring us here and being with me this way.”

“I hope this is the first of many more to come Brad,” I whispered holding him tighter.

He kissed my cheek and whispered, “Yes Clark, many more sweet man. I should get you home, it’s very late and I want you to be safe and sound.”

He released me from his warm embrace but still held my hand and led me out of the Gazebo. We walked back thru the park and toward the bar. The warm wind was blowing through the trees and we could hear the leaves rustling.

“I’ll take you home on my Harley, unless you’re afraid to ride it,” he laughed.

“I’m not afraid at all Brad. I’d love to ride with you and hold you some more,” I said.

He squeezed my hand and said, “Clark I am feeling good about us, really good.”

I didn’t respond but I was feeling good about us too. It had been a long time since I’d met someone who intrigued me the way Brad did and I was looking forward to getting to know him better.

We arrived at the bar and Brad walked me to his motorcycle. I wasn’t surprised to see it was a vintage 1959 Harley Davison Duo- glide Panhead fully restored.  She was beautiful a deep blue with white wall tires. I took the 'bitch' position on back of the seat behind the driver as Brad handed me a vintage Harley helmet. He got on and cranked her up and her engine rumbled deep like only a Harley can.

Before he put on his helmet I gave Brad the address and directions to my townhouse. He nodded and as I squeezed him tight and held on as Brad pulled out of the parking lot and turned in my direction.

Damn it felt so good to ride with him. Riding on his bike felt so freeing somehow. We arrive at my place far too soon for my liking. We both dismounted and Brad walked me to the door.

 “I don’t know your last name Clark. What is it?” he asked as he leaned on the porch railing crossing is feet and looking so damn hot.

“Brooks … Clark Brooks,” I said smiling.

He laughed saying, “Your nickname is now CB to me. CB you hear me calling?”

“Yes I do…you funny man. What do you want?” I asked.

He moved to me and gently took my face in his hands, “A kiss CB…Clark, a sweet kiss before you go inside and leave me for the night. Is that OK with you?” he asked me.

“Yes, please,” I whispered loving his hands on me and wanting so much more from him.

He pressed his full lips to mine and I moaned in my throat. He licked my lips and I opened my mouth for him. We kissed deep our tongues swirling and dancing together as I moved my body closer to his. I pressed into him and moaned louder wrapping my arms around his neck. He released my face and wrapped his arms around my waist pulling me tighter to himself.

Damn he was an amazing kisser and I never wanted that kiss to end. But he broke the kiss and whispered in my ear, “You taste so sweet CB, I could kiss you all night but I need to stop before we go too far.”

He stepped back from me and asked, “Will you go on a proper date with me tomorrow night Clark?”

“Yes, I’d love to Brad,” I answered as my heart pounded in my chest from excitement.

“I need your phone number so I can call you about our date,” he said.

We exchanged cellphone and house phone numbers and with one more small kiss he was back on his bike heading home.

I went inside and locked up. I performed my night time routine, brushing my teeth and washing my face along with taking a much needed piss. I put on my sweat pants that I sleep in and I had just fallen into bed when my cell-phone rang.

“Hello,” I said.

“Hey CB….I just wanted to make sure you were safe and sound,” Brad said.

“I’m just in bed ready to sleep, all safe and sound. Thank you for checking on me Brad,” I told him.

“Sleep well and I’ll call you around lunch and let you know what time I’ll be there to pick you up tomorrow night,” he said softly.

“Sounds great to me, I’m really looking forward to it. By the way, is your full name Bradley?” I asked him.

“Yes…yes it is. Why?” he asked me.

“I like that better for you. Do you mind if I call you Bradley?” I asked gently. 

“Only my Mother calls me that. But for you sweet man, I’ll allow it,” he said laughing.

“O.K. Bradley… good night, talk to you tomorrow,” I said hanging up the phone and cutting off the bedside light. In the dark, I smiled thinking of him. I wondered where he would take us on our first official date. I drifted off to sleep content and happy.

I went to my class the next morning with some pep in my step and looking forward to talking to Bradley at lunch time about our date and just to hear his deep rich voice. My morning classes flew by and I was sitting in the cafeteria eating my chef salad when my cell phone rang.

I pulled it from my pocket and said, “Hello.”

“Hello CB, Its Brad. How are your classes going today?” he asked me.

“Hey Bradley, classes are going good today. How are things at the workshop?” I asked.

“Busy but I’ve been productive today. Can you be ready tonight by seven p.m.?” he said.

“Sure I can,” I answered.

“Oohh, I need you to wear a suit. We have reservation at Michaels Surf ‘n’ Turf for a late dinner,” he informed me.

Wow, Michaels was the only 5 star restaurant in town and it usually took weeks to get a reservation there. “No problem, I have a suit. I’ll be ready at seven,” I told him.

“Great Clark, see you then sweet man,” he said hanging up.

Damn, I sat there thinking he must have connections to get a reservation so quick and that was a very expensive place to eat. I had only been there one time but a dinner for two, with desert and drinks could easily cost you two hundred bucks.

I was very delighted Bradley would want to have such a special first official date for us but I would have been just as happy with a lot less. The day pasted by and I was home at four. I took a long hot bath and began to get ready for Bradley and our date.

By 6:30 I was decked out in my navy blue double-breasted pinstripe Armani suit, my silk floral tie, my favorite white cotton button down collar dress shirt and tasseled black Italian loafers.

I poured myself a glass of my favorite wine, Sauvignon Blanc and turned on some smooth jazz and waited for Bradley. The doorbell rung at five minutes to seven and when I opened the door I was amazed at what I saw.

Bradley was standing there looking handsome as hell in his dark blue blazer, a light blue shirt and gray slacks. His tie was a deep red and he had on black Italian loafers. He hadn’t shaved so he had a black five o’clock shadow and he had his deep black hair slicked back. God a mighty, I wanted to rip off his clothes and have him fuck me raw right then and there.

There was a horse drawn carriage in front of my house. “Hello Clark, you look very handsome tonight. May I escort you to our ride for the night?” he said smoothly in his deep voice. Taking me by the arm, he led me out onto the porch. Turning, he flipped the lock and shut the door behind me.

“Come with me Clark and let’s take a ride before dinner” he said.

He took my arm and walked me to the carriage. He helped me up the steps, got in behind me and shut the small door. Once seated, he presented me with one single red rose saying, “One rose for the one special man in my life.”

I was flabbergasted by all his attention. He popped the cork on the Dom Perpignan champagne bottle and poured two glasses and handed me one. “A toast is needed,” he said holding his glass up. 

“Can I make it Bradley?” I asked.

“Yes, please,” he answered.

“Here’s to us and this special night. Thank you so much Bradley,” I said raising my glass and softly tapping his.

As I sipped my champagne, Bradley spoke to the driver and he started the horse trotting. I notice this sack strategically placed behind the horses’ rump and realized it was to catch his poop instead of it falling to the streets.

The driver was not new to these rides because as we drank the wonderful champagne, he took his time and chose our path carefully. He took us to some of the most lovey tree lined streets in town. As the sun began to set the sky turned from shades of blue to orange and then red. There was a nice warm breeze and this handsome man beside me, what could be better?

We arrived at the restaurant and the place looked empty to me. I was confused as Bradley helped me out of the carriage and led me by the arm to the entrance of Michaels.

“I thought we had a reservation?” I ask him.

“We do Clark, don’t worry. Everything is just as I planned,” he said smiling and making my knees weak or maybe it was the champagne.

We walked in and the place was empty and the lights were low. There was a single table set lavishly for two. A five piece band struck up the tune ‘Killing me Softly by Roberta Flack’ in the corner. The owner of Michaels, Michael Cage, came out followed by the Maître d and embraced Bradley.

“Hello friend. So glad to see you again and on this special occasion too,” he said to Bradley.

“This must be Clark. Hello Clark, so nice to meet you,” he said extending his hand for me to shake.

“Hello Michael, very nice to meet you too,” I said stunned shaking his hand. I thought Bradley had connections but I had no idea he knew the owner personally.

“Come friends, the Dom Perpignan is well chilled. Sit and let us here at Michaels spoil both of you,” Michael said leading us to our table where the Maître d pulled out our chairs for us.

“Let me get back to the kitchen and leave you two in private. The band takes request, please dance and enjoy your first date,” he said and walked away.

Bradley popped the cork on the Dom Perpignan bottle and poured us two glasses. As he handed me one, he was so happy he couldn’t contain his smile.

“Clark, I’m so happy you’re here with me and you know I’m going to want to hold you in my arms and dance with you,” he said his emerald green eyes twinkling.

“Yes Bradley I’d love to dance with you. Wow you’re full of surprises tonight. The horse drawn carriage, the whole restaurant to ourselves,” I replied.

“Only for you Clark, the one special man in my life…only for you,” he said laughing and looking so sexy.

When the band started to play ‘With Out You’ by Harry Nilsson. Bradley stood and took my hand, “Please Dance with me Clark?” he asked in that deep voice.

How could I refuse, “Yes Bradley. I thought you’d never ask,” I said standing and taking his hand in mine.

He led me near the band and wrapped me in his big arms. He felt so good next to me, his body was so warm and strong. But he danced so smooth, gliding me around floor to the music. It was a huge turn on for me, this bad boy holding me tight and leading me around the entire dance floor.

“I love dancing with you Bradley,” I whispered in his ear and then I softly kissed his neck.

“God Clark, I love holding you in my arms. You feel so damn good,” he whispered in my ear.

The Maître d tapped Bradley on the shoulder and told him something as the song ended.

He looked at me and said, “Are you ready for salad and the appetizers?”

“Yes, I’m starving. How about you?” I asked.

“Yes Indeed, let’s go eat,” he said smiling and leading me off the dance floor.

On our table I saw a wonderful looking salad, full of olives, fresh tomatoes and seedless cucumbers along with curtons. There was a shrimp cocktail and the shrimp were as large as your finger. Then there was a plate full of crab stuffed mushrooms. I wondered how Bradley knew they were all my favorites.

Bradley helped me with my chair and then sat across from me. “It looks and smells wonderful,” I said placing my napkin in my lap.

“I hope we have room for dinner, after eating all this.” he laughed popping a shrimp in his mouth.

I took a bite of the salad and realized why people waited weeks to get in here to eat. It had an amazing red white vinaigrette dressing on it, the best I have ever tasted.

Bradley tasted the mushrooms and said, “These are one of my favorites here. Michael makes this himself, from his mother’s recipe. He won’t even share her recipe with me. We’ll have to order some more of these to take home with us,” he said smiling.

I pooped a whole mushroom in my mouth as Bradley had done and they were off the fucking charts. The breading was an amazing addition to the fresh crab meat. They had no peppers and very little onion. They were just perfect and I knew why Bradley wanted to take some home.

But I didn’t miss what he said, home with us? Was he planning on taking me to his place for the night? God I hoped so, at least to hold me and kiss me deep.  I so missed his affection. He was a great kisser and I wanted so much more from him.

Our dinner arrived as the band played on. Thick filet mignons perfectly cook to a medium rare and lobsters tails with drawn butter.

“I hope our dinner is perfect for you Clark. I had no idea of what you liked,” Bradley said so sweetly.

“Bradley everything has been amazing tonight and so is dinner. This is my favorite meal, please set your mind at ease, you have been phenomenal. I never want this night to end,” I said eating my delicious meal. The steak was so tender and juicy and the lobster was sweet. My, what a scrumptious feast.

He smiled that smile that made me weak in my knees and asked, “Will you come home with me and snuggle with me for a while? Nothing else, just holding and kissing and if you want to stay I have a guest room for you Clark,”

“I would love to Bradley, I would love to,” I said between bites. “I trust you completely.”

He laughed between his bites of food. All the food was soon gone and he stood and said, “Come, let’s go. I’m ready to get home with you Clark and snuggle you close to me.”

We made our way out of the restaurant and back into the carriage.  I heard him tell the driver to hurry to his house.  He was being so sweet but I could tell he was in a hurry to get home and probably change into something more comfortable.

He pulled me close in the carriage for the short ride to his house. God he smelt fantastic and felt even better. When we arrived at his house, he was forever the gentleman and helped me out of the carriage and inside his house. His large one story house sat back in the woods, so private and secluded. I was surprised it was so homey on the inside but I soon found out it was his mother’s place before she pasted away. Bradley had left a lot of her things in place to remember her.

“Excuse me for a moment to change. I’ll leave you some clothes on my bed for you too Clark. Okay?” he asked kissing my cheek.

“Of course… go. I would love to change too. Thank you,” I answered.

“Look through my movies and pick one while you wait. I’ll be right back,” he said as he vanished down the hall.

He returned quickly in a pair of shorts and an old beat up holey tee shirt but he was so damn sexy looking. “Second door down the hall on the right Clark, I have some things on my bed for you to choose from,” he said sweetly.

He sat down on the couch, threw his feet up on the coffee table and crossed his ankles. I walked down the hall to his room and was impressed. His room was all male, it actually screamed alfa male. A king size bed and large wood furniture filled his room. It was decorated in blacks and grays and it was stunning to look at.

I found a pair of shorts that fit and a big tee shirt that was acceptable. I hung up my suit and shirt. Then I folded the rest of the clothes he had left for me.  I laid them on the dresser as I left his room and made my way back to the living room.

I walked out of the hall and Bradley smiled and patted the couch seat next to him.

“Come and snuggle with me. The movie is ready and I have a big bowl of popcorn here for us to enjoy,” he said so softly and I could not resist his arms.

I sat down and ‘The Notebook’ started. Bradley wrapped me in his strong arms and pulled me close saying to my surprise, “I love this movie and I always cry at the end.”

A bad boy that cries, God I was falling in love with him even though I knew it was crazy and reckless. I snuggled closer to him and contently sighed. He felt amazing and smelled so damn good. We watched the movie and he feed me popcorn, one piece at a time.

At the end of the movie we both let our tears fall. We held each other tight, even as sad as the movie was it was a true love story. We sat holding each other and wiped our wet faces.

“CB, that’s what I want. True love that last for all time, so sweet. I have chased it all my whole life but I’ve never found it,” he said softly.

I turned and kissed him softly. I was falling so fast and hard for this man. He opened his sweet mouth for me and our wet hot tongues met. We kissed for so long my lips were starting to hurt but I was very content. I also felt so damn satisfied but at the same time very hot and horny.

“Please come to my room and lay with me. Clothes on … no hanky-panky I promise,” he said smiling at me.

“Of course Bradley, lead the way my sweet man,” I said standing and praying I could hold back. I wanted to wait for Bradley to make the first move.

He stood and took my hand and walked us to his room and to his large bed. He lay down on his back and said, “Please Clark, lie close to my side and rest your head on me.”

I was happy to oblige and was quickly there in his strong arms. I could hear his heartbeat and feel his ribcage rise and fall with each breath as my head lay on his good smelling chest.

I draped my leg over his and he started to gently rub my back. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feel of him. I could feel him slowly relax and gradually he stopped rubbing my back, soon he was snoring softly. And soon I feel asleep too, feeling so safe in his arms.

I woke after day break, confused for a moment as to where I was. By his smell, I realized I was still on Bradley’s chest. I relaxed and snuggled to him closer.

“Ummm, you feel amazing Clark. I haven’t slept that well in years,” he said still half asleep.

“Me either. I can’t believe I didn’t even wake-up one time all night,” I said laughing softly.

“We need coffee and I need to piss badly,” he announced as he untangled himself from me and walked to a door to the left. I heard him piss and flush, I found myself wishing I could have watched him. Nothing quite as sexy as watching a gorgeous man piss, unless of course he’s jacking himself off.

I felt my cock harden and smiled at my nasty thoughts. Bradley startled me when he said, “What are you thinking about Clark?” in his sexy deep voice. He was bent at the waist with his hands on the bed. His was smiling, his face about two feet from mine.

“Nothing that I can say out loud," I said smiling.

“I bet it was something very naughty,” he said laughing as he walked to the bedroom door. He stopped and turned around saying, “Join me in the kitchen for coffee in a few minutes.”

“Okay Bradley, I’ll be there after I use your bathroom,” I said as he disappeared out the door.

I rose from the bed and walked into Bradley’s bathroom. WOW… a walk in four person shower with all kinds of jets on the ceiling and walls. A large whirlpool jetted bathtub that could easily hold five people. A five foot two bowl cherry wood vanity and a large oval shaped mirrors above each bowl. I took a piss and washed my hands and went to join Bradley in the kitchen.

He was sitting at the kitchen table when I walked in and he stood and helped me sit. “Do you take anything in your coffee Clark?” he asked.

“Just cream please,” I replied.

He poured me a large cup and sat it steaming in front of me. He sat the cream and spoon down as well as a napkin. “Thank you,” I said.

“We have another date tonight. We slept untill eleven and our movie starts at seven. Our dinner reservations are for nine – thirty tonight,” he said as we sipped our coffee. “Will that work for you Clark?” he asked me.

“Of course it will. It’s the weekend, so no work for me. Can I ask where we are going?” I said tentatively.

“No, you may not,” he said laughing. “Just know you don’t have to wear a suit this time. Just a pair of descent jeans and a nice collared shirt will be fine. And the old movie place downtown is playing two black and white love stories this weekend. I thought you might like to go there. You can pick the movie,” he said smiling.

“That sounds nice, the old movies. Which ones are they playing?” I asked emptying my coffee cup and getting up for a refill.

“Casablanca and Roman Holiday, I think,” Bradley answered.

“Both are great. You need a refill?” I asked.

He nodded and I brought the almost empty pot to the table. I poured him the rest and turned off the Mr. Coffee machine.

I sat back down at the table and looked at him thinking, he can’t be real.  He was so handsome, so sweet, so romantic and so thoughtful. He had to be that one in a million men that was a dream come true for me.

“I should get you home now Clark. I have things to get ready for us for tonight. And I’m sure you have things to do to today on your day off. I will be back to pick you up for the movie around six-thirty. Okay Clark?” Bradley said gathering his keys and walking to the door.

I stood and followed him and said, “Yes, as a matter of fact I do have things I need to do today. I’ll be ready for our date tonight.”

“Great,” he said opening the door for me and walking me to a car this time. A beautiful dark blue 1965 Cadillac Deville Convertible Classic. He opened the door and helped me inside, then jumped in his side behind the wheel. With the top down, he cranked her up and roared off down the road toward my place.

This man loved his antique toys and I was beginning to wonder just how much money Bradley had. Damn, these toys of his were expensive to restore and maintain. Then he smiled at me and patted the white leather seat next to him. I scooted to him and my doubts melting away as his arm went around my shoulders and I buckled in.

I was getting addicted to his manly scent and my heart was opening to him like the delicate petal of a rose opening and spreading to greet the morning sun. I snuggled close and inhaled him deeply while the wind blew in our hair. I knew it was foolish to allow this bad–boy in my heart but I wanted to love him and I wanted him to love me too.

We arrived at my townhouse and he opened my door and walked me to my front door. He took my keys and unlocked the door for me. He was really starting to spoil me rotten with his gentlemanly ways. It made me feel so doted over.

“Here CB, I’ll be back to get you,” he said handing me my keys and kissing me softly. “Be ready sweet man,” he said bounding off the porch and jumping in his car. Bradley waved goodbye and was gone, but to return soon.

I went inside and busied myself with mundane housework that needed doing. I changed and went grocery shopping. I bought all the ingredients to make my homemade lasagna for Bradley. I hoped he would agree to have a quite dinner at my place within the next few days. He was becoming very important to me and I wanted to do something special for him for a change.

I was happier than I had been in years as I unpacked my food and thought of Bradley. My sweet sexy man……

Next chapter coming soon……Thank you for reading and posting comments Andrew.


A. Williams

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