Dance With Me…. Chapter 3

By :  A.Williams

From Chapter 2: I gave him my hand and he kissed it softly making my heart beat faster. “I love you Clark Brooks, with all of my heart and soul. Will you marry me and make me the happiest I have ever been in my life?” Bradley asked me as his tears rolled down his cheeks.

“GOD…YES…YES…a million times yes. I love you so much sweetheart, will all of me.” I answered as my own tears fell. He picked up a big velvet black box and opened it.

“Pick the ring you want Honey, for our engagement,” he said smiling.

There were three shiny rings in the box. All with different stones but in white gold. They were all amazing. The first was a carrot Diamond, the second a carrot Ruby and the third a carrot Emerald. They all had smaller Diamonds on either side and I knew they were all very, very expensive.

“Sweetheart, these are too much all I need is a band. A simple gold band,” I said wiping away my tears.

“That comes at the wedding. These are for our engagement. Honey, Please pick the one that you like the most so I can call you my own and slide it on your finger,” he said, tears still dripping on his stunning face.

 I put my finger on the emerald, because it reminded me of his beautiful green eyes. He smiled and slid it on my quivering finger.

“God I love you Honey, my fiancé. We need a toast and a big sloppy kiss to seal the deal. Let’s take our glasses to the bed so we can kiss good and deep,” he said laughing and standing with his glass.

 I followed him to the bed saying, “I want to make the toast. It’s my turn Love.”

“Yes it is Honey, lay it on me,” he said smiling. God he was beautiful when he smiled.

“To my one true Love, I cannot live without you Sweetheart,” I said raising my glass in the air.

“Here…here. Me neither Honey,” he said as we tapped glasses and emptied them.

All of a sudden, I was in his hairy arms and rolling around on the bed with his lips on mine. We kissed deep and sloppy, loving every second of it. I ended up on top of him, smiling down at my prize. I could feel his hard cock under me and I wanted it in my ass.

I sat up and squirmed around on his monster cock, “I need you to seal the deal Sweetheart. I need you to let me ride my big cock and make you cum hard,” I said smiling down at him.

“Yes, rape me. Take me, I’m all yours Clark, no one else’s,” Bradley said laughing softly.

I got off of him and ripped off his boxers. God, his thick long hard cock flopped out and I could not resist it. I swallowed it half way down and gagged. Damn he was big, I tried again and was able to suck it a little deeper. My spit had it slick and ready for my ass, so I pulled off my boxers and climbed on Bradley and his hard wet cock cowboy style. 

I slammed down on his cock and he screamed, “FUCK…YES. Do Me…hard rough Honey, give that sweet pussy to me.”

I rode him like a bucking bronco…hard down slow up…hard down slow up….Over and over as my hard cock bounced around leaking cum.

“Bradley, cum in my pussy and make me yours forever,” I screamed.

“YYYEESSSS………..CCCCCCCCuuuuuumiiiiingggggg,” Bradley yelled as I felt his hot cum in my ass.

My cock shot off over and over….on his face, on his chest and on his hard abs.

I collapsed on his cum drenched chest, my ass still quivering around his softening cock.

Bradley rubbed my back and kissed my face, “Damn Honey that was fantastic, the best anyone has ever ridden my cock.”

 I smiled and kissed him softly, “I will do anything for you, my fiancé.”

“God I love you Clark,” he whispered.

“I love you more,” I whispered back.

He laughed, “How many times are we going to bathe tonight?”

I snickered, “As many times as we fuck tonight, I guess Sweetheart.”

“Ok….that’s three times….I think we should stay cum covered until after dinner,” he said as we heard a knock on the door.

Bradley called out, “Who is it?”

“Room service Sir, with you dinner,” the man on the other side of the door said.

“Hold on please,” Bradley said while getting out of bed and sliding on his boxers and a t-shirt.

I covered up this time as Bradley opened the door and took the covered platers of food to the small table. He went back and got a large pitcher of Ice Tea for us to drink with dinner.

“Come Honey … I’m starving and I know you must be too,” he said pulling the lids off the platters.

I got up naked … cum dripping from my ass and smiling. Well fucked and happy as hell. I sat as he poured the tea and saw we had prime rib, baked potatoes with lots of sour cream and butter. As well as a side of fresh steamed Broccoli with more butter. 

“Damn Sweetheart, you trying to make me fat?” I said laughing hungry as hell.

“I’ll work it off of you Honey…in the bedroom,” he said shoving a big bite of Prime-rib in his mouth.

“Damn …this is great Honey, dig in,” he said.

It smelled divine and watching Bradley enjoy it so much, made me even hungrier.

I took a big bite of the steak and he was right, it was delicious. I loved the broccoli and potato too. By the time we cleaned our platters we were both stuffed.

“Sweetheart, I’m ready to sleep. That meal was fantastic…thank you. I just want to go to sleep, is that OK?” I asked standing and lying in the bed.

“Yes honey, right behind you.  Let me snuggle up behind you so I can sleep,” he said.

 “Of course Sweetie, close and tight to me, I want to feel you,” I said starting to doze off, feeling Bradley behind me.

I woke at noon, well rested and still in Bradley’s arms. I untangled myself from him and started the coffee pot. Then I went and took a quick shower and came out just as the coffee was done.

I sat with my cup of steaming coffee in a bath robe and watched Bradley sleep. He was so damn handsome and I was so damn lucky. I loved him with every fiber of my being and I knew he loved me deep in his soul too. I admired my engagement ring thinking about last night and our love making.

I decided to wake him up for coffee, well after the sex. I tossed off my robe and climbed on the bed, at his feet. I licked my way up his body, moving the covers as I went. I saw him smile when I heard a soft moan. I slide off his boxers, with his help and when I swallowed his cock he was awake and talking, “Good morning Honey…you’re spoiling me. I love waking up like this but I love you more. Uumm don’t stop.”

I wanted and needed his cum so I had no plans to stop until I got a big creamy mouth full. I gently played with his balls as my tongue ran along the underside of his pulsing cock up to the frenulum that indentation on the underside of the cock where the head meets the shaft. As Bradley’s sexual arousal and stimulation continued his head swelled wider and as it become further engorged with blood, their color deepened and the balls grow larger. Then circled around his swollen cock head on the up stroke. He tasted so good and musky from our fuck session last night.  My own cock was hard and leaking on the bed covers from his taste and strong unwashed smell.

 “Damn Honey, uuummm that fells amazing,” he whispered as he stroked my brown hair softly.

I continued worshiping his fantastic cock working a little faster and sucking a little harder to get my much wanted reward. As my watering mouth leaked its spit, his balls and ass crack were soon soaked. I moved my hand to his sweet hole and rubbed it in circles as I continued to suck him.

“Yes, slip that finger in my ass,” he said sofly.

One finger quickly became two as I rubbed his sweet spot as I sucked, “Fuck yes Honey, harder. Fuck that ass, you have me so close,” he moaned.

He grabbed handfuls of my hair and grunted loudly, “Uuugghh,” as he released two… no four, huge squirts of creamy salty cum down my throat and on my tongue.

I saved some of his cum as I crawled up his lushes body for a cum kiss. Our mouths met and Bradley slide in his wet tongue between my lips. I released my prize into his mouth and he moaned in mine, “Uumm”. Our kiss deepened as we shared the last taste of his cum. We made out for a while as he came down from his eruption.

“Damn Honey that was a great blow job. I could get use to waking up like that every morning. Is this what I’m gonna be getting when we get married Mr. Fiancé?” he asked me laughing and hugging me close as he playfully rolled us around on the bed.

“If thats what my man wants,” I answered laughing too and tickling him a bit.

“Wonderful, I’m very pleased to hear that. Knock that off, I must have coffee Honey,” he said slapping at my hands playfully.

Bradley released me and got out of bed heading to the coffee pot. He poured a large cup and took a few sips and said, “Honey, I need to shower and we need to head off the boat soon. Sorry to say it but we need to get ready to go.” 

“I know Sweetheart. This has been a fantastic date, it was so special Bradley. Hey, we need a few pictures for our engagement album,” I said remembering we need photos to look back on.

“What my Honey wants he gets. Let me take a shower and dress. I will call one of the staff here on the boat to help us out OK?” he asked.

“Perfect,” I said as he kissed me and whispered in my ear, “So are you my sexy beast, just perfect.”

“I love you Bradley,” I said as he walked to the bathroom.

He turned around and said, “I love you more Clark. Be right back.”

God, what a man, I thought and again I counted my blessing that we’d met. I played with my ring, lost in my thoughts of the up-coming wedding and honeymoon.

 I began to get busy dressing and my mind was thinking of the wedding. I wondered what Bradley would like, a small or large wedding, just family and friends or alot of guests. I wanted him to be happy with the plans too. I knew I would let him plan the honeymoon without a single question. Our dates had been so splendid, I knew that he would do an over-the top job for this once in a life time trip.

He came out from the bathroom and it was all I could do to hold back from ripping my clothes off and letting  him fuck me on the floor. God almighty, did this man ever turn me on. His hair was dripping water down his chiseled hairy chest. He had a towel loosely wrapped around his waist but I could see the outline of his soft cock. Damn, if he didn’t get dressed right away, we would never get of this boat I thought and smiled.

“I see that smile Honey, tell me what you’re thinking. I know for sure it’s something very naughty.” he said drying his hair. 

“Get dressed and stop teasing me. You know we have to go. The Passengers are already leaving and I really want those photos,” I said still smiling.

He kissed me as he walked by, “Yes Honey, give me a few minutes to dress. Everything will be fine, I promise.”

He was right. We had pictures taken with the Captain, by the paddle wheel, on the dance floor…every place I could think of. Bradley was so sweet and patience with me, we finally drove away I said, “Sweetheart, thank you so very much for not complaining about the photos. I know it wasn’t that important to you but you did it for me. Those things make my heart only yours Sweetheart.”

He reached over and held my hand, “I told you Honey, whatever you need…I will try my best to provide you. You have to believe me Honey, I always will.”

We rode in silence for a while, both lost in our thoughts I suppose. I finally asked, “Where are we headed?”

“I have one more surprise for you Honey. Something I want you to see,” he said.

“Should I get use to being surprised Mr. Fiancé?” I laughed.

“Yes indeed … yes indeed, I love surprises,” he said smiling. “It’s up here on the left,” he said as he turned the car down a paved side road. The road went along with the woods and deeper into them. Suddenly we came to a clearing and a house came into view, a small mansion I would call it. It was a three story brick house with covered porches on all levels and gables with windows in the attic.

It had a circular driveway and as we pulled up front, a well-dressed older Lady walked out of the house to greet us. The clearing was beautiful with perfect flower beds, trimmed bushes and I saw a vegetable garden on the south side of the house. A running fountain was in the middle off the circular driveway and I saw birds taking their bath. It was amazing and so private and I wondered if this was Bradleys’ parents’ home.

Bradley cut off the engine and turned to me, “Honey, you know once were married we need a new place of our own. I’m tired of living in Moms house. It makes me sad because she’s gone. We need to start out fresh together, leave all the old memories behind. Focus on us and us alone as new husbands,” he smiled and my heart melted as he squeezed my hand. He was right again and I knew it.

We got out of the car and the Lady came closer, “Hello Bradley, nice to see you again and this must be Clark,” she said looking at me. I nodded my head as I heard her say to Bradley, “Let’s go inside and have a look around, shall we?”

“Yes that would be nice,” he said grabbing my hand and walking to the porch with me by his side.

“Our place Honey, give it a chance. I think it will work for us but if not. We can look a million more,” he said.

I smiled and nodded as we walked in the house. It was not as fancy as I thought it would be. It had a dining room to the left and a small living room to the right. All done in hard wood floors and at the end of the hall it opened up to a large family room and large kitchen on the left. It was amazing, I could see it had a covered back porch as well and a large in ground swimming pool.  The river was behind that with a boat ramp and a dock. WOW, we can’t pay for this place, was my first thought. Me on a teacher’s salary and Bradley with his wood working shop.

As if Bradley was read my mind, he whispered to me, “Honey it’s a steal. It’s been on the market for years and the sellers are very motivated to sell it.”

She led us upstairs, to the second floor. There were four bedrooms, all with their own baths.

Then we went to the third floor and I was blown away. A huge office space with hook- up for computers, printers and built in desks. It was big enough for three or four people. Next was the master suite, a luxurious space with a fire place, enough room for a sitting area and a king size bed. The bathroom was even more extravagant. With a three person bowl vanity, a five person walk in shower that would take you weeks to learn how to work all those sprayers and a four person Jacuzzi.

Needless to say, I was floored and not sure about all this. It would take grounds keepers, a maid and someone to care for that pool. God knows what else we would need or who else. So, I was reluctant to agree to buy this place and told Bradley that same thing.

“Honey, let’s go down and talk on the porch, there is something I need to confess to you,” he said softly as he whispered something to the older Lady. The three of us walked down to the first floor and then the lady got in her car and drove away. I was worried and troubled about Bradleys’ confession. What the hell could it be I wondered?

When we sat down in the rocking chairs an old women came on the porch, “Hello Mr. Bradley. Here are your drinks and hello Mr. Clark, welcome home.”

Home? What the hell is this old crazy lady talking about? 

“Honey here have a drink,” he said as he handed me Vodka on the ice.     

“I make an offer on this place but have not said go… or signed any papers. I need the truth Honey, do you love it? Would you want us to live here together and start our new life, no matter what the cost,” he asked.

“I need another drink,” I murmured weakly.

He downed his and poured two more as I watched, thinking about his question. “Yes I love this house and I could see us here. But damn Sweetheart, it would cost a lot just to run this place,” I said downing my second shot.

“Honey you need to know, I’m independently wealthy,” he said softly grabbing my hand and moving closer to me.

“We’ll never have to worry about money, ever,” he said looking me straight in the eyes. “What’s mine is yours when we get married Honey,” he said smiling and drinking his shot.

What the fuck! My mind had been blown from what he had just said. Damn…I wondered how much he, and so we were worth.  He saw I was thinking hard and said, “Honey, you have to start trusting me. Anything you need, I will try to provide. If we and I mean we want this house, we can pay for it in cash.”

I sat there thinking and answered, “Just take me home.”.......

The end ……


A. Williams

[email protected]


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