We had been together for nearly a year. I was surprised on how well we fit together. I was even more surprised we stayed together for so long. I mean I wasn't super hairy or muscular. But lately we been checked out bars with Bears or S&M joints. He introduced to other guys, mainly his friends, as his Cub. But I thought it was a term of respect. As I learned it was. So In bars I call him Daddy. Every time we left he laughed at me.' I'm only 28!' He says although he looked older. Then again if you're a hairy fucker who drives a truck or in the construction and smell the part, you'd think at least mid-late 30s!About

Then I got big news. The best news of my life. Trucker (Tallahassee) asked me to go on a road trip with him! I was stoked! I told Dad, Mom and Nick. 'You'd better go with that man!' Nick's typical reply. When I saw Trucker I was stunned, he got a huge ass truck it was practically so long a small house could fit in back. He smiled and smelled his usual greasy self. I threI wasn't going to need too many clothes. I jumped in the front with him. He looked at me and laughed. I looked so much like a city mouse next to a big ol' country boy. We drove off into the highway. Damn this treuck was faster than his other one.

'This isn't an all expense paid vacation.' he growled an hour later. 'You gonna put out your fair share, Cub.'

'Whatever you say, Daddy.' I replied. Since he called me Cub, I figured he was in some kind of Dom/Sub or Father/Son roleplay we had made up over the last few months. I told him early on this didn't bother me as long as he called me Jake or Road Dogg in front of my folks. He agreed to that. We rode in silence for a while. But it was a comfortable, respected silence. The silence that you let your mind spin with all kinds of strange thoughts and fantasies and steal glances at the big Trucker that was right beside me. I remembered my 19th birthday that I thought was just gonna be downhill but Trucker came through and fucked me. It was the first time I had ever been a bottom. Just the thought woke up my dick and I'm sure I could have a blown a load right then. Then it got dark and I asked. 'Where are goin' for the night?' He grunted and didn't answer, so I added, 'Daddy?'

'We gonna stay in the truck and break it in, cub.' he responded gruffly. When he was gruff it was a sign he was horny as hell since we haven't had sex in nearly four months since they increased his hours at the Truckyard. He made his way in a dark wooded area. I saw a couple other Truckers there so I figured it was like a Trucker camp/rest area or something.

'Get on the bed, cub.' he ordered a minute later. I made my way towards the back where an inviting king size bed awaited me. It looked clean, just out the factory. It was obivous that Trucker hadn't had this truck too long since it didn't have that Trucker smell to it. I stripped down bare ass and flopped on my back. I swore I could have sunk into the mattress, It was surprisingly softer then my bed at home.

'ands above your head boy.' He demanded. I loved it when he took charge of things. But of course I had a rebellious streak myself. SoI sat up and sneered. 'No way.'

'Do I have to get rough?' he growled. He forced my arms above me and handcuffed me to the posts. I was helpless now as I stared at Trucker. 'What are you going to do?' I asked. Instead of a reply, he stripped naked and stood on all fours above me. 'Take in my smells boy.' He growled. I smleed him it was obvious that his Boss didn't let him go home to shower at least in the last two to three weeks. It's amazing now a hairy man smells are about five times stronger that a hairless man. How I know that is a long story. I knew from my last intense experinece that the stinker he was, the hornier he was. That pole of a dick was leaking precum against my ballsack, which my lower half of me from the waist down was more hairer than my chest and armpits. He then tongue wrestled with me for a while. His body smells were one thing but his breath is a whole another trick to endure altogether. It always smelled like deah fish and onions and garlic. When he pulled away, he resumed is all 4 stance and again said. 'Take in my smells.' At this point I was leaking myself. I skipped showering for bout three days and we we're beginning to make the truck smell like a Trucker drove it. He strangely uncuffed me and laid beside me. I then jumped on top of him and hoisted his legs up. I never rimmed anyone before and we didn't bring any lube like last time. And I wanted to fuck him so bad. I didn't care if he cuffed me later. I was determined to fuck that hairy ass of my Trucker boyfriend. To make sure he didn't stop me, I used the same handcuffs to restrain him to the bed posts. I had a bandana which I fetched from my jeans pocket, used it to wipe some of the sweat on my pit and blindfolded him with it. He lay still at first motionless and confused, his heavy breathing had gave him away.

When I started rimming him he bellowed. 'Hey whoa boy! Take it easy boy! I'm hairy down there! I'm funky and sweaty down there! Can you take in those smells?' The answer was when I spat on my hand to grease up my dick and shoved all 7' in there. I fucked him deeper in his manhole. he whispers. 'Boy, take in my smells while you fuck me. Fuck Daddy good, cub.' He tossed his head left and right, I guess trying the anal sensations going through his body as I went down in his manhole. I reached up, still somehow keeping my cock inhis hole, licked his hot smelling, sweaty, hairy pits and chest. When I got to the nipples, he begaan to wrestle and test the cuffs that restrained him. I guess that had to have been his hot spot. I resumed to fucking him again. 'Boy, smell my hairy pits cub. Take in those Trucker smells you like so much.' About half an hour he blew his load all over me. I was spent at this point so I uncuffed him and again he was back on top of me. 'Didn't blow your load, Dogg?' he asked returning to 'normal' again. 'No Trucker.' I told him. 'I wanted to get you off because you were beginning to scare me for a while.' Then I added. 'But I'll take in your smells anytime.' He sniffed me. 'You haven't showered either have you?' he teased. 'No Trucker I haven't in three days. Think I need one?' he chuckled. 'You taken so much after me I almost think you my son.' I was too spent to move so he handcuffed my hands again and he licked my armpits. Then he rimmed me. 'I moaned in ectasy. 'Fuck.' I muttered realizing he never took the blindfold off while he was doing this, which made it even hotter. Then he fucked me, And oh boy he fucked the hell outta me. It starts fast tl he's close then he'll slow down a point his orgasm subsides before he slams it home again. Our road trip was about two weeks long. Him taking loads in the day and fucking like dogs at night. Since we didn't shower he had a case of Tag and Axe spray we used in the morning when we brushed up in the morning. By the time we were on our way back to Nebraska, the truck stunk of musky sweat, hairy asses pits and every kind of man smell you can think of. The last night of the trip I wanted to do something a little different. As usual we parked in the woods and Trucker tied the bandana over his eyes and I used one of his filthy socks andstuffed in his much and the other to tie around it. I cuffed him andshoved him face down on the bed. Since it was what I thought an effective double gag (one to stuff another to secure). I went to my bag and pulled out a token I borrowed from Nick-- a 12' dildo. Since I had almost no exprience with toys, I figured I'd expriment to geta second opinion and what better test subject than my man Trucker? I was suprised and shocked. It wasn't even five minutes since i'd put it in him and man oh man he came not once not twice but 3 times in a row! I made a mental note of that for reference that dildos really got Trucker off. I wondered if that's all he had before he met me. I didn't understand much since of the gag. I did take the socks out and took off the blindfold but left him cuffed. He once told me that his submissiveness came is if he was restrained. And I wanted him to be Bitchboy now. I made him suck and rim me half the night. The only times I took the cuffs off was when he had to piss or while I fucked him, since dog style was my favorite position. When we returned the next day, Nick met me at the gas station. All he said was smirk while holding his nose. 'You stink little bro. You smell like a trucker.'

'Duh, I've been with one for two weeks. Gett fucked by a trucker you [pick up a few tricks.' I smiled. But I knew my stinkiness wasn't goin' to last too much longer. Because if Mom or Dad was home the second I get on the front porch was they'd point to the upstairs bathroom. Since the day was Saturday, I got to spend one more night with Trucker before he had to return to work and I had to resume band practice the following Monday. That night we made it last cause we had no idea when our next road trip was, so we had the hottest, sweatiest stinkiest 3 fucks I ever had. And to top that off he brought out his two edged dildo and we slept while fucking each other since he licked my feet and I smelled his rank socks. Then Sunday everything was back to normal. Well almost since I swiped a pair of Trucker's worksocks. I still have them and it's 2 months later. He called me almost every day and I had those socks on every time he called. He said that he was assigned to another road trip in about sic weeks. I told him I couldn't wait. I hung up and clocked out for the night wearing his flannel shirt and socks which both stunk like hell but I didn't care. It helps having dreams of your smelly boyfriend while you're wearing some of his clothes.

But I knew this was going to be a LONG six weeks to wait.



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