Practice had just ended and I felt just abandoned even though just minutes ago the sound of Hard Rock had filled the studio. Now it was quiet, that you can hear a pin drop quiet. I looked at my calendar. Tomorrow was my nineteenth birthday and so far i didn't hear any mention of a party or nothing. I didn't expect somethin' big. Juist maybe some cash and quality time wit my Dad and Nick. I didn't have a stinkin' rich family, but we weren't poor either. I sighed, it was offical I was fuckin' horny and there was nothin' I could bout it. It had been three weeks since I met Kristopher, which he insisted I called him Tallahassee (altho I call him Trucker). We slept together a lot, even made out a couple when my folks and Nick were out. But now I wanted that big thick cock up my ass. He could fuck me on his truck or whatever. I didn't care. I trudged home, since I only lived bout 3 blocks from the studio, I decided to walk home, plus my car Buzzstormer (which i named my Red Camero) was acting funky and didn't want to risk driving it when i didn't have to. When I reached home, I didn't see Tallahassee's truck in the garage, so I figured he wasn't coming tonight. It figures. The one night I didn't want to be alone, I'm alone. I figured I have the house to myself considering I didn't see Nick or Dad's trucks in the garage. Then I remembered my son-of-a-bitch little brother Rick was visiting the weekend. Man, did I hate him! The biggest homophobe ever to walk the face of the earth and I had to be related to him! Oh well. I thought, climbin' into my bed, naked except a large gray flannel that Tallahassee left me. Man I missed him. I hadn't seen him in nearly a week. I liked those big hairy arms around my torso. That slightly funky smell that Truckers seem to have. It was like no matter how much they showered, that smell would still be there. It was hard to explain, kind of like Cologne mixed with spilled Budwiser. All those troubling thoughts finally put me to sleep.

My birthday was so awful I could have just killed myself and it'd be easier. Mom and Dad were busy with Rick's visit and Nick was out of town to get away from him. I couldn't blame Nick really. No one could stand Rick for no longer than a few minutes at a time.

'Hey faggot.' Rick greeted as I headed to the studio.

'I'm not a fag.' I shouted.

'You're gay so you're a faggot. Simple.' he replied smirking.

'Take a dildo and go fuck yourself.' I hollered, running away as fast as possible. The last thing I wanted was to have a big fight with Rick. I finally reached the studio, I knew there'd be no one there since practices were only on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. I went into my office and clocked out tired from running, i really needed to get in shape. I was stocky but nowhere near fat. I was bout 231lbs at 5'9' (6' even in boots) Not super muscular wit a six pack but still I was working on it when I could.

I woke up hours later, surprised to find it pitch black. even wit the lights out the studio had a faint green tint to where i painted all the walls. Then next I realized I was moving. The I smelled that familar trucker smell. Then I realized I was blindfolded and my hands were tied behind my back.

'Ah I see you awake.' Trucker said.

'Where are we going?' I asked.

He chuckled. 'To your surprise.' I gasped in shock. I eagerly tried to get loose that made Trucker laugh more. 'Silly boy' The truck stoped and he led me through hallway after hallway till he shoved me down, From the smell i could tell it was a hotel room. 'Why is my surprise here?' I wondered, struggling to get loose. Not wanting to escape really, I wanted to get this damn blindfold off, even though with it on, I was getting hard as a rock. Trucker must have saw this and chuckled. 'Poor boy must be horny as fuck.'

'I am, I am. i'm a horny city fool that needs to be fucked with that big ole country boy cock of yours.' I groaned. He ripped off my jeans and boxers and chuckled, I have a lightly hairy ass and balls.

'If i take the rope off oyur hands you promise not to take off the blindfold til I say so.'

'I promise, just untie me please Trucker. I'm getting stiff.'

That's not the only thing u got getting stif.' He said untying my hands. I sat up and streched my arms above my head. He took that chance to get my shirt off me. I felt his hairy body on top of me. It's erotic when you can feel and sense the other person rather just merely see them. I felt something cold on my ass and I shivered. 'That's fucking cold, what is that?'

'It's lube, ever heard of it?

'Yeah, but I don't own any.'

'Well this is going make it easier to slide in and out of ya, have you ever been fucked before?'

'No, I'm usually a top.'

'Well Road Dogg that's gonna chance in a bit, but I got to loosen you up to take my country boy cock. It's really thick and it's gonna make you feel real good....' I was getting lost already in ecstasy. I felt his hot tongue against my cock, probably cause i was leaking precum. My asshole twitched from his fingers in my hole. I knew if his fingers felt good, then I figured so would his cock.

'I wanted this for so long.' I moaned.

'Are you ready Road Dogg?' he asked me.

I could feel his cock on the crack of my ass. 'Yes,Fuck me Trucker.' He slowly put his dick inside of me. I yelped in pain. He held still for a few moments, letting me get used to that big pole of a dick up me. Then he started moving in and out slowly. I moaned. I like the slow, rhythmic fuck rather then the poundin til they cum.He leaned forward and kissed me. I kissed him back holding him close to me so I could kiss him again and again.

'I'm... I'm gonna cum Road Dogg.' he moaned 20 minutes later.

'No...' I begged him. 'Pull out don't cum yet. Cause if you cum then I'l cum and I don't want to cum. Rub your hairy torso all over me.'

'But I'm sweaty.' Trucker protested.

'I don't car how sweaty you are! I want this feeling to last. ' I kiseed him again. He groaned and pulled out and we rolled left and right kissing, cuddling and hugging each other. Then I felt him going back in. This time I had my back to him and he thrusted up me, a little harder but the same speed then he resumed the way he was earlier. He kissed me on the neck a few times. I inisted i ride him out. He agreed and he lay on his back and I mounted up. It took me a minute to find his cock. But when I did, I clamped down on it and rode him like a Rider poessed. We were both sweaty, breathing hard and close to blowing.

'I can't hold back much longer Dogg.' he panted.

'I can't either.' I hollered, unable to control it any longer. Trucker's hairy legs made an X shape beind my back as I leaned forward.

'Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck ohTrucker!' That's all he needed to cum all in me. Damn, it felt hot and sticky at the same time. I remained on his cock til he was drained dry. I groaned and fell beside him, panting and moaned from the awesome sex i just had. Trucker faced me and kissed me deep as he sucked on my tongue softly. I held him close his sweaty hot smelling bulk against me.

'Happy Birthday Road Dogg.' he said. I loved it when he called me Road Dogg, just like I call him Trucker.

'Thanks for that, this was a great surprise.' I turned my back to him as I slept for once peacefully, He pulled his close to him, his cockin my ass. But I didn't mind it. In fact it felt like it belonged there, right there. The next morning I woke with another surprise. After I got out the hotel shower I looked at Trucker with a lusty smirk. I took the bandana he used as my blindfold last night and tied it for a nice gag over his motuh. He looked at me surprised. 'Told you I can be a top too.' He chuckled behind his bandanagag. Then he saw the rope in my hands and he grunted. 'Huh?'

'Now it's my turn to tie you up.' I told him.




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