'Another practice done and done again.' I said, sighing. My big brother Nick just smiled. 'Ready to go home?' he asked me. I sighed, I was tired but not really tired. For the last three months or so, I had discovered that I was gay. It wasn't no big shock. My parents and Nick were really understanding and just said be careful. I haven't found anyone like that. My type of guy was big Trucker-type man. Very masculine, mature man. I must have been daydreaming again cuz Nick knocked gently on my forehead.

'You home?' he cracked. I smiled. 'You go ahead Nick, tell Mom and Dad I'll be a little late.' Nick clicked his tongue. 'Gotcha, later.' and out the door he went. I looked at my reflection in the office mirror. I had green eyes and rusty red hair and a stud in my left ear. After 20 minutes later, I headed out to my car. To my surprise, I saw a man there, yet he wasn't doin' anything, just standing there. I approached him. 'Hi.'

'Howdy.' the man said, He had the body structure, the smell and the voice of my dream man. 'I'm Kristopher, but I'm often called Tallahassee.'

'I'm Jake, the leader of my band DX.'

'What's DX stand for?' Tallahassee asked.

'It's named after a group in the WWF. It's short for Degeneration-X.' I explained.

'I remember that group. You remind me of Road Dogg.' he replied. We had a lot to talk bout, it turns out he was lookin' for a man, bout my size and I was lookin' for someone bout his size. I remember all the times they say love comes when you least expect it. I insisted he meet my folks. Bout 20 minutes later I just came in. Dad and Nick we're watching Football on the TV. Mom was probably in the kitchen, typical.

'Dad, Nick. I... I want to meet someone.' I stammered, feeling a little embarassed. Nick and Dad both looked at me then at Tallahassee.

'Hey Kris.' Nick said. Dad and I looked at Nick wit surprise, but I think my face had more shock and a small bit of anger. But Nick clarified quickly. 'I met him a couple weeks ago. He's the older brother. Remember Reggie Ray?'

'Yeah I remember.' I replied. Mom came down and saw Tallahassee and she smiled. She always worried that I'd never find someone. She had tried to set me up a couple times, but it just didn't work. After all the small chit chat was done, I led Talahassee in my bedroom.

Hope you don't mind, but I sleep in the buff.' Kris told me.

'Not gonna matter to me.' I replied, feeling relieved. We both turned in and Kris asked, 'How old are you?'

'I'm 18.' I replied. 'I'll be 19 next month.' Kris wrapped his long masculine arms around me. Since he was taller than me, my head was on chest, feeling all the hair there. He was real hairy, and I liked that. I never slept so well in my entire life.



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