LOL..... Is he embarrassed..... or is he laughing at me? What if he was suspecting that I'm turned on by hot muscle boys and that this whole thing was a setup to unmask me? Maybe I can press on some more and if he claims that I'm into guys, I can counter it by claiming the same about him....

'What' I SMSed him. Now the ball is in his court.

Seconds later another SMS: 'w gona crk some beers u coming'

I checked the caller ID, fuck it's Dillon. I often hangout with his crowd during weekends. He told me on Thursday that they planned a pub-crawl for Friday. Sometimes they just fall out here at my place, get pissed-up and leave -sometimes they even stay over when they can't drive. Fuck knows how he can stay in shape.... Not to mention how his buddies can stay top football players. If they stop their shit they can reach top league.

'somtng came up - l8r myb' I replied.

'Shit! I must have pissed Jason off. If he just SMS me' - 'You're gay Jacques, Dillon is straight, he is not a fag like you'

My cell ringed and without looking I answered. 'Yes howzit?'

'Hello big boy. You sound glad to hear my voice.'

I looked at the caller ID - 'O fuck.... Just give me strength!'

It's the hottest number on campus. In her first and second year she was the cheerleader. Guys will give their nuts just to get her attention. In my first year she had me on a leash - literally.

'Auuu... hi Debbi. How are you?' Why does she have to call me at that critical moment?

'Do you miss me?'

I wanted to scream NO I FUCKEN DON'T!!!, but I kept my cool: 'Must I? It's a long time ago.'

'We still have unfinished business. Won't you like to finish it?' she giggled.

She preferred me above all the first team football players and I thought I was just the big boy. One afternoon she invited me to her house and I was ready to score the first time in my life. In her room everything was in my favor.... I had her undressed and she was busy pushing my Levis down when her parents pulled into their driveway. I set my personal record to get dressed.

'No, I don't think so.'

'You still mad at me?'

One Friday I was her date to a fancy dress party. She dressed as Cleopatra and I arrived at her place as King Solomon. But she had other plans for me. She made me dress like a slave. I can still remember how she nagged. 'Your muscle body is so hot Jacques... please I want to show you off to everyone at the party..... please, just for me.'

Fool that I was! She made me put on leather wrist cuffs, a leather slave collar and a leather G-string. Around my waist she made me drape a linen cloth that hardly covered my dick and the overlap on my left thigh was so small that my thigh was basically uncovered all the time.

The entire evening I had to be one step behind her, just like her personal body slave and she ignored me all the time while she flirted with the first team players. The party was not even halfway when I left. For all I could care one of her fucks for the evening could take her home. The leathers are still here somewhere where I dropped it.

'Debbi, you must excuse me. I have an appointment.'

'Ok, I'll come over some time. Was nice to hear your voice, muscle man.... And about our unfinished business...I can't wait to have your hot body all for myself.' She finished the call with a giggle.

Another SMS - 'mmm Debi? Enjoy bra'

'Fuck Off!!!!!!!' I SMS back.

'cool may c u l8et' Dillon replied.

'Fuck Dillon, you gave her my new cell number!! Just get off my case! Why the hell can't you get it in your thick scull that I'm not interested in her? With my luck she will now turn up at my place and make a nuisance of herself.' I thought while picking up my clothes.

I dressed myself and checked my cell - ten minutes since I SMSed Jason. I decided to go and join Dillon..... to drown my bad luck. It was clear Jason won't SMS me. I should not have sent that SMS. FUCK!!!!

Just as I reached my car, it struck me ..... Jason may be, just may be, in despair like I am. I have put him on the spot by asking if he wanna be my workout partner.... His 'LOL' sms was a shy laugh.

I phoned Jason and his phone rang for what felt like an eternity plus one day. Then his answer: 'Hi'

'What are you doing?' I asked him.

'Ahhhh... Dude.....ahh.... I'm sorry man.... I did not....' Jason was really embarrassed. He thought I was mad at him.

'Stop, stop, stop..... my mistake. I tend to forget that you young jocks have a different language. Let me rephrase. Zup dude? Hozit hanging? You chilling the weekend Bro?'

Jason burst out with laughter at my futile attempt to use slang. 'Yea Man, cool.... chilling.... am grounded for the weekend.'

I also laugh. 'That's torture bro!!!....'

'Not bad for an older Dude. A few more weeks with us and we'll get you educated.' Jason chuckled.

'Who's old you little brat? You can be glad you're not here.... I would have showed you a thing or two.' I could not suppressed a laugh.

'Just kidding bro.' Jason laughed.

'Cool dude!.... So what's this story about you grounded. Because you a freshman?

Jason is in a frat house, same one where I also spent my first three years and where only hot jocks are allowed as members. One of their rules is that pledges must remain at the house during weekends. That fucken rule is now interfering with my plans.

'Yea. So I just chill for the weekend.'

'Who must authorize your weekend pass?'

'One of the house committee members. This weekend it's a sophomore, guy's name is Sam.'

'Sam Smith? The quarterback, first team captain?

'Yea that's him. You know him?'

'Know enough.' It's now or never and I said: 'I can have your curfew lifted..... for academic reasons..... if you're still up for that workout.'

'Are you sure?' Jason asked after a few seconds.

'That I can get you out of there? I'm a brother of that frat, cause I can.'

'No..... that you wanna..... ahh workout that way with me'

BINGO!!!!! Jason wants to j/o with me!! My dick was getting rock hard. This is going to be the most awesome weekend! Jason and I exploring each other's hot muscled bodies. FUCK!!! AWESOME!!!

'Dude.... From day one...... but are you sure?'

'Yea..... since Wednesday.'

'Business card Smith's number to me. You alone?'

'Fuck yea man! My roomy will freak out if he suspects anything. The seniors are busy fucking around with him and a few other freshmen. They will later come for me.'

'That strengthens my case..... and remember you have some research to do, if someone asks.'

'Cool. I grabbed two pizzas from the pizza place.... If you can sponsor the beer....'

'Cool. I'll SMS you my GPS coordinates. Check you later.'

I sent Jason my coordinates and made the call to Smith as soon as I have received the business card from Jason. I was not surprised by the way Smith answered the phone - arrogant bastard.

'I'm busy!' Smith screamed and switched of his phone.

I called again. Before he could say anything I said: 'Mr. Smith.'

'Who wants to know?'

'I'm Mr. Knox. I'm lecturing one of your subjects.'

'Ahh..... yes that's right. Sorry I did not recognize your voice Sir.'

'Are you at the frat house?'

'Yes Sir.'

'What noise is that? It sounds like a mob of drunken students.'

'Uhh... the boys are just having a few beers Sir.'

'You are not busy with initiation?'

'We only have a know-each-other meeting Sir.'

'That's illegal. You can be expelled. You know that? But why I'm calling, one of my first year students is a pledge and he has to do an assignment this weekend. It slipped my mind to notify the House. I'm sure you can arrange something to excuse him for the weekend'

'Yes Sir, right away. What is his name?'

'Jason. And that noise.... I might be mistaken. Keep up the good name of our House.'

'Were you a Brother Sir?'

'Still am.... Once a brother, a brother for life.'

'Wow! Man that's cool!' Smith was obviously thrilled to know that a brother of the house is a lecturer ..... and I knew he will at some time in the near future try to cash in on that brother relationship.

'Thanx for helping me bro.' I thanked him; after all he is a brother who did me a favor.... And he knew I was bullshitting about the assignment.

'Cool man, check you bro!'

I was so excited that I forgot to phone Jason with the good news. All I could think of was Jason's hot body and what we're going to do. I would love to suck his hot muscle boy cock.... Take it all the way down my throat.... Let him face fuck me... I wonder if he will be up for vanilla bondage.... Fuck it will be hot to be cuffed and dominated by that hot muscle stud. I'm going to keep him here for the whole weekend. Fuck it will be hot to have him worship my muscles.... Sleep with him in the nude and during the day we will stay undressed..... swim and ..... I wonder if he will top me.... His ass looks so tight, will I be able to fuck him... I will let him fuck me - he must be the hot stud that takes my cherry.... I'm going to fuck him.... I wonder if he is a virgin.... We....

I was still thinking of all the hot stuff when I heard his car outside my cabin.

'Hi Jason, buddy.... Fuck man. Sorry I did not phone you, how did you get out? But welcome at my place.' I wanted to scream at him to come and kiss me.

'WOW man, it's awesome. You have this place all for yourself?'

'Yea, come let me help you with all the stuff. Come in and make yourself at home.' I took the food from Jason and let him enter the cabin ahead of me. Fuck what a nice ass!

While we entered the house, Jason told me that Smith went to him, telling him that a famous brother requested that he be excused for the weekend and because a brother requested it, it's regarded as not lifting the curfew. I just smile.... If they new....

Inside the cabin I put the food in the oven to warm up. 'Just warming it a bit then we can eat. Cold pizzas are not nice. You like some whine or a beer?'

'Beer will be cool, thanx.'

I got two beers from the fridge and when I turned around I saw Jason with my posing pants in his hand, looking at the huge mirror against the wall.

'Sorry, the place is a bit untidy.' I said walking over to him.

The cabin is an open plan layout. Even the shower, a glass cubical, is part of the open plan. Only the toilet is in a separate room. The loft is open, overlooking the ground floor and serves as the bedroom. My jockstraps and gym clothes were all over the place.

'I like it that way. It gives the place a hot jock image. All the stuff, the dumbbells, jockstraps, your trophies and your smell ..... this place is you. It's awesome. Just keep it like that.'

I hand Jason his beer and we stare for a few moments in each other's eyes. Fuck this dude is hot stuff!!

'You pose in this, in front of that mirror?' He held the posing pants up and nod towards the mirror.

'Only when I practice for competitions or some of my friends want me to flex, the rest of the time I just pose.' I wanted to tell him that I pose and flex without clothes, but I was not certain if it was the right time to be open about that.

'I would like to see you practice..... and get some tips from you.' Jason looked again to the posing pants in his hand and I wondered what he was thinking.

'I've scheduled a posing competition in a month's time. It's for the freshmen and sophomore classes. It will be unfair to give you private lessons..... but then who needs to know?' I smiled at Jason. That is not all lessons I wanted to give him.

'What about the other guys in the class?'

'What about them?' I asked.

'Aren't you going to help them as well?'

'They are not ready to win, and I don't want to waste my time on a guy I know has no chance to win. They still have many hours of sweat ahead before they have a snowball's hope in hell.'

Jason gave me a bicep curl. FUCK man!! What a Dude!! One of the best definitions I've seen in a long time. I just stare for a few moments at his bicep before I looked into his beautiful green eyes.

'What do you think?' Jason at last asked for my opinion.

'Wellllll...... I ........ don't know.' I sounded as if I had second thoughts about his ability to win the competition, or worse, that I have changed my mind to help him.

'What you mean you don't know? Jason sounded disappointed.

'Since when does a muscle guy pose with a T on? How do you want me to judge you? Look this is how it's done.'

I took my T at the seam and pull it slowly, much slower than usual, over my head. I knew what Jason was doing.... Looking at my crotch, then moving his eyes to my eight pack abs, then slowly up to take in my pecs, delts, triceps and biceps as I revealed them to his hunger eyes.

I took my T and toss it to the side of the room. I dropped my arms to my sides, with my hand palms facing to the front and then I lifted my arms a few inches sideways - the classical position of someone who opens himself without any reservation, to the other person. I was rock hard by then and Jason has seen it.

'Fuck! You can stand a competition any time, you know that? Fuck Dude! You are awesome!' I could sense that Jason lusts after my hot muscle body.

'Now show me how it's supposed to be done.'

Jason followed my example and with a cocky attitude he throws his T next to mine. He's rock solid muscles needs to be worshipped. He had a perfect eight pack abs with a slight treasure trail leading from his bellybut into his tight Levis to where the treasure is hidden.

I moved in behind Jason and put my hands on his delts. They are perfect and rock hard. I moved my hands without breaking contact with his soft skin and hard arm muscles till I had my hands on his awesome eighteen inch biceps.

The whole time I was looking past him into the mirror where I could see his reactions. There was no mistake - Jason loves to be touched. I looked at his crotch in the mirror - his cock was rock hard like mine and there was a wet spot. I checked his pecs, perfect, like two small mountains - his nips were hard and ready to be tortured.

I broke my touch and gave a step sideways. Jason had a disappointed look on his face.

'What now?' He asked with a slight frustrated tone in his voice.

'Check here then you do the same. It will pump your muscles..... I want to worship your pumped muscles.' O fuck, I just said worship.... But Jason was too horny to realize what I have said.

Jason's eyes were drinking in every one of my visible muscles while I showed him how to contract and relax his muscles without moving his arms. Within a minute I was pumped like I've had a hard forty five minute workout. Halfway through the demonstration Jason's eyes were nailed to my crotch. I knew he saw that I was rock hard and that I'm wet.

'Now do that.' I said to Jason.

Within minutes Jason's muscles were pumped. 'That's cool man.... Now I can get pumped before parties and stay like that without even working out before a party. Awesome!'

Jason continues his posing in front of the mirror, this time with hard pumped muscles. I moved back to where I were and resume feeling his awesome muscles.

I moved my hands down his back to his lats - feeling them made me even hornier. I moved my hands slowly to the front and stopped at his eight pack..... I let my hands explore them for a minute while Jason stretched his arms sideways before he flexed again.

I move my left hand up against his hard body till I reached his right pec. I took his hard nip between my thumb and index finger and start working it over. I was now pressing my body against his back and my inner arms were touching his flanks. I was basically hugging him from behind with my chin resting on his shoulder.

My right hand moved slowly down his rock hard abs.... Jason's breathing became faster.... And shallower..... When my hand reached his Levis, he inhaled deep, held his breath and threw his head backwards..... This boy is ready to be fucked...... and so am I.

'Your legs....... They are not visible, Stud.' I softly whispered in his ear.

I waited a few seconds incase he wanted to make a move. Instead of reacting, his hot body began to shiver slightly..... slowly I move my right hand onto his jeans and began to unbutton them..... Al of a sudden Jason dropped his arms from his posing stance and grabbed my right hand with both his hands.

'I'm... I'm going commando.' He whispered with a slight crack in his voice.

'So am I, Stud..... it's the only way for a hot...... muscle jock boy to go.... And it's not that I haven't seen you rock hard before.....' I whispered while holding my hand on his jeans.

Jason still kept his strong hands clamped over mine.

Still whispering to keep the mood of the moment, I said to him: 'Put.... your hands..... behind your head...... and flex your strong biceps..... give me a show stud..... you look awesome man....'

Jason took a few seconds to respond before he did as I told him to do and I slowly proceeded to unbutton his Levis. With only my right hand I push them down over his muscled thighs and hot gluteus. His rock hard muscle boy cock snapped upwards and finds its position of rest at thirty degrees angle to his washboard abs.

'That's how a real bodybuilder looks ..... proud, all hard muscled..... show what he has....' I praised him, still whispering.

I could feel the precum dripping from his cock onto my hand..... and I wonder how it will taste.....

'It's not fair.....' Jason said and moved his hands in between our bodies and started to unbutton my jeans..... and pushed them down my muscled thighs.....

My throbbing cock now freed from its restrains, pointed upwards like Jason's and I could feel how the underside of my cock touched his hot muscled ass.

'This is how I wanted you...... since that day in the gym..... you are so fucken hot stud..........' I whispered and took his rock hard muscle boy cock in my right hand and slowly rubbed his cock head with my thumb....... while pinching his hot tits with my other hand....

Jason put his arms around my lower back and pulled me tight onto his back. 'Since I first saw your hot, nude muscled body the other day in the gym.... I wanted to have you .... with me..... like this.... ....' Jason began to move his hips ...... like he was fucking himself on my hard cock....



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