Chapter 2

The next morning in class I scanned the guys in the hope to detect one that may act guilty - a possible giveaway of the one that could have SMSed me the previous day - but I had no luck. After class I avoided Jason, I wanted to keep our casual interaction to the gym environment. Luckily he also did not try to be familiar with me.

The afternoon I attended my own class and did some research on the internet in the library before I returned home.

Home is an awesome place. A cabin constructed with timber beams and boulders from the surroundings. It's on my dad's ranch about 12 miles out of the city. The cabin was a gift from my dad after my graduation. The cabin is located in a sort of canyon next to a waterfall and very sheltered from the outside world. It's a place where one can really pretend to be Tarzan. A real jock palace!

The ranch is managed by an elderly couple who stayed in the ranch house some 5 miles away from me and I seldom see them.

Just as I reached the turnoff from the main road I received my long expected SMS.

'you worked out today?'

'nope have u'



'plans 4 the weekend?'

I decided to play my joker: 'u still owe me an answer'


Damn it's not Jason.

'never mind'


Shit I've pissed him off! He did not SMS me for the rest of the evening and I decided not to restart the flirting.

Friday morning before I went to class, I asked the secretary to business card al the freshmen's cell phone numbers to me. When I entered the class I realized that some guys were a bit stiff from our hard workout on Wednesday.

'I see some of you guys are not used to hard workout sessions. Next week we will start working strictly to the time table and that will be 3 official gym sessions per week. Those who like too may join me and Dillon at 2pm in the gym - just to loosen up and gets the blood flowing. That will help your sore muscles to recover faster.'

The remainder of the period we spent discussing supplements and the pros and cons of some products on the market. Some times I caught myself looking at the guys with thoughts that may not be interpreted to well.

Ten to two Dillon and I entered the gym and started to change into our gym clothes. I caught Jason checking me out while I was undressing. To hide his embarrassment he started a conversation.

'This is bad timing to workout on a Friday afternoon you know.' Dillon said to me.

'It won't happen every Friday. At least we will know who the dedicated bodybuilders are.'

'You think anyone will turn up?'

'I'll bet my money on thee guys.'


'Cody is one.....' Dillon interrupted me before I could name the other two guys.

'Why Cody? He doesn't look like a dedicated one.'

'He's got an all overwhelming motivation and something to proof.' I told Dillon what Cody said to me at the time I did his admin.

'So that's why you made up the story that he asked you to be his gym partner?'

'Yes, and also because he is the 'outsider' of the group. I really want to help him to reach his objective.'

'And the other guys you think will come?'

'Them.' I nodded my head in the direction of the door just as Jason and Danny walked in.

'MMM Cocky Jock and his muscled buddy.' Dillon said.

'Both are muscled, so who's the cocky jock.' I replied.

'You damn well know its Jason.'

'You don't like him, do you?'

'He's cocky and a showoff.'

'He's not arrogant and he's got a lot to show off. All guys our age who've got something to show off do it. You do it, I do it, there's nothing wrong to do it. Or do you regard him competition?'

Dillon just glared at me without further comment. Jason and Danny were followed by Cody. I looked at Jason and I must admit he is cocky..... I like that.

'Hey guys. We're going light today - stretches, light weights, low sets and high reps. You guys up for it?'

The tree guys changed into their gym cloths as Dillon and I left the locker room. As I walked past Jason I said to him: 'You still owe me an answer.' He just smiled at me.

We did lots of stretches under guidance of Dillon, followed by a full body workout as a group. After forty five minutes we called it a day and went back to the locker room. In the locker room we joked about whatever came to mind wile we undress.

'See you guys in the shower.' I said and made my way over to the shower area with only a towel over my shoulder. Jason was the first to join me.

Facing Jason I lathered my cock and balls. Jason was checking me and we both started to spot wood. The other guys entered the shower area and Jason and I did not have the opportunity to shoot the sit.

Cody took a shower next to me and after he had wetted himself I said to him: 'Will you please wash my back partner?'

'That's GAY!' Danny yelped.

'It's not guy to give your buddy a helping hand!' Dillon proclaimed.

That's interesting ....... I began to reason with myself. I often do that when I want to analyze a situation. A technique I developed long ago - a combination of brainstorming with myself and SWOT analysis.

'Danny thinks it's gay to wash your buddies back..... Dillon is adamant that there's nothing wrong with.... Why did Dillon use a gay term - why not something like to help your buddy or assist him or just plain wash your buddies back. Why did Dillon defend the situation - gay gays will defend a situation like this, straight guys would agree. Is Dillon gay? Can't be Jacques, you just imagining things.'

Jason kept quiet. 'Why didn't Jason react.... Is he gay and don't want Danny and us to know. If Jason is straight he would have taken sides with his gym partner. He is straight Jacques - he just doesn't want to become involved. Bullshit Jacques, he is cocky and won't stay out of a situation like this.'

I turned my head to face Cody. 'My muscles are too big and I can't reach my back. Are you now going to help me or not?'

Cody took some liquid soap from the wall mounted dispenser and washed my back - all clinically - and stopped at my lower back.

'Done, you can rinse off.' Cody said and began to lathered himself.

'You want me to help you?' I asked Cody.

He first looked for a reaction from Danny and Jason. Danny was ignoring the situation; Jason was clearly trying to hide his opinion and to avoid confrontation.

'Whatever.' Cody said after a moment and I decided not to wash his back.

I rinsed and step out of the shower, shortly followed by the other guys. I was busy drying my hair with the towel when the other guys entered the locker room. The atmosphere was tense and I had to save the moment.

'Thanx for a graet workout guys.' I said to get a conversation going.

'Yea it was cool, thanx every one.' Jason agreed with me.

'Yea thanx boys.' Dillon, Danny and Cody said as one.

'I'm taking a sauna.... Anyone wants to join me?' I said to the guys as I picked up my towel.

'You just showered.' Cody said as reply to my invitation.

'So? I don't want to enter a sauna all sweaty. For me it's like a whirlpool - you don't use it unless you are clean ..... hygiene in the gym bro. I'll shower again after the sauna. So if no one wanna join me, I'll see you on Monday.' I said and went to the sauna.

I spread the towel on the top bench and lied down on my back with my hands under my head. I closed my eyes and immediately a clear picture of Jason's hot muscled body was before me.

I scanned his body ever so slowly from top to bottom, focusing on every detail.

Again me reasoning with myself.......

'Fuck Jacques! You're not guy. What's up with you to lust after a guy's body?'

'I'm just in awe, man. It's not gay to check out a well-built guy. Besides I'm just comparing myself to him. Check his pecs and his nipples.... And his six pack.... And those awesome biceps.'

'You checked his dick and balls.... And you are rock hard.... YOU GAY MAN!!'

'Fuck you Jacques! I'm not gay!'

The door to the sauna opened. Fuck this guy is catching me with a raging hard on.... And busy wanking myself - FUCK!

'I'm not intruding your privacy?'

'Hey Jason! No come in..... just relaxing.'

'She must be hot?'

'Ha Ha Ha.'

Jason's dick starts to look at me.

'And so must be yours'

'Ha Ha Ha.'

Jason pulled his shoulders forward and an expression of discomfort formed on his face.

'Something wrong?'

'I must have strained a back muscle or maybe just tension.' Jason replied

'You want me to rub it out? I have some basic training in massaging.'

'No need to bother, thanx.'

'No sweat Bro, I'll get some oil from my locker. Just put that thing flat to your six pack when you lie down or you will break it off.'

'Ha, Ha, you're funny.' Jason chuckled.

I went to fetch the oil from my locker in the coach's locker room. My dick was now rock hard as I think of massaging Jason - and we both in the nude while I do it. Luckily there was no one around in the locker room. When I returned to the sauna, Jason was on his belly, ready for me. Fuck what a hot bubble ass ... and so firm .... and those awesome hamstrings.

Again the two Jacques in a confrontation: 'That's GAY!!' - ' FUCK YOU!! IT'S NOT. I'm straight' - 'Then why checking him out... with all those sexual lust? If you're straight don't massage him here while you are hard.' - 'FUCK OFF Jacques!!!'

'You ready?' I asked Jason.

'Yea, thanx.'

'Where's the problem?' I asked Jason.

'Just beneath my right shoulder blade... more to my spine.'

I put some oil on Jason's back and worked it in. I put more and more pressure on his back till his reflex confirmed the precise location of the tensed muscle.

'Yea, aawwww man that's nice. You're spot on.'

I continued for a while till the position I was standing in became uncomfortable.

'You mind if I straddle you...the position I'm in is not very comfortable and I still have to work this muscle.'

'Go ahead... any way that's comfortable for you.'

I climbed onto Jason, kneeling over him with his thighs between my legs. My dick was right at his ass and was now pulsing with every heartbeat. I can fuck him now and he will not even be able to prevent it.

I bent forward to reach the problem muscle in his back and my dick touched his hot ass.

'Aaawwww man... that's awesome... mmmmm.'

I took his arms and move it to his sides. Fuck!!!... if I just had some cuffs to cuff this hot muscle boy's hands behind his back....

'Don't stop..... please.... Go for it... it's out of this world man!'

Again my alter ego' 'Proof! YOU ARE GAY ... YOU WANT TO FUCK A GUY.... AND YOU WANT TO CUFF HIM.... You're a twisted fuck Jacques!!' - 'Why can't I have this thoughts? .... It's no proof I'm gay.' - 'Because straight guys don't have it.... They fantasize about fucking girls, not fucking guys.' - 'Go away!' - 'You're dripping pre-cum.... A guy makes you dripping, that's gay Jacques' - 'FUCK OFF'

'Sorry you said something?' Jason asked me.

'Ahhh, yea, wonder what guys will say if they can see us in this position. I better get off you before someone comes in here. It will be hard to explain.' I said with a laugh.

'Fuck them - they're jealous.' Was Jason's reply.

I climbed off Jason before I did something I might regret. This already went too far.

'Jason, I had enough. This pace will kill me if I stay longer. Going to shower. You coming?'

'Yea and thanx, it was the best massage I ever had. Hope I can return the favor sometime.'

'I'll let you know. I like to be massaged.' I winked at Jason.

We showered and then we went our own ways. On my way home I kept thinking about Jason - what did he mean with 'Don't stop..... please.... Go for it... it's out of this world man?..... and fuck them - they're jealous'

I arrived home just before sunset. Another lonely weekend ahead of me. I wonder what Jason would say about my place. 'FUCK Jacques - get him out of your system! He is a student and you can't be familiar with students - Dillon warned you that you are heading for trouble.'

There's only one way to clear my head - I do it every evening during the summer months. I stripped on the porch and walked to my diving rock. With my arms stretched out and my face to the sky I took a few deep breaths of fresh air, and then I dive into the cold pool under the rock.

When I climbed out, my dick was rock hard and I started to wank next to the mountain stream. 'You're wanking off to Jason - that's gay! - 'I'm not gay. What's wrong with it to wank off to a hot muscle guy? Fuck you Jacques!'

I heard my cell phone - a SMS, and I walked back to where I've left my clothes.

It's Jason's number: 'u alone'


'working out?'

'you afraid I win end o year'

'not end o year.....'

Fuck! That's what it's all about! The whole thing came back to me '8 inches / six inches / u gonna lose / don't work out alone / you have a partner / what if he can't make it / you know what to do....'

And earlier in the sauna - Don't stop..... please.... Go for it... it's out of this world man... Fuck them - they're jealous.... best massage I ever had... hope I can return the favor.

Jason is trying to find out if I am up for some fun with him ..... if I'm involved with someone, if I will jerk off with him..... maybe more...

I SMS him: 'you wanna b my workout partner'

'FUCK JACQUES!!! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE - Now you're fucked, now there's no turn back' - 'so what.... I'm still straight'

Then another SMS from Jason - what if he tells me to fuck off......

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