I did not do to bad for myself. After completing my under graduate and honors with distinction in sport science, the varsity offered me a post as junior lecturer with the requirement that I will do my masters. The best part of my job is the four practical classes in the gym where I can check out all the hot students.

My first class as lecturer in the gym was a baptism of fire! All those young cocky freshmen nearly made me quit on the first day. Like all guys, they tried to earn their ranking in the hierarchy as soon as possible and I had to maintain order.

One of the senior students appointed by the varsity as my gym assistant was busy showing the students around in the gym while I was doing the normal admin. There was one guy amongst them that acted sort of submissive. He was the last guy I called over to do his admin.


'Cody, and the only way you are going to earn their respect is to show them what you have'.

'Excuse me?' I was caught off guard by Cody.

'Get rid of those baggy gym clothes so the guys can see your muscles. You have to fight on their territory, fight on terms that are important to them - they will only respect you once they know they are not even halfway to where you already are.'

I looked Cody over and what I saw reminded me of my younger days in the gym.

I took up bodybuilding as a sport when I was sixteen. What I know about bodybuilding came through trial and error. Back then no-one helped me and I made many stupid mistakes. What kept me motivated was the awesome dudes in the gym and when ever I became negative about my slow progress, I took an oath that one day I will be as good looking as they are.

Now, at the age of twenty two I really look kickass. Everywhere I go, guys check me out. Even guys with girls clinging onto them check me out. At the gym all the guys want to befriend me, but most of them just want to be able to tell people that we are friends - you know those people that pretend they are friends with someone just so that they can feel important when telling other people about it.

'And what makes you think that I am this muscular dude?' I asked Cody.

'I've seen you a couple of times in the gym where you workout and you are the reason why I enrolled for a degree in sport science.'

I did not comment further on his statement. After we have done with Cody's admin he left to join the other freshmen.

'Cody.' I called after him.

He stopped and turned around. 'Sir?'

'I'm Jacques and thanx for the tip.'

He blinked at me and gave me a killer smile. I like this 18 year old dude.

'Ok guys.... Your attention please. Your firs assignment.....' I was interrupted by moans of disapproval from the majority of the nineteen students.

'Your first assignment is to work out a gym program and diet for the next three months. You will hand in the assignment on Wednesday...... that's the day after tomorrow, and next week you will start working according to the program you have worked out. You and your gym partner will work together on your program. O and did I mention you have to team up with another guy in the class and the two of you will remain gym partners for the rest of the year. Now get yourself a partner and then write your names on this list so we can know who belongs with whom.'

The guys probably already teamed up before class because the first guys immediately move over to write up their names. Only Cody stood alone without a partner.

Dillon, my class assistant, and I were busy discussing the new gym equipment that the varsity bought when I heard one of the cocky jock boys, Jason, said to his gym partner: 'Wonder what he's going to do without a gym partner.'

Jason's partner, Danny, looked at Cody and said: 'Hey Cody, you don't have a gym partner. That's a sign for you to quit before you make an asshole of yourself.'

All the students were laughing.

'Who said he don't have a partner? The unwritten rule in the gym is that when there are an uneven number of students, the guy without a partner has the right to choose as partner, either the lecturer or the class assistant. And Cody asked me to be his gym partner. Cody, will you write up our names on the list?' I said loud enough so everyone in the class could hear me.

Cody and I looked for a brief moment at each other. I could see 'Thanx' written allover his face and I acknowledged it with a blink.

'Ok guys, Wednesday, same place and same time.' I said dismissing the class.

'I was not aware of that rule.' Dillon said to me after the students have left.

'It's because I have just made that rule... and it is unwritten.'

'You're heading for trouble.'


'The students may complain that Cody receives preferential treatment because you are his gym partner.'

'That's why I have you as my class assistant. It will be your job to mark his assignments, tests and exam papers.'

'You are always one step ahead. Just stay ahead Jacques.'

'Can I recon on you to cover for me? In return I will act honest when it comes to Cody's marks.'

'You know you can.'

'Thanx, bud.'

On my way to my office I 'business card' my cell number to Cody. I don't know why I did it - I already gave both my and Dillon's cell phone numbers to all the students.

Wednesday afternoon arrived sooner than I realized. When I entered the gym, the students and Dillon were already there.

'Hey guys. You boys ready for some sweat?'

'If you can make us!' Jason said to the amusement of the rest of the class.

I remember Cody's advice earlier in the week: - 'the only way you are going to earn their respect is to show them what you have.'

'OK.... Get your asses in the locker room. We are wasting time.'

I waited till all the students were in the locker room before I entered.

'Hey Cody! Where are you, partner?' I shouted over the noise in the locker room. 'O... there you are.'

Cody picked a locker on the far end of the locker room and I had to walk past all the students to get to him.

'So how's the classes so far?' I asked him while I took off my shirt.

One could hear how the noise in the locker room dropped and I knew all the students were watching me.

'Cool thanx.' Cody was taking in every inch of my hot pecs and abs.

I unbuckled my leather belt, unbuttoned my Levi's and drop them to the floor. There was no sound in the locker room. Cody was just staring at me for a few seconds then his eyes started to scan my hot muscled body at an alarming speed from top to bottom and back to top. Every time his eyes crossed over my shaved dick and low hangers, they stopped for a split second.

It was now dead silent in the locker room and I knew all the students were checking me out.

'O Damn!' I exclaim.

'What's wrong?' Cody asked me.

Loud enough so everyone could hear I said: 'My gym clothes are in the coach's locker room. I'm quickly gonna get it.'

'It's ok man. You don't have to move over here with me.'

'Bullshit. We are partners and we'll have our lockers next to each other's.' With that I turned around and walked over to the coach's locker room.

On my way I scanned all the guys, making some mental notes about their hot jock bodies, trying to determine who is gay and who may be up for some fun. Not that it would have been the last time I saw them in the nude.

Jason and Ryan were closest to the coach's locker room. When I approached them, I winked and gave them a bicep flex with my right arm.

'You like this?' I asked, already knowing the answer.

They just kept staring at me and I wondered what part of me they like most- my muscles or my totally shaved body - or my semi hard circumcised dick.

I saw Dillon smiling at the scene playing off in the locker room. I was prepared to pay my first month's salary for his thoughts. I wonder how up he was for some fun.

When I entered the coach's locker room the noise in the student's locker room flared up. I knew they were discussing me and I just smiled. I have won the first round and in terms of Cody's advice I have delivered the killing blow to the jock boys Jason and his buddy Danny.

As I entered the locker room the deadly silence returned. I walk pass the jocks and put my gym cloths on the bench next to Cody.

'The tip was great, thanx.' I smile at Cody and climbed onto the bench, turned around and face the guys with my nude muscle body on full display.

'May I have your attention guys?'

I already have their full and undivided attention since the moment I dropped my Levi's. Maybe I just ask for their attention out of habit.

'There will be a competition during the week prior to the yearend exams. I've requested the varsity to sponsor the price that I want to be a two week all paid for holiday for the overall winner and his companion.'

There was no reaction. The guys just kept scanning my body.

'The competition will consist of two sections. The first section will be the normal bodybuilding competition, judged by external bodybuilding judges. The second section will be to determine the guy who made the best progress during the year. I will let you have the rules and the scoring model as soon as I have worked it out.'

I looked at Dillon and saw that he, just like the other guys, was still in the nude, checking me out. It was also the first time that Dillon saw me in all my glory and I wonder how he will react if he had to touch these guys wile they were all in the nude.

'Dillon, will you please do us the honors and measure the guys so that we can have a baseline to compare their stats too, at the end of the year? All you guys stay unclothed so that Dillon can measure you. I'll do the caliper test.'

I'm not a lip reader but the movement of Dillon's lips was surely 'FUCK YOU'. I bent down, picked up the three measuring tapes, toss one over to Dillon and the remaining two to some of the other guys.

'Once Dillon and I have measure you, you guys will measure your buddy and then we'll check how accurate you measure'.

Needless to say all the guys, me included, were rock hard by then and their reactions to what was happening in the locker room were in most cases a give away of their sexual preferences.

Dillon appeared to be straight, maybe curious. Jason and Danny, straight but difficult to tell whether they are curious or not - will be a nice challenge to find out how far they are prepared to go. Cody, well he is straight and not at all curious and the honorable me, well I'm straight and as for curiosity...... well I'm open minded about other guys' sexual preferences but not curious. Ok I'll admit I like to check out hot muscular guys, but that is only to compare my own body with theirs..... ok and I often fantasize about hot looking muscle boys, but there it stop.

I had the opportunity to measure Danny, Jason and Cody. Real nice and little to choose between them. Luckily everyone was rock hard so no one could tell the effect that their hot bodies had on me.

After the measuring exercise, Danny said: 'What about you?' and indicating to me and Dillon.

'What about us?' I asked him.

'Aren't you going to be measured?'

'We are not in the competition.' I responded.

'Are you scared or what?' Jason asked.

I looked at Dillon: 'What you say?'

'I'm in if you are in.' Dillon answered.

'Well I think it will be unfair for me and Dillon to compete against you.'

'We are all in or there'll be no competition. Let's put it to the vote guys. Who says YE? ' Was Danny's reply.

All the guys voted in favor of me and Dillon to be part of the competition. Fuck that's unbelievable. Two days ago the guys were 'everyone for himself' and now they are a brotherhood and even demanded that Dillon and I be part of the brotherhood.

'Cool. Thanx for seeing us as part of the group. On one condition though - Dillon and I will not be up for the price, even if we win.'

Jason and Danny had a private caucus and then Danny said: 'Not that you two have a chance, but condition accepted. Now let's get you measured.'

Danny and Jason were first in line to take our measurements. First Jason and then Danny's response was 'Fucken Awesome Dude, WOW!'. That inspired the other boys to insist to verify the measurements and at the end Dillon and I were measured nineteen times. So mush for straight boys!

After our measurements were confirmed by everyone, I said to the boys: 'That's the spirit boys! Now make yourselves descent and get onto the gym floor. We still have an hour left to pump iron.'

Like the rest of the boys I got dressed and as I passed Jason on my way to the gym floor, I looked at his crotch, lift my eyebrows and said: 'Seven inches.'

Jason immediately realized what I was referring to. 'Eight'

'Proof it.' I said and walked on.

On the floor I saw Cody at the loose weights. 'What's on the program Bud?

'Arms to start off with.'

'Cool. We must some time checkout the program. I want you to get real big and to win the competition.'

After the bicep curls I took the weights back to the rack. Jason was also at the rack to pick some weights he required for his next exercise. He looked at my crotch: 'Six and a half inches.'

'Seven and a half.' I said with a smile.

'Proof it.'

'Name the place and time.'

We only realize Danny was within hearing distance when he said: 'What's that all about?'

Jason was the first to respond. 'O, only a private little contest between us.... Nothing serious.'

Jason was blushing and I just smiled at him as I went back to where Cody was waiting on me.

Cody and I had a real hard workout for the first day. I was really impressed with my partner. He drove himself to his limit with every set.

After forty five minutes of hard training Dillon announced that we must rap up for the day. I took the weights to put it back on the rack and passed Jason on my way to the rack.

'You gonna loose.' Jason said to me.

'What's in it for the winner?'

Some of the other boys were now also at the rack and Jason did not answer me.

'Great workout boys! Those of you that want to use the gym after hours may do so. Just bring your partner along so he can spot you. If he can't make it, you may bring someone else. We don't want any accidents in the gym. Let's hit the showers - you smell awful.'

Some of the boys still had to attend an introduction seminar of some sort later the evening so there was no fooling around in the locker room. When Dillon and I had showered, most of the boys were gone. Dillon did not mention what took place in the locker room earlier.

On our way out I asked him to mail me a copy of Cody's assignment. I planned to use it as bases for our program that I was going to work out the coming weekend.

On the way to my car I received a SMS on my cell phone: no workout alone!

I could mean anything....... So I SMS back: u wane spot me?

The answer came back: U have a partner?

I wondered what this guy is trying. I had to be careful..... So I SMS him: if he can't make it?

The reply: u know what 2 do

I replied: Cool.

No further sms came through. Shit! I wonder who it can be. I'll have to find out.



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