There was a million things going through my head. 'didn't i lock that door', 'please no one from the football team', 'pleases no teachers or deans'. but when i saw that it was him all those feelings left for just a second.

'how could you' said Kevin staring at me then back at Robert then at me again.

'dude close the door please before anyone sees' i said back looking confused. i mean he knew i was gay , gay sex shouldn't be a surprise.

he came in and close the door. no one was in the hall thank god so no one saw.

'dude how could you do this to me, we bros. i thought you could tell me anything.' his eyes were watery and i saw a single drop fall before he quickly wiped the back of his hand to remove it.

'you know im gay this shouldn't surprise you. gay people do this.'

Robert stayed on his bed looking at the floor. he covered himself with the blankets and i was still laying on top of the sheets naked. i covered myself quickly.

'not that, it hurts that you couldn't tell me. i thought we told each other everything thing. never-mind sorry i interrupted'

he slammed the door and left.

'im sorry joey i thought i locked it'

'what are you saying your sorry for, i shouldve locked it and your the one that might get hurt, let me go talk to him to see if hes okay and make sure he wont say anything, you know he wouldnt if i asked him to but whatever'

i really wanted to see what was wrong with him. i thought he woudlve been shocked to see us doing that but i wouldnt think he would cry.

'yeah lucky it was him and no one else'

i ran over to Kevin's room. i knocked but no one answer.

'hey kev, bro its me you there' no answer . i tried opening and it opened. i looked in and kevin was sitting on his bed.

'is Richard here?' Rich was his roommate

'no' he said angrily. i walked in and locked the door.

'are you still mad, come on im sorry i didn't tell you about him but he was scared , he doesn't want word about him being bisexual to get around. it would cause to many problems for both of us.'

still Kevin said nothing. he looked really angry but just sat there looking at the floor. i sat down next to him.

'im sorry i really didn't think you would say anything but he just didn't want it out there, hes not ready to come out. i sweared to him i wouldn't so i couldn't. trust me it killed me not to tell you dude.'


'pleases say anything, scream at me, hit me, whatever just tell me anything to let me know your okay'

'what do you want me to say. Wow great for you, you got a boyfriend, just leave me alone you don't get it.'

'what don't i get'

'forget it have fun with your boy toy.'

'if you want me to understand then explain it to me. dude hes my first real boyfriend, im gay i think you would've put two and two together and would know that gay guys get boyfriends.'


'but what, what are you trying to say! just tell me' he was started to get me angry, he wasn't making any sense.

he looked at me straight in the eye, first time since he caught me with Robert. 'but why him, why not me' he started to cry in his hands.

'what? are you trying to tell me you're -- confused, gay, bi?.'

'yes' he was sobbing. 'why couldn't you just be with me.'

what the hell, i would have never thought Kevin would be gay or that he even liked me in that way.

'what, no dude your straight. what are you talking about.'

'Ive liked you Joey, how could you never see that. i love you. i never got this mad because i never seen you with someone. anytime you told me you had a boy ask you out i wanted to go beat the crap out of him. i wanted you for myself for a long time. that time you called me so close we are like bros broke my heart i didn't know what to think. i wanted to ask you out and come out but i don't know, i was scared you wouldn't want me'

'since when' my head was spinning i couldn't think straight and i couldn't believe what im hearing.

'a year or two after you came out i started having feelings for you. i had to resist looking at you in the locker rooms so you wouldn't think about it.'

'but ugh why, why know, why when i have a boyfriend that i love.'

'so you don't love me. or well you love me just not in the way i love you. alright i get it you could go know.'

'i didn't say that'

'but you meant it, and don't worry ill leave you and your boyfriend alone.'

'please im sorry, i don't know what to say , i don't know what to do.'

'just leave me alone.' this time he just sat there crying. the tears kept falling on his lap. this was making me feel so horrible. of course i like Kevin for the longest time. his body looked perfect, he was a great friend and from what i hear from his girlfriends that hes great in the bed and well endowed. i never dared looked at him in the locker room. i didn't want to risk my friendship with him. and when i think of it i would like him and i to be more then friends. but then what about Robert.

i know we only know each other for a couple weeks, but it feels like so much more. and the more i sit here looking at Kevin the more i want to be with him, the more i love him. damn why would he do this to me. i went over and hugged him. i wanted him to stop crying. but then what he did next surprised me.

he was curled up on under my arms while i had him i wrapped them around him. he looked at me straight in the eye and he kissed me. i stayed there but the image of Robert came in my head and i backed away as fast as i could.

'no i don't cheat, im not a cheater'

'im sorry, i couldn't resist'

'please don't, it going to be too much to stop.'

'im sorry i didn't mean it just wanted to see if i felt anything.'

'oh, and?'

'and what?' he said confused'

'and did you feel anything?'

he started blushing. 'uh yeah i guess, did you?'

'i hate to admit it but yeah' i looked down at the floor.

'shouldn't you be getting back to your boyf- i mean Robert'

i almost forgot. that's the first time he said his name instead of just calling him something else.

'are you okay?'

'yeah im better i guess' he said frowning

'positive, if you want to ask or tell me anything else you could.'

'one thing'


'did he pop your cherry or you his only'

it was my turn to blush, 'uh no as you saw i was in him only, you didn't let us finish. we both laughed at that.

'well see you later'

i went back to my room and found Robert on the bed crying in his hands.

'what happened, who did this to you' i said angrily

'nothing' he sat up and wiped the tears away.

'did anyone come here while i was out? did someone say something?'

'no just leave me alone'

that was surprising. he never talked to me like that.

'are you mad at me?'

'i heard everything'

'what' oh no what was he talking about.

'i was listening at the door. i heard you guys kissing. what do you have to say about that. how could you do that to me. i thought you loved me.'

he satrted to cry agian.

'did you stay listening or did you leave, because if you wouldve stayed then you wouldve heard me say i dont cheat, i broke it up. i removed myself from him.'

'i dont get how it ever happened. i thought you knew that he liked you, i saw the way he looked at you, but i thought you were trying to brush him off.'

how did he see that if i didnt.

'i dont know what your talking about, he said he never looked at me, i know now that he likes me but i already told him i only like you, stop overreacting he said he would back off.'

'because i know you like him too.'

'you heard that too?'

he started crying again harder this time. i got him some water to stop sobbing so loud.

'so you told him you liked him too huh?'

'im sorry, you have to know, me and him have been together for a long time, feelings grew stronger and i dont know, but this was before you.'

' so because you knew each other for a long time makes it okay to cheat.'

'i never said its okay, its just something that happened and i would appreciate it if you would stop accusing me of doing that'

'when you kiss someone else while going out with another person it is considered cheating'

'bye' i had to leave before things got out of hand.

'where are you going'

'anywhere, oh but don't worry i wont cheat on you'

i left to go clear my head and take a walk. how could this happen i thought i was so happy with Robert but he was jealous, it was a momentary slip i wasn't going to do anything else. it wasn't even my fault. and the thing with Kevin. how did Robert see he was gay but i couldn't. after an hour or more i went back to my room. when i got to my door i heard people talking inside and then on the door knob i saw a sock. Robert was trying to get back at me by trying to make me jealous. i unlocked the door and i saw some skanky little slut going down on Robert. i could believe my eyes. he opened his eyes and looked at me. he blew me a kiss and smiled. the girl stopped what she was doing and looked at me. she looked shocked and covered up.

'oh really, i see, sorry to interrupt'

'sorry rommie i told you i was going to be busy, paybacks a bitch'

how could he, i cant believe he would do that to me. i stormed out of there and slammed the door behind me. i went to Kevin's room and opened it. i was so mad i couldn't think. i wanted to cry but i didn't want to waste tears on a jerk. why, how could he do this to me.

'hey dude whats up, why aren't you with lover boy.' he said smiling, he was just joking.

'don't ever say his name again.' he got serious.

'hey dude im sorry what happened, oh did you uh tell him what happened?'

'no he heard most of everything'

'he didn't take it easy?'

'he took it further. i left for a walk and when i get back to say sorry i find some stupid little bitch sucking his dick. and he did it on purpose, he even smiled at me.'

my eyes started tearing up.

'come over here' i sat down on his bed and he hugged me tight.

'can i spend the night? please i don't want to go back'

'sure Rich went to his girls room. he said he was going to get lucky or something. so his bed is free.'

'can i just sleep with you , i got use to sleeping with someone holding me.'

'oh um uh yeah whatever'

'oh sorry i just cant be by myself tonight i just cant take it. alright go shower i get the bed ready and some clothes for you.'

i went in the shower and turned it on and just sat there under the warm water. i just felt numb. how could he do this. i would have never thought he would do that to me. i guess hes not the guy i thought he was. i came back from replaying the image of her sucking his dick when Kevin knocked on the door.

'dude you fell or something in there.'

'im going'

i turned off the water and got out. there were no towels so i walked out buck naked dripping water everywhere.

'you have a towel i could borrow?'

'he turned around to look at me and his face was shocked.

'oh um uh yeah use mine it right over there'

he pointed towards his bed.

'you know its hilarious you when do that right?'

'do what?' he said trying not to look but to look at the same time

'when you get shocked or surprised or something, you dont know what to say or anything and then your like 'oh uh um' are your favorite words.'

'oh uh - i mean no i dont' he smiled when he heard himself and we both laughed. 'here you go'

he handed me briefs shorts and a t-shirt and a pair of socks. i only grabbed the briefs.

'what about these'

'i sleep only with briefs on unless it makes you uncomfortable.'

' oh uh - i mean um no, no problem.'

i let go of the towel and looked at Kevin. his eyes dropped down to my dick. slowly it grew and when he saw that i was getting hard he looked up at my eyes and blushed

'sorry didn't mean to stare'

i didn't say anything. i turned off the lights and told him to get in the bed. he stayed with his sorts on but no shirt. his abs looked great i just wanted to rub my hands on them and suck on his nips.

'come on' he said motioning me to lay next to him. when i got in he put his hands on my shoulder but took it off quickly and laid it in between us. so if anything was going to happen i was going to have to start it. i grabbed his hand and wrapped it around me. his touch against mine felt great. i was still semi hard and his arm alone made me get harder. i snuggled closer to his body until his chest was on my back. the warmth of his body made me feel great. i tried to get closer and rubber against his chest. i heard him moan a little which surprised me. i don't think i even touched him that much.

'what did i hit?' i said

'sorry my nipples are sensitive, you rubbed up against me.'

i giggled which got him to giggle. so then i did it again and he poked my side and said 'stop' in a whinny voice joking around. we started to play around and we ended up face to face breathing hard. but still nothing happened yet. we stared at each other and he leaned in a little and i met hit lips in the middle. we started out with a little kiss but it got more intense and our lips opened up and it got more intense. his tongue first entered my mouth and then we started wrestling tongues. i put my hand on the back of my hand on his neck and made it more intense. he started moaning a little that made me moan. we stopped for a second to catch our breath.

i looked him straight in the eye and said ' i love you so much'

'i love you two'

and with those words we started kissing i started kissing his neck and then his pecs then started to suck his nipples. and the moan that came out of his mouth made me got rock hard. i went from the left to the right and back again. i nibbled on his right one and he kept moaning louder. i stopped that and started kissing my way down his happy trail. he giggled a bit.

'whats funny?' i said

'im ticklish there'

i started kissing him more intense in the spot he pointed to and he laughed more. then i went all the way to his manhood. we were on the bed me in between his legs and him looking down at me. i looked up and saw him staring at me. he looked so cute. i jerked him off slowly and boy was it hard to keep my hand around his cock. it was so meaty and long. bigger than Robert and about the same thickness. i licked the head oh his cock and he moaned loud enough to hear him. then i went for his balls and put one of them in my mouth he tasted like a man should but also like soap. i traded from one of his nuts to the other. i sucked on both of them for a while filled with slurping sounds. then i started to try and fit his dick down my throat. it was tricky getting it in there but i did. it took awhile for it to fit in my throat but it expanded enough to get through. i gagged a little which Kevin said he liked. he liked when someone would choke on his dick. he was surely stretching my throat muscles. my mouth was completely filled and that when he put his hand on my head and pushed down gently but hard enough for me to go. i pushed my tongue on the underside of his shaft which made him go faster. a few minutes in and he was practically face fucking me. it felt fantastic. he even stretched my mouth out enough that i could fit his nuts in my mouth. it was a tight fit but he said it made it more pleasurable. i felt his nut sack tighten up and then he pushed my head to stay down on. his dick exploded in my mouth and i got every drop. some was falling out of the edges of my mouth which i tried to lick up, but Kevin beat me to it. he grabbed my face and started to kiss the cum that was on my lips and his tongue got the cum that was in my mouth and he licked the cm of my chin and the little that was running down my neck. but what surprised me the most was that his cock was still rock hard.

'are you kidding me'

'what he said a little taken back, did i do something bad or wrong?'

'no its just that how are you still hard after that. that was some load you shot down my throat.' i looked at the sheets and there were soaked.

'yeah it doesn't go down for awhile.' he said smiling. 'can i um since Robert never took your cherry, can i?'

my eyes opened wide 'you want to fuck me?'

'yeah only if its okay with you'

'sure yeah that would be great'

'hold on let me get lube and a rubber'

'no , im a virgin and well did you use rubbers when you were with whoever?'

'i haven't been with many but yeah always rubbered up. why?'

'i want you to fuck me bareback. i want your seed inside me. if you want to wear one fine but im telling you its fine if you don't have to.'

'okay i wont but can i try something that i wanted to do for a long time?'

'yeah what do you want to do?'

'flip over'

i didn't argue i think i know where he was heading with this so i flipped over and he got on top.

he pushed apart my ass cheeks and and started licking my hole. it felt so great and he made me moan so loud im sure people heard us. then he surprised me even more he told me to hold my cheeks apart so i did and he kept licking and then he stuck a finger up my ass. i was really tight so it hurt like hell. after a few minuets it felt good and then two fingers. he finished up with 3 and i couldn't take it anymore.

'come on stop teasing, fuck me already, i need your big cock inside me'

'okay' was all he said when he got up laid me on my back and licked my hole one last time to get it ready for his monster.

he grabbed me by my ankles and lined up his dick head to my hole. he pushed a little and it wouldn't move. i didn't think it would. his cock had a mushroom head that was giant. it looked gigantic. 'push harder' i said. he grabbed the bed sheets and pushed really hard and finally the head of his cock popped through. i moan really loud even when he stopped pushing.

'are you okay, do you want me to pull out?'

'no don't you dare' i practically screamed.

he pushed a little and it went an inch or two in. it was about 10 to 15 minuets later that he was down to the last inch.

'im going to push all the way through now.'

'go' i said and he did. i felt his pubes hit my ass and he was pressed up against my nut sack. i also felt his balls hit my ass. it hurt like hell but the pain was going away faster then i thought it would. a couple minutes after i told him he could go now and boy did he go. he started slow which felt really great but then he knew went to go fast and slow down for the feeling. his rod up my ass made me want to cum so bad. 'go faster' and he did. he humped my ass like crazy. ' now doggy style' i said and without missing a beat he flipped me over and fucked me faster. man this felt fantastic. he started moaning and screaming 'im close im so close' and then i felt him unload the most biggest load. even bigger then the last one he shot down my throat. i started moaning like crazy and so did he. i fell down with him still inside me. we stayed there trying to catch my breath. when i could breath normal Kevin was the first to speak.

'so how was that?'

'it was the most intense sex experience i ever felt. i love you so much.'

he was smiling really hard 'me too, i love you too.'

well me and Kevin stayed a couple and i moved into his room. his roommate Rich moved in with Robert and last i heard he came out and Rich was using Robert as his personal fuck machine. It wasn't my problem anymore. well life stayed great and the sex continued to be as amazing as the first night.



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