Well as i thought our relationship grew a lot. But there was a problem. Robert was on the football team. i know what your thinking, its not that big a deal. its a plus for me too, but the last guy that they found out was gay and on the football team well he wasn't the same. they raped him everyday in the bathroom, and would call him there bitch. it got so horrible that he left the school. so as it turned out we had to keep the relationship a secret which was so difficult especially when all you wanted to do it make out with his gorgeous looks and great lips. it was hard not being able to just be out in the open. im gay and hes bi so yeah it was difficult. it was even harder for me because i had to keep this huge secret from my best-friend Kevin. we were practically brothers.

'hey bro, open up' Kevin came early to the room.

'im going' shit me and Robert stayed up last night having fun. 'just changing.' i pushed Robert on his bed and put on some shorts on him and i got in jeans and a t-shirt.

'hey dude whats up' i said opening the door. Kevin was my age he had jet black hair that never looked messed up. not even bed head messed his hair up. it made him look cuter. i had a crush on him ever since i found out i was gay. he had a slim body the bluest eyes in the world and perfect white teeth. 'lets go quick, Robert pulled an all niter studying for tests last night , and i don't wanna wake him'. ever since i started going out with Robert i had to become a good liar in order to keep things on the down low.

'lets get going' other then me and Robert being so close. me and Kevin were even closer. we were friends ever since the 3rd grade,. he was there when my mom almost died of breast cancer, when we got the chicken pox after he passed them onto me and when the school bullies would pick on me when they thought i was gay. i wasn't out yet but they were the ones that made me believe and Kevin was the one who took care of them. he was always the one who looked out for me.he was like a big brother.we were going out to just go out. we havent had like real alone time since the school year started.

'so where are we off to' i asked

'you choose wherever you want, im paying' he always had money . his parents were loaded Christmas vacation was coming soon and now there was another problem. Robert wants me to meet his family and of course i wanna go but my usual vacation would be to go with Kevin because my parents were always vacationing. of course they wanted to see me but they liked there alone time. they never understood that throughout my childhood they left me alone with more nannies then i could count.this was going to be difficult to get through this one

'lets go.... out to a restaurant but can i change into better clothes?'

'sure just run, im going to wait here' he sat down on the bench and started talking with some people that were there.

i ran back up to my room and got some better looking jeans nice shirt and a sweater it look like it was going to rain. i was about to walk out the room when i felt someone come up behind me. i turned around and there was Robert.

'good morning baby' he said giving me a quick kiss on the lips. 'where you off to so early?'

'Kevin came to pick me up, he wants to go out to eat, we haven't been together since school started'.

'alright when are you going to be back i wanna go out later with you'.

'i think im going to be out with Kevin the whole day'

'really? ugh fine ill go to some other classes or go out with some friends' he said pouting. he looked so cute he got me semi hard when he put that face then grabbed my butt. he started kissing me hard.

'stop i got Kevin waiting outside for me, see you later babe' i said breathless pushing myself off of him.

'alright see you' Robert said

i ran back down and Kevin was still there waiting for me. when he saw me he ran up to me and said he knew a place where we could get lunch and then go watch a movie. we took his car. it wasn't too far but it was faster.

'so how are your classes going'

'great, there all easy' i was great in school. always got ahead and knew a lot. i at least raised my hand more then the other students in class. 'how about you'

'yeah everything going good. hey my mom called yesterday, she said she cant wait for us to come down there.'

'um yeah i don't know.' i didn't feel like lying to him anymore then i already do so id rather just not tell the whole truth.

'mhm... whats up?' he could always see right through me

'nothing' i put on the best confused face i could.

'really whats up? you don't wanna come over or something'

'no its not that, there nothing up honestly.'

'if you say so, if you wanna talk you know you could tell me anything right.' damn he was making this so hard. i didn't want to keep lying to him.

'its just-- nothing really' i couldn't tell, if Robert didn't want me to.

'alright whatever you say'

we didn't talk that much after that. it wasn't as awkward but still he knew i was hiding something. and sooner or later he would find out. the lunch was great . we eased off the questions and had a nice time.

Kevin was into horror films and i wasn't. i always screamed like a girl. but he was paying so i told him to decide and of course he went for the horror film. we got in and the movie wasn't to full and we got seats up in the back. as soon as the movie started and the creepy noise started i got scared i got up close to Kevin. he never had a problem with me being gay. He never even was shocked when i came out. he didn't care he told me that we were better friends then that for him to react to that. so during most of the movie i was hiding behind him hugging on his arm. every time i screamed he would laugh. i socked him in the arm for that a couple times cause it wasn't funny to me.

'okay you could look now its over'

'i hate you that wasn't funny. and that movie was horrible i didn't get it at all'

'love you to hunnie and you would've understood it if you weren't hiding behind me the whole time.' he stuck out his tongue at me.

'yeah yeah lets go.' we got up and got into his car

'had fun today?'

'yeah except for the movie' i gave him a face and stuck out my tongue.

'yeah i had fun too' he smiled his gorgeous teeth showing.

we drove back to campus. i saw Robert standing around with some guys hanging out. when no one was looking he blew me a kiss. i started blushing and turned bright red.

'why are you blushing' shit i forgot i was with Kevin he never misses anything. did he see Robert blow me a kiss.

'nothing just something i remembered.'

'mhm..' was all he said this time.

i left Kevin i told him we could hang out to play some games on my Xbox later in my room. i wanted some alone time with Robert since we didn't get home till this time. it was already almost 8.

Robert saw me get out of the car and heading up to my room. he followed me when he saw no one was looking.

when we got into the room he tackled me onto the bed and got on top of me.

'get offff me.' i whined.

'what happened?'

of course i wanted to mess around already but i had to clean up a little and there was still the problem about Christmas vacation. 'i wanna talk a little about something important and your all sweaty. go shower'

'you gotta come in with me. you gotta wash me.' he put a sly smile and batted his eye lashes.

'fine but i need to talk to you.'

'you sound serious, what happened?'

'about Christmas vacation, Kevin wants me to go down with him to visit his family and i don't want to upset you but i always use to go to his family's for Christmas.'

'i get it. i just wanted you to meet my family. i already told them about you and they were really excited i get if you want to be with him since hes like your family.'

'im sorry, i don't know what to do'

'hey we don't have to discuss this now, we still got a few weeks for that. it doesn't matter . we could cross that bridge when its time. now i do need a shower but your coming in with me.' he picked me up and settled me on top of the counter. he undressed him self and i instantly got hard when he bent over to pick the towel off the floor. he took the shirt off my head and when he unzipped my shorts and dragged them down my dick flopped out and almost hit him in the face. i laughed at that. Robert licked the tip of my dick and made me moan. he picked me up again and we climbed in the bathtub.

he turned on the water and left it on medium. i started washing his back and then flipped him over and rubbed his hard pecs. my hand went down his treasure trail and he started getting hard. he leaned in and started kissing me hard. my head started spinning and my boner got as hard as it could ever go. our bodies rubbing together his dick against mine. he put his hand on my the back of my head and made the kiss stronger. we started breathing heavy so we stopped. we started washing each other. i got down on my knees and started on his nuts i licked on them for about 10 minutes. it hard to breathe and suck at the same time. i trailed my dick on the bottom of his shaft and made him moan deeply. i started rubbing his nuts while i bobbed my head up and down his long shaft. i gagged a little his dick was at least 9 1/2 and as this as a can. i couldn't help but gag. we went easy at first but the faster i went the harder i got. i started rubbing his hole and fingering him. he started moaning. i got to fingers in him before he made me stop.

'im too close, im about to cum, your gonna have to stop.'


he turned off the water and picked me up. he through me on the bed and got on top agian. we both started smiling and his hot naked wet body on top of me. he kissed me deeply then started kissing my neck and started

he started sucking my nipples. and i started moaning like crazy. he went over and started sucking my dick and nuts. when it had a lot of his saliva he started licking my hole. he started fingering me hole and then i started to moan again.

'you got any lube and a rubber?'

'yeah over there in the drawer' he got off me and got the lube and the condom. he wrapped the condom over my dick and lubed it up then he started rubbing lube on his hole. he got up on top and i heard him suck in his breath. he push down on my dick and then moaned when the head of my dick broke through. my dick was at least 9 inches long and a little skinnier then Roberts. he pushed down more and moaned. when he finally got it all the way in he stayed there for a minute to adjust. then that when he started jumping up and down on my dick. he started out slow at first. when he started going faster it made me moan loud. i hear the door swing open and then a gasp. A million things went through my mind. maybe it was one of Roberts football teammates or one of the deans.i didn't know what to do but lay there and hope to go invisible Robert got off of me and when i looked up and saw who it was.......

** sorry gotta keep ya guessing. im going to try to come up with Chapter 3 soon.**



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