i got off the plan finally happy that i was out of there. im afraid of heights. i called a cab and was on my way to my first day as a college student.

when i arrived the campus looked way better with all the students. but made me a lot more nervous. i went into admissions office and found which room i would be staying in. 'Room 303- Joey Richards' my roommates name was Robert. it wasn't hard finding the room. just difficult to carry all the crap i brought with me. well when i got to my room and opened the door, there stood a god amongst men that made my groin hurt like crazy.

'hey' i stammered. he stood in the middle of the room settling all his things in the middle. Robert was about 6'3 tall, looked no more than 190 pounds had dirty blond hair and green eyes.

'hey whats up' he said turning around. i almost fell clumsily trying to get my stuff through the door. he picked up some of the bags and helped me carry them in.

'which bed do you want, left or right' Robert said

'whichever, dosent matter to me' i couldn't stop staring at him so i just pretended to look if i had all my bags with me or looked out the window

he put my bags on the left side mattress and began unpacking his things into the dresser assigned. i did the same with my bags. an hour later he had already finished and i hardly had put a dent into mine. mostly because i kept taking breaks to stare at his body. he had gotten sweaty and had to take off his shirt. which made me all hot and sweaty too. he offered to help which made me more nervous being so close to him.

'so joey where you from'

'um just a little village no one ever heard of before, how about you'

'im from a little village back west also, left any girlfriends back in your village joey?'

my heart stopped. did he find me out already or was it just a question

'um nah no girlfriends, you?'

he gave me a quick smirk and said no and left it at that. i guess he wasn't much of the talking time. well it would be nice just to be close to him.

'you wanna go for a quick bite out to eat joey?' Robert asked

'i don't think i would like any of the school food here so how about something off campus?'

'sure thing i heard about a really great restaurant um road -41'

'alright i don't have any classes so sounds great'

'let me take a quick shower' oh here it comes he started undressing in front of me and i got a little bit scared that he would notice me staring so i just turned around and acted like i was on my computer. i got a couple looks in but no cock. he had a perfect ass that i just wanted to eat up so bad. he wrapped a towel around his waist got his clothes and went into the shower. the whole time he was in there i jerked off imaging his tight ass and i good it would feel to be ramming my 8 1/2 inch up his tight ass hole. a quick change of clothes and we left

we had a quick bite to eat and chatted for a little . he had 1 older brother that already finished high school on his way to becoming a doctor and a younger sister in 9th grade. his father died right after his sister was born. a drunk driver killed him, through them both over a cliff. his mother remarried a lawyer a couple years back . the guy was great even helped Robert for college expenses. well anyway after we ate he decided to go watch a movie. it was funny because i was busy staring at his face that when he offered i hadn't heard and just said yes.

we got to the movies and almost everything was sold out except for the late shows so we decided to get a random movie and just hang out till it was time for the movie. we went to the park which i was busy staring at the guys jump around in basketball and Robert just looked around at people. we talked more and he asked me a lot of questions. well when the movie finally came around he decided to sit all the way in the back. he said its better you get to see the whole screen like this. the movie theater was nearly empty . im guessing because of the time but it was fine with me. as the movie started i just leaned back and watched his face. our arms touched a lot. i don't know if it was because of the arm rest but once or twice his hand rubbed against my thigh. when we got back to the dorm rooms he took off his clothes more quickly then last time

' hey joey is it alright if i sleep in my boxers, clothes makes me feel uncomfortable while i sleep.'

'sure dude no problem' he was filling out his boxer briefs well if i do say so myself. again i had difficulty not staring at him while i pretended so just chat for awhile he laid on top of the sheet with his arm over his eyes and began to drift off to sleep.

'you going to sleep soon the light is keeping me awake' he said

with that i turned off the lights and began to strip down to my underwear.

'i see you like to sleep with your underwear only too.'

'oh yeah , i usually sleep like this too, way more comfortable.'

later i awoke with a pain in my groin telling me it was time to pee, i got up and turned on the bathroom lights while i was peeing i heard a noise from the bedroom. when i peeked out it was Robert jerking off under his sheets.

this made me stiff as a rock so i stayed a little longer and jerked myself off slowly, i heard a little moan outside which made me cum all over my hand. i cleaned up and returned outside

' in the morning i woke up to a sound of the bathroom door slam. it was Robert. he looked angry when i looked down on the floor there is his luggage and his things packed.

'sorry i didn't mean to wake you, he said in a voice i hadn't heard. it was sad with a hint of anger'

'whats going on' i said with a confused look on my face

'this isn't going to work out joey'

'what isn't, your changing rooms?'

'yeah im going down now to go see if i could change my room now.'

'if you dont mind me asking, why?' did he hear me last night jerking off or see me staring at him like the whole past day

'its cause-' he had a pained look on his face. 'its cause i like you a lot and with you being straight and all i don't think you would like me being around you so i feel i should just leave you alone'

i couldn't help but laughing at that. Robert thought i was straight when the whole day yesterday i was horny over him. i had a boner that wouldn't go away. he must have taken my laughing as an insult and got up and was about to walk out the door.

'wait Robert'

'dont worry you wont have to deal with me anymore, ill leave you alone' he said with watery eyes

i got really close to him. was holding him by his arms and lifted his face because he was looking at the floor.

'i wasn't laughing at you Robert , i was laughing because im not straight, far from it if i would say so.'

'but-' he still looked skeptical. ' but i made passes to you all day yesterday and nothing happened.

'what are you talking about, what passes?'

'i invited you out for dinner, i told you personal things i don't tell to any strangers, in the movies i 'brushed my hand against your thigh a couple of times. and i was so nervous that i didn't even pay attention to any of the movie. i stared at you a couple of times but would turn away cause i thought you caught me . and i even undressed in front of you. when i was going to sleep i even slept in my boxer brief.

i was smiling the whole time. ' well i never took any of those things as a lead and i definitely was scared that if you found me out that i would get clocked for even thinking you were gay.'

we both started smiling then i hugged him tight. when we parted the hug he he leaned in for a kiss. we met in the middle, and it felt so fantastic to be kissing him his mouth tasted delicious. it was an awesome feeling for him to be so close. we started to explore each others mouth with our tongues and i looked forward to a promising future ................

* It isn't over yet. more to come soon hopefully. .Email pics, comments or a continuation. would love to hear some feedback.



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