Life was great, I was on top of the world after last weeks

practice. But I hadn't had sex with Coach or Justin since. I was getting

hungry for dick and knew just where to get it.

So one day after practice I knocked on Coach Bane's door and walked

in, my horny dick leading the way beneath my jock. I saw Justin sitting in

Coach's chair and asked him what he was doing. He said, 'Waiting for

coach', with a twinkle almost a look of lust in his eyes as if saying, same

reason you are. I hadn't noticed at first but Justin was naked, with a

raging hard-on. He was stroking his manhood lazily and I walked over to


I kissed him and pinched his tits. Our tongues were in a fierce

wrestling match as my dick grew harder in my jock and was now fully erect.

I decided to lick his armpits. We had just come from practice and were

still sweaty which made it hotter. I worked my tongue toward his nipples

and rounded his tits as I played with his sack. But my mind was on cock

which was why I'd come to Coach's office in the first place.

I stood up, turned around and slowly sat back down on his dick. I

furiously rode him up and down his cock moaning with every thrust. He

played with my tits as he fucked my young tight ass. His hands were

exploring my body. His strong hands rubbed the sides of my torso up to my

finely chiseled pecs. He put his hands on either leg and moved them to my

inner thighs. I turned my head to kiss him as he fondled my sack. He

squeezed my balls tight as our lips locked and pre-cum was shot on his

hand. He told me to get up so he could really fuck me.

I got up and put my foot on Coach's desk. He cupped my ass and

stuck his tongue in between my cheeks. I moaned as he licked my puckering

hole. He stopped and I felt his head on my ass ready to penetrate me. At

that moment Coach Bane walks in with Coach Dinello, the baseball coach,

both of them naked with hard-ons. I looked at Justin and we grinned at each


I walked over to Coach Dinello, and Justin walked over to Coach

Bane. We were all kissing each other, Justin and I were both fondling our

titan-like coaches with their huge packages. Coach Dinello had a five

o'clock shadow which was a huge turn-on for me. Coach Dinello's body was

unfamiliar to me so my hands explored his fit Italian bod. He had huge

muscly arms and legs, a tribal tattoo on his right arm (which was also a

huge turn-on), nice back, hard ass, big pecs with hard nipples, great

six-pack and an enormous dick. I shoved each for-finger in his hole and

cradled his ass as he gave a slight moan. He was as hot as Bane and I

wanted to jump his bones. Dinello was a wet kisser and good at foreplay. My

dick was loving his strong rugged hands. He tweaked my nipples and cupped

my balls. Our dicks were rubbing against each other's. Justin and Bane were

already a step ahead of us because Justin was already giving Bane head.

I reluctantly pulled away from Dinello and got on all fours. He

knew what to do. He slowly shoved his dick up my ass. My ass took in all of

his thick 11in Italian cock. He was slow at first but got quicker. Justin's

puckering hole was right in front of me, he was sucking /bane so I went for

it. I spread his cheeks and slid my tongue in his ass. He moaned as I

fucked his ass with my tongue and Bane's monster cock was fucking his mouth

as his balls slapped against his chin. Dinello slapped my ass and fucked me

faster. He panted and grunted with every thrust. This guy really knew how

to fuck!

He told Bane to come and fuck me. Dinello pulled out halfway and

stopped. Bane then slid his dick in and proceeded to fuck me. I moaned

loudly as the two 11in dicks fucked my tight ass. Justin flipped on his

back and told me to blow him. I grabbed the base of his dick and licked his

shaft up and down slowly. He moaned and told me to deepthroat him. I did as

I was told and took in his cock whole.

Bane and Dinello kissed behind me and enjoyed having their two

monster dicks my young willing tight ass. I couldn't believe I had 3 dicks

in me at the same time! Dinello started moaning loudly and came deep down

my ass. Bane pulled out, masturbated for a minute and jizzed on my

back. Dinello then continued to ram my ass faster and harder with one less

dick in his way. I then swallowed Justin's cum as he exploded load after

load in my mouth.

Dinello pulled out and walked over to Bane, who was lying on the

coach, his legs dangling over the arm rest, jacking off with a finger in

his ass and moaning. He put his legs on his shoulders and rammed his dick

in to Bane's ass who pulled out his finger. My dick was throbbing and I

needed something to fuck, and my eyes were on the prize, Coach Dinello. I

walked over to him and kissed his neck. Then I slid my dick into his tight

ass. It went in smoothly. Dinello moaned and I rubbed his nipples. Justin

wanted to get in on the action and straddled Bane 69ing him. I grabbed hold

of Bane's hips in order to ram my dick as hard as I could into Dinello's

prostate. He was grunting and moaning and instructing me to fuck his ass

harder. I thrusted my dick in and out of him harder and harder with every


My cock was ready to explode, but I knew I couldn't cum because

fucking Dinello's ass felt so God damn good! I fucked faster and harder and

moaned loudly. I couldn't hold myself any longer and came up his ass. My

dick shot out load after load as I continued to fuck Dinello. He turned

around with his tongue out of his mouth. We licked each other and I pulled

out. I rested my semi-hard dick on his ass and massaged his body holding

him closely to me as he continued to ram Banes ass. His face looked so

concentrated and full of pleasure. I caressed his body and sucked on his

neck as he grunted with every thrust.

Justin was getting fingered as him and Bane 69'd each other, both

of them swallowing ach other whole. Justin moaned and shot his load down

Bane's throat. Bane swallowed the loads and continued to suck Justin. I

started to finger Dinello's ass as he moaned. He slapped Bane's ass and

yelled, 'I'm gonna cum!' His ass clamped down on my finger, his head tilted

back with his mouth open moaning loudly as he jizzed deep into Banes ass. I

tweaked his nipples and stuck my tongue in his mouth. At that moment Bane

came and Justin swallowed his load.

Dinello pulled out of Bane, his dick still rock hard, like his

tits! I licked his pits as he put his hand on my head and directed me where

to go. He led me to his nipples after a few minutes where I spent the same

amount of time rounding his tits with my tongue as he continued to moan. He

led my head down his abs and to his naval. I licked it for a minute and got

down on my knees, mouth-to-dick! I licked his shaft and played with his

sack. I started to jack him off and suck on his head as I squeezed his

balls. He was moaning and panting with pleasure. He slowly said, ' Fuck

yeah...', 'Oh yeah...', 'Yeah, suck my 11in Italian stallion cock!', he

then said something in Italian which I didn't understand as he shoved his

dick deeper down my throat. I grabbed his ass pulling him closer to me so I

could suck his whole cock.

He started to fuck my mouth. He did it faster and faster with his

hand on my head. He moaned with his face contorted into pleasure. He filled

my mouth with warm sweet cum. I swallowed the load and kept a little in my

mouth and went up to kiss him. He enjoyed the taste of his cum and licked

the last of it of the side of my lip.

We headed for the showers where Bane had just finished a fuck

session with Justin under the hot jets of water beating down on their

sweaty bodies. We finished our showers, where Dinello gave me head and I

gave a hand job to Justin where he exploded in Dinello's hair and on his

back. We got dressed and were about to leave when Justin said, 'Oh yeah,

I'm having a 'toga-themed' costume fuck party this Saturday, my parents are

gonna be out of town and I'm only inviting guys in sports. I hope you guys

can make it. We all agreed to go and said our good-byes with our tongues

down another's throat.



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