I was 18 at the time, at the curious age. I was cute, blonde, messy hair

blue eyes the typical prep. I was also a jock but a little different from

the guys, I liked them more than girls! The locker room made me especially

horny, but thankfully no one ever noticed my bulge. I was muscular and fit

due to wrestling, football and swimming... strong arms, legs, rock hard ass

and abs and an 8 inch cock to top it all off. But enough about me let me

get to the part you're all reading this for.

Anyways there were a lot of hot guys of my build on the teams and

the coaches were even hotter kinda made you precum every time you looked at

them, and I had my eyes on the swimming coach (he was also the wrestling

coach). One day after wrestling practice he called me into his office...

'Hey Kyle, get your ass in here!'

I was still naked and sweaty after a hard practice, but he was used to

seeing us naked most people had left and I walked in and said,' What

coach?' as I stared at his very hot muscly body. He was hairless and tanned

wearing a jock. He was talkin' and I wasn't listening, just starin' at his

hot bod and getting a hardon. He stopped talking and noticed my hardening

cock, licked his lips and flexed. I was losin' it! I moved closer to him

and sucked on his nipple. He moaned and said, 'I knew you wanted it Kyle.

I've been watching you and waiting for this day.'

I circled around his nipple a few more times before I moved to licking his

armpit. As he shoved my face in deeper, I rubbed my fully erect now

throbbing cock. He told me that was enough and leaned down to kiss me. I

loved the feeling of our tongues in each others mouths and the feel of his

5 'o' clock shadow on my face. I had to have him, I pulled away and told

him to lie down on his desk. I started to give him a rimjob and he moaned

crazily as my tongue went 'round and 'round his tight puckering hole. I

rubbed his dick and abs as I explored and fucked his ass with my tongue.

I'd had enough, I was ready to go in for the kill. I put his legs

on my shoulders and slowly slid my 8in into his tight puckering ass. It

felt so good to be inside coach. We were horny, sweaty, and muscly which

intensified my urge to fuck him and the fact that he was older (around

26ish) made it even hotter. I rammed my dick in him harder and faster with

every thrust. The sounds of my balls slapping against his ass, and his

constant grunts filled the room. I reached over felt up his chest and

pinched his nipples as I kept a steady fucking motion. I slapped his ass

and yelled out, 'I'M GONNA CUM!!' and expelled my huge load deep down into

his now looser ass.

I continued to fuck him for a few minutes after that, then pulled

out with my dick still semi- hard. I bent down and licked his ass, my cum

tasted so good. I moved toward his face and shoved my dick into coach's

mouth. He sucked and cleaned me as I gave him another shot of cum. I

quickly pulled out and leaned down to kiss him before he could swallow. I

then proceeded to kissing his neck and moved down to lick his pits again

and pinched his nipples hard. Then I started to lick his right nipple and

play with the other as he moaned. I did the same to the other and moved

down to his navel. I licked it for about a minute and traced my tongue to

his bulging cock. I pulled off his jock and his dick jumped out. He'd been

hard for a while. He'd been watching the guys showering 'to make sure no

one fights'. He stood up and I knelt down gladly taking in his 11inches. He

fucked my face as I squeezed his huge sack. After a few minutes he stopped

and told me to suck on his balls. I did so and fingered his no looser ass

as he moaned. I went back to lickin' his dick from base to head and suckin'

on the head for a little bit and moved back down. His dick was throbbing

and dripping precum.

He told m that was enough and to bend over. I'd been waiting for

this! I bent over his desk and he slowly shoved his monster dick into my

tight ass. He grabbed my hips and fucked me hard. I didn't mind it

rough. He let go of my hips once he got the motion. He started to rub my

dick and squeeze my balls hard but I liked it. He fucked me harder if even

possible and squeezed my nuts like it was a stress ball. I moaned with

pleasure and told him to fuck and squeeze me harder. I was breathing

heavily and frequently yelled out, 'Yeah!', 'Fuck my tight ass', 'Squeeze

my balls harder', and 'Fuck my young tight little ass harder!' He did as he

was told and grunted uh uh uh I'm uh gonna uh cum! Uh uh uh! And cum he

did, he filled my ass with buckets of cum which was seeping out of my

ass. He was still keeping up a good fucking pace which I enjoyed very

much. And before I knew it I jazzed in his strong hands

He pulled out and grabbed his comfy chair and sat down. As I stood

up jizz was leakin' out, I walked over and sat on his cock facing him. We

started making out as he grabbed my hips pulling me slowly up and down on

his rock hard dick. I pinched his nipples and caressed his abs and my dick

was again throbbing. Our mouths were inseparable. The smell of jizz and

sweat was in the air, I breathed in deep loving the smell as I continued to

kiss him and shot some precum.

I hot up, I was hungry for jizz! I started giving him a rimjob and

squeezed his balls tight. His ass puckered as my tongue went 'round and

'round his hole. I then sucked his balls and fingered him as he moaned with

delight and told me to suck his dick. I happily took it in and sucked the

head hard continuing to finger him. I took in the rest of the shaft and

deep-throated him. His ass started to clamp down on my fingers. And then...


His jizz went down my throat. Load aster load after load. He must've shot

over 10 times. I swallowed most of it saving some in my mouth and went up

to kiss him. I sat on his lap and we lay like that for a while. Later we

went to take showers but that part is for part 2! )



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