We proceeded towards the showers, the locker room was empty, or so

we thought. We were groping each other and making out under the streams of

hot water hitting our naked bodies. There was nothing but the sound of the

water and our kisses. Coach Bane shoved his thumb up my ass, my moans were

stifled by our glued mouths. He wanted my ass and I was gladly gonna give

it to him.

He turned my around and bent me over against the shower wall. He

rammed his dick into my ass. My ass was very loose by now and it went in

quickly. He rapidly fucked my young ass. It was like heaven. And that's

when I noticed someone was watching. Justin the hottest kid on our

wrestling team was jacking off to the sight of Coach Bane fucking me.

Justin was a senior, taller than me 6'0ft, tanned hairless chiseled body,

black hair, and a 9in cock. He kind of reminded me of Hugh Jackman.

We didn't mind him watching us and I called him over. He wanted to suck me

but I insisted that I blow him. Without hesitation he shoved all 9in into

my mouth. I sucked him like there was no tomorrow. He moaned loudly and put

his hand on my head shoving his dick deeper down my throat. He started to

fuck my mouth, it didn't seem like his first time with a guy. He leaned

over to kiss coach and it seemed as though they both fucked me harder in

the same rhythm.

I thought I'd finger Justin. But before I could do so they both pulled out

and switched positions and continued to fuck me from both sides and kiss

over me. They were probably getting close to cumming because they'd been

fucking me for a long time. Then Justin's pace was getting quicker and

harder. He yelled out, 'Oh shit! I'm gonna cum!' He moaned loud and came

deep into my ass.

He pulled out and bent down and licked and sucked on my balls. I started to

finger Coach. He moaned as Justin spread my cheeks and began to eat my

ass. He played with my throbbing dick and squeezed my balls tight. I wanted

to fuck him so bad! He told me inside him.

Justin flipped me over on my back and gave me a blowjob as Coach continued

to fuck my face. I gave up on the fingering and pushed Justin's head deeper

onto my cock. He played with my abs and nipples with one hand and fingered

me with the other. I was getting close to cumming and Justin stopped and

got up. He slowly sat on my rock hard dick facing me. I grabbed his hips

and fucked him hard. It was so hot! It's what fantasies are made of! Coach

was moaning louder now. I could tell he was getting close. I squeezed his

balls tight. He came all over my hair, face, and in my mouth.

He slapped my face with his dick and bent over me to give Justin a

blowjob. Coach's puckering hole was now staring me in the face. I had to do

what I had to do. I ate Coach's ass and licked his sack. Justin was moaning

loud and yelling 'Fuck me Kyle!' and 'deepthroat me Coach!' And before I

knew it he jizzed on Coach's face. He got up and Justin's cock was erupting

on my chest and on my face. I raised him up and down faster and then

'UUUUHHHHHHHHHHHH!' My cum filled Justin's ass. He moaned with pleasure as

he caressed my body.

Coach was showering. He cleaned himself off and pissed on us and walked

away to his office. Justin was laying on top of me as our tongues wrestled

and I grabbed his ass. Our cocks were rubbing against each other and the

cum was sticking in between us. We gave each other a kiss and got up to

shower. We washed each other and when ever we got to our backs our fingers

would 'accidentally' slip in the others ass! After we were finished we

walked to Coach Bane's office. He was sitting in his desk chair still naked

and recuperating from the amazing sex. We leaned in for a 3-way kiss. Coach

said, 'this was nothing, next time will be better. Oh, and you can stop by

my office anytime for a one-on-one or a two-on-one anytime you want.' Coach

pinched my nipple and we walked away.

After we got dressed Justin came up to me and said, 'You're the best ass

I've had, hopefully this won't be the last time.' I replied, 'Oh, it won't

be!' He smiled and kissed me and grabbed my ass. We both left happy and

lighter 3 buckets worth of cum.





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