Paul flipped the channel on the television again, switching stations every few seconds, for nothing that was on captured his attention. Through the window he could see the rain continue to fall, heavy at times but for most of the day a slow drizzle. On the coffee table lay his books, each with an assignment he needed to be working on. He had brought them out to get started on his assignments but found he couldn't focus on anything; not his course work, not the asinine shows that filled a Friday afternoon or anything else of consequence. 

He rolled off the sofa onto his feet and ambled over to the refrigerator, the third time he had done so in the last ninety minutes or so. This time he pulled a beer out knowing if he started now he would accomplish nothing the rest of the day. "Shit on it" he uttered aloud and twisted off the cap.

He moved back around the sofa, grabbed up the remote and shut off the television. At the window he looked out and saw a few other students rush from their cars to their apartments. Water was cascading down the parking lot back toward the street as the rain began to fall heavily once again and he stared at it as he took long slow drinks of beer.

The Spring Semester began with the weather feeling like it was still winter and getting into the rhythm of classes seemed damn near impossible. Bobby had arrived a few days before he did, unpacked his things and then for the next three weeks stayed gone more than he was home. Paul didn't blame him after what happened last semester, even though in the end he made amends and they patched things up. It was still awkward between them, especially when Bobby admitted he was gay and then stayed with Samuel more than he stayed home. Paul didn't know how to handle it, how to be casual around Bobby, what he could joke about and what was off limits. It was odd how they didn't really know each other all through high school but after one semester in college everything had changed till he knew a lot about Bobby.

Paul stepped away from the window, made a loop through the kitchen area tossing his empty bottle in the recycle bin and headed to his room. He slowed as he passed Bobby's door, looking in at the perfectly made bed, the desk with its neat stack of notebooks, the one shelf above lined with novels.  The walls were bare and it disturbed Paul every time he looked in the room. Bobby had had some pictures on one wall and a couple of posters on the other but last semester he had taken them down when Paul had told him to find another place to live. Paul knew they were in the closet wrapped in newspapers sitting on the floor. He had snooped around Bobby's room one time and the image of those things wrapped up and ready to be carried out had stopped him cold, had made him back off and tell Bobby he could stay. The fact those items were still wrapped...

Paul went into his room and pulled out a clean pair of jeans and a decent shirt. When the rain slowed down to a drizzle once again he would take off for the mall. He really didn't care for it but it was something to do especially so with the shitty weather.


Ryan took the order at the back booth and walked back behind the counter putting the order into the kitchen. It was a slow afternoon. Usually more students showed up for a late lunch or just some coffee and desert but the weather had kept them away this afternoon. He leaned against the counter and watched it rain, watched the cars pass by, each one hitting the standing water out in front of the diner splashing up a wave of water over the sidewalk. He took his cell phone out again and looked to see if he had any messages. Everyone must be holed up and just waiting for the weather to break for he still had no messages. Most of his friends were in class or at their jobs so he wasn't surprised but it had been a week since he heard from Chandler and that was the one that hurt. He knew something wasn't right two weeks ago and over the next few days he had to be the one who initiated any getting together. Last weekend Chandler stopped responding altogether.

He had met Chandler near the end of last term and they had gone out a few times, messed around a couple but then finals approached and Ryan having to work to support himself through college made it impossible for them to get together except for a quick dinner or lunch those last two weeks.  Then Chandler was taking off to catch a plane for Boston to catch up with his folks then they flew to France for a month. When Spring semester started and he got up with Chandler everything was different. The bell on the door rang and Ryan looked up to see three students come taking a seat at the booth near the door. 'This will be three coffees and maybe on desert' he told himself as he made his way over. An order for three coffees and a desert in hand Ryan made his way behind the counter. He thought of Chandler and realized how much he hated to consider it but he knew the type, had had it happen before in high school. How someone could just suddenly ignore someone else or not just take a moment to tell them it wasn't working was something he just didn't understand.


The morning sun filtered through the blinds as the day began with clear skies, the first in a couple of days. Bobby rolled over and cut the alarm off then stretched till his hands pushed against the headboard and his feet pushed out from under the covers.

"What time is it?" Sam asked as he turned to Bobby watching him as he lay there smiling.

"It's seven; I have English at eight you know."

"Yeah...damn, you should have done like I did and kept your classes after nine."

"Yeah, but you ended up with a class at three which is when I am done for the day" Bobby replied.

"Well that gives you time to get my dinner started before I get home" Sam sarcastically replied.

"Fuck you" Bobby joked as he rolled out of bed and headed for the bathroom to shower. Sam watched his naked form move away and he thought of the night before and he felt a sense of contentment, this intimacy with someone his attraction grew with each passing day. He heard the shower come on and after a minute the curtain being drawn closed. He eased up off the bed and headed to the bathroom.

Steam was coming over the top and he could see Bobby's outline through the curtain shampooing his hair. He moved to the other end of the tub and slipped in behind Bobby who was working his fingers through his hair.

"Let me" Sam whispered as he reached up and let his fingers work into Bobby's hair massaging the scalp and combing through the soapy hair. Bobby let his hands fall down to his side and let Sam work his fingers over his head.

"We can't be in here all morning; I have to get to class."

"I know, now lean forward and rinse the shampoo out" Sam replied as he guided Bobby underneath the spray. He worked his fingers through Bobby's hair feeling the clean softness of it. He let one hand move down his neck then down his back. "Turn around" he asked as he guided Bobby around within his arms. He kissed him gently on the lips, moved down along his neck, down over his chest raking his lips over each nipple, sucking them erect and nipping them making Bobby shiver.

" gotta...stop..." Bobby stammered his voice falling away as Sam went to his knees and took him in his mouth. He grew erect as Sam manipulated his cock, worked lips and tongue over the head then took much of the shaft till Bobby felt Sam's nose touch his abdomen.

"Fuck" Bobby uttered as Sam sucked him, worked his cock till it ached for release. He felt his whole body tighten up, every muscle straining for release as the head of his cock was being manipulated, rubbed by Sam's tongue, then lips and when Sam put his lips back over the head and sucked hard Bobby had to grab Sam by the shoulders to keep from falling over as he thrust forward and felt the surge of cum race through his cock and ejaculate into Sam's suctioning mouth. He shook with each ejaculation as he filled Sam's mouth.

Sam sucked till Bobby was spent, sucked dry, and he stood up and kissed Bobby.

"Okay you better hurry up and get dressed. You don't want to be late for class" Sam stated mischievously.


Ian was always rushing to get to class on time, especially one that started at eight o'clock in the morning. He made it to the door at the same time as the instructor.

"Sorry" he uttered as he passed the instructor coming into the room.

Ian made his way to a desk as he glanced around realizing he was beginning to put names with faces. At the start of the term he knew no one in this class except for Bobby. He had been relieved to know at least one person but now he found several others he was getting to know.  He struggled with English, the choosing an appropriate topic for papers and understanding the reading assignments and Bobby was one person he knew who could help him. He eased down into a desk next to Bobby as he had done since the beginning of term.

"Almost late again" Bobby whispered stifling a laugh.

"Shhh...I made it didn't I."

The instructor started the class writing on the board a list of readings to be completed by the next week with a short paper on each discussing what the author was trying to say. Ian slumped down in his chair making Bobby have to stifle a laugh.

"It's not funny. You know how much trouble I have with these reading assignments."

"Don't worry we can get together and go over it on Sunday afternoon."

As the instructor began his lecture Ian found his mind drifting as it usually did in any class in which he struggled. He found himself looking over to Bobby wondering about the changes he had seen at the end of last semester and how this semester he seemed even more open. He wished he had the courage to be honest with him, had the courage to ask him out but he was still unsure of himself, afraid to make the mistake of assuming someone was willing to go out with him. Afraid he was wrong about Bobby. Afraid of rejection.

He scanned the class looking at the other guys who he found an attraction and he wondered what they were really like and whether or not they would have sex with another guy.  Some seemed so androgynous it gave him the fantasy they would be willing. That they might be gay too.

The class seemed to last forever but finally the bell rang signaling the hour and everyone shoved books into backpacks and headed to the door.

"You serious about studying together on Sunday...I mean I could really use the help."

"Of course. You want to meet at the library?"

"How about your place?"

Bobby hesitated and Ian caught it, this sense Bobby had another aspect of himself he didn't want to share but he saw him relax and nod his head.

"Yeah sure, you can come over around three."


It was midafternoon and Bobby left his last class and rode off on his bicycle. He was going to head straight home but as he approached the diner he decided to stop. Paul would not be home and even though things were still a bit weird between them he didn't want to sit in the apartment alone. Bicycle locked he ambled into the diner and up to the counter taking a stool.  Ryan was working and quickly came over.

"Coffee?" Ryan asked as he brought the pot over. “What brings you in at this time of day?”

"Yeah to coffee and…I just didn't want to go back to the apartment yet."

Ryan poured the coffee and put sugar and cream by the cup for he knew Bobby liked it in his coffee.  Bobby was flipping through his English book looking at the assignment for Monday.

"You have Mr. Sykes for English too?"


"He dump all that reading on your class?"


"Damn. I don't know if I’m going to make it. I have to work a long shift tomorrow and only have Sunday to get through it all."

"A couple of us are going to get together Sunday to review it together. You want to come over? We're meeting at my place."

"Serious? That would be great."

"Apartment A32. the second building on the right as you come in.  We're getting together around three."


Ryan came up the stairs and saw a light on inside surprising him that Bobby was at the apartment on a Friday afternoon. Inside he found the living area empty but quickly realized the shower was running in the bathroom. He went into his room and tossed his backpack down, kicked off his shoes and unbuttoned his shirt pulling it off and tossing it on the floor with the other dirty clothes piled in the corner. It was so hot outside his skin was wet with sweat and he absentmindedly ran the fingers of one hand down his chest raking the sweat down till it trickled to the waistband of his jeans.

He heard the shower stop and his hand moved down his stomach and over the crotch of his jeans. His cock stirred and he pressed against it feeling it push back. The door of the bathroom opened.

"How was your day?" Ryan called out, trying to sound as friendly as possible with his tone.

"Oh...your home" Bobby uttered as he backed up to Ryan's door, "it was okay" he added. Bobby had a towel around his waist and it was obvious he had not dried off completely for water droplets clung to his bare skin and his hair dripped water. "You got big plans tonight?  Some big party to crash?"

"There is a frat party some of us are going to hit. What about you?  I guess you'll end up at Sam's place?"

"Yeah...we're going out to eat then over to one of his friend's place who's having a party. Right now I need a nap...catch up later?"

"Yeah sure" Ryan replied as Bobby moved away going to his room.

"Oh, Sunday some friends are coming over to study...around 3. Is that okay with you?" Bobby called out from his room.

"Yes it's okay" Ryan replied, the insinuation of the question bothering him more than he cared to admit.


Sam took Bobby to a new restaurant, one across town from the campus with few students among the patrons. They enjoyed being away from the college and at a place less rowdy, restaurants that were quite, small and intimate. All evening, as dish after dish was brought out they talked quietly among themselves. It was times like this that they really told of their childhoods, their families and their plans for the future as they kept imagining it. It was after ten when they finally left the restaurant and headed to Sam's car.

"Perfect; we'll arrive at Rebecca's place at a good time."

The party had been in full swing and for some time after Bobby and Sam arrived more and more people showed up. There were groups of people all through the small house Rebecca and Kathy rented. Bobby and Sam found themselves on the back porch sitting on its edge, feel dangling just above the ground. They were a bit drunk and joking around when Sam suddenly pushed up close and kissed Bobby.

Bobby was initially worried what others would think but when he saw most paid them no attention and those that had were smiling at them he relaxed and let Sam kiss him again.

“Maybe we should go back to your place” Bobby whispered when Sam broke their kiss.

“Yeah…maybe we should.”

They walked back to Sam’s place, it less than a mile taking less than twenty minutes even with them goofing around along the way. They stumbled into Sam’s apartment tripping over each other while they tugged each other’s clothes off. They tumbled down on Sam’s bed, shirts off and jeans around their ankles. They were still a bit drunk and in a mischievous mood, rough housing with each other. Sam worked his fingers in Bobby’s side knowing he was very ticklish. Bobby squirmed beneath him, laughed uncontrollably and fought to get free.

“Say ‘I’m your bitch’” Sam urged trying to sound serious.

“You’re my bitch” Bobby taunted as Sam struggled to get control of his arms. Bobby felt Sam’s erection press against his own as they wrestled around on the bed, Sam on top quickly gaining control pinning his arms down.

“You’re my bitch” Sam taunted as he struggled not to laugh.

“We’ll see” Bobby replied suddenly twisting beneath Sam, slipping his arms down till he could grasp Sam by the wrist and he rolled to his right working against Sam’s weaker side till he was on top. Sam sniggered then they both fell serious as Bobby leaned down kissing him.

Sam’s raised his knees spreading his legs enough to let Bobby slip between them. He felt Bobby’s kisses, the nips at his ear, on his neck then the felt it, the push against his opening. He twisted his torso and pushed upward with his hips urging Bobby to penetrate him.

“Fuck me” Sam whispered.

Bobby pushed against Sam, breached the tight opening and felt his cock squeeze through sinking inch after inch into Sam’s depths. He pushed inward till he was pressed tightly to Sam’s ass. Sam had his arms around Bobby’s neck and his legs around Bobby’s waist. He clung to Bobby, felt Bobby move inside him, slowly, gently, pulling outward then sinking back in.

Bobby kept a slow rhythm, pumping his cock in Sam, feeling the tightness milk his cock till Sam finally grew loose, opening up to him. Bobby increased his pace, faster and faster thrusting his hips forward till the bed squeaked and rocked beneath them. He felt Sam’s fingers dig into his back urging him on. He rose up on his hands and pumped his hips harder, slamming against Sam. The bed rocked so hard it banged into the wall with every thrust.

“Oh…FUCK” Sam cried as he took every thrust, felt Bobby push into his depths and pull back out, over and over and over. He balled up his fist holding tight to the bed covers as Bobby undulated over him. He felt the heat of Bobby’s body, the slick wet skin that rubbed against him, his own body hot, every touch stroking his aroused state.

Bobby felt his own body tighten up, his cock flare up thicker, more sensitive as he hammered away at Sam’s hole, their bodies smacking noisily together. He felt that moment of ejaculation, the surge of cum through his cock and he slammed into Sam hard and came. He jerked with each ejaculation, shoving inward as he shot wad after wad till he was spent till his body was totally exhausted.

Bobby eased out of Sam and rolled to his side. He ran a hand down Sam’s heaving sweaty chest and stomach till he felt his palm filled with Sam’s erection. He wrapped his fingers around it and slowly moved his hand along the shaft making Sam suck in his breath. Bobby eased over and moved to it, brought his mouth to the head tasting the salty slickness of it. He tongued it, wrapping the head and wiping across the drooling slit. He pressed his lips to the head and let it slip between them taking the shaft within his mouth. As he worked the shaft Sam began to pump his hips, to thrust upward then drop down with faster and faster intensity.

“Shit…I’m going…to cum” Sam uttered as he thrust upward and shot. Bobby locked his lips to the head and sucked hard as Sam ejaculated.

Exhausted they snuggled up together, arms and legs intertwined around each other. Bobby held Sam as they drifted off to sleep and their bodies relaxed against each other.


The sun was low in the sky, shining directly into the dining area where Bobby, Ian and Ryan had been studying for a few hours. English books and reference material was scattered across the table.  Ian had the hardest time with the meanings of the assignments and Bobby saw he seemed distracted more than usual. As they studied he realized it was Ryan that was the distraction for Ian. He watched how Ian watched Ryan, quick furtive glances and then intent attention when Ryan was discussing a particular section of a story. By the time they were finishing up Bobby nudged Ryan’s foot and nodded toward Ian. Ryan smiled and looked down quickly, a moment of shyness that surprised Bobby but told him all he needed to know.

“Excuse me guys; I have to go to the bathroom” Bobby stated as he stood up and left the room.

“How do you know Bobby?” Ian asked.

“I work at the diner down the street and he comes in all the time so we got to know each other.  You?”

“We had English together last semester and again this semester. He knows I struggle with the class and helps me when he can.  But he stays busy…you know…Paul says he stays gone all the time.”

“Yeah I know” Ryan replies and he looks at Ian, sees the hesitation and feels the awkwardness of the moment, knowing there is some mutual attraction between them. “Why don’t we get together to study. I have the same instructor so we’ll be running along the same syllabus.”


“Yeah…I work most evenings during the week but I have a morning shift on Saturdays and off on Sundays. Here’s my cell number.”

Bobby came back into the room and eased down in an arm chair in the living area. “I’m done for the day. What about you guys?”

“Yeah, me too” Ian replied.

“I think we’re all brain dead by now” Ryan added. “Anyone want to go grab a burger someplace?”

“Nah…I’m meeting someone later” Bobby replied.

“I’d like to go” Ian replied.


Paul sat in the empty apartment in his boxers and a stretched out t-shirt feeling Bobby’s absence more then he wanted to admit. He had all the lights off and the apartment was dimly lit by the site lighting casting its glow through the windows.  He stood from the sofa and went into the kitchen opening the refrigerator. He stared into its brightly lit interior trying to decide what he wanted, trying to decide if he should eat something but nothing looked good to him. He eventually pulled out a beer. Back on the sofa he looked out the window. He couldn’t admit to himself why it bothered him so for Bobby to be gone all the time, to have a relationship with Sam. He was attracted to girls, but there was something about some guys, especially Bobby that made him feel the same emotions toward them as he did toward the girls. “Bisexual” he uttered aloud in the empty apartment just to hear the word. He wasn’t naïve about what it meant but to place himself in that context seemed alien. He saw how open some students were about their sexuality, a casualness to who they were that made him wonder why it was so difficult for him to emulate.

He turned the beer up and chugged down most of it then got up and went over to the dining table where he had his textbooks lying out. He looked at his assignments and tried to focus on the reading he needed to do. He glanced at the list of reading material feeling a bit overwhelmed. He sat back and looked around the room. Bobby’s backpack was lying on the floor by the sofa and he thought of how Bobby had studied earlier with some of his friends then took off for Sam’s place. It made him feel lonely, suddenly isolated from everyone. It was insane for he had hung out with several of the guys playing football all afternoon then gone over to a sports bar and had something to eat.  But that relationship with the guys was platonic, just friends hanging out and he literally squirmed in his chair with restlessness.

Leaning forward Paul made himself focus on his assignment. Slowly, gradually, he fell into the rhythm of reading the words, making them into sentences then into a topic. He took notes, highlighted sections of his textbook and time passed as he completed one assignment then the next.


Ian followed Ryan up the stairs to the small apartment that was over a garage in the rear yard of a professor. The wood stairs squeaked as he followed up one run of stair then the next till they stood crowded together on the small landing.

“It’s not much and it’s a bit of mess” Ryan said, suddenly embarrassed at how messy he let the apartment get for he was either in class or working.

“You should see the place I share with a friend” Ian replied smiling at Ryan.

They had sat in a booth in the diner and at first it was awkward, the initial moment when the two of them were alone for the first time. What did the other like to talk about, what was his interests, favorite music or movies? When the waitress came they found themselves ordering the same thing, a hamburger with the exact same toppings of swiss and bacon. They laughed at the coincidence and suddenly the tension between them was broken. The sat in the diner for a long time, plates cleared and their glasses refilled for the third time. Neither wanted the night to end but it being Sunday each was hesitant to suggest something.

It had been Ryan who broke the impasse when he let his foot nudge up against Ian’s, slowly, just a gentle touch just to see how Ian would react. Ian had pushed back.

“Ian…you want to come back to my place for a while? We can play some video games” Ryan asked knowing he wanted something else.

“Okay” Ian replied sheepishly smiling knowing he wanted something else too.

The apartment was small, barely enough room for a coffee table between the television and small sofa and the kitchen was a short run of cabinets on one wall with a small refrigerator and sink and a hot plate sitting between them. Ryan had a small bistro table with two chairs wedged between the kitchen area and the sofa. The room was in disarray, with laundry piled on the sofa and the countertop covered.

“I told you it wasn’t much. Crazy thing is the bedroom is a larger room and I actually have my own washer and dryer in the bathroom.”


“Come on, I’ll give you the tour.”

Ian followed Ryan into a narrow short hall. He watched Ryan push the first door open and he could see a large bathroom with the washer and dryer. Ryan moved onward and went through the door at the hall’s end. Ian followed him and found himself standing in a large room with a bed in the middle of the opposite wall. Milk crates sat on either side for nightstands and to one side was the closet with its door open revealing it to be in disarray. On the other wall was a chest of drawers, the top covered in junk. Ian noticed among the items there were two photographs and he went over and picked up one frame. It was Ryan with an older man, someone with the same hair color and same shape to their face.

“That’s dad and me; we were at the beach fishing last summer.”

Ian held the photograph looking at Ryan next to his dad, studied his features, the way he stood, most of his weight on the left leg the right slightly bent. The room was quiet and he sensed Ryan behind him, real close and he saw the movement of Ryan’s shadow. He slowly set the photograph back on top of the chest of drawers and rested his hand on the edge, waiting, literally holding his breath.

Ryan’s hands came to Ian’s waist barely touching him then he felt the heat of Ryan’s breath on his neck. Then he felt Ryan’s lips. They touched him on the neck, gently, soft against his skin and he shivered as he felt himself lean back against Ryan’s body.

Ryan worked Ian’s clothes off till he was naked and he held him tight to his own body. Even still dressed Ryan felt the heat of Ian’s body as his hands roamed over the firm smooth torso. He felt Ian breathing, the undulating of his stomach then he felt Ian fill his hand, felt the way Ian moved his hips working it through his fingers. It was hard as stone and the head already wet. Ryan’s hand grew slick with his ministrations of Ian’s cock and Ian was moaning while his body quivered within Ryan’s arms.

Ian turned and faced Ryan, leaned to him kissing him. Then he pulled Ryan’s t-shirt off and worked his jeans down and off. Ian stayed on his knees and moved his mouth to Ryan’s cock letting it slip between his lips and sink into his mouth.

“Oh fuck” Ryan uttered as he felt the slick heat of Ian’s mouth take him.

It didn’t Ryan long to drag Ian onto his bed kicking the cover into the floor. They wrestled playfully, their bodies rubbing against each other, hands touching and grabbing at the other till their cocks ached for release. Ian rolled over on his stomach letting Ryan move over him. He felt it, Ryan’s cock, nudge down between his cheeks, felt it press against him till he was pushing up. He wanted it and he felt Ryan breach his opening and push inward stretching him open. He grabbed at the fitted sheet burying his face into a pillow as he cried out. He felt Ryan push inward till their bodies pressed together.

“Fuck…fuck…me” Ian stammered as he moved beneath Ryan, desperate in his desire. Ryan rose up and began to fuck, to piston his cock in Ian, slowly at first feeling the tight ring of Ian’s opening milk his cock as each inch slid through till he couldn’t hold back, his desire too great and he began to fuck, to drive his hips faster. He fucked Ian with a rapid hard pace, their bodies smacking together. Ian pushed up to meet his downward thrust and the bed rocked beneath them, scooted across the floor and banged into the wall.

Ryan felt his exertions, the fatigue of his body and he wrapped his arms around Ian and rolled over on his back.

“Ride me…get me off” Ryan pleaded as he watched Ian’s lean body move over him, the long torso undulate as Ian pushed down on his cock then rose up, over and over and over. Ryan watched the muscles of Ian’s back, the way they flexed tightly with their fuck. Ian rode him roughly, ass slapping down onto his abdomen. He saw Ian’s right arm moving and he knew Ian was masturbating as he fucked himself on his cock.

“Fuck…I’m going to…” Ryan stammered and he shoved upward as Ian moved down, his spurting cock sinking all the way inward. Ian moved up and down a few more times then laid back over Ryan’s body, his hand a blur on his own cock.

“Shit” Ian cried out and Ryan felt Ian’s opening spasm around his cock as Ian shook and shivered on top of him. He ran a hand around Ian’s waist and felt the pooled cum on his stomach. He smeared it upward raking over other pools of cum till Ian’s stomach and chest were slick with it.

They showered together, both exhausted from their exertions and they quickly dried each other and fell back into Ryan’s bed. Snuggling against each other they soon let sleep over take each of them.


Paul paced around the apartment looking into Bobby’s empty bedroom over and over till he finally fell onto the sofa and turned on the television. He flipped through the channels not stopping on any one channel long. He looked over at the dining table where his books lay scattered. He had completed all of his assignments due the next day, only having one paper to research and write for the next week.

“Fuck it” he uttered aloud and got up, shutting off the television. He grabbed up his backpack stuffing his notebook into it. He decided to go to the library to begin researching for that paper. The library was open for another hour and a half and anything was better than sitting around the empty apartment.

As he approached the building he saw how the interior was lit up, each floor revealing its interior, students at desks and chairs along the windows and stacks in the background. He made his way inside and up the stairs looking for a quiet place to set up. The second floor was as busy as the first and he kept climbing the stairs till he was on the fourth floor. It was not nearly as busy and he made his way to the far wall and found the chairs along its length empty.

After gathering some of the books he needed Paul sat at the window trying to read through one of them. He struggled to focus as he kept looking out the window. His cell phone buzzed in his pocket and he pulled it out seeing a message from a friend. Some of the guys were going to hear a band play and were trying to get him to come out. As he typed his reply on skipping the show he saw movement in front of him.

Paul hit send and looked up to see a guy sitting in front of him with a novel in his lap. For a few minutes he pretended to read one of his books glancing up regularly to see the guy flip a few pages. He looked at his cell and saw the library closes in about twenty minutes so he slipped his notebooks back into his backpack and stacked the books he needed to checkout.

“That must be some assignment to need all those books” the guy stated capturing Paul’s attention.

“Yeah, luckily I’ve got some time to dig through them.”

“You leaving already?”

“Huh…well…yeah, the library is about to close” Paul replied wondering what the guy was up to in asking such a question. He watched how the guy leaned toward him looking around to make sure no one was around. Paul found himself really looking at him, his masculine features, the five o’clock shadow and hair slightly tasseled.

“You ever go in back…ya know…to have some fun?”

Paul looked at the guy wondering if he heard him correctly, if the insinuation implied was real.


“Come on man; wouldn’t you like to have some fun before going back to your place? I know a nice private place we can go.”

Paul couldn’t believe the forwardness of the guy but he was frozen in place unable to take that first step and leave. He was curious, aroused by the notion. The guy stared at him and after a minute smiled knowing Paul wasn’t leaving.

“Come on, follow me.”

Paul followed him to the back wall and to a door marked ‘Staff Only’. He looked around not believing how this guy just waltzed right through the door. He slipped in before the door closed and found himself in a corridor and he picked up his pace to catch up as the guy moved to a door on the right.

“Come on…we won’t be disturbed in here” the guy said as he opened the door. Paul saw it was a small toilet room and he made his way in next to this guy he didn’t even know. He knew neither his name or anything else about him.

For a brief moment neither moved or said anything then the guy reached out and began to pull at Paul’s clothes, undoing the buttons on his shirt till it hung open, then dropping to his knees while undoing Paul’s jeans. Paul stood shocked, unable to move as he felt his jeans and boxers slide down his legs. The guy groped him, manipulated his cock till he began to grow erect. He saw the intent determination of the guy and felt his arousal grow as the guy held his cock up and moved toward it. Paul felt the warm lips touch the head, felt them part and move down along the shaft of his cock. The guy was quickly working Paul’s cock with his mouth.

“Fuck” Paul uttered as he watched the guy’s head move back and forth.

The guy pulled off of Paul’s cock and grabbed him by the waist urging him to turn around which he did nervously. The guy put a hand on his back and pushed him forward. He braced himself on the lavatory as he felt the guy spread his cheeks. Warm breath blew across his ass then he felt it, the guy’s face press against him then the warm wet sensation of a tongue moving along the cleft between his cheeks. 

Paul felt the guy push down on his jeans and boxers and he knew what was expected. He lifted his right foot free and the guy pushed his legs apart. The guy worked his tongue over Paul’s opening, pressed against its tightness till Paul loosened to the probing tongue. Clinging tightly to the lavatory till his knuckles grew white, Paul felt himself push back against the tongue working over his hole. He kept telling himself to pull up his pants, that he should say ‘no, don’t do this’ but he looked up into the mirror, his shirt open with pants down and saw his own nudity, the way he was breathing heavily and how his own cock was rising up. He pushed back as the guy worked his hole loose.

Then the guy pulled back and Paul watched him rise up. He knew what the guy was going to do and he kept saying ‘no’ over and over in his mind even as he griped the lavatory and waited. He felt a hand on his waist then something touch him on the ass, move up and down along the cleft then push inward. It pressed against his opening, pushed against it tightness. Paul was afraid, worried it would hurt but he felt so aroused he reached down and took his own cock, stroked it slowly increasing his arousal till he was pushing back.

“Fuck you’re tight” the guy uttered as he held Paul tightly by the waist and pushed till Paul loosened and let his cock sink inward.

Paul felt himself push back taking all of the guy’s cock. It felt good the way his hole stretched open taking it into his depths. He looked up and saw his reflection, the way he was rocking back and forth in rhythm to their fuck, their pace gradually increasing faster and faster. ‘I’m getting fucked by a guy’ Paul thought feeling a moment anxiousness which was overwhelmed by his arousal, the feel of cock pumping through the tight ring of his opening. He felt that cock sink impossibly deep, push up into his body till the guy’s body smacked up against his ass.

“Fuck…take it…take my cock” the guy cried out as he began to pump his hips faster, a fast hard fuck, pushing for release.

Paul took his own cock and stroked it roughly, in rhythm with their fuck. He felt his own arousal, his own need for release build till he ached for it. He was close and with the way the guy was hammering cock into his hole he felt his own cock thicken in his fist, painful in need.

“Oh…fffuck” Paul uttered as he felt cum surge through his cock, his fist slamming down to the base of his shaft as the head flared wide. Cum erupted in thick wads landing on the lavatory then the floor as he came, his cock flexing with each ejaculation. His opening spasm around the cock thrusting through it making him cum again and again till he was spent, his slimy cock just flexing dryly in his fist.

“Fuck…” the guy uttered as he slammed into Paul’s hole then he jabbed his cock inward in short hard strokes and Paul knew the guy was filling his hole.

Then it was over, the guy quickly gone leaving Paul standing at the mirror, suddenly aware he had been sweating, his skin glistening in the harsh light as his own cock grew flaccid, dripping with remnants of cum.

“The library is closed” came over a speaker somewhere close by and Paul suddenly had to hurry. He got his pants back on, buttoned up his shirt and snuck back to the main room of the library. He grabbed up his backpack and raced for the stairs. Outside he ambled toward home but found himself lost in thought, remembering each moment of going with that guy to the bathroom, of letting the guy use him, the feel of getting fucked and he felt his cock stir and some sense of satisfaction he’d not felt before. Paul sat down on a bench and leaned back looking up at the dark night sky while he considered what he had done, how much he enjoyed the sex. He didn’t care for the anonymous aspect of his encounter but he knew he could do it again, hook up with a guy and have sex with them; he could take a guy’s cock, be a ‘bottom’ as he heard Bobby once refer to it. He could do it again. He looked up and saw a guy coming along the sidewalk. He was average in build, hair looked almost black but as he approached Paul it was apparent it was a dark red. He wore a tank top and Paul found himself looking at the guy’s muscular arms and the thick underarm hair.

The guy looked up at Paul and smiled making Paul realize he had been staring.

“How’s it going” the guy asked as he passed.

“Good” Paul replied letting his eyes roam up and down the guy’s body. ‘Yeah, I could do it again. Hell, I will do it again’ he thought as he watched the guy walk away disappearing into the darkness.



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