Bobby cut through those walking on the concourse, pedaling to maintain momentum, as he headed back to his apartment. It had been a tough week, pop quiz in history and two papers due. He was exhausted mentally and just wanted to get home to crash. He made his way across campus, caught the light to cut into town and picked up his pace as he made his way with the flow of traffic.

He raced down Glenn Street, the steep grade just before his complex letting him build up to a reckless speed. The hot humid air felt good as he coasted through it. He coasted into the drive and up the short grade up to the parking lot that fronted his building. Carrying his bike, Bobby made his way up the stair and to his apartment.  He was sweating profusely and the cool air conditioned air was a relief as he stepped inside. The apartment was small, one room for living, dining and a small kitchenette area and across the back two small bedrooms and bath. Through the open door to one bedroom he could see his roommate lying down napping.

Bobby shared the apartment with Paul, whom he had gone to high school with but did not know very well. It was by chance that they found out they were both attending the same university and ultimately, after some planning, they decided to share an apartment. It took a couple of weeks but the two of them became friends even with their differences.  Bobby more reserved, quiet while Paul was more outgoing, constantly finding the next big party to crash or the next hook up. Bobby tried not to let it bother him the way different girls came from Paul’s room with unbelievable frequency. But it bothered him more for personal reasons, or for one particular reason he could not bring himself to discuss with Paul.  He was gay and had a crush on Paul.

As he went to his own bedroom he looked in at Paul lying across his bed, shirtless revealing the muscular torso and the gray gym shorts that clung to Paul’s round ass. Bobby let his eyes roam down Paul’s body as he had done so often in the past, all the way down along the long muscular legs with their light brown hair along the calves. When Paul stirred, shifted position, Bobby moved away quickly and into his room. He knew he shouldn’t fantasize about Paul and he knew he really needed to get out, to find his own way among the others on campus. But he kept putting it off, letting his innate shyness hold him back.

He took a shower and fell across his own bed. He lay on his back and with his head propped on a pillow could look down his own body making the invariable comparison to Paul’s. Where Paul was muscular, developed from a regular routine of sports and working out at a gym, Bobby was lean, no real definition along his torso. Lying on his back his stomach was pulled in till the lower ribs were prominent. Bobby ran his fingers lightly over his skin, the touch soft, sensual in a way he didn’t really understand. He let the fantasy build the touch becoming Paul’s touch, it was Paul’s fingers roaming down his chest. He felt his cock stir in his boxers, saw the way it pushed upward at the soft white fabric. He wished he had closed the door for he considered pushing the boxers down and taking himself in hand. But it seemed a futile gesture this time, unsatisfying in so many ways and he rolled up in a sitting position and looked over at his backpack. He had several assignments due on Monday so he decided to get up and start on them. Anything to take his mind off Paul.

How long Bobby was at his desk he wasn’t sure but he heard Paul go into the bathroom, shower and go back into his room. A few minutes later Bobby looked up to see Paul standing at his door, dressed ready to go out.

“You heading to that party?” Bobby asked.

“Yeah…you’re not staying in again on a Friday night are you?”

“I…well…I might venture out later” Bobby lied.


The small diner just down the street was popular with the students for it was open all night and served breakfast all day.  It was too early for most students but around eight o’clock Bobby rode his bike down to the diner and went in for breakfast. It was his routine, this getting up early and coming down on Saturday mornings. The booths and counter had the usual crowd of older residents of the town with the only students there were those who worked the morning shift.

Bobby took an empty stool at the counter pulling out a novel he was about half way through. He expected Becky or Allison or that other waitress, the one he never could remember her name so when someone moved in front of him he was surprised to see a guy standing there.

“You know what you want?” Ryan asked, his name prominent on the tag on his shirt.

“Yeah” Bobby replied giving his usual order.

Bobby watched Ryan move to the opening to the kitchen putting his order in. He noticed how Ryan was lean, a bit shorter than his own height, and had jet black hair. Thick wavy hair and the strong outline of a day’s beard growth along his jaw and chin. Bobby turned back to his book quickly when Ryan turned to wait on someone else.

Bobby tried to focus, tried to make his eyes see the page, to have his brain interpret the symbols, to make them words and have the story continue, but he couldn’t stop cutting his eyes in the direction of Ryan. He would steal glances of Ryan till he saw his food come to the window then he forced himself to look at his book, to pretend not to notice Ryan coming to him with his order.

“Here ya go” Ryan said as he came up in front of Bobby carrying the plates.

“Thanks” Bobby replied as Ryan sat them in front of him.

“Hey, why are you here so early?” Ryan asked.

“I don’t know…couldn’t go back to sleep this morning” Bobby lied as Ryan shook his head in acknowledgment.

As Bobby ate he would look up, several times finding Ryan looking back. Ryan would smile and a couple of times asked if Bobby needed anything.

When finished Bobby paid and headed out. He got on his bike and decided to ride around campus before heading back to the apartment. He rode casually able to meander around campus since very few people were out. He thought of Paul and his crush on him, how every time he saw Paul around the apartment shirtless or with only towel around his waist he struggled not to stare. He knew part of this crush was driven by his own loneliness and this ache he had to meet someone, someone he could go out on a real date. Then he thought of Ryan at the diner, how he found him cute, friendly, and he imagined all the ways he could have made some sort of connection with him.  He let the scenarios of one fantasy play out after the next. He switched to Ian in his English class, then Taylor who he had gotten to know in a study group, one of the few guys who seemed to have the same classes he had for Calculus, History and Physics. Then there were the guys he seemed to cross paths with frequently, the two guys he saw all the time in the cafeteria located at the student union, one with short straw blonde hair and dark skin who seemed to be laughing or smiling all the time and the other one, tall, lean with dirty red hair who sat off to one side reading one novel or another every time Bobby saw him.

They all intrigued him, made him feel his sexuality in one way or another. And it frustrated him.

For no particular reason Bobby rode his bike to the library, locked it up and went inside. He had no research to do but he found the quiet solitude of the interior comforting when he needed to think. He roamed along the second then the third floor, made his way up to the fourth where he worked his way among the periodicals. He picked up one and headed to the side of the room where he knew a few arm chairs were positioned along the wall at the windows. He was surprised to see someone already in one chair, their back to him as he made his way to the chair opposite. He sat down and crossed his legs settling into the leather chair. He glanced up and looked at the guy sitting across from him. Dark framed glasses and thick long black hair framed his face, one Bobby found attractive. The guy brought a pencil up to his mouth and absentmindedly put the erasure end in his mouth. Bobby watched the way he twirled the pencil around, his lips barely touching the pencil. He watched the long delicate fingers work the pencil around, easily, without forethought. Bobby hadn’t realized how hard he was staring until the guy looked up at him and gave him a questioningly look.

“Oh sorry…I thought you were in one of my classes” Bobby stammered as way of excuse.

“It’s okay” the guy replied as he went back to his book.

Thus it continued for Bobby, day after day, this fixation to make some connection with another guy that went beyond mere friendship. What was holding him back he didn’t really know. He would stand for long periods of time in front of the mirror examining himself, the way he looked, the slight imperfections, the way one ear was slightly higher than the other or the way one eye had a slightly different shape from the other eye and his nose wasn’t perfectly straight. But he knew this was true to one degree or another for everyone. No one was perfect but still he wondered if there was something about himself.

Ultimately he knew the problem. It was his confidence, or lack thereof.

One Wednesday afternoon he left class and headed to where his bike was locked up. As he made his way between two buildings the wind had picked up making Bobby look up realizing a storm was fast approaching. He began to jog racing to his bike. Others were doing the same, everyone racing to get indoors. He hoped he could get back to the apartment before it started and quickly pulled the lock, jumped on the bike and took off. He raced across campus taking every short cut he could remember.

It began to sprinkle, then heavy large rain drops fell, their rate increasing rapidly. Bobby knew there was no way to beat the storm but he foolishly kept pedaling pleading within himself for the rain to hold off. He was tired and desperate to get off campus and home. But the rain began in earnest, fell heavily till it ponded on the ground. Bobby was soaked from the rain and the spray of water off of his bike tires. He grew cold, shivering from the sudden change in temperature, so he gave up and coasted up a sidewalk to a small side door to one building. There was a small alcove at the door with someone standing in it. Bobby slowed to a stop just before entering then walked his bike into the alcove.

“Shit, you’re soaked” the guy standing there said as Bobby stepped up next to him.

“Yeah, I tried to beat the rain home.”

“Well, I’m going to be late for my last class. Was this even in the forecast?”

“I don’t know but it sure made up fast.”

They stood watching the rain fall, the ground soon covered in water, neither saying anything. Bobby felt a tension between them, felt he should say something, make some sort of conversation with this guy. He cut his eyes over to the guy. He was average build, about his own height with angular features, prominent cheeks and nose with thin lips. A faint line of beard growth circled the guy’s chin and up the jaw disappearing before reaching the hairline. The guy’s hair was messed up, the length just long enough to allow it to stick up randomly and fall over his forehead down to his eyes. Bobby found him cute and fought against his shyness to say something…anything. It was so simple he thought to just make some connection but he held back.

“I’m Samuel…but everyone calls me Sam. What’s your name?”

Bobby froze for a moment, momentarily surprised to hear the silence broken.

“I’m Bobby.”

“What’s your major?”

The barrier was cracked open and Bobby found himself telling Sam about his major then listened about Sam’s. The conversation circled around to events on campus, to some of the parties thrown by fraternities and to the free movie night on campus. Bobby felt this moment was getting away from him, knew he needed to do something. They had fallen silent again as they watched the rain tamper off slowing to a drizzle.

“I guess I need to get to class…what’s left of it” Sam said as he leaned out looking up.

“Hey…” Bobby stammered, “I was wondering if you were going to that movie on campus Friday night?”

“I was thinking about it…you want to go?” Sam replied.

“Yeah” Bobby replied.

Sam pulled out a notepad and wrote down his telephone number telling Bobby to give him a call tomorrow evening and they would make plans for the movie.


Bobby made it home, laid out his backpack to dry off, stripped out of his wet clothes and got into the shower. He ran the water hotter than usual trying to remove the chill he still felt. The water felt good as he held his head under the spray. The water cascaded down his body warming him as he considered what had just happened, wondered if it meant the same to Sam as it did to him. Was this to be just two guys hanging out or was it a date. He wasn’t sure but he let the idea of it being a date form, scenarios of what could happen play out in his mind till he was thinking of sex. Thinking about what it would be like to lie with Sam, naked, touching each other. His cock thickened as his arousal grew with his fantasies. He reached down and took it, moved his hand along the growing shaft till he was fully erect. He closed his eyes and imagined it was Sam touching him, Sam bringing him pleasure. Then Paul was taking him in his mouth, sucking him.

Bobby opened his eyes staring at the wall feeling foolish, frustrated at his obsession for Paul. Was he letting it hold him back? Could someone else eventually push it from his mind?

Three hard raps on the bathroom door startled Bobby.

“Hey man, hurry up. I got caught in this storm and need to shower off too” Paul said through the door.

Bobby shut the water off, toweled off quickly, wrapped it around his waist and came out of the bathroom. Paul’s things were on the dining table spread out and Bobby had to smile at how wet everything had gotten.

“You really got caught in it” Bobby said. Paul came out of his bedroom wearing just his boxer briefs that were transparent from being wet. Bobby could see how Paul’s cock hung over his sac and he turned away quickly.

“Yes I did. I was half way down that section of the concourse through the open area so there was no shelter. I just said ‘fuck it’ and walked all the way here.”

“Dumbass” Bobby uttered sarcastically smiling back at Paul.

“Hey who are you calling a dumbass?” Paul replied as he rushed Bobby, grabbing him around the neck bending him over. They had wrestled around before, rolling around on the floor struggling to pin each other down till both were breathing hard and sweating. For Bobby it had been moments that fueled his fantasies. Every touch, every rough hold Paul put on him aroused him. He wanted Paul to dominate him, to take some control of the situation he imagined that existed between them. Now it was different for he was only in a towel and Paul was in his boxer briefs, the white fabric so transparent he could see the shape of Paul’s cock, the way the head flared out, the way it seemed to be growing larger. ‘Maybe he was aroused by me’ Bobby wondered, hoped, tried to make real in some way.

They began to wrestle around, Paul having the upper hand already, as he forced Bobby to the floor. The towel came loose and fell around Bobby’s feet as he went down with Paul on top of him. Paul pinned his arms to the floor as he lay on top of him. He felt his cock grow, his arousal at being naked with Paul making him get erect. Paul looked at him with a serious expression as he shifted on top of Bobby, pressing down on his body.

Bobby looked up at Paul, thinking about how easy it had been with Sam earlier, the connection made so simply by just going for it. He stared up at Paul, how his wet hair dripped water down on him, how Paul’s eyes seemed to be questioning him, trying to understand something. Bobby closed his eyes briefly then opened them as he leaned up and kissed Paul on the lips. It was a quick kiss, just the briefest of contact. For a moment Paul didn’t move then suddenly it happened.

“What the fuck” Paul yelled in Bobby’s face as he scrambled to get up. He was rough, pushing down roughly with his hands, then kicking with his legs, once kneeing Bobby in the groin making him roll up in a ball. “WHAT THE FUCK” Paul yelled again as he stood up moving back from Bobby. “You’re a fag” he taunted. “Goddamn that explains a lot.”

Bobby looked up, suddenly terrified of Paul, and he saw Paul was erect, his cock pushing out obscenely at the front of the boxer briefs. Paul turned abruptly going into the bathroom slamming the door behind him. It confused Bobby, the way Paul had responded but he knew he couldn’t face him when he emerged from the bathroom. He raced into his room, got dressed and headed out the door.

Bobby roamed around the neighborhood, made his way into town going past the restaurants and bars where other students were out, laughing and carrying on as they enjoyed their evening. Bobby slowly made his way back into his neighborhood till he was standing across the street from the diner. He wasn’t hungry but he knew it was a way to kill time and he crossed the street.

It was around ten o’clock, too late for the dinner crowd and too early for the late nighters. Bobby went to the back booth and sat down. He stared out the window not seeing anything as his mind played the events of earlier over and over. He wondered what Paul would do next. Would he tell everyone?

“You know what you want?”

The voice startled Bobby for he had not noticed Ryan coming up to his table.

“Give me a minute” Bobby asked, his voice hoarse sounding.

“Hey, you okay?”

“Yeah…just an argument with my roommate so I needed to get out for a while.”

“Oh those aren’t fun…just ask mine” Ryan replied winking at Bobby making him smile.

Ryan gave Bobby a few minutes then came back to take his order. Bobby randomly picked a grilled cheese and fries then went back to staring out the window.

When Ryan brought his order Bobby sat up and looked at the grilled cheese realizing he was actually hungry. He ate slowly taking his time. Ryan came over and refilled his glass.

“You need anything else?” Ryan asked.

“No…I’m good” Bobby replied.

Bobby finished and went to the counter to pay his tab. He looked at Ryan, watched him ring up his tab, and his old frustration arose, made him feel those old doubts. Ryan slipped the receipt across the counter and Bobby wrote in a tip and signed his name.

“I’ll see ya around” Ryan said as he took the receipt.

“Yeah” Bobby replied and he left the diner. He didn’t want to face Paul, not yet, and he turned in the opposite direction and began to walk.

It was nearly one in the morning before Bobby returned to the apartment. One light was on, the one they always used over the kitchen area. Paul’s bedroom door was closed and Bobby felt relief at not having to face Paul. He went into his room and quickly got in bed. He lay there staring at the ceiling till his alarm went off.

Bobby didn’t bother with breakfast, just quickly got dressed and left before Paul got up. It was over an hour before his first class so he roamed around campus till it was time to arrive. He only had two classes on Thursdays and instead of going back to the apartment between them he made his way to the library where he worked on his assignments, staring out the window more often than not. After his last class he went to the main cafeteria, finally feeling the need to eat something. He ate slowly, watching the few others in the cafeteria make their way through the line and to one table or another. Finished, Bobby took his tray over to the conveyor belt and headed toward the exit. He saw a friend of Paul’s moving through the cafeteria and he rushed to get out before crossing the guy’s path.

Bobby knew Paul would be at the apartment by now so he turned back to the library. He made himself focus on his assignments letting the time pass as he worked through one then the next assignment. The sun suddenly was casting a bright beam of light across his table making him realize it was late in the day, the sun low on the horizon and night fall fast approaching. He packed up his books and headed out. He still didn’t want to go home but he wanted to call Sam and cell phone use was prohibited in the library. He sat under a tree and brought up Sam’s number.

They talked for only a few minutes, making arrangements for the next night. When Bobby ended the call it seemed so much more had not been said, so much he had wanted to say, to ask Sam. He felt he was wrong about Sam, had to be, for he was wrong about so much it seemed.

Bobby glanced at the time on his phone and debated whether or not to go face Paul. He stood up and turned back to the library.

On the second floor Bobby looked down the open center where the tables were positioned and saw most were now occupied by several people. He glanced over toward the wall with the windows and saw all the tables and chairs were also taken. He turned back to the stair and went up to the third floor, hesitated a moment then decided to go on up to the fourth floor where he knew it would be quieter. He made his way to the far wall and took one of the small tables with only two chairs.

Bobby pulled out what he needed for a paper due in a week and began to organize his notes, work out the order he would present the material and wrote out a beginning paragraph over and over, not satisfied with any variation. He was wadding up a sheet of variations when someone walked up and sat down at a chair just in front of him. Bobby glanced up and saw was a guy. The guy was looking down at his book and Bobby took the opportunity to check him out. When the guy looked up he caught Bobby staring and smiled back at him.

“What were you thinking?” the guy asked.

“What?  Oh…nothing” Bobby stammered.

“Really?  It’s okay…I was thinking the same thing” the guy responded, his tone bold, daring and Bobby shifted in his seat. “Will you come with me for a minute?” the guy asked and Bobby nodded his head yes, unsure why he did it, afraid to admit what he knew to be the truth.

Bobby followed the guy to the back of the library and through a door into a back corridor. Bobby was scared at being caught in a place he knew students were not allowed but he kept in step with the guy, following him a short distance down the dimly lit corridor to a door marked ‘Staff Only”. It was a bathroom, one for only one person at a time and Bobby heard the guy lock the door behind them. The room was brightly lit with the light on, too bright for Bobby but the guy was insistent in the way he pushed Bobby against the wall, hands seeming to touch him all over at once, across his chest, down his stomach and over his crotch. Bobby grew erect quickly despite his fears. The guy fell to his knees and quickly had Bobby’s jeans opened up, his boxers pushed down and his cock in hand. Bobby leaned against the wall and felt the guy manipulate him, felt the hand stroke him to full erection. Then he felt the slick warm mouth take him. Felt it slide down his shaft till nearly his whole cock was engulfed. The guy worked on his cock frantically, didn’t try to make this encounter last longer than necessary. Bobby had his eyes closed lost to the feel of this guy’s mouth on his cock, the way it moved along the shaft and tongued the head. He felt his frustrations, fears and desires build up inside, felt them drive his arousal. His cock grew so hard it ached as he felt the guy suck hard on the head.

“OH shit…I’m going to cum” Bobby uttered and he felt the guy stroke his cock and suck on the head. He came so hard he pumped his hips, thrust his spurting cock into the guy’s mouth deeper. He felt the guy suck hard, drawing out every drop of cum till he was begging him to stop as he pushed the guy off of his cock.

“That was nice” the guy said as he stood up wiping his mouth. “Thanks.”

Bobby watched the guy just leave, not saying anything else to him. He pulled up his boxers and jeans, got them zipped up and fastened then went over to wash his face. He looked in the mirror wondering if this was all there was to expect, just this casual encounter. He eased the door open making sure the coast was clear then quickly made his way back to his seat. The guy was gone but there was a note lying on his notebook.

I’m here on Thursday nights if you ever want to have more fun.

Bobby wadded up the note knowing this wasn’t what he wanted. Not like this; he didn’t’ even know the guy’s name. He sat down and stared out the window till the library announced it was closing time.


The apartment was dark except for the light over the kitchen. Paul’s door was once again closed. Bobby started for his bedroom when he noticed on the dining table a note leaning against the salt shaker.

          You need to find another place to live next semester.

Bobby held the note trying to make sense of it. Was Paul serious?  He knew Paul was serious and he wadded up it, the second time tonight he held a note he didn’t want, one he needed to trash. ‘Fuck him’ Bobby thought as he went into his room. He was exhausted having not sleep since the night before and he soon drifted off to sleep, fully dressed lying across the top of his bed.

Bobby woke to his alarm going off. He eased up and looked toward the bedroom door where he could hear Paul stirring around in the kitchen. ‘Fuck him’ he thought as he got up and pulled off his clothes. He stripped to his boxers and went out heading to the bathroom for a shower. He didn’t look at Paul but he saw from the corner of his eye how Paul turned toward him and watched him go to the bathroom, neither of them saying anything.

Showered, Bobby wrapped the towel around his waist and headed for his room to get dressed. Paul was at the table eating when he came out and once again Paul just stared at him as he went into his room. He dressed quickly, grabbed up his backpack and headed out. Paul was at the sink washing his plate. Bobby didn’t say anything nor did Paul turn around as he grabbed up his bike and headed out.

Bobby went through the motions, going to classes, turning in assignments, taking notes, then at noon when he had a break in his schedule he headed to the cafeteria. He saw Paul and Bill, one of Paul’s friends, at a table but he neither acknowledged them or avoided walking past them to get to the serving line. He saw Paul turn toward him, giving him a look that Bobby couldn’t read, one that he expected to be nothing but anger but one that seemed to be something else.

“Hey Bobby” Bill said as he walked by.

“Hey Bill” he responded as he continued on to the serving line realizing Paul had not said anything to Bill. He wondered if Paul had said something to anyone.

After class he rode all the way out to the mall on the outskirts of town. He didn’t know what he was looking for but he wanted to shop around. He roamed one store after the next, eyes sweeping across the racks of clothes, nothing grabbing his attention, till he went in the last department store. He browsed through one area after the next till he came to a black shirt with a banded collar, something he had not seen in a long time. Even the buttons were black. He flipped through the selection looking for his size finding it quickly.

Paul was in his room, the door open this time, but Bobby refrained from saying anything nor did he try to look in to see what Paul was doing. He went into his room and shut the door. He was feeling defiant, hated the way Paul made him feel and knew any attempt at some sort of conversation would end badly. He had a couple of hours before he was to meet up with Sam so he put on headphones and laid across his bed letting the music drown out any sounds Paul may make in the apartment.

When it was time, Bobby got up and stripped to his boxers and went to shower. Paul was on the sofa watching television and Bobby saw his head begin to turn toward him as he went into the bathroom and shut the door. When he came out Paul was still in front of the television.

“You going out?” Paul asked, his voice low, nonthreatening.

“What do you care?” Bobby replied as he went into his room closing the door.

Bobby pulled out his nicest jeans and pulled them on. He put on the new shirt, tucking it into his jeans. He pulled out the shoes he normally would wear then set them back in the closet. He reached over to the corner and pulled out the black boots he had bought last summer telling himself he would wear them all the time. They were still new, not a scuff mark on them, for he had not worn them up to this point. He pulled on socks and the boots lacing them up tight. He looked down at how they looked on his feet, the way the tight legs of the jeans fit snuggly around the boots. He looked in the mirror seeing how the shirt fit and he ran his hand through his hair messing it up just enough.

Sam was waiting at the restaurant and Bobby was surprised to notice Sam seemed more nervous than he felt. Sam had on a white dress shirt and blue-black jeans. He looked good to Bobby and the notion this was really a date began to take root. They made their way inside the restaurant making small talk. At their table Sam seemed to relax and it made Bobby feel some tension leave him.  They told of each other’s childhood, where they were from and how their classes were going. They became relaxed with each other and soon they were finished and on their way back to campus to see the movie. There was the usual line forming to get in and they moved into the back of the line.

Inside the old auditorium they moved to the middle of one row and took seats next to each other.

“Have you seen the movie already?” Bobby asked.

“Yeah, back when it first came out. I meant to see it a second time but never made it.”

Bobby and Sam watched the seats of the auditorium fill up, other students making their way in, most in groups trying to find someplace they could sit together.  Bobby suddenly saw Ryan from the restaurant making his way down the side aisle. Ryan was with another guy and the two of them made their way down several rows in front of him. As Ryan and his friend moved toward the center he glanced up and saw Bobby, nodding his head in acknowledgment. Bobby did the same smiling back. Some mutual understanding, acknowledgment between them. Guys out together among the masses.

“Who’s that?” Sam asked.

“One of the waiters from the diner down the street from my apartment.”

“You must go a lot if he recognizes you.”

“Too much actually, especially since…” Bobby stammered to a stop realizing Sam didn’t know about the fight with Paul.

“Especially since what?”

Bobby looked over at Sam and shook his head, then slowly responded.

“Since my roommate and I have not been speaking to each other.”

“Oh shit…that must make for a pleasant evening.”

“Well, let’s forget about it, okay?”

The movie started and they sat in the dark auditorium watching the scenes as they unfolded. Bobby felt Sam’s knee press against his own and instead of pulling away he held the contact. He felt Sam’s arm press against his own a little harder and he held still. Then he felt them, Sam’s fingers brushing the top of his leg. Even with the jeans between the fingers and his skin, the fit was tight and he felt every touch, every graze as Sam’s fingers moved over his leg in one small area near the end of the arm rest. Any doubt Bobby had remaining was gone and he eased his own hand down Sam’s arm till he could take him by the hand. Their fingers intertwined together. Bobby looked over and saw in Sam’s dimly lit face the way he was smiling. Sam glanced over at him nodding his head. Now they couldn’t wait for the movie to be over.

Outside, making their way along the sidewalk Sam pulled Bobby off to the side.

“Hey…look…” Sam stammered looking around at the others passing by them, then he looked at Bobby, solemn, almost desperate and he took a deep breath. “My roommate went home for the weekend. Do you want to come back with me?”

Bobby almost leaned toward Sam to kiss him instead he nodded his head yes. “Lead the way.”

It was a two bedroom suite with bunkbeds in each room. The guys who had the other bedroom were gone leaving the place quiet. Sam led Bobby to his room, closing the door and locking it. For a moment they hesitated, just stood there in the dimly lit room looking at each other. Bobby made the first move, hands taking Sam by the waist as he came up close bringing their lips together. They kissed a long time, barely moving until Sam finally pulled back and began to remove his own clothes. He eased off his shirt as Bobby watched and when he dropped it on a chair Bobby began to undress as well. They undressed slowly, watching the other as they did so, till they were naked. They looked at each other, the differences and the similarities. Sam reached out and Bobby took his hand where Sam led him to the lower bunk. Sam eased down on his back with Bobby following him, moving on top till their bodies lay pressed together. The heat of the contact aroused them and they began to touch each other, to let their hands roam over the other. Bobby undulated his body on top of Sam, felt his arousal grow with every touch, every move, and he let himself get lost to the pleasure.

Bobby ran one hand underneath Sam, let it move downward till he could cup an ass cheek pulling their bodies tight together. Sam wrapped his arms around Bobby and held him tightly as he nibbled then tongued Bobby’s ear.

“Fuck me….Bobby” Sam whispered.

Bobby felt Sam tense up, grow a bit timid and he knew there was some hesitation, some fear to go further and he eased up on his knees and eased Sam over to his side. He eased down behind Sam and hugged their bodies together. He ran his hand down Sam’s chest, over his stomach till he held his cock, stroked it, felt Sam grow more aroused in his arms, pumping his hips pressing hard up against his own erection. Bobby eased Sam over on his stomach as he moved over him. He pressed his cock to Sam, pushed against his tightness. He pumped his hips enough to push against Sam’s tightness.

“Be easy....okay” Sam uttered as he pushed back.

Bobby felt his cock squeeze into Sam, slowly, fractions of an inch at a time. He felt Sam stretch open to him, felt his cock penetrate the tight opening. Sam shivered in his arms and he held still giving Sam time to adjust. He felt Sam push back sinking more cock into himself.

“Fuck me, Bobby….fuck me” Sam pleaded.

Bobby pushed forward and felt Sam relax to him and accept his cock as it slid all the way inward. He pumped his hips slowly, feeling Sam’s tight opening milk his cock, squeeze it so tightly it drove him to keep moving, to move up and push back down. Sam drove him to fuck. He pushed all the way in over and over as Sam moved in his arms, his whole body quivering and shaking as he would sink all the way into Sam’s tight hole. Bobby found his rhythm, the pace at which he could move easily in Sam. He began to fuck, to fuck hard. The bed squeaked beneath them as Sam took it, every thrust, pleading with Bobby to fuck him, to fuck him harder.

Bobby rose up on his hands as his body moved with an urgency, faster and faster, his abdomen smacking on Sam’s ass on every inward thrust. He drove himself hard, his whole body tensed up tight, every muscle working for his release. He felt the heat of his own body, the way his skin felt on fire then quickly changed to a hot slickness, every pore sweating profusely with his exertions.

He did not know it could be like this, the way his body felt as he pumped his hips till he felt his exhaustion building up, felt his need to come rise up, his cock growing more sensitive, painfully so, and he shoved into Sam hard, over and over and over till he felt it, the surge of his release, and he shoved all the way into Sam and came.

When Bobby was finally spent he rolled over to the side of the bed and ran his hand from the curve of Sam’s ass up the line of the spine to the prominent shoulder blades. He moved his hand to Sam’s neck massaging it, feeling the way Sam responded, making him relax. Bobby leaned to Sam’s neck kissing it gently then running his nose through the hair on the back of Sam’s head. He moved to Sam’s ear kissing it softly with his parted lips.

“Samuel…please” Bobby whispered.

Sam looked up at him and knew the look, the desire shown on it and he rose up letting Bobby lie down on his back. Sam moved over Bobby, shifted down between his legs. Bobby’s legs rose up either side of his hips and he pushed his cock down till it touched Bobby, nestled up against his opening. He pushed against the tightness, felt his cock struggle to breach the tight ring.

Bobby shifted beneath Sam and pushed upward with his ass. Sam felt the way his cock penetrated, the head squeeze through the tight opening making Bobby cry out. Bobby’s hands came to his ass and pulled him downward sinking his cock further into Bobby’s hole, inch after inch squeezing into it.

“Shit…you’re tight” Sam whispered as he pushed the last of his cock into Bobby.

Their bodies were pressed together, Sam’s cock buried in Bobby. “Fuck me…fuck me…Samuel…please” Bobby uttered into Sam’s ear as he lay in Bobby’s arms feeling the heat of their bodies. Sam began to fuck, to work his hips pumping his cock within Bobby till they were both moaning. The bed began to squeak again, to rock with Sam’s fuck. Sam rose up on his hands and worked his whole body in this fuck, this drive to pleasure Bobby and himself, to feel his cock work inside the hot interior of Bobby, deeply penetrating him over and over. Sam was too aroused, too much pent up desire, need, and he hammered away at Bobby’s hole, his cock growing thicker, longer, too sensitive for their fuck and he came, his whole body jerking with release as he did so, his cock pumping through the load it was dumping inside of Bobby. When he was finally spent he collapsed on top of Bobby, sweating, heaving for breath, and Bobby held him, whispered in his ear, kissed his neck, moved across his cheek to his mouth. “Thanks” Bobby whispered just before he kissed him.


The morning was half over by the time Bobby stirred and woke. He was holding Sam in his arms, their bodies spooned together.

“Hey…you awake yet” Bobby whispered.


“I’ve got to go home and do some laundry. You want to do something late this afternoon?” Bobby asked.

“Of course I want to do something” Sam responded looking over his shoulder at Bobby, smiling.

“Okay, I’m going to go. I’ll call you when I’m nearly done.”

Bobby climbed over Sam and searched through the clothes for the items that were his until he was dressed. He kissed Sam and eased out of the room. The door to the other room was closed much to Bobby’s relief and he quickly made his way out.

Walking across campus, the morning bright and sunny, felt good to Bobby, the first time in days he felt like this. He ambled across campus and into town till he came to his apartment. He opened the door and found the interior lit up by the sun filtering through the blinds. He first noticed that Paul’s door was open then he realized Paul was in the side chair in the living area. Slumped down low Paul was just sitting there, quiet, not saying anything.

“What now?” Bobby asked, his impatience surfacing quickly.

Paul looked up at him and shook his head no. Bobby just stood there waiting for some kind of response other than this.

“Look…Bobby, I’m sorry about freaking out. You don’t have to find another place to live next semester.  Okay?”





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