Raven groans and wipes his face with both hands as he tries to maintain his composure.

"What is going on here?!?!" Raven says almost hysterically. "Why are you so involved with what I have going on with Jake?" "Why am I so special?"

The administrators massage on Raven's shoulders becomes slightly more intense as it takes a deep breath.

"We have an interest in what happens between the two of you...let's just say an interest that goes all the way to the top. And don't be so foolish as to think that in this case you are the one we consider special."

Twice now Raven has heard that Jake is more than just an ordinary guy. Thinking quickly he chooses to play along hoping he can gain more information and maybe some time.

"What do I need to do?" Raven says with a fake sigh of giving in.

"Keep doing what you are doing, that is all we ask at this time. Fall in love with this human and enjoy it, we have no wish to interfere...for now."

Raven turns his head to speak again but finds the administrator has already departed. He sighs again but this time with some relief. The day slowly creeps back into normalcy as Raven works on things around his apartment, as he keeps busy with chores his mind keeps busy with theories as to why they want Jake.

Hours pass by and finally a text message from Jake. Raven is relieved to find out all is ok but Jake has some surprising news to tell him in person. They talk on the phone for a few minutes and arrange to once again have a drink at the bar where they first met. Raven cleans up in the shower and decides to add a little more muscle mass, seeing as how Jake really liked it last time. Raven looks down at his demonhood and ponders again..."I wonder if he would like that bigger too?" Raven decides to hold off on that for now, not wanting to change too much at once.

They meet at the bar and pick the same seats. Both order a drink and Raven sits there just smiling at Jake. Jake stirs his drink and glances over seeing Raven grinning ear to ear. Jake laughs and turns inward.

"What are you grinning about?" Jake says grinning back.

"I was just picturing how sexy you looked in my bed." Raven says quietly hoping the bartender couldn't hear.

"Aww, well I have been thinking about your handsome self all day." Jake says with a wink and obviously not as worried about the bartender overhearing.

"Oh! I almost forgot about the news I was going to tell you." Jake says slapping Ravens knee.

"My parents got hit by a semi but don't worry they are fine, somehow miraculously considering the car was totaled. But anyways, the company that owns the semi is so worried about a lawsuit that they bought my parents a new car and offered to give them fifty grand if they would sign a waiver to sue. So my parents asked if I would stay here for a while longer and they would take care of my bills back home. Isn't that great?" Jake said searching for a look of excitement on Ravens face.

Raven had no excitement to show unfortunately. Granted it was good to hear that Jake would be around for a while longer, but he knew there was more to this. He knew that somehow management was involved. As Jakes smile turned to confusion Raven quickly snapped back and put a fake smile on his face.

"That's great news Jake!"

"Are you sure Raven, you didn't look too excited about it."

"Sorry I just kind of have a phobia about cars and accidents, so I was a little shook up to hear your parents were in one but I'm glad they are ok." Raven says as he puts his hand on top of Jakes.

Jakes smile returns and they continue talking about other things. As the night wears on Ravens fears slowly fade and he finds himself once again laughing and looking completely enamored by any word that should slip from Jakes mouth. Closing time soon approaches and they come to realize they have the bar to themselves. The bartender asks if they would like a final drink and goes about cleaning tables as Raven and Jake slowly slide closer. Jakes knee ends up between Ravens legs as they hold hands and smile, giggling at themselves and how sappy they must look as two lovebirds. Raven notices a look on Jakes face like he has a thought bouncing about in his brain.

"Something on your mind babes?"

Jake opens his mouth like he is about to speak and then pauses, and try's to speak again but pauses again."

Raven chuckles at the sight of Jake speechless, a problem he has never seen him have before.

"Well spit it out Jake"

Jake laughs..."I'm trying!"

"Ok here goes" Jake says as if he's building up steam.

"Are we boyfriends?"

Now its Ravens turn to look speechless as his brain try's its best to analyze what it just heard. Jake sits there with a curious look on his face waiting for a reply as each second feels like an hour. Raven chokes on his words as he opens his mouth:

"I you want to be my boyfriend?"

Jake laughs and rubs Ravens leg.

"Only if you want to be mine."

Raven almost leaps off his stool as he wraps his arms around Jakes shoulders briefly startling him.

"I do Jake, I really do."

Jake wraps his arms around Raven and hugs him back tightly as Raven feels tears watering up in his eyes. Raven pulls back onto his own seat and wipes his eyes quickly. Jake smiles: "You better stop that or I'm gonna start!" Jakes says as he wipes his own eyes feeling them begin to water.

"Sorry...that just made me really happy." Raven says as he tries to regain his composure. " It's been like a century since I've done that. Uh....a decade I mean." Raven says trying to laugh it off like an honest mistake.

"Oh ok for a second I thought I was dating an immortal." Jake says jokingly.

The bartender walks up and leans over the counter smiling at them as he lifts their drinks and wipes the counter down.

"Yall look really happy together." The bartender says with a comforting smile. "Never let anyone get between that." Raven and Jake smile and nod back at the bartender and find their way onto the street. Jake rubbing Ravens hands again as it has turned out to be another chilly night.

"Do you want to stay with me tonight Jake?"

Jake kisses Raven on the cheek and hugs him tight.

"I can't tonight babes it's going to be a busy morning for me, how about tomorrow night?"

Raven smiles and nods as a taxi begins to drive by. Jake runs to the curb and flags it down. As he opens the door to get in he pauses and looks back.

"Oh I almost forgot something else, my parents want to meet you sometime, maybe this weekend?"

Raven nods again, feeling the chill beginning to numb his body.

"That's fine we will figure something out."

Jake nods his head and waves goodbye as he hops in the taxi and drives away.

Raven makes it home quickly and warms up in a scalding shower as he happily thinks about the night.

"Boyfriends" he says to himself in amazement. Raven couldn't decide which made him happier, the fact that Jake was his or that he was Jakes. Although Raven had a problem that he doesn't even know is one yet. Meeting Jakes parents seemed like no big deal to him and he was confident he could make a good impression...except for the small detail that Jakes father is an angel.



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