As they continued to make out Raven felt Jake nudging at him to roll over which he happily obliged. Jake smiled as he peeled the rest of his clothes off and sat there naked and smooth on Ravens pelvis, rubbing his pecs.

"wow" Jake said with a slight moan. "How did I land such a perfect man?"

Raven smiled as he eyed Jakes body from head to crotch.

"I was wondering the same thing.....babes" Raven said chuckling.

Jake leaned in and began kissing Ravens neck as he gently rubbed his cheeks on Ravens hardening dick. Raven moaned as he grabbed fistfuls of Jakes soft hair. His demon side quietly wishing that Jake would nibble a little harder on his neck. As Ravens dick grew harder it began to take on a mind of its own and quietly poured demon pre out, quickly covering Ravens shaft.

As the grinding continued Jake moved his attention back to Ravens lips kissing very passionately. Ravens hands moved to Jakes back, raking his nails up and down but being careful enough not to inflict pain. All of sudden both of them paused and their eyes met. Ravens cock head was now perfectly resting on Jakes smooth hole, throbbing as it begged for entry. Raven dared not make a move...he wanted to feel Jake in that way so bad but it was all Jakes decision, and he wouldn't make him do something he wasn't comfortable to do yet.

Jake closed his eyes and began to push himself back on to Ravens demon cock as he moaned in Ravens mouth. Ravens hands instinctually went for jakes shoulders and gently helped to push Jake down further. Raven could feel Jakes hole slowly giving in, and the warmth of his insides began to consume the head of Ravens dick. The feeling shot waves up Ravens spine as he grabbed Jake tighter and let out a deep moan. Jake wrapped his arms around Ravens chest and hugged him tight with his face buried in Ravens neck, moaning as Raven gently continued to push into Jake. Finally the head popped in and Jakes body jerked as he gasped,

"Oh fuck" Jake moaned. Raven paused worried he might have hurt Jake.

"Are you ok???" Raven said with a concerned look.

"Oh yeah I'm fine, just a little bigger than I thought it was" Jake said giggling as he used his hands to push himself up, forcing more demon dick inside him.

Raven moaned again as he placed his hands on Jakes hips and helped to guide his dick deeper into him. The feeling so intense it took every bit of will power to keep from ramming balls deep. Jake closed his eyes and looked up at the ceiling as he continued to slide down and finally found himself resting on Ravens demon balls. Raven layed there breathing slightly heavy as he swore he could feel Jakes heart beat through his cock. Their eyes once again met as Raven pulled himself up and kissed Jake deeply. Jake wrapped his arms around Ravens shoulder as he gently began to pull himself up and down on Ravens shaft. Raven nibbled gently on jakes left ear and whispered softly into it:

"Does that feel ok? I'm not hurting you am I?"

"It feels great babes...actually you can be a little more aggressive if you want to be." Jake says with a smirk.

Raven smiles wickedly and slides the two of them to the edge of the bed. Grasping Jake by his ass cheeks Raven stands up holding Jake off the ground firmly planted on his demon cock. Jake grabs tightly onto Ravens shoulders as he bounces Jake up and down on his cock. Jakes moans grow louder and louder as Raven picks up speed almost jack hammering into Jake.

"Oh god Raven! Oh fuck!" Jake moans almost yelling.

They fall back onto the bed with Jakes legs on Ravens shoulders. Raven biting passionately on Jakes neck as he keeps pumping at a steady pace. Jakes own cock rock hard as his hands wander all over Ravens body grasping and clawing. Raven can feel himself getting closer to climax, the swelling in his balls reaching an explosion point. Raven begins to open his mouth to warn Jake he's getting close when a noise speaks for him. The tone of an incoming text message on Jakes phone. With a huff Raven pauses his assault on Jake as he reaches for his phone. As Jake reads his phone panting heavily the look on his face becomes serious.

"Oh crap Raven I gotta go I'm sorry it's kind of an emergency." Jake says gently pushing on Ravens chest, a subtle hint the fun has ended.

"Ok babes no problem." Raven says with the best look on his face of understanding.

Of course on the inside Raven is so made for a split second he could grab Jakes phone and rip its soul out if it had one. Raven slowly pulls himself off and out of Jake and rolls to the side as Jake makes a sprint for his clothes.

"Is everything ok?" Raven says laying on the bed with one arm behind his head and the other across his chest.

"Yeah I think so don't worry about it.....just a family thing." Jake says as he puts his shirt back on realizing it no longer has buttons.

"Oh crap that's right!" Raven says as he jumps to his feet and grabs a shirt from the dresser. "Will this work?" Raven says holding the shirt out almost posing with it like an offering for a god. Jake grabs the shirt and quickly pulls it over his head.

"Yeah fits great! Thanks babes!" Jake says planting a quick kiss on Ravens lips. "Ok I gotta run! I'll call you later ok?"

"Ok babes call me if you need anything ok?" Raven says genuinely concerned for Jake.

Jake smiles and nods his head as he walks out the front door. Raven begins to head back to the kitchen as Jake leans back inside.

"Hey!" Jake says almost startling Raven.

"I'm coming back for that dinner don't worry." Jake says winking at Raven.

Raven smiles and chuckles a little. "You better be!"

And with that the door shuts again, leaving Raven once again to himself. But this time the dark lonesome gives no comfort like it always has, now it really does feel empty. Raven plopped down on the couch and couldn't help but feel a little sad, like a master's dog when the human goes out to run errands. Though he was comforted by the thought of how Jake was wearing one of his shirts and it briefly brought a smile back to his face.

As Raven sighed and slid back on the couch, a familiar feeling slowly crept from under the couch and began to consume his feet. Again he felt his privacy violated as an administrator formed into existence, gently rubbing Ravens shoulders from behind like a concerned partner.

"You were almost there." The administrator says with a slight hiss of disappointment.



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