Twenty-three years and seven days ago there was a husband and wife, peacefully sitting in the pews of a small town Texas church. As they listened to the pastor speak of hope and compassion the wife doubled over in a sudden pain. The husband quickly grabbed her side to find out what was the matter as the pastor paused his speech and the congregation turned their gaze.

"Oh God!" The wife said with near hysteria. "I think my water just broke!"

The congregation gasped with shock as people jumped to their feet and began running for towels and water like navy men called to battle stations. Minutes later a healthy baby boy was birthed right there in a wooden pew, as the pastor and congregation whispered prayers, for what was nothing short of a miracle. Shortly after the ambulance pulled up and as the baby was bundled up and whisked away the pastor spoke to the new mother:

"My dear, what have you named this blessed baby?"

As her husband helped her to her feet and she regained her composer she looked at the pastor, breathing heavily as if she had just ran a marathon:

"His name is Jacob, after my father."

The pastor smiled as he helped to escort the new mother to the waiting ambulance and as the ambulance doors began to close he quickly said:

"I'm sure he is destined for great things."

The pastor had no clue just how right he was and Jakes mother could not have been happier, but Jakes father shook with an uneasy fear. He knew the rules against an angel being intimate with a mortal but he fully ignored them, blinded by his love for such a beautiful and caring woman. Now something has happened the consequences of which not even he is fully aware of. A baby has been born with some essence of the heavens, and in a church no less.

These were details Raven knew nothing about, mainly because Jake felt uneasy about them. Jake had heard many times from his own family how being gay was a sin, and he always feared that he was letting someone down by admitting he was gay. How could someone that was gay be born in a church? Such an occurrence seemed almost unnatural. Those were thoughts currently farthest from his mind as he stood there in Ravens bedroom.

Jakes heart racing even faster than Ravens, he closed his eyes waiting to feel Ravens lips on his own. Ravens right hand moved to the back of Jakes head as he pulled him in. Their lips met with such gentleness you would think they were kissing a newborn baby. But as Raven tasted Jake his wild side began to take hold and grasped Jake with a firmness that for a second caught him off guard. Quickly though Jake gave in to the forcefulness and fell to Ravens embrace. Kissing each other madly as they grabbed for skin and muscle, moaning into each other's mouths with a fierce passion. As they continued to kiss Raven gently and quietly began to move them closer to the bed. Jake was no fool and knew what Ravens plans were but gave no resistance as they eventually found themselves on the bed.

Ravens body had Jake firmly pinned on the bed as they continued to taste each other, hands exploring every part of their body's. Jake gasped as Raven ripped his buttoned shirt wide open and Raven paused with a look on his face of pure embarrassment:

"Oh shit Jake, I dunno what came over me I'm so sorry I'll buy you a new shirt.....I'll buy you five new shirts I promise"

Jake smiled with a cocky grin as his hands slid down to Ravens waist and pulled at Ravens boxer briefs until they split down the middle of the crotch.

"Now were even babes." Jake said raising his eyebrows.

Ravens cock fell out onto Jakes crotch as Raven smiled wide. The smile was not for the obvious reason though. Raven was smiling because of a simple word; "babes". It filled Ravens heart with joy, the slightest gesture that Jake wanted something more than just friendship or a quick fuck, Jake wanted Raven as a companion.

"Babes?" Raven said smiling.

"Ohhhhhh damn ...too soon to say that?" Jake said with a worried look.

Raven moved his hand up into Jakes hair and gently stroked it as he looked deeply into Jakes wide eyes.

"It wasn't soon enough." Raven said as he leaned in and kissed Jake again deeply. Jakes hands once again wandered down to Ravens crotch and found themselves firmly grasping Ravens quickly hardening dick.

"Wow" Jake said giggling.

"Oh is it too big for ya?" Raven said jokingly but secretly he was worried about it. He spent so much time trying to figure out what would be the perfect size for Jake that it was close to making him neurotic.

"Oh no..." Jake said reassuringly

"In fact my ex was probably a little bigger...not to say you're not a good size or anything."

"Ohhhhhhh" Raven said with a smirk...."So you're a size queen?"

Jake laughed as his grasp tightened on Ravens cock.

"Not at all....but like they pain no gain." Jake said with a cocky grin.

"Well than you're in for a treat cuz it gets bigger." Raven said with an evil grin.

Raven laughed to himself as they continued to make out, if Jake only knew that in Ravens demon form his cock was probably a good 13 inches with a bulging knot that would make a human feel like he's splitting in two. But that wouldn't be an issue for Jake, for Raven was sure he could control that from happening...



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