Turtle remained in the bathroom cleansing his lower bowel preparing for an afternoon of fabulous fucking as I walked back to the entertainment room. Apparently, Marty had told Turtle sometime during the week about our carnal experience, so he had some idea about what was about to take place. Marty had caught me by surprise riding my dildo in the entertainment room after which he boned me into oblivion.

I'd been thinking about that event for days afterwards and definitely wanted more of my lawn care boy's magnificent man meat filling my ass; however, I now learned that Turtle was Marty's bottom and now he wanted to bottom for me.

What a quandary. I enjoyed bottoming, but I also like to top. The cute lad that I'd left alone in the bathroom wanted me to fill his ass and I wanted my ass filled. Maybe we'd do a train. I felt honored that Turtle wanted me to do him and I planned on making it special occurrence for him.

I was secretly hoping that the three of us might turn the weekend into an awesome threesome event. Having left Turtle in the bathroom preparing for his boning I was quietly making my way back towards the entertainment room. I could hear the pleasurable moans emanating from the television room as I approached. After creeping up on Marty, who was totally engrossed in the erotic video playing on the big screen, I leaned over the back of the leather couch to see what was up.

What was up was Marty's beautiful cock standing tall, gently curving slightly back with the cockhead almost touching his bellybutton. Bending over resting my arms on the top of the couch I took a peek at the redhead below slowly stroking a good seven inches of blood engorged man meat with his left hand while tweaking his magnificent pink nipples with his right.

'Oh my, that's everything I remember about your beautiful creamy freckled body and majestic cock, Marty. I sure hope the three of us can make a wild ass weekend out of this.'

'That's what me and Turtle been talkin about. Turtle is supposed to stay the entire weekend with me at my house while my parents are gone, but if you want we can spend the weekend right here with you, Dick.'

'Oh, I'm definitely down for that, baby.'

'Turtle definitely wants you to fuck, Dick. He wants to see if you can make him cum like I do when I fuck him.'

'Oh, I'll give it my best shot.'

'I've already explained to him you're a little bigger than me,' Marty said.

'So, you've fucked him and he can take you with no problem?' I asked.

'Oh yeah, I broke him in a few years ago. I think you'll enjoy fuckin him, Dick. He and my ex-boyfriend are the only two I've been hooked up with for a while, except you now.'

I didn't want Marty's beautifully aroused member to go to waste on a hand job. As we talked my fingers were moving down the front of his body. I could feel his heart rate increasing, and my mouth was beginning to water at the sight in anticipation of some light foreplay with Marty before Turtle returned. Marty's eyes were back to the television watching the erotic oil massage video. I was peering at the video as I had done so many times before, glancing down upon my fair skinned neighbor.

My lawn care boy was oblivious to all around him, especially me as he was totally into the sensuous images of a man's hands seducing the nude body under his touch.

The recipient of the massage was lying on his back undergoing the titillating touches to the front of his oily body being performed by the masseur who knew how to sexually arouse another. The man performing the erotic massage appeared to be an expert in the art of sensuous massage, knowing when and how to touch another, thereby achieving total sexual arousal yet not bringing him off. I decided to emulate.

The touch from another's hands and fingers from my experience were so much more exciting than self stimulation. I remember those early days as a kid experimenting sexually. Anytime a girl or boy would touch my body in a sexual manner it would send shivers throughout my body. I couldn't get enough of another person jacking me off, but I found that some didn't have the magical touch.

Most of the guys and gals that titillated me learned quickly and were good at the job; others, never learned the art and were terrible when it came to playing with or sucking my donger.

Oh how well I remember those afternoons after school let out. At first it was boys playing with and sucking my cock. We would gather for some mutual masturbation before playtime and then as I got older it was girls, but I always thought that boys had the better touch with both hands and mouth.

The touch of erotic massage has a long history. Too bad more people don't practice it. For many people, straight or gay, it seems that the major goal of sex is all about blowing a quick creamy load. That's the way it was for me during those early years experimenting. Then I finally discovered the joys of protracted sex and that sex is more about foreplay, prolonging that final outcome to a powerfully explosive orgasm rather than a quick dribbler nut.

For me the orgasm is the reward for a job well-done; the icing that tops off the cake, the little swirl on the top of the Dairy Queen cone. Quite simply arousal and foreplay is the meat and potatoes of the meal. Great sex as with a good steak and fine wine needs to be savored, eaten in wee delectable bites and drunk in small soothing sips, rather than being gobbled up in a hurried fashion.

I'd learned so much about gratifying sex since my adolescent years. Now, it was my job to teach my two protégées about the significant feelings associated with foreplay; the erogenous zones and all the pleasures thereof.

Ooooh, Marty looked so delicious lying there pushed back into the plush leather of my couch sensuously stroking his hard cock while tweaking those perfect erect pink nipples of his. He had stimulated both to full arousal. Now, it was my turn to take over playing with those grandiose red buds. My hands reached the target area where I could assume the task of nipple titillation.

My fingers found the two erect pink buds on Marty's chest where I began lightly scraping my well-manicured thumbnails over the tops of the hard nipples which brought deep sighs from Marty as he pushed his chest out. After a few minutes of that I placed the set of erect nipples between my forefingers and thumbs. I began gently rolling them between the tips of my digits listening to Marty moan, groan and squirm under my touch.

As I continued delicately working the fully aroused nipples with my forefingers and thumbs Marty was groaning, 'Oh yes. Oh My God, don't stop Dick that feels so fuckin good.'

'It'd feel a whole lot better with my cock in your ass while I played with these.'

Ah yes, they were so firm and erect. So much fun to play with. I totally enjoyed playing with my own nipples, so I knew exactly how to touch Marty and what he might be feeling. I'd thus far discovered that both my new playmates enjoyed having their nipples titillated.

Some men enjoy nipple play while others don't; the same for oral and anal sex. Some men find these acts degrading or repulsive. They associate giving oral or receiving anal as being submissive or feminine. Not me. I'm into pleasure that includes all parts of the body. I was nuzzling Marty's neck and ear as I played.

My tongue was tracing around the ear and lobe sometimes darting inside. I could sense my actions were driving Marty nuts, while rolling his nipples between my forefinger and thumb. I began whispering, 'Those scrumptious nipples need to be tasted like a fine wine, baby.'

'Oh yeah, move around front and taste em, Dick.'

I quickly moved around the couch positioning my naked body between Marty's splayed legs. I leaned in and began working one nipple and then the other all the time feeling his hot hard cock pressing against my stomach. Marty had two of the most prominent nipples that I'd ever seen on a guy, but that was what I'd discovered about redheads. Those nipples stood out from his freckled chest a good quarter of an inch and were at least that size in diameter.

As I continued moving my mouth from one nipple to the other lightly biting and suckling on each for a few minutes I was sensing wetness on my stomach area. Marty was aroused to the point he was oozing precum. 'Oh my, we seem to be leaking,' I whispered looking up into Marty's greenish eyes.

'Oh yeah, you definitely got my juices flowing, Dick,' Marty said with a slight chuckle.

'I think I'll just go down for a taste of your honey, if you don't mind.'

I released my grip on his nipples moving down the front of his body kissing a freckle or two on the way down. Once I got to the bellybutton I lingered a few seconds there before following the light ginger treasure trail leading to Marty's fire crotch and then the pot of gold.

I began sniffing that pretty red pubic area, letting the seven inch staff caress my face. I pulled my head back out of Marty's crotch, grasping his hard wand at the base pulling the scrumptious pink glans towards my awaiting moist lips. I lowered my mouth where my lips began kissing the crown, my tongue tasting the precum that was present.

Not all guys produce precum; however, some produce larger amounts than others, some flowing like rivers while other guys only generate a drop or two of the cloudy, odorless and tasteless fluid. Marty like me seemed to be somewhere in the middle. I soon discovered when I entered high school that precum was also a point of awkwardness.

I would set in class playing pocket pool or just experiencing one of those spontaneous erections; however, when the bell rang, although I'd quit playing with it a few minuets before and the boner subsided, the wet spot was still there. Of course that would sometimes bring on the looks and snickers as I made my way through the halls to a new classroom assignment; however, I wasn't the only boy or girl that experienced wet spots during the school day.

There were a couple of girls in school that I'd seen with noticeable wet spots in their crouch areas of their jeans. Some of the girls I'd been with were real gushers when it came to arousal and orgasms. To me it seemed that as high school teens we all were thinking about one thing - sex - some more so than others. My friend Jamie would crack up looking across the isle at me when the bell rang and we got up to leave the classroom.

Although he couldn't see me playing with myself during class he knew I was aroused because my nipples were prominently protruding producing noticeable bumps on my T-shirts. Whites T's are most unforgiving. Then when the bell rang and we got up to leave the classroom he would comment about me probably thinking about some fine golden pussy in the school.

I could sense Marty's hands on my head pushing it down, wanting me to deep throat his seven inches. I wasn't that keen on the deep throat thing and thought it was overrated; besides, I had a sensitive gag reflex. I pushed up and off Marty's cock to tell him, 'Let me take the lead and do what I want to do. I know where the sensitive areas are on your cock. Don't be pushin my head down.'

'Sure, sure thing, Dick.'

'Just let me show you how great good head can be.'

I had discovered by way of reading, watching videos and engaging in the real thing that a good blowjob was a true art form. Guys didn't have to ram the full length of their cock down a guy or gals throat to achieve good oral sex. Some people could deliver great head while others were completely inept when it came to giving a good blowjob. In my short lifespan I'd come to discover that guys seemed to be more proficient delivering good oral sex compared to girls.



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