'Wow Mr. Licker!' A voice cried out excitedly from across the room.

Apparently, I'd forgotten to lock the backdoor, because there stood my young neighbor, Martin Longfellow, who took care of my lawn on a weekly basis. My young lawn care entrepreneur was standing in the doorway of my large entertainment room with a look of shock disbelief on his face. There was no trying to cover up, make excuses or deny it, I'd been busted. Yep, there I was caught red handed, if you will, with a large flesh color dildo filling my ass, in the throes of self indulgent sex, by the next door neighbor.

'Damn, Mr. Licker that's one hella big dildo you're stuffin up your ass.'

My face was blushing beet red looking at the astonished adolescent standing a few feet away making the comments. The big screen plasma HDTV was playing a provocative porn video in the background. With all the moaning and groaning coming from the entertainment center I'd been oblivious to all that surrounded me that morning.

In short, I'd been too engrossed watching and listening to two guys fucking each other in the shower room of their gym to give a damn about anything else. All the while I'd been pleasuring my ass with one of my rather large flesh-like dildos at the same time. I could see the teenager must have been standing there for a few minutes by the noticeable bulge in his blue swim trunks and the perky nipples protruding from beneath his white T-shirt emblazoned with some commercial logo.

'So Marty, now that you've caught me what you gonna do run home and tell your daddy the guy next door is a fuckin perv?'

'Oh Hell No Mr. Licker,' the boy replied, 'I wanna know if I can join in and play too?'

'Aren't you a little young to want to play with an older guy?' I asked the neighbor a little annoyed with him for barging in and knowing he was still in high school.

'I'll be graduated from high school in a few weeks and was eighteen last Friday Mr. Licker,' the lad replied, 'besides you ain't that old; plus, I think you're really hot, Dude!

The kid was flattering me with his comments. What the teen said was true. I damn sure wasn't an old fart by any stretch of the imagination. I'd just celebrated my twenty third birthday, so I was only five years older than Marty. Many friends had told me that I looked much younger than my twenty-three years and I still got carded at the bars. I'd been married for two years and recently divorced. Any real sex with a human being since the divorce had been lacking. For that matter I hadn't had much in the way of sex while I was married. I guess I'm what might be called by today's standards a sex addict.

I think I was born horny and every since I can remember all I've wanted was sex morning, noon and night. That's the way I always envisioned beginning and ending each day - with sexual pleasure. The ex on the other hand only wanted sex on her terms when she wanted it and that wasn't very often. During my brief marriage instead of a sweet morning blowjob from my beautiful wife and a fabulous afternoon or evening of lovemaking, I began my day jacking off. I would jerk off while taking my long morning shower and the same for the evening. In between I found time to sneak off to pleasure myself, beating off in the bathroom at work, the gym, my vehicle or other out of the way places to have sex with my hand. Now, I had a beautiful young man shedding his swimming attire and T-shirt wanting to engage me in sodomy.

'You know, I been having sex with guys for a few years, so I ain't no novice,' Marty said.

Marty hadn't finished making the statement before he was out of his swim trunks standing next to me completely naked, sporting a very respectable looking boner. At first glance the hard member appeared to be about seven inches or better with a prominent pink head atop the pole that was pointing towards the ceiling at a forty-five degree angle. Although Mark's cock was not as long or thick as my eight inches; it was long and thick enough to get my full attention.

I slowly pulled my ass off the big dildo I'd been riding while watching porn, creating a popping sound as the phallic toy exited my ass, asking the young man as I was turning my backside to him, 'How's that asshole look?'

Marty was laughing at my butt barks since disengaging the dildo before saying, 'Sure looks wide open and inviting to me. Want me to fill it for ya?' Marty asked still giggling a little.

'Yeah, why not. You got me with my pants down,' I replied humorously.

There I stood looking at the lad all boned up ready to fuck me. My cock had reverted to a semi flaccid state after being caught. I'd covertly watched Marty many times before while he cut my grass in nothing but his swim trunks. The top half of his unclothed body had me fantasizing about how he might appear in the nude. Now, the fine specimen of my fantasies stood before me in a full state of undress boned up to the max. He possessed a very athletic well-tanned body and his cock was everything and more than my wildest imagination could have conjured up.

'You want me to use a rubber Mr. Licker?' Marty asked standing next to me.

'Only if you want. I don't have any diseases and took an enema earlier today, so you can bareback me if you want.'

'I'm disease free too,' Marty said, 'and I love barebackin.'

'What do you know about barebackin?' I asked the teenager.


'Well, make sure you use plenty of lube,' I said handing Marty the red tube of fruit tasting lubricant gel.

'How do you want it?' The teen asked.

'Go ahead and take me doggie at first, just don't slip it in and then cum in two seconds,' I warned.

'Don't worry, I learned techniques about how to prolong premature ejaculation with my first partner,' Marty responded, 'Yeah, he was an older boyfriend who taught me all that shit.'

'Good, 'cause I ain't had a live cock fill my hole in a long long while. I want you to do me in style but you gotta last.'

As I bent over resting my arms on the end of the leather couch Marty eased up behind me where he began squeezing the warm cherry flavored gel into my awaiting ass crack. Then I felt his fingers began spreading the lubricant around my still somewhat gaping aperture tantalizing it with every touch.

'Oh God, I loved to be finger fucked,' I cried out.

My memory immediately flashed back to the days before I married to the Ice Queen, when my best bud in college used to finger fuck me and then fill my ass with his beautiful cock ever other evening.

The two of us would study well into the night; however, before going to sleep we would alternate making love to each other. Then when we awoke in the morning we would sixty-nine each other or give each other blow jobs in the shower before classes. I gotten used to that lifestyle and missed it after marriage.

For me a good morning blowjob is the only way to start the day. Once Marty had the lube worked well into my hole he was positioning the spongy head of his large hard cock against my brown eye where he began rubbing the gel it into my asshole. I squealed with delight each time he touched my super sensitive asshole. I didn't give a fuck if the kid was younger than me. I wanted him to fuck me now and his behavior signaled he wanted to get it on too.

I needed a real live dick up my ass in the worst way that morning. My heart was racing and I was breathing rapidly awaiting Marty's hard hot cock to enter my quivering asshole. It had been years since I'd taken it up the ass by a real live person. I was tired of reading erotic stories on the Internet, watching sex videos and finding sexual satisfaction with adult toys and my hand. I could feel Marty's cockhead exploring my asshole, getting to know it better. Suddenly, I felt his warm lips and tongue caressing and kissing my back and buttock.

'Oh My God Marty are you gonna tongue fuck me?'

'Maybe later, but right now I just want some of your hot man pussy wrapped around my hard fuckin weenie,' Marty said as he began slowly easing the soft head of his cock up into my slightly tender asshole.

The boy was pushing his cock against my brown starfish with steady pressure while I was working my sphincter muscles pushing out, voraciously trying to gobble his spongy cockhead up inside me. Before I knew it Marty's rather large crimson crown with its prominent coronal ring had breached my outer sphincter. I gasp. A thoughtful Marty stopped pushing, letting me catch my breath and get used to his cock inside my ass. Immediately, I could tell this kid was no novice when it came to cornholing.

'How does that feel Mr. Licker?'

'It feels great, but if you're gonna become my fuck buddy you gotta stop callin me Mr. Licker. That's my dad's name and it makes me feel all weird you callin me that with your big cock stuffed up my ass.'

'Okay, so what should I call you while I'm fuckin you?'

'Dick will be fine. Maybe any other endearing name you can think of such as baby, honey or sweetie will be okay too.'

'Okay Dick Baby.'

'But that's only in the house while you're fuckin me. Outside you better continue callin me Mr. Licker,' I advised.

The lean muscular six foot two youngster stood behind me, the head of his powerful prong teasing my sphincter chamber. Marty was not ramming it up my ass; instead he was taking his time playing the area between the outer and inner rings, which was driving me nuts. He would ease his cock out of my ass and reinsert it. This practice carried on a few times before he breached the second ring and began rhythmically pounding my ass.

Then after a few long slow pleasure strokes he pulled out and began slapping his cockhead against my ass crack and buns like the guys do in porn videos. Marty then left his hard hot cock resting in my well-lubed ass crack while leaning over me he began kissing my back and shoulders.

'Oh My God,' I uttered, feeling his cock throbbing as it was tucked in between my ass cheeks.

'You like my cock Dick Baby?'

'Oh Hell Yes,' I said, 'I love it; in fact, I love it so much why don't I get on my back, so we can enjoy each other's faces while you continue fucking me?'


Marty backed off and I got up. I retrieved the big beach towel from the back of the couch, spreading it out to protect the leather couch. I took a position lying on my back. My legs splayed wide; one leg over the back of the couch while my other foot was resting on the floor waiting to be taken. Marty retrieved one of the pillows from the couch stuffing it under my lower back and buttock. With my pelvis elevated to proper position and angle the young man knelt between my legs sitting on his heels. He looked down upon my semi flaccid cock smiling before he said, 'We need to get this thing inflated again Dick Baby.'

'Oh yes,' I groaned as Marty reached down grasping my semi limp cock in one hand, lowering his head to my groin area.

All I could do was lay there groaning, shivering with anticipation, waiting for his mouth, his lips to engulf my cock. This guy was making my day. His warm moist lips met with the prominent crown of my cock, bringing it back to life. I shook with desire as his mouth administered cock CPR, devouring the first couple inches of my large cock before he began bobbing up and down on it.

The rhythm of Marty's moist mouth stroking my cock a few times had quickly brought my manhood back to fully erect status. After a few bobs he began working the glans and coronal ring with his tongue before moving to the area beneath it. My hands grabbed Marty's head. The kid's head was cut close in a typical jock hair cut. He continued sucking the first couple inches of my cock, milking the precum from it. All I could do was groan and moan under his touch.

'Oh God Marty don't stop. Make me cum baby.'

'In time Dick,' Marty said lifting off my cock, 'damn, you're flowin pretty good baby.'

'Oh shit I'm so ready to cum,' I said.

'Let's see if I can make you cum while I fuck you,' Marty said, 'that's what my partner and I do while making love.'

The lawn care boy moved in closer between my legs positioning his body and cock ready to enter my asshole. He squeezed some more lube into my ass and onto his cock. Slowly, he began pushing the spongy head into me, stopping briefly after breaching the outer ring. After a few seconds of rest I felt his pole slipping further into my anal cavity. As the prominent coronal ring passed over my prostate I squealed with delight.

'Oh my, I guess I found your 'G' spot huh Dick,' Marty said with a big smile on his face, 'now I know how and where to work you.'

'Oh God Baby make me cum while you're fuckin me,' I said.

'Oh yeah, I'm gonna do that Dick.'

With that said Marty began rhythmically fucking me. I couldn't believe the man of my dreams the shirtless guy I watched so many times was fucking me. At first I was holding my legs up with my hands grasping behind my knees to make entry easier. As Marty continued long dicking me sliding the full length of his cock in and out of my ass I released my grip, letting my legs fall around his waist, keeping them bent at the knees. Soon I was spurring his buttock as I reached up and began manipulating Marty budding nipples.

He gasp saying, 'If you continue playing with them I'm gonna cum.'

I moved my hands grasping Marty's buttocks where I began pulling him into me. I wanted all seven inches of him up inside me. I wanted to feel his full length and girth in me as his pubic hair was tickling my nut sac. As I pulled him into me Marty lowered his head and began sucking on one of my nipples. I sighed with pleasure telling Marty, 'I'm gonna cum if you keep that up.'

'Well, let's get off then.'

Marty sped up fucking me. Every time his cockhead passed over my 'G' spot I squealed each time with delight. I was meeting his every down stroke with welcome responses. We were both in sync as we were fucking each other like a well oiled machine. I could tell by the look on Marty's face that he was close and so was I.

'I'm gonna cum,' I said.

'Me too,' Marty responded speeding up.

Our hearts were racing and we were breathing rapidly. I could see beads of sweat beginning to appear on Marty's forehead. Both of us were reaching critical mass ready to achieve simultaneous orgasms. I felt the last pass of Marty's prominent cockhead over my prostate before going dark. That last pass was the move triggering an explosive ejaculation. Ropes of white spooge began shooting from the head of my penis, landing everywhere and nowhere - five in all before the dribbling began.

As my cock was erupting in one of the most explosive orgasm of my life I felt Marty delivering his man juice deep inside me. Once he had finished shooting his load he collapsed on top of me. His softening cock was still lodged in my rectum as he asked, 'How was that Dick Baby?'

'The best fuckin I've had in years,' I replied breathlessly, 'whatever you do don't pull out. I want to stay like this for as long as possible.'

After a few minutes of Marty lying on top kissing me his cock fell from my ass. As his cock fell out my butt barked a couple times and we both laughed at the sounds of flatulence. We untangled from each other and got to our feet. I suggest that we take showers to clean up. After showering Marty put on his swim trunks and T-shirt, while I pulled on a pair of Levis, commando style. I told Marty before he turned to leave, 'I think you need a raise young man.'

'Thanks,' Marty responded.

'By the way what possessed you to stop and see me today?' I asked.

'I wanted to finish your lawn, but I needed gas money for the mower,' Marty replied.

I went to my wallet, pulling out a twenty saying, 'Keep the change you earned it and more.'

Marty snatched the twenty dollar bill from my hand and thanked me. Before preparing to depart to finish the lawn he said, 'Anytime I can be of assistance Dick don't hesitate to call me on my cell or send me an e-mail. I have private accounts.'

With that said Marty bid me a farewell, quietly leaving the same way he entered. Well, maybe a little bit more satisfied than he was an hour before. I know that I was thoroughly satisfied; maybe a little sore, but satisfied.



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