Chapter 2: Another Encounter With The Lawn Care Boy

A week had passed since my initial encounter with the next door neighbor. Our last meeting Marty surprised me, but left me well-fucked and definitely wanting more. After finding pleasure with my lawn care boy I'd made a decision that I wanted nothing more to do with women. I wasn't going to get involved in a sticky relationship with a woman and thereby get plucked clean because she had a headache or bad menstrual cycle. A voice calling out broke my thoughts, "Hello.. Mr. Licker."

Marty, my lawn care boy was calling out from the backdoor, "Yoo-hoo.. Mr. Licker.. anyone home?"

Marty, had caught me cat napping on the big leather couch in my entertainment room, and probably didn't want to surprise me as he'd done a week before. I guess the constant drone of his power lawn mower working outside earlier had sent me off into a light slumber. Marty must have decided to take advantage of the three day weekend, doing my lawn on Friday morning, instead of Saturday as usual. I got up to see what he wanted. I know what I wanted. The hot eighteen year old boy wanted to pound my ass as he had done a few days earlier.

"Hey, come on in Marty, what do you need, buddy?"

Marty entered my kitchen wearing nothing but a pair of swim trunks and ratty old sneakers, smelling a little musky. Not obnoxiously foul smelling, just that decent manly scent after a workout. On this morning he was not interested in play. His demeanor was all about work.

"Finished your lawn early Mr. Licker I need for you to come out and take a look so I can show you a few things that need some extra attention?"

"Okay," I said following the eighteen year old hunk outside. He took me on a tour, showing me some unsightly areas that had been neglected, making some suggestions as to what was needed as far as preventative spring maintenance and where some new colorful flowers might brighten up my yard.

We went back into the house where I asked, "Can I get you some coffee or a soda?"

"Yeah, if ya got an extra cup of coffee that'd be fine."

Marty sat down at the kitchen table where he began drawing and explaining the layout and pattern for the spring flowers. I agreed with his wise choices. Since the Ice Queen left I'd been in a funk. The yard had not captured my attention during my depression. I used to do the landscaping to please her. Now, there'd been nothing more than Marty coming by once a week to cut and trim the lawn. A quick easy down and dirty lawn cutting job; my attention hadn't been on the outside, but with summer on the horizon it was time to bring my lawn back to life.

The two of us walked back outside with our drinks in hand while Marty pointed out the areas in the front and back yard that needed attention. I was listening intently to his recommendations, "Also, you got three sprinkler heads broken that need replacin," Marty said finishing the tour.

"So, how much is all that gonna cost?" I asked.

Marty gave me a ballpark estimate for labor and how much he was going to need to buy the supplies saying, "It'll take four maybe five hours to do everything today once I get the supplies, if I can bring along my helper."

Once back inside I asked Marty, "So how much extra is it gonna cost me for the helper?"

"Nothing, I figured him in already," Marty said with a smirk on his face, "but I didn't figure in our tip yet."

"I think I can handle a decent reward that's worthwhile for a job well-done. So, what are your plans for the weekend after you finish young man?"

"Nothin much. My mom and dad are leavin around noon for the weekend and won't be back till late Sunday night."

"That sounds interesting," I replied, "maybe we can get together after you finish the landscaping work. Watch some porn on my big screen and fool around."

"I was hoping you might suggest that. Porn is so much more appealing and life like on your big screen television," Marty replied with that impish smile of his.

"Do you need any money to buy the stuff you need?"

"I could use some cash or use your credit card; also need to use your truck to pick the stuff up," Marty replied.

I handed Marty a hundred dollar bill and the keys to my old pickup saying, "You know, if you're gonna continue doing lawn care and landscaping around the neighborhood this summer maybe you ought to consider buying my old truck."

"How much Mr. Licker?"

"Make me an offer when you get done with it today," I told Marty as he made his way to the backdoor.

Damn, I thought to myself as the boy exited: what a fine body. I was especially taken with his tight ass. As I heard the noisy exhaust from my truck drive away I went about business, checking my supply of sexual aids and lubricants. I'd just bought a new lube called Liquid Silk and wanted to try it out. After about an hour Marty returned from the home improvement store.

I heard him talking to someone outside, so I went to investigate. Damn, there was another young man just as cute and hot as Marty. I decided to go out to see who Marty's friend was. As I approached the two boys unloading bags of fertilizer, mulch and flats of colorful flowers I said, "Hello. Need any help guys?"

"Nope, we got it handled Mr. Licker."

I stood with my arm resting on the bedrail of the pickup that was backed into the driveway, admiring the shirtless bodies of the two young men as they were finishing unloading the supplies. Of course there were sexual fantasies immediately dancing in my head about the two. I was thinking of how the three of us might get together after work was done and indulge in a weekend threesome. Once the job of unloading was done I asked, "You boys care for something cold to drink before tackling the job?"

"Sure," Both replied in unison.

The two followed me into the kitchen where I handed out a couple of cold sodas and took a bottle of water for myself. From there I invited the boys to rest for a few minutes and drink their refreshments before they began the job of sprucing up my yard. Marty formally introduced his friend, "Mr. Licker this is my friend Stevie Wanker or as some of us call him, Turtle."

"Hello Steve or should I call you Turtle?" I said reaching out to shake the smaller boy's hand.

"Glad to meet you Mr. Licker," the boy said shaking hands, "Turtle is okay among us."

Damn, Turtle's hand felt so smooth and soft in my hand. I knew his hands weren't used to working outdoors engaging in hard labor. From what I could see his fingers were a little longer than usual with tightly manicured nails. I was mentally visualizing them playing with and stroking my hard cock. The finger tips tenderly circling my coronal ring or delicately diddling my asshole. As I released Turtle's hand he asked, "Where's that big television Marty told me about?"

We walked into the entertainment room where I pointed the television out as I picked up the remote clicking it on for the boy to view, "Damn, Mr. Licker that's an awesome television!"

"Yep, 52 inch HDTV. I just got it a few weeks ago to watch the Daytona 500 and the Super Bowl," I said proudly, "really brings those events to life."

"Yeah, you ought to see what it does for porn on that bad boy, Turtle," Marty said, "it's awesome, almost life like all the fuckin and suckin."

"Maybe after you guys get done you can come in and take a look at some of my porn DVDs," I said, "of course, that is if you are over eighteen Turtle."

"I am," Turtle responded kind of put off with me questioning his age.

The boys finished their sodas thanking me for the drinks before making their way outside to begin working on the yard. I watched as Turtle broke open bags of fertilizer and began spreading it while Marty went to work immediately setting out the flats of flowers to plant. I stood watching the two at work admiring their smooth young bodies. I'd seen Marty naked, but I hadn't seen Turtle in the raw yet.

Marty had Turtle wheeling the supplies to various locations in the wheelbarrow while he began working the colorful plants into the ground. Turtle was not the athletic specimen that Marty was, but could handle the heavy work. He was a little on the chubby side; not fat, just didn't have the well-defined abs, biceps, pecs, triceps and other muscles of Marty. Not only was Marty clearly the leader of the crew he was the one with the green thumb - the expertise when it came to landscaping.

My hard cock told me I couldn't be looking at these boys much longer, so I went back inside busying myself around the house. After I finished cleaning up a bit I began sorting through my DVDs, looking for a few of the best to use during the weekend. Marty's dad yelled at me from the backdoor. I went to see what was up.

He asked, "Keep an eye on things over at my house as well as Marty and Turtle while we're gone, Dick. The wife and I will be gone in a little while for the weekend. Be back late Sunday."

"Sure no problem."

Marty's parents pulled out of their driveway on their way to the weekend retreat. Before I knew it Marty was yelling for me to come outside and take a look at the finished work. I moseyed outside where I met the two shirtless lads. Marty began showing me around the yard with Turtle in trail. I must say the boys had done a bang up job on my yard.

I was totally impressed with what I was seeing. The boys had transformed my seemingly run-of-the-mill yard into a neighborhood work of art: a yard that really stood out as I was looking around.

"Fantastic fuckin job guys!"

"Thanks Mr. Licker," both boys replied in unison.

I looked around; all the tools had been cleaned up and put away. The truck had been hosed off and parked. Everything was done, so I invited the boys inside. Once inside, I suggested that they utilize the big pool shower stall to rinse off.

The shower was a ceramic tiled cubicle that had been built by the previous owner to take care of those using the pool and the work out room. As the two stripped out of their clothing I had them throw their dirties out into the hallway where I picked them up and threw the garments in the washing machine.

After a few minutes in the shower Marty called out, "You got a couple towels for us?"

"Sure do."

I grabbed a couple of big white beach towels and returned to the steamy shower stall where I handed them off to Marty who was standing toward the entrance covering Turtle who was behind him. I turned returning to the kitchen saying, "There's food ready whenever you guys get dry."

I'd fixed hotdogs, refried beans and corn chips with dip and salsa for the boys. There were also onions, pickles, sliced tomatoes and shredded chesses. As I finished pouring the drinks the guys appeared with the oversize towels wrapped around their waists.

"What'd you do with our clothes?" Marty asked.

"There in the washer."

The two took seats at the table and dove into the food I'd prepared. After a couple of hot dogs a piece covered with refried beans, onions and grated cheese to along with the chips the boys pushed back from the table drinking down the last of their sodas. I poured more liquid refreshment before we began chatting.

"So, what are your plans for the rest of the day, gentlemen?"

"Nothin much. We were hopin that you'd invite us to watch some porn on the big screen. You know, kind of a tip for all the hard work in your yard," Marty said.

"No problem. Turtle, do you have to be home at any certain time?" I asked.

"Nope. I'm stayin overnight with Marty. My parents sold our house and are moving, so I'm kind of in a state of limbo."

Marty spoke up saying, "Turtle and I are kinda like jack off buddies - you know, fuck buddies."

I saw Turtle blush a little at what Marty was saying before he said, "Yeah we been foolin around with each other since junior high school."

"How old are you Turtle?" I asked.

"Nineteen, gonna be twenty in June. I'm a little older than Marty although I don't look it. I'm also already going to college, first year."

"Cool," I said, "You all can stay overnight with me if you care to, but that's up to you two."

The two looked at each other, shit eating smiles spread across their faces with Marty saying," We were hoping you'd invite us to spend the night."

We sat continuing the conversation. Marty explained that Turtle pretty much enjoyed being a bottom in their relationship. I looked at Turtle smiling replying, "Yeah, I kinda prefer to bottom too. You know, ain't nothin like a nice firm piece of meat slidin in and out of my ass, especially your buddy."

Turtle smiled, uttering, "Uh-huh, and Marty's got a really nice big one. Very filling."

"Oh yeah, I know he's already slipped his schlong up my ass last week," I replied.

"Yeah, that's what he told me and I'm really lookin forward to trying you out for size," Turtle replied with a laugh.

"Well now, I hope I measure up to your expectations, Turtle," I said, "however, you'll need to take an anal douche before we do that."

"Probably a good idea, you got any enema stuff Mr. Licker?"

"Yeah. Come on in the bathroom," I said escorting the young man into my master bedroom's bathroom, "And by the way when we are in the house in an intimate setting it's Dick."

"Okay Dick," Turtle replied.

Although the two boys had already bathed I though Turtle needed more cleaning around the anal area, especially if I was going to eat his ass and fuck him. I handed Turtle the enema and asked, "You need help with that?"

"Sure, if you'd like to administer it."

"Be right back," I said, "spread a towel on the floor while I'm gone."

I exited the bathroom to put one of the DVDs in the television for Marty to keep him busy, telling him I was going to administer an enema to Turtle. He thanked me and smiled as I left him alone returning to the bathroom.

When I got back to the bathroom Turtle had removed the big towel that had been wrapped around his waist; spread it on the floor and was on his hands and knees awaiting me to administer the anal douche. I got the Cherry flavored jelly and the Fleet ready-to-use enema. I had Turtle put his head down on the towel with his ass in the air.

I had to take few seconds to drink in the beauty of the young man's backside before squeezing an ample amount of lubricant onto my finger and into Turtle's ass crack.

"Do you enjoy a little digital foreplay beforehand?"

Turtle cooed out, "Uh-huh."

"Reach around and help me out by spreading those beautiful ass cheeks apart."

"Sure, Dick," Turtle said reaching around grasping his buttock.

With the boy's ass cheeks spread wide I begin inserting my forefinger into the lubricated ass. Of course he jerked at first, but then sighed accepting my finger. As my finger began exploring his ass he began moaning and groaning louder with each tender touch.

"Am I hurting you?" I asked.

"No. No way. You've got the Midas touch Dick. You got me in heaven."

I continued massaging the young man's asshole. I changed and inserted my middle finger. Suddenly, Turtle jerked and moaned. I asked, "Did I hurt you?"

"No. You found my button baby," Turtle replied, "I bet if you reach under and feel the head of my dick there'll be some precum starting to flow."

I reached beneath Turtle to grasp his hard cock. What I found was a little bit of a surprise. I hadn't expected the diminutive size of Turtle's organ. He was hard as a rock but his cock couldn't have been more than a handful and maybe the thickness of a "D" size flashlight battery. I didn't want to startle him turning him off, so I simple said, "Oh my, that is a nice cock and there is some precum oozing from the tip."

"You want to taste it Dick?"

"Yes," I replied. Not only did I want to taste his precum I wanted to get a view of how big or small he was all boned up.

I removed my lubricated finger from Turtle's ass, helping him roll over on his back where I got a good view of his front. There was a very beautiful boner lying back against his abdomen. I looked at him smiling. He looked back at me and responded saying, "I hope I'm not a disappointment, you know size wise."

"Why do you say that Turtle?"

"I'm not as big as you or Marty."

"You know, I don't think there is such a thing as being too small, but there's such a thing as being too big," I replied.

"How do you figure?" The boy asked.

"You know, guys with the huge cocks, you know, the nine or ten inchers that are as thick as beer cans aren't gonna get a look at my behind and I know that I couldn't get my mouth around em anyway. Now, would you like for me to taste your precum and quit worrying about your size?"

The young man nodded yes. I bent forward grasping Turtle's hard cock, lowering my head towards the tasty looking delicacy. My right hand grasped Turtle's pickle holding it steady, so I might taste some of the precum. My moist lips made contact with the pink cockhead and my tongue began licking up some of the precum to taste.

"Not bad," I said as I sat back on my heels, "In fact kind of tasty."

The young man smiled up at me before I went back down on him. My tongue went to work on the pink cockhead circling the crimson coronal ring a few times. After a few trips around the circumference my tongue went for the fernulum area where I began titillating it. Turtle was writhing and cooing on the bathroom floor as I continued seducing the head of his penis.

Finally, after minutes titillating his cockhead and testicles I engulfed the entirety of his penis in my mouth. I began bobbing up and down on it as my finger found his asshole again. Turtle was bucking up into my face as my finger was entering his asshole, once again to arouse the boy's button.

He was becoming very vocal and then suddenly, I felt him tense up. I knew he was on the verge of an orgasm. He began spraying the inside of my mouth with his seed. I felt five good squirts of delicious cum coating the inside of my mouth. I swallowed most of it as I continued milking the last of the fluid from his nut sac. Once I knew he was empty I could feel his hands on my head trying to dislodge me from his shriveling penis. I let his dickey go and came up to look at him.

As I looked into his eyes I bent forward offering a kiss to those beautiful red lips. His mouth was open ready to accept my tongue. We kissed for what seemed an eternity but was only a few minutes before we broke apart.

"Thanks Dick," A smiling Turtle said, "that was an awesome blowjob."

"No, I want to thank you for letting me give you that blowjob. I truly enjoyed it and before the evening is over I want to repeat the performance."

"Only if you fuck me, Dick," Turtle said smiling at me.

"Oh, I want to do that if you'll let me and then I want you to bang me in the ass. Not only do I want to fuck you I want to eat your ass out before I fuck you."

I bent down kissing Turtle's puffy nipple only to have him jerk and moan. "I guess I've found another sensuous area, huh Turtle?"

"Yeah," the young man replied with a big smile.

"Let's finish getting you cleaned up if you want me to eat you out and fuck you after while."

I got Turtle up and began preparing the young man to receive the enema. I removed the protective cap, inserting tip of the dispenser into his well-lubed asshole, thereby delivering the contents into his lower bowels. I told him to hold it for two to five minutes and then expel the enema into the toilet. After that was done I told him to go back into the shower and clean his asshole up and then rinse off. I told him to use the special flexible shower nozzle to clean his asshole, washing it out thoroughly.

Leaving Turtle alone to clean up I returned to the entertainment room where I'd left Marty, and hopefully he would be ready for a blowjob while Turtle finished bathing. I envisioned this being a very productive evening and possibly full weekend.



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