California Dreaming

by Lee Obrien

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Chapter 18

I showed Carl the contract and the three scripts that they gave me at the meeting, his eyes went wide.

He asked, “so they hired you?”

I shook my head, “not quite, they have offered me a contract, I am supposed to read it over and let them know by Friday. They gave me the first three scripts to read too.”

He took the contract and started to read, he asked, “have you read this thing yet?”

I said, “no, I just skimmed it, I haven’t had time to read the whole thing yet. Will you read it with me?”

He smiled, “of course.”

We sat down and started on page one. It was all the standard legal wordage, the party of the first part agrees to this, the party of the second… blah blah blah. Things got more interesting on the second page, it listed how much they would be paying me. They would be deducting the cost of my room from my salary. The amounts seemed reasonable, my salary would be more than I was making at the Roosevelt and the room cost was in line with what Carl and I were paying at the Biltmore. In return, I would have to act in any movie that I was assigned, as well as appear in any promotional activity that the studio saw fit.

Carl asked, “what does that mean?” We made a note and would call Woody in the morning. We continued reading the contract and got to page 5, the Morality clause.

We read the entire page in silence. When we finished, Carl sighed and looked at me.

I said, “the drinking and drug things will be no problem for me.”

He nodded, “yeah, I was thinking the same thing. But what about the line about sexual activity? It explicitly forbids… um guys like us.”

I sighed, “yeah, they are pretty clear on that, aren’t they?”

He asked, “so what does that mean for us?”

I said, “well, I still want to be with you, we will just have to be careful.”

Carl looked at me, “Ivan, I don’t want to be the reason you don’t follow your dream. I know how much you want this, if we need to step back for you to do that, then that’s what we do. If you decide to sign, I certainly don’t want to be the reason you lose it.”

I gave him a kiss, “thank you, I can’t tell you how much your support means to me.”

We decided to get a few hours of sleep, it was already 4 am.

When we woke up the next morning we went down to the front desk and used the phone to call Woody. He explained what doing the promotional activities was and answered all of the other questions I had. We went back to our room and got ready for work.

My head was spinning as I worked through the night, I knew this was my chance and I would regret it if I didn’t take it. I was so thankful that Carl was being so supportive, that was making my decision much easier. Oh hell, who was I kidding, I had decided to sign that contract the moment it was offered to me. I walked home from work knowing that I needed to tell Carl that as soon as I could. I smiled to myself, I need to write to Henry tomorrow as well, I can’t wait to tell him my news.

I walked into our room, Carl was already home, he smiled and gave me a kiss.

He looked at me and asked, “so, did you quit your job at the Roosevelt tonight?”

I furrowed my brow, “no, what makes you think I have made my decision?”

He chuckled, “oh please Ivan, you would have signed that contract before you left the office at the studio if they wouldn’t have told you to take it home and read it over.”

I laughed, “you’re right, I am going to sign. Wow, that’s the first time I said that out loud.”

Carl took my hand, “we will still see each other, it just won’t be like now. I understand that and so do you. Just remember that when you are a big star and come into the Brown Derby, please tip me well when I wait on you.”

We pulled each other’s clothes off and fell onto the bed, with our lips locked together. Our bare chests and cocks rubbing against each other, our cocks leaking all over each other’s stomachs. We maneuvered around so we could suck each other. In our time together, we had learned how to please each other. I squeezed Carl’s nuts with one hand as I worked a finger into his tight hole. He was also massaging my nuts and playing with my ass, getting my juices flowing. Once we had each other’s cocks coated in spit, Carl released my cock and pulled me up for another kiss. He rolled onto his back and pulled his legs up and gave me a mischievous smile, I smiled back as I aimed my swollen manhood at his hole. He grabbed my ass and pulled me in until I bottomed out, hitting his sweet spot. He let out a satisfied grunt as I started to pump in and out. We found our rhythm, and I leaned back down for some more kissing. My nuts hitting against Carl’s ass was filling the room with the sounds of skin slapping against skin, Carl’s moans were providing the harmony to our sex song.

The familiar tingling in my nuts began to build as my breathing quickened. Carl knew what that meant, he smiled up at me and panted, “give me your load Ivan.” I was happy to oblige and started to squirt my cream into his guts. I collapsed on top of him as my spasms finally subsided. He smiled and kissed me as I caught my breath. He grinned, “it's my turn now.” He gave me a push, I fell backwards, landing on my back. He quickly got to his knees and pushed my legs up, and dove into my hole, tongue first. I held my legs up and let Carl slobber all over my hole for as long as he wanted. He came up and put his cock against my pucker and looked me in my eyes, we both smiled as he pushed in. Just like I had done to him, he pushed in and then slowly picked up speed, sending waves of pleasure through my entire body with every thrust. I felt Carl’s breath quicken and to my surprise felt my own nuts tighten again. Carl let out a loud grunt, when he released his first shot of semen, my own cock shot across my stomach. It was as if his seed was shooting straight through me and coming out my cock.

Carl fell on top of me, and we shared another kiss. He grinned at me, “I knew I could get a second load from you.” We snuggled together and drifted off to sleep.

We woke the next morning, Carl needed to go to work early today, to help cover a party that was booked at the Brown Derby. I kissed him goodbye and got dressed, I went down to the front desk, called Mr. O’Neill, and told him that I would be signing the contract. He sounded pleased and told me that he would send a car to pick me up Friday morning at 10 to come to the office for the official signing. I went back up to my room and sat down to write Henry a letter, I hoped he would be as excited as I was, I couldn’t wait to hear back from him. I went out to drop the letter into a mailbox, then walked to the Roosevelt to tell Mr. Mills that I was quitting. He told me that he was expecting this news, he had heard a couple of the other waiters talking. He wished me well and gave me my last paycheck.

I went back to the room and reread the contract a couple of more times, just to make sure I didn’t have any more questions. Because he had gone to work early, Carl was able to come home before dinner time. I used part of my last paycheck to take us out to eat, we found a nicer restaurant, at least nicer than the diner that we usually ate at.

The next morning, I woke up early, I was too excited to sleep. Carl gave me a kiss as I headed out the door to meet the car that was picking me up. I smiled at the same driver that had picked me up last time, he smiled as he congratulated me. We took the same route that we had taken earlier in the week, I was just as nervous as we pulled onto the studio lot. Once again, Tom met me at the door and led me to Mr. O’Neill’s office. I walked in to see Mr. O’Neill, Woody, and Mr. Harper waiting for me, there were also a couple of more men standing there. I was introduced to another studio executive and the studio’s lawyer.

We exchanged small talk for a few minutes, Mr. O’Neill motioned for me to sit down.

He asked, “Ivan, did you have any more questions or concerns?”

I said, “no sir, I think you or Woody have answered all that I had.”

He smiled, “good, I do have just more thing to talk to you about.”

I felt a knot form in my gut, “yes sir, what is that?”

He looked to Mr. Harper and then to Woody, “we think we need to do something about your name.”

I asked, “my name?”

Woody said, "yes Ivan, you see in the movie business, many of our actors shorten or change their name slightly. Some to make their name easier to remember or to make them, well, shall we say less ethnic.”

Mr. O’Neill stepped in, “yes Ivan, no offense and you have no reason to not be proud of your name, but we think we could come up with something that sounds a little more… American.”

I wasn’t sure what to say, I knew some of the actors that I had been watching for years had changed their names. I hadn’t even considered that I would need to think about this.”

Mr. O’Neill asked, “is there a name that you like for yourself?”

I shook my head, “no, I hadn’t given it any thought.”

Woody said, “I do have an idea.”

We all turned to look at him. He continued, “What do you think of Van Roman?”

I looked at him, then to Mr. O’Neill, he was smiling, he nodded, “I like it. Ivan, how about you?”

I thought a moment, “yes, I think I could live with that.” Afterall, it was basically just shortening both names, and I did like the sound of it.

Mr. O’Neill nodded, “good, that is settled, and it fits very nicely with what we chose for Gloria.

I wasn’t sure what that meant, just as was about to ask Woody about it, there was a knock at the door.

Mr. O’Neill smiled and said, “Gloria, please come on in, we are ready for you.”

Woody moved next to me as Gloria and two more men came into the office, he whispered to me, “we are doing a double signing with you and Gloria, the photographer and reporter are here so we can put an announcement in the trade magazines. I hope that is alright.”

I nodded, “sure, no problem.”

After we greeted each other, we were moved to a table and the lawyer gave us our contracts and handed us each a pen. He pointed to where we needed to sign, and the photographer snapped several pictures as we both signed. The lawyer turned the contract to Mr. O’Neill, and he signed the contracts as well.

He shook both of our hands and turned to the camera and said, “we would like to welcome the two newest actors to the Pacific Coast Studio family. I would like to introduce Mr. Van Roman and Miss Gloria Jewell. The flash bulbs again lit up the room.

The reporter and photographer hurried away, the lawyer and other executive filed out a short time later.

Mr. O’Neill said, “I have a meeting that I need to get ready for, Woody, why don’t you and Mr. Harper take Van and Gloria to your office to tell them what comes next, and then show them to their rooms.”

Woody nodded, “yes father, Van, Gloria, if you will come with Jack and I.”

We followed him out the door and down the hall to Woody’s office. He and jack went over what would be happening over the next week. We would begin filming our first movie the following week. Once we filled out some more paperwork, a lady showed up to take Gloria to her room, and Woody took me to mine. Mr. Harper told us both to study the first script that he had given us.

The following Monday, I was moving into my room. Gloria and I were given a tour of the studio, and we spent some time rehearsing our lines before we started filming.

This was it. I was a real movie actor.


To be continued…

by Lee Obrien

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