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***** AUTHOR'S NOTE *****

Well, I just had to continue writing this ... the story is a HOT one and covers some themes that I wanted to explore anyway.

To 'Dave', hey man, thanks for telling me this as well as your update ... I've continued to relive your story many, many times in the playground of my mind.




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BULL AND BOI - Chapter 3

I'd been having some real hot times with Reece, lately. The Bull has supercharged me. We'd meet at her apartment; I would end up slowly eating her out, her cunt hot on my tongue, juices dribbling down my chin as she'd have clitoral then vaginal climaxes. I'd plunge into her tightness and unload a night of excitement, deep, her girlish moans filling my ears.

My pussy needed attention, though. I needed the Bull to make me His.

Two months had gone by since The Bull, Jose and his friend, Julio both took me; it had been more than two weeks since The Bull had fucked me in His bed ... I was in HEAT ... I needed him!

I went to the grocery store picking up odds and ends; when your in college, you don't have a lot to spend on food so it stays to pretty much the basics. I then went to the liquor store, just some beer and wine.

"chica?", my cell vibrated ('girl?')

"hola hot man!", I quickly texted ('hi, hot man!')

"u want me chica?"


"when? now?"

"be thr in 2 hr"


My junk shifted, my face flushed and my pussy heated up. I pushed the cart, my ass arched subconsciously opening for Him. I belonged to the Bull. I drove the small distance back to my apartment. I put everything away quickly, then went into the bathroom, flicking my clothes off. I sat on the commode watching the clear water rush out of my hole; The Bull liked me totally clean. As I showered, my meat was hard. Bull's wife got off on the videos. The Bull told me she'd watch them and masturbate while he watched her. Wickedly hot!!

I put a slutty tee on, a few well placed holes, the red hugging my skinny asian body; a black g-string, pulling my balls and cock up nicely in front. I completed with a nice tight pair of worn jeans, a hole in my right back pocket ... yeah, just enough. A pair of navy flip-flops; Bull liked my soft feet. I spritzed on some 'Eros', a gift from Reese, and headed out the door.

"Eres sexy", The Bull greeted me at the door ('your sexy'), "Muy sexy", his voice dripping ('very sexy'). I did a little spin, letting him take in my litheness. His eyes capered along my body. His fingers reached, sending charges along my ass cheeks.

The Bull was in grey sweat shorts, his muscled legs, trunks ... his big feet, splayed against the tile. 

"mmmmmmm", I moaned, as his fingers slipped between my jeans and me, my heat pushing back.

"mmmmm mi putita !", his breath in my ear ('my little slut'). My pussy lips, fluttered, moist with my heat on his finger.

Slowly the bull pulled my jeans off, as I stepped out of my flip-flops. He wet his thumb and forefinger, sensually flicking his tongue over each, then slipped them under my tee, pinching my nipple ... my cock swelling in my 'g'. The Bull slipped his tongue into my mouth, his taste minty, fresh man. His large finger reaching into my 'g', surrounding my cock, as I lowly moaned in between our tongues.

"Mi dulce femenina", his voice inside my mouth ('my sweet girly'), "I want your tight cunt, carino" ('sweetie'). My cock, full, throbbing, as his finger teased my boi pussy. The Bull was making me sizzle. He slipped my tee off, throwing it with my jeans, then slowly, put his face onto my pouch. Slowly, my 'g' was removed, his teeth inching my 'g' slowly off.

The Bull led me down the hall, the colorful rooms of his baby and boys were empty. As if The Bull knew, he turned and said, "my sister has them today". We approached the master bedroom, the cool air puffing out as the ceiling fan turned. The smell of The Bull filling my nose ... virile, heavy, strong ... sexual. My cock, engorged, arching toward my slim belly.

He let me enter first, my eyes adjusting. Light ... flickering ... fingered the room. Boi moans ... my voice ... pulsated ... girlishly as the sound of his cock penetrated me on the screen. I glanced over, and their she was ... his wife ... a dark dildo slowly going deep, then, twisting, then slowly pushed out, 'sssllllppp" the sound of the latex slipping along wetness; her eyes focused on the dancing lights. She was noticeably pregnant, her belly rounded, belly button pushing out.

"mami", The Bull's voice, rich, deep as he stood between the screen and her ('mommy')

She looked at him, then slowly looked at me, her face moist with arousal. She worked her eyes slowly along my body, the 'ssslllllppp' of the dildo now my focus ... slowly slipping into the dark recess, then emerging, wet ... her legs splayed.

The Bull clicked off the screen, the sound of my girlish whimpers faded.

"show en vivo para mi mami", he cooed ('live show for my mommy')

The Bull, now against me, his smell seeping around, making my hairs stand, my cock jump. His large warm finger, brushed against my lip sending thrills along my face. I slipped his finger into my mouth ... undulating suction causing The Bull to leak onto me, his corona peaking through the slit in his sweats. I slowly slipped along the contours of his chest, his masculine aroma percolating into me with every breath.

My lips nibbled along his thick bush, pushing through the sweats, gently, taking in more of him, my delicate fingers slipping, catching the band of his shorts, pulling them, exposing his beautiful fertile pole. Fluidly I slipped the fabric down over his powerful thighs, letting them slip to his ankles. His meat on me, prenutt coating my lips. I lapped up the oozing prenutt. My fingers feeling the weight of The Bull's balls ... full, hot.

I could hear the slurping sounds of the dildo.

The Bull slowly drew me to my feet, his fingers now slipping down my slender hips, pulling my cheeks apart ... cool air swirled around my boi pussy. I let my face rest on The Bull's chest.

"Quiero mi pequeno maricon", his words low, breathy ('I want my little faggot').

I slowly dropped, to my knees, my lips parted and The Bull's wet head plunged into my mouth. His legs separated, supporting; his balls hanging low, full ... his muskiness causing me to dribble prejizz, which drooled in a strand from my slit. Slowly, my mouth adjusted, his veiny fertility slipping by my silky lips ... prenutt coated my tongue, his smell all around me. I felt his strong hands grab my head, slowly feeding me his manhood. I gagged as his head pushed through my throat, swallowing ... breaths puffed through my nose, tears trickled down as his girth pulsed in my gullet. The wiry silkiness of his pubes brushed against my nose ... The Bull filled me.

My delicate fingers lightly traced the sinews of his thighs, his meat jumped in my mouth. I slowly began to suck him. 'SLURPpp' 'SLURPpp' 'SLURPpp' as I began to glide along his shaft, his head swelling, prenut trickled over my tongue causing me to suck more vigorously. 'SLUrppp' 'SLUrrpp' 'SLUuurrpp' as his ball sac slipped along the wetness of my chin.

"uuuggghhh my little chica!", he moaned ('my little girl'), "oh yeah ... hacer feliz a papa!" ('make daddy happy!')

'SLUUrrrppp' 'SLUuurrpp' 'ssSLURRrrrpp' my drool leaking around the root of his Latin Daddy Meat.

"y e a h c h i c a ..... uuu gggg hhhh", he swooned, as my pace picked up, 'SLLurrp' 'Ssllurp' 'Sllurrpp' the sounds compressed by the walls ... 'sssllllpp' the sound of the dildo punctuating, 'SSlluurp', my mouth pleasing The Bull.

The Bull's strong hands lifted me, I slipped into his hold, my legs dangling over one hand, my ass in his other, my arm around his strength. The Bull carried me over to the bed, his wife positioning on her haunches, the dildo's base licking against her pussy lips. The Bull lay me on the bed, arching my pelvis as he put two pillows under me ... the cool air rushed along me, exploring until it found my pussy; his strong hands kneading me open, exposing me. I could hear his smile.

"oh mi dulce nina", he purred ('on my sweet girl'), then turning to his wife, "eh mama?" ('huh mommy?'). His wife nodded, the dildo now wiggling inside her.

The Bull took his fingers, rubbing them over his flared slit, catching his prenutt; I felt the warmth of his prejizz as he slid his finger into me.

"aahhh", I gasped, as his large finger explored me. 'ssllppp' 'ssllpp' 'ssllpp' the sound of the dildo wet in my ear.

The Bull squirted lube onto his fingers, pushing two into me.

"AAaahhhhh", my head flipped on the sheets, as the fullness of The Bull's fingers opened me. 'ssllpp' 'ssllpp' 'ssllpp' of the dildo.

I heard The Bull grease his fertile Bullhose, the sound of his large hand slipping over the thickness of his meat. He raised my legs, separating them. His wife, gazing into me as my pussy lips quivered thinking of this man possessing me. The smell of The Bull, rousing. His feel, invigorating. He kneeled above me, his cock arched, head flared, slit open, dripping his exhilaration. He positioned himself against my boi pussy, prenutt lubing me as he pushed forward. His head 'POP',d into me, causing my legs to arch around his waist, my toes jumping on his skin.

'ssllpp' 'ssllpp' 'ssllpp', the sound of the dildo filled my ears, as I saw his wife haunched beside us, watching The Bull enter my sweetness.

"uuuuggghhhhhhh", as I felt the girth of His pulsating shaft open me ... pushing my entrails open. The Bull, fully inside ... my cunt moist, tight, pulling him in.

"Mi cono cachonda", his teeth together, arching me up ('My slutty cunt!'), as he slowly pulled out, the 'SSSLLLAAAPPP' drove his love pole DEEP into me.

"AAAAAHHHHHH", air forced out of my mouth with the force, his heavy balls ramming into mine.

'ssslllpp' 'sssllpp' 'sslllppp' ssllpp' as the dildo filled his wife, the heat of her skin near me, the breath of her pants, heavy.

'SSSLLAAAPPPP' 'SSSSLLLLAAAAPPP' 'SSSSLLLLAAAPPPP' as The Bull drove into my depths, pushing aside, separating ... drool dripped onto my smooth ball sac then onto the pillow.

"Te gusta mi CARNE?", The Bull now over my face ('You like my MEAT?'), as 'SSSLLAAAPPP' caused my lips to jiggle.

"Yes, I love your MEAT!!", I screamed, as the 'SsllP' 'SsllP' 'SSllpP' of the dildo increased, a small moan filling my ear.

The Bull forced my ankles back, causing my shoulders to arch until ... a bent reed ... my cock was now at my lips.


"uuuhhh .... cono caliente!", his hot skin against my back ('hot cunt!'), 'SLAP' 'SLAP' 'SLAP' 'SLAP' 'SLAP' 'SLAP' the walls arching back the sounds of The Bull, bottoming out in my tight boi pussy, 'SLAP' 'SLAP' 'SLAP' 'SLAP' my cock now past my lips, my tongue swirling around, my mouth now sucking my own head.

"uuuuhhh ... toma mi condenada polla!", his words now puffed over me ('take my fucking cock!') as his pace, vicious.

'SLAP' 'SLAP' 'SLAP' 'SLAP' 'SLAP' 'SLAP' 'SLAP' 'SLAP' 'SLAP' 'SLAP' 'SLAP' 'SLAP' 'SLAP' 'SLAP' my cunt forcefully opened with his Bullpole, clenching as he pulled away ... over and over, beating against my prostate, sending electric shocks through my toes, my lips, my cock! The intense pressure of him, building, rushing, pulsating ... bigger, fuLLER, intENSE ... OVERWHELMING.

"AAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH", he suddenly drove deep, his body taunt over mine, forcing my body closer to my face at almost 90 degrees, as a raging torrent suddenly pulsed inside me, FULL, WET, DEEP, as The Bull bred me ... SURGE after SURGE of Bull Seed separated my most intimate recesses ... pulling me apart ... rivers of his essence overtaking me.

'SPLAT!', the first wave of my nutt hit my tongue, my mouth open to receive it.

'SPLAT', the second wave of my nutt, now coating the roof of my mouth and my tongue, my girlish whimpers filling the vault of his body against mine,

"ohh ohh ohh ", my whimpers, 'SPLAT' the gurgling of my juices in the back of my throat, a slight cough as it hit me, seeping up and through my nose,

"oohh yeah fuck!", then more gurgling as more of my nutt sprayed into my mouth, the sounds of my swallowing now filling the space.

The Bull's full weight was on my back, me now staring at my teenage cock, dribbling now onto my tongue. The whole room filled with the smell of The Bull mixed with me .... 'sllp' 'sllp' 'sllp' and the deep moans of his wife reaching her orgasm, slurping on the dildo as she contracted, waves of pleasure now in her core, her little whimpers, much like mine, 'oh oh oh'.

I licked around my lips, drawing in the small trickles of cum that had escaped. The Bull slowly let his meat slip from me; my pussy lips clenching as his head excused itself from the moistness of my cunt. He drew my legs down, around his hips, his smile now full.

"mi bebe sucia ama a su papa!", he cooed ('my dirty baby loves daddy!').

I looked up into The Bull's eyes, Jose looked back. His large hands, slowly massaged my legs, his fingers slipping through my delicate toes as he drew them to his lips, gently kissing each one, his lips, soft. His seed swimming deep inside of me, owning me.

His wife, now laying on her side, the warmth of her swollen belly against my skin.


Tyler Waggoner

[email protected]


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