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BULL AND BOI - Chapter 2

I sat in my car outside of my apartment that Friday, leaking Bull, from my very sore pussy. What a fuckin Stud. He wanted to see me, often. I wanted to see him, often. Wow. We arranged to meet again, midweek, for some more 'servicing'.

Reece, my girlfriend, called today. It was Tuesday, and I was getting super hard thinking about the Bull. We had a nice conversation, she missed me, I missed her (well ...), blah, blah, blah. I lay in bed, thinking about the Bull. Jose (the Bull) had texted me today, and told me "save it up, chica ... no touchin urself". My cock was so hard ... I wet my finger and reached around ... it felt so good, just lightly touching my pussy ... knowing the Bull would own me again tomorrow.

Wednesday came early. I rushed out the door to classes; I had a full day. By 3pm, I rushed back and cleaned up then showered ... had to be extra clean for Papi, the Bull. I put my blue thong on then a tight tee and my faded jeans with a pair of sandals; my jacket would be all I'd have to keep me warm until the Bull had me ... mmmm, just the thought of that hunk of latino man ... mmmmm.

I pulled up to the Bull's house. It was dark. I walked up to the door and softly knocked. About 20 seconds later, I heard the dead bolt 'click' and the door slowly open. There was the Bull, dressed only in a pair of cut offs ... his thick tool clearly outlined ... with a nice wet spot.

"Chica caliente", the Bull said ('hot girl'), "Papi's been wanting you sooooo much".

"I've been wanting YOU", I said, my voice low and throaty, "deep inside!".

The Bull smiled, taking my hand, closing the door.

"Papi has big surprise for my chica", he cooed, as he led me down the hall, past the baby room and the two rooms for his boys, into the master bedroom. He quietly closed the door behind him.

As I entered, I could see the outline of another guy.

"Chica, this is Julio", the Bull said, reassuringly, "he will video us, k?".

"Yeah, sure", I said. Julio was a nice TALL drink of water ... brown skin, big brown eyes with long eyelashes, and shoulder length silky black hair. He was wearing cut-offs. His smooth chest, chiseled, with nice ink, a really hard 'eight pack' and nice big feet -- not as big as the Bull's, but a good 13. His arms had well defined biceps, with a big vein up each one, and a nice tuft of silky hair erupting from under each armpit.

The whole room smelled of The Bull. It was an intoxicating scent of male ... sexual male ... fertile ... virile. The ceiling fan, gently moving the air. Julio smiled as he looked at the Bull next to me.

The Bull turned to me. I felt the camera lens as it explored us. The Bull's big hands were around my waist, pulling me into him ... my sandals slipping off ... the Bull pushing them aside. He lifted me ... my legs grasped tightly around the hardness of his hips ... my feet rubbing each other over his muscled ass. His lips engulfed mine ... his tongue driving inside of me ... his taste filling me. We made out ... the Bull devouring my mouth ... as I clung to him. Then, the Bull let me slide down. He slowly took off my tee, then, turned me into the camera as he sexily unsnapped the button on my jeans, then slowly ... very slowly ... slid down my zipper ... my blue thong exposed. He gurgled as he let my jeans drop, stepping me out of them, then sliding them away. He ran his large hands over my chest, tweaking each of my nipples -- they jumped, instantly becoming hard.

"Oh, mami" ('mommy'), the Bull whispered, as his hands slowly explored me. I thrust my hips out, so my boyish pud pushed against my thong ... Julio zooming in. The Bull's hand descended, playing with the fabric ... my bush fully exposed ... the wetness of my precum, widening and seeping through the thong ... the camera zooming in. His large finger dipped into my ... his finger came up to my mouth ... I ate all of my prejizz ... he dipped again ... I ate it, looking longingly into the lens.

The Bull playfully twirled me, so my pussy was exposed. The sound of the camera peeking in was so HOT! The Bull pulled the string, and my thong fell. He wet his finger and slowly teased himself into me ... my pussy lips separated ... the camera followed.

"You are so hot my chica ... so hot, baby", the Bull whispered.

I turned toward him, falling onto my knees. My thin fingers undoing the snap to his cut-offs; I slowly unzipped him. His cut-offs fell, and the massive hardness of his manhood hit my face. My tongue slowly licked prejizz as his head fully expanded, pushing his foreskin down. Julio brought the lens right next to us. I nibbled my way, engulfing the Bull's cockhead.

"Ugghh ... mi bebe maldito", the Bull moaned ('my fuckin baby').

I now had half of the Bull's meat in my mouth, my tongue swirling around his veiny mass. The camera zooming ... the 'click' as Julio took stills ... the winding of the video mode. I was consumed with the Bull. My throat began to loosen, after a few 'gags', now the Bull was inside my throat. His massiveness, expanding me. I swallowed, instinctively, as he pulsed. His dense forest against my nose and forehead, his massive hands holding my head as he began to fuck my throat ... saliva dripping onto his massive Bull balls.

"Que maricon de mierda!", the Bull echoed, ('He's such a damn faggot, right?!". "tan jodidamente caliente!" ('so fuckin hot!').

The Bull was now in a rhythm ... his hips were flexing, his huge hands firmly around my head ... his massiveness taking me ... breathing through my nose, burrowed deep in his manly bush ... his smell filling me ... Bull ... all massive Bull.

"Jesus! I'm blowing man ... FUCK", the Bull yelled. Instinctively I backed off, just his head on my tongue. The camera zoomed in ...

"FUCKIN YEEEEAAAHHHHHH", the FIRST massive burst, covering my tongue, hitting the back of my throat ... the camera watching the Bull's slit open then pulse.

"FUUUUUCCCKKKKK", the SECOND massive burst, filling my mouth, my mouth now surrounding him as I swallowed. A THIRD burst ... my cheeks swelled ... I felt a small trickle escape, down my lips onto my chest. I swallowed. A FOURTH burst ... my cheeks swelled again ... more trickled onto my chest ... now dripping down me. I swallowed, harder. The camera panning then zooming, capturing the Bull ... his seed dripping down my chest ... my throat, bobbing wildly ... eating him ... savoring him ....

Slowly, the Bull pulled out. My tongue, reaching back onto him, capturing every drop. His massive balls swinging under my chin. The camera backing away ... Julio smiling, his eyes devouring me.

The Bull pulled me onto my feet. He took a wash cloth, gently cleaning my chest ... the camera noting every move. My teenage cock, sticking out, swollen ... throbbing with my heartbeat. Julio zoomed in, taking in my excitement.

Then, the Bull grunted to Julio ... "I want to see you inside this cuno femino!' ('girly cunt').

I was getting so fucking turned on. The Bull carried me to the edge of the huge tub in the bathroom. He put a towel over the edge then bent me over the side. Julio brought the camera over, as the Bull's large hands separated my pussy cheeks ... the camera zoomed in ... the Bull's finger teasing my lips.

I heard the Bull take the camera. Julio's uncut 7", dripping like a faucet, his balls swinging below ... his bush silky black, full. I felt the wetness of Julio's finger, lubing my pussy with his precum ... then a second finger, fully inside me, against my prostate ... fuck, his fingers felt sooooo good.

"Oh, yeah ... nice cuno!", Julio's voice was deep, his breath hot in my ear.

I could feel his finger swiping over my prostate ... the Bull moving the camera as my prejizz dribbled out onto the dark towel below me. My hands held me up, as I pushed my pussy into Julio's fingers. My balls hung down, my prejizz trickling off ...

"Yeah, stick it in Julio ... stick it in my pussy boi", the Bull was coaching.

I could hear Julio squeezing copious lube onto his fuck pole. I felt Julio's hands on my pussy cheeks, pushing them apart. I could hear the lube as it dripped down my pussy. I felt Julio line up with me. The Bull moving right next to us ... focusing the camera. Julio's head pushed at my pussy lips ... intense pressure ... I relaxed ... more pressure ... I felt the sting as his head passed into my tight cunt .... fuck ... his head swelled opening me wide, his precum leaking onto my balls ... then I felt Julio push forward ... inch by inch his manhood invaded me ... my balls jumped as he slid over my prostate ... my tight cunt swallowing him in a wall of moist velvet warmth.

"Uh, fuckin TIGHT ... fuckin tight PUSSY", Julio yelled out. The Bull, grunting a response. The camera now panning over us, Julio pushing my cheeks out wide so you could see his manhood disappear, completely into me. My cheeks quivered as I milked against him. His moans filling the room.

"Oh, fuckin yeah ... squeeze my cock", he moaned.

SLAP  SLAP   SLAP   SLAP   SLAP   SLAP   SLAP   SLAP   , the wetness of Julio hitting my cheeks filled the room. My balls tossed from forward and backward. His pubic hair wet against my ass ... driving deeper.

SLAP  SLAP   SLAP   SLAP   SLAP   SLAP   SLAP   SLAP,  the Bull angling the camera, seeing all. Julio's sweat flung off his hair onto the window and the tiles around us ... the mist coating my back ... running into my pussy cleft.

"uuuuhhhhh", I moaned as Julio drove himself into my depths, my prejizz squirting ... flying onto the towel ... dripping down my balls

"FUCKING SWEET PUSSY", Julio screamed as a feral beast overtook him.

 SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAAAPPP SLAAAPPP SLAAAPPPPP  , my body forced back and forth as he began to swell ... fuckin so huge ...

"AAAAAAWWWWWWHHHHHHHHHHHH", Julio screamed, his sweat flying off onto the tiles around us as ONE ... the SURGE of his juices deep inside me ... TWO .... forcing my walls apart ... THREE ... my gut distending .... FOUR ... a deep rumble inside me .... FIVE .... his juices backing up, dripping around us .... SIX .... massive blasts!

I felt my prostate stand ... I felt my cum forced out ... pulsing ... my cunt clamped around Julio ... his legs gave way ... pushing his weight into me ... his strong arms holding us. I SHOT out ... ONE ... TWO ... THREE ... FOUR ... FIVE huge spooges!! My cum, liquid ... clear ... pulsing up onto my chest and running down my sides. My cunt violently milking Julio ... the camera capturing our orgasms ... his juices leaking around his pole, down my balls, puddling on the towel.

Julio's chest was heaving against mine, my breath rapid and shallow ... the wetness of our union so FULL inside me. I felt Julio slowly, very slowly, pull his manhood from me ... his seed pulsed out ... the camera, satisfied. I felt his hands separating my cheeks, the camera winking as it took in the full display ... my puffy lips dribbling his juices ....

I heard the camera change hands ... the strong massive hands of The Bull swinging me around, laying me on the side of the tub, the coldness of the tiles against my back ... my pussy off the edge. His hands grabbed my ankles, pulling me apart. His lubed cockhead at my pussy edge ... wet with Julio ... slowly pushing into me. His head split me .... the fullness of his veiny tree expanding me ... filling me. Julio's juices pushed deeper inside me, and back, wetting the walls between me and The Bull.

 SLAP  SLAP  SLAP  SLAP  SLAP   SLAP   SLAP    SLAP   SLAP   SLAP    SLAP   SLAP    , the reverberations echoing off the tiles. The camera, smiling.

"My little pussy .... my wet, wet pussy", the Bull was moaning. His strong hands keeping me from moving. His massive Bullpole owning me ... Julio dripping onto my wet balls.


"UUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH", the Bull, dividing me, deeply, his manhood swelling ... his slit pulsing .... ONE ... TWO .... THREE .... FOUR .... FIVE .... SIX ... SEVEN ... massive, virile ... fertile .... completely filling me. My cunt, tired, weakening as I tried to clamp down ...

The Bull now fully rested on top of me. His weight causing me to sink down. Our breathing finally steadied ... I could feel the Bull rise ... his softening pole slowly slipping from me ... his hands holding my legs apart ... the camera crawling in ... the Bull's fertileness dripping ... oozing from my puffy , tired, cunt lips, onto the floor below.

The camera panned over me, resting on my face. My smile, big, my eyes dancing ... my breathing hard but steady ... I reached down, and scooped some of the JulioBull mix from my pussy ... savoring the taste ... Julio beaming behind the camera ... the video mode switching to 'click' as stills were taken ... our love making ... saved to enjoy over and over.

The Bull took the camera. I felt it explore me as Julio arched my pussy up in the air ... his tongue diving into my swollen cunt ... lapping out The Bull and Julio ... his low moans filling the bathroom. I glanced over and saw two boyish brown eyes, watching through the rosebushes ... that half-smile on his face ... The Bull's son seeing everything, smiling, as he watched Julio eat their juices from deep inside me ... my legs draped over Julio's shoulders ... my feet kissing his back ... I looked back ...

the eyes were gone.


Tyler Waggoner

[email protected]


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