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To 'Dave':  hey man, thanks for telling me this ... I've relived your story many, many times in the playground of my mind.




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BULL and BOI - Chapter 1

Hi, I'm Kevin. I am 17 years old, and a freshman in college. The campus of Northwestern in Evanston, Illinois, is quite beautiful -- it is a rich, dense, varied pallet of color now that it is October. The cold bite in the air is just enough to energize you.

I'm Vietnamese, small famed, 5'3" and barely 110#. I have a delicate, feminine body with little boy nipples, no hair, except a silky bush that I keep shaped. My cock is plump but small at 4.5". My balls dangle in a smooth sac that shrinks up into me when I am excited. My pussy .... mmmmm ... it is so tight and willing; it is definitely one of my best assets -- rounded and arched but soft. I know just how to contract it so that guys beg for more. My mouth is the second asset -- warm and wet ... ready to please a bull.

My girl friend, Reese, is a hot little number. She is American but barely; her parents are from Sapporo, Japan ... yep, beer city in the Northwest Mountains of that intricate country. She is tight, and I love feeling the wetness of her surrounding me ... almost as much as I like a bull making me his ... it's a little different though .... when a bull is inside me, HIS genes are taking ME ... he becomes a part of me ... that is super super HOT!

I flipped open my laptop in the study cubicle; this library is something else -- five stories and cool architecture. It was Friday afternoon. Reece was out on the coast, visiting her parents. I was horny as hell ... needing my pussy taken care of ... it is a need that just happens for me ... a visceral feeling that I need to be a pussy boi. I quickly got into craigslist and the Evanston listings came up. I picked 'casual encounter" and then 'm4m". I started reading through ... mostly the usual stuff ... nothing too risque ... the I saw the heading:


I felt my cock jump .... yeah .... this sounded real good, I opened the post.

"Alpha DOM TOP lookn for slim boi who knows what his pussy needs ... over and over. Married Papi who needs to mark what is his. 42y, 6', Br/Br, GL, 185# of muscled meat, 8", thick, uncut, low hangers. Drip when chinitos make me happy. Shoot BIG BIG loads ... chinito needs to take it ALL for Papi. Discreet -- must. If ad up lookin NOW".

I clicked on the gmail link. I wrote Papi:

"18y, Asian pussy boi, Blk/Br, 5'3" 110#, 4.5c. Very clean. DDF and Neg (have gf so no bugs) ... Gotta prove to me you are neg."

I put a selfie of me and one of my smooth ass that I had taken this morning after my shower.

I hit send. My cock was pressed up against my jeans ... couldn't leave in this condition, so I checked some other emails to get my mind off my need.

As I finished checking emails, I saw a new one, "Yeah ... need my pussy boi".

I opened the mail:

"definitely need to be in you ... make you wet with Papi juice ... make little bebes ... in my bed. glad ur clean pequena, like to bb and need to know you will take every drop.

call papi ... need to do this now", his message read.

I typed a reply:

"Yeah ... need my boi pussy wet with Papi's batter. 2nite? Where u live? Me, NWU. Text me at 847-105-1900."

I closed up my laptop. I heard the 'ding' as I was walking down the library steps.

"hi. ur cute ... very cute.", Bull's message displayed.

"thx. super horny! Kev here", I replied.

"good boi ... kev ... papi wants to be deep ... own u", Bull's response.

"where r u?", I texted back.

"1922 Dewey Ave 60201", Bull's reply.

"cool. headed to my car now", I wrote.

I could feel my cock swell thinking about this guy. He was twice my age and that's the way I like them. Thick and hung. It has been awhile, probably a good eight months since I felt my cunt filled with a real man's meat. I reached my car, which was parked several blocks from the library. I made my way out and into the light back road traffic. Glad I showered before I went to the library, after I douched ... the feeling of the warm water pulsing inside me always got my horniness to sky rocket ... imagining my pussy being opened by a hot horny daddy ... grrrrrr ... i was so hard ... a small wet spot was now forming on my jeans. As I drove toward Dewey Avenue, I did my Kegel's ... tightening my cunt then relaxing ... over and over ... I wanted to be so tight for my Papi. I made the last turn, and saw the house sign come into view ... there was a bright blue tricycle parked by the garage. I pulled up in front. I was so hard, thinking about what was about to happen.

I walked up to the front door and knocked. The door opened, and I was a little embarrassed. There stood a woman in her mid-thirties with a large ass; holding her hand was a little boy of about four years old, and behind her was a boy of about six years old ... she was at least six months pregnant! She obviously realized my embarrassment, just smiling and looking down toward my crotch.

She looked down again as she began to exit, saying, "Make sure you please Papi REAL good ... he likes lil chinito's who put out". The six year old boy followed her, looking at me with a little side-smile as he left.

I heard a voice from inside the house, "that you Kev?".

"Yeah", I said as I entered and closed the door behind me. I clicked the deadbolt. The Bull appeared.

He was wearing no shirt, cut-off jeans, which showed his muscular legs, in a pair of black flip flops ... shit, they had to be size 14! He had awesome ink ... up and down both arms, on his chest, with a sunburst around his belly button. His bulge was outlined nicely in his cut off's ... with the worn blue fabric hugging it. He had some hair on his chest, with a treasure trail starting under his belly button, coursing down into his jeans, which had the button undone ... the zipper slightly down with his thick pubic hair peeking out.

The Bull walked over, his large hand gently caressed my cheek.

"beautiful boi .... really really nice", the Bull lowered his voice, husky, "name is Jose".

"here is the proof", the Bull handing me a sheet. It had his lab work from the week before with HIV negative highlighted and Hep C negative. His STD panel was negative too. He never asked me how old I was ...

"your real handsome", I replied, my voice falling as I took him fully in, my crotch filling out nicely as my cock pulsed, the wet spot obvious, growing. The Bull noticed this, and smiled, quite pleased.

"let's go to my bed", the Bull said, as he took my hand, leading me down the hall. I passed one room, blue with 'Circo Roar-n-Stomp' bedsheets and stuffed animals ... had to be his youngest boy's room. Across the hall was another room ... this one was yellow with a crib and playpen ... must be for the baby ... then one more, another blue one with a twin bed with White Sox's bedspread, clothes strewn about ... had to be the other boy. We turned into the last bedroom ... the master bedroom.

There was a large chest of drawers against the side wall, as you entered, with the nice smell of man wafting as the ceiling fan gently turned. There was a large king sized bed, with ample night stands on either side, with large windows that looked out into the back yard ... I could see a swing set and slide off to one side, partially hidden by a hedge. I could see in the bathroom ... there was a large tub, that was separate from the rest of the bathroom, with a large window that opened into a rose garden.

The Bull closed the door behind us. I could feel his huge hands as they traced my slim body, slipping onto my hips ... his thumbs gently rubbed the small of my back then traced my pussy crack.

"i like how small and delicate you are, my pequena", his breath against my neck now ('my girl'). His large hands moved around and cupped my swollen crotch ...

"mmmmmm" I moaned as his finger traced the outline of my teenage piece.

"you like?", he tongued my ear, nibbling on me.

"yeah" I breathed ... his hands were now under my shirt, gently pinching my nipples, my abdomen quivering with pleasure, "yeah .... a lot".

I felt his hand loosen my belt, pop my jeans then slowly unzip me .... he lowered my jeans as I slipped out of my sandals ... his hand reaching upward, slipping my shirt off. I throbbed in my thong ... his hands gently exploring ... tracing my cock with his finger ... slipping around to feel the muscles of my pussy cheeks.

"uhhh", I moaned, as his hands separated my cheeks, his thumb touching my entrance.

"you like/", he cooed, "my sweet boi", into my other ear, as I felt his lips softly kissing my neck, moving down my back, his tongue tracing the lines of my body and then the gentle kisses on my pussy cheeks. I instinctively arched back, his tongue now exploring my crack, his hands separating me.

"uuugghhhh", I moaned louder as his tongue began to lap at my pussy lips. This Bull was so sensual .... his touches setting off tingles and my legs felt weak as he took in my boi scent.

The Bull slid off my thong, letting it fall to my ankles, then gently, very gently raised one of my feet then the other, letting the last of my covering slip aside. I could hear him unzip his cut-offs, slipping out of them. Then I felt his incredible member against the small of my back ... his prejizz leaking ... dripping into the cleft of my pussy. His strong arms then picked me up, cradling me as he moved us to the bed. He gingerly lay me down, my boi cock throbbing ... my skin with goose bumps as I saw his muscled body. The Bull had a thick, veiny, cock, wide, with foreskin pulled back by the throbbing cockhead that had swollen ... his cockhead glistened with prejizz, his shaft arched upward, pulsing. The Bull's balls, hung, full, in a dark wrinkled sac, swinging as he moved toward me ... silky hair pushing from under his arm ... his bicep veins, bulged.

The Bull crawled on top of me, separating my legs until they rested around his hard hips ... he rubbed his cockhead over my pussy lips ... wetting them ... causing me to gasp as he rubbed his juices into me ... his hands cupped my face ... his thumb brushing against my lips ... my nipples hard as his lips slowly engulfed one then the other ... his muscular thighs separating me ... further exposing my pussy lips.

"Papi want you so bad", he graveled into my ear, "Papi wants you so, so bad". His lips met mine and I opened to let his tongue explore me ... his taste, rich ... manly ... his hand gently traced my neck, stopping below my bump to softly play ... his finger twirled. His throbbing wetness, swelling, in pleasure, at my pussy lips ... his low hung Bull balls, resting against my leg.

"I want you Papi ... I need you", I moaned.

"Oh my sweet pussy boi", his voice so full, "I want you ... my little chica". ('hot girl')

The Bull reached over and pulled out some lube from the night stand drawer on the left side. I felt the wetness of his fingers as he teased my pussy lips ... his middle finger slipping into me, slowly moving around ... then another finger, as he rubbed against the fullness of my prostate ... he pushed against my gland, my cock throbbed. He lubed his Bullhood ... fuck, he wasn't kidding ... no over measuring ... no exaggeration. He was eight full inches of throbbing thick latino Bull ... fuck ... I melted. I could smell his Bullness .... see his Bull muscles flinch ... his six pack rippled. He placed my boyish legs over his shoulders, my feet kissed behind his neck ... I could feel his wetness as his Bullhead met my pussy lips ... I could feel his pressure ... his head separated me .... the burning as the tip invaded me .... my legs relaxing .... his Bullhood now separating my cunt as he swelled and moaned ... my pussy lips closing around his meat.

"ugggghhhh", I moaned as he kept moving deeper into me, "I love being your pussy boi".

"Papi ama a su chica dulce", the deep pleasure exuding in his voice ('Papi loves his sweet girl').

I could feel myself being opened, his silky bush now resting on my pussy cheeks, his balls heavily on mine.

"Uuugghhh ... mi bebe", he moaned with intense pleasure ('my baby').

The Bull put his huge hands around my thin ankles, arching my pelvis up, driving him deeper.

SLAP  SLAP  SLAP  SLAP  SLAP  SLAP  SLAP  SLAP  SLAP  SLAP   ... the wetness of his advances into me echoing off the walls ... his balls driving against mine as his Bullmeat drove itself in and out of me.

SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP, as the Bull savored my cunt ... each force pushed my air out ... reverberating off the walls, like a cave.

"Oh fuck nina ... holy fuck ... usted es tan fuerte", the Bull yelled ('fuck girl, you are so tight!').

I looked over his shoulder and I could see, in the corner of the room, a red light ... then I could see the camera ... the Bull was making a video of us ... the angle of the camera capturing the tininess of me, and the massive Bull, taking me, owning my cunt.

SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP S-LAP S-LAP S-SLAP S-LAP SLAP SLAP as the Bull picked up his pace. My cunt was so full of him ... my insides were being split ...the manly scent of his sweat on me .... his breath on my face as his head nuzzled against me,

SLAP SLAP SLAP SLA SLA SLAP SLA SLA SLA SLA SLA SLA SLA SLAPPPP  his drive increasing ... fertile seed building in the Bull's balls ... my prostate being pummeled ... the Bull was in Heat ... he needed to make me his ...

SLA SLA SL SL SLA SL SL SLAAPPPPP, as he drove his pole deep into my wetness.

"Papi is close", he grunted, SLA SLA SLA SLA SLA SLAAAPPPP  SLA SLA SLA SLA SLA SLAAAPPP .... "uuuugggGGGHHHHH", he moaned.

Then, the Bull pushed in one final motion, driving all of my breath out .... "AAAAAUUUUUGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" as I felt him flood inside me ....

"UUUUUUGGGGGGHHHHHHHH", he screamed as I felt his baby faucet surge with violence, spewing his Bull seed deep, deep into me. I was swelling with the force of his juices as my gut was separated by his fertility .... blast after blast of the Bull .... over and over .... his body quivering on mine .... his ass muscles clenching and releasing as each powerful surge forced his life into me .... I could feel my prostate contract ... my cock rigid.

"UUUUUUGGGGHHHHHHH", I screamed .... one powerful blast after another ....   SPLAT  as I hit my face,  SPLAT  as I hit my chin,  SPLAT  as I hit the sheets above me ....

"UUUUUGGGGHHHHHHHH", the Bull screamed as my cunt clamped around him ... 'UUUUUGGGGHHHHHHHH" as I felt him swell, even bigger, as another blast of his hot batter bred me, "oh fuck ... FUCK .... FUCK", he shouted as his whole body convulsed, my cunt tight ... his Bull tool continued to throb ... jerking as I milked the last drops of his juice from its slit .... the rumbling of his fertileness deep inside me .... his body relaxed, his weight on me .... my legs sliding around his hips ....

The camera ... recording all of it. The Bull lay on top of me .... the wetness of his juices, slipping around his softening love pole .... I felt him slip out of me.

The Bull went over to the camera, taking it off the tripod. "dar la vuelta nina y mostrar Papi", he said ('turn around little girl and show Papi').

I rolled onto my stomach then got on all fours. I could hear him bring the camera toward me ... I spread my pussy cheeks ... I could feel the wetness of him, leaking from my puffy boi cunt ... I could hear the camera zooming in ....

"si, puta caliente", the Bull was saying ('yeah, fucking hot'), "Isi, golpeado para arriba mi nina" ('yeah, knocked up my little girl'), "si, maldita puta caliente!" ('yeah, fucking, fucking hot!'). I could feel his juice dripping out of my cunt, down onto my silky sac and around my balls ... dripping onto the sheet .... "yeah ... gonna make babies with my boi slut", he said, "montones y montones de bebes" ('lots and lots of babies').

I was owned by the Bull. His manly essence ... inside me ... marking me ... making me ... totally ... his. The millions and millions of his swimmers, going deeper, finding more of me .... the wetness of his juice ... warm .... my cunt quivering ... tired ... holding his babies inside of me.

I heard the Bull put the camera back on the tripod. I felt the warmth of his body as he climbed on top of me, rolling me onto my side ... his muscles protecting me ... cuddling me into him ... his breath warm on my neck as he whispered, "va a hacer un monton de bebes con usted ...." ('gonna make lots of babies with you') ... my pussy lips jumped ... his hands slowly rubbing my belly .... the ceiling fan grunting its approval ... lulling me off to sleep.


Tyler Waggoner

[email protected]


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