Brandon and Luke

Chapter 2: Mentor

After the boys hit In-N-Out to satisfy the munchies they were off cruising around for about a half hour. With no particular place to go and not meeting up with any friends they headed back to Brandon's house. As they approached the house Brandon click the remote attached to his visor and the gate opened. He drove up the driveway and clicked the second remote to open the garage door. With the door open Brandon parked his Mustang inside the garage, lowered the door, and turned out the lights before the boys went inside.

Brandon's parent's house was spacious at five bedrooms with a bathroom in each bedroom, plus a main bathroom. The house was a little on the lavish side compared to Luke's parents modest three bedroom home. Once inside Brandon asked, "So, what do you want to do now?"

"Whatever you want."

"Wanta go for a dip in the pool or head to my bedroom?" Brandon asked.

"Your room, hopefully we can pickup where we left off."

Once in Brandon's darkened bedroom the two grasp each other and began making out passionately. There they stood in silence locked together in a tight embrace. Their bodies illuminated by the moonlight coming through the windows the two shadowy silhouettes outlined were kissing soulfully. Luke was swept away by a romantic Brandon. As the two held each other Luke remarked, "You sure know how to sweep a guy off his feet into your arms."

"I was aware I wanted you the first time we met. I wasn't sure you would be receptive to my advances until we undressed a little while ago. You didn't nix my sexual advance poolside. I knew for sure when I held your hand."

"Yeah, it was like electricity flowing through us," Luke replied.

"Once I had your hand in mine I knew we wanted the same things."

"So, are you ... I mean are totally queer or do you go both ways?" Luke asked with hesitation.

"I do date women, but prefer sex with guys. I've been having sex with guys since junior high school."


"Yeah, for some silly reason sex with guys is just so much more sexually fulfilling for me than with girls," Brandon replied. "With my dad working in the film industry in Hollywood I got to meet a bunch of young child actors, 'cause dad took me with him and I went to grade school on the lot with them. We all experimented a lot sexually when they weren't filming. If the outside world only knew what goes on behind the scenes in Tinseltown."

"I often suspected as much," Luke replied.

"The first time I had sex with a girl was when I was when I was thirteen and she was sixteen. Wow, what a chick. She was working on a movie my dad was involved in making. She took a liking to me. One thing led to the other and before long she was fucking me a couple times a day for two or three weeks while the film crew was working in the studio. For her age she was good; knew all the moves and taught me what foreplay was all about."

"Wow, so who was she?" Luke asked. "Is that how come you got the foreplay thing down pat?"

"There is a golden rule in Hollywood that you don't fuck and tell," Brandon said with a chuckle. "And yeah, her and couple more older gals taught me about foreplay. They all told me that foreplay is like the ingredients making the cake and the orgasm is like the icing."

"I hope that means whatever we do will be kept between us," Luke said. "I sure wouldn't want to hear or my parents to hear I was queer.

"My lips are sealed unless you want to experiment with threesomes or foursomes. Or like an orgy, but even then no one tells," Brandon said. "Besides, I don't want to be outed either."

"So, you ever been involved in an orgy?" Luke asked.

"Oh yeah, more than a few times."

"Were they mixed or just guys?" Luke asked.

"A little of both, but most of the time I enjoy being with just one guy and hopefully you'll be that guy for a while," Brandon said. "Sex is just so much more gratifying between two people. I like you and your body, but I'll understand if you find a girlfriend next fall in school and want to move on."

"If I happen to find a girlfriend next fall to satisfy my parent's wishes can we still have our secret sexual relationship?" Luke asked.

"I sure as hell hope so!" Brandon exclaimed pushing Luke back on the big bed. "Now let's quit talking and get down to some serious love making."

"You are the first guy I've been with that has used that term for sex," Luke said. "What gives? Do you think you're in love with me?"

"As I said before I like you a lot, but I don't know if I'm in love with you. Do you think you are in love with me," Brandon asked.

"I'm not sure about anything right now Brandon."

"Making love is a much more gentle and romantic term than fucking or sucking," Brandon replied. "We make love, but we talk dirty to each other while in the midst of love making."

"How's that?" Luke asked.

"Have you ever had anal sex with a guy before?"

"No, just jerk offs and a few blowjobs, never had a guy's cock up my ass," Luke said.

"Would you like to try it with me, 'cause I sure want to be the person to take your anal virginity. You don't have to reciprocate tonight. I'll guide you through the process penetrating me."

"I'll give it a go," Luke said. "And if any guy takes me anally it will be you Brandon."

Let's go take a shower first," Brandon said pulling Luke up off the bed leading him towards the bathroom.

The two boys walked into Brandon's bathroom all the time Brandon kept explaining to Luke what and how things were going to play out that night. Once in the bathroom Brandon flipped on the light and there laid out on a towel was a selection of sex toys. Luke was somewhat surprised by the display. Brandon began explaining to Luke what each one was used for and why they were used. He also explained about a foreplay act called rimming that Luke had never heard about before. "We don't have to do that the first time, maybe later."

"Wow, I guess I've led a sheltered life because I've never seen or heard about most of this stuff," Luke said.

"I'm going to clean out my ass first out," Brandon said grabbing the douche bulb. "Don't want you get scared off by any shit on your dick."

Brandon went on explaining to Luke about all the sex toys and their uses such as the butt plugs, dildos, cock rings, condoms, lubricants, etc., that were all laid out as he prepared for his anal douche. "These vials are called poppers," Brandon said holding up the glass vial. "You crush a vial, inhale the vapors and like sex is so fucking good after that, especially anal sex."

Brandon began the process of cleaning out his rectum while Luke watched. Then the two boys entered the shower where they began bathing each other, paying special attention to Bandon's ass. "Bathing is not only to clean the body, but is part of foreplay," Brandon said.

Once finished they dried off, wrapped towels around their bodies and exited the bathroom for the bedroom. Brandon went to the top drawer of his dresser to retrieve a fatty. He opened the door to the patio. The two boys stepped out into the night. Brandon fired up the joint, took a big hit and handed it off to Luke. After they finished the joint they went back into Brandon's room. "Grass just makes sex so much more enjoyable, don't ya think Luke?"


"Get in bed baby," Brandon said.

The two got into Brandon huge bed where they began making out. Their cocks were hard as well as their nipples. Brandon was on top as the two frotted while making out. Their genitals were rubbing together. Foreplay was on and as far as Brandon was concerned he wanted it to last for a couple hours before succumbing to Luke's anal penetration.




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