A short time after Luke Austin's family moved from New York to California Luke asked his parents if he could spend the night at a friend's house that he'd recently met. Brandon Bane was about a year older than Luke and had just graduated from high school in June, but the two didn't let age difference stifle their new relationship. Of course Luke's parents, even at his age, almost eighteen, were over protective parents, especially since they had just moved to Encino. Although Encino is an upscale community in San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles Luke's parents had heard horror stories about the LA area and feared the worse for their only son's safety. So, they ask their son to bring his new friend over so they could meet him. The next afternoon Brandon accompanied Luke to the Austin's home for formal introductions.

The Mustang fastback pulled into the driveway of the Austin house. The two boys scrambled out of the car and began walking toward the front entry. "Sorry about all this, but my parents are worrywarts," Luke said to his new friend.

"No problem buddy."

Inside Brandon met Luke's mom. After meeting Brandon Luke's mom asked, "Do you suppose it might be possible to meet your parents Brandon?"

"Sure, no problem."

"Maybe an introductory dinner would be in order to meet your family to get to know them as long as you two are going to be friends," Luke's mother suggested. "I hope you understand."

"Sure, I'm cool with that."

Luke didn't understand his mom's unfounded concern and was a little turned off by the suggestion. It wasn't as if this was the girl of Luke's dreams who he was bringing home to announce they were getting married, just two teenage boys asking permission for a sleepover. Brandon gave Luke's mom his parent's phone number. The next day Mrs. Austin called Mrs. Bane to invite them over for dinner. A date was set for a dinner party that Saturday evening. Everything went smoothly at dinner between the parents. Both fathers hit it off as did the moms.

That evening Luke's mom gave the okie-dokie for the sleepover at Brandon's the following weekend. After mother Austin's blessing the two boys set about from then on until the Friday of the purposed sleepover planning the big event. Brandon and Luke would talk for hours on the phone about the big event. Back then there were no cell phones, computers or Xbox, so the teens relied on landlines or face-to-face interaction to firm up their plans as they cruised around the area in Brandon's Mustang during the day.

The plan was for an afternoon of swimming and on Friday night the boys would look at each other's comic books and then watch Friday night horror flicks on Brandon's television in his bedroom. Friday afternoon arrived; Luke's mom put a change of underwear and socks as well as swim trunks and toiletries in the brown paper shopping bag on top of the stack of comics. About three in the afternoon Luke said good-bye to his mother, strapped the brown bag on the back of his motor scooter and was off for the short ride to Brandon's house.

Once Luke arrived at Brandon's house he was met by Brandon's mother. She told Luke that she was going to meet Brandon's father that afternoon in Hollywood for some type of post film production party, and the two boys would have to make the best of things without her. The film company had just wrapped up shooting a film and there was to be a dinner and limited premiere showing for all those that worked on the film. She was very excited, pushing Luke towards Brandon's room, so she could finish getting dressed. Brandon's bedroom was on the far end of the large ranch house. Luke had been in the house before, so he knew the direction to his friend's room.

Once in Brandon's bedroom the older teen suggested that they get ready to go swimming. The two boys stripped down to begin changing into their swimming attire. After shedding their street clothing into two separate piles the two boys stood nude admiring each other's nude bodies. Luke was not shy standing in Brandon's presences naked. He was impressed with Brandon's sleek athletic well-tanned body.

The main difference between the two boy's bodies was Brandon's body possessed that golden California tan; whereas, Luke's skin was a creamy lighter color. As they stood looking at each other Luke was especially taken with Brandon's flaccid cut cock hanging over his scrotum showing a prominent purplish coronal ring at the base of his pink cock head. Luke could see Brandon smiling a bit as they checked out each other's stuff. There was no doubt the boys were sizing each other up.

Neither of the boys was hung huge, but they had nothing to be ashamed of in the manhood department as they stood nude before each other. Both their cocks began to grow a little during those awkward seconds before pulling on their swim suites. With their swim wear in place they headed for the pool where they dove in and began swimming laps. Both boys were good swimmers, but Brandon was the one who had been the swimmer throughout high school. After a few laps the boys got out of the pool to relax and enjoy some summer sun beside each other on the chase lounges poolside.

After a few minutes Brandon's mom came out to kiss her son good-bye, and give him a fifty dollar bill. Once she was gone Brandon looked at Luke with a big white smile and Luke looked back. Luke thought to himself, damn this guy is gorgeous with his blue eyes blond hair and surfer's tan. Maybe Brandon was reading Luke's mind because he dropped his left hand off the arm of the chase lounge taking Luke's right hand into his. There was a big security fence surrounding the Bane's backyard, so no one could see what was taking place. After few minutes caressing Luke's hand and fingers Brandon got up, disappearing into the big ranch house. When he returned he said, "I wanted to make sure mom had locked all doors, and get a couple of joints."

Brandon opened his hand displaying the marijuana cigarettes. Luke couldn't believe his eyes there were two of the biggest fatties Luke had seen. Brandon blazed one up, took a big hit in deep and passed the joint to Luke. Luke took a big hit and passed it back. The boys passed the joint a few times before burning the fatty down. Brandon didn't have a roach clip handy, so he dropped the roach to the ground. It was the late 1960s; Luke was no stranger to weed coming from New York, but was not a real marijuana user.

After the two teens finished off the fatty they laid back on the lounge chairs in silence for a few minutes letting the drug kick in. Before long Brandon's hand found Luke's hand again. Brandon began caressing, fondling and stroking Luke's fingers and hand and then began rubbing his forefinger across the palm of Luke's hand. Again, Luke was no dummy. He knew what the signal meant. Brandon said, "I really like you Luke."

Luke replied, "I like you too Brandon."

Brandon got up from his chase lounge and moved to Luke's side. Sitting on the edge of lounge he said, "You are so exotically beautiful baby."

Luke replied, "You're beautiful too."

"Are you ready to take our relationship to the next level?"

No sooner had Brandon asked the question than his mouth covered his new friend's mouth. Luke didn't fight the lustful advance; instead, welcomed it and began reciprocating in kind. Luke was unsure whether it was the cannabis kicking in or something else making him receptive to Brandon's wanton advance. The two became comfortable lying beside each other making out. Brandon's right leg was resting between Luke's legs. Luke was sure Brandon could sense Luke's erection inside his trunks. Luke could feel Brandon's right foot rubbing up and down his leg - such a sensuous feeling.

The two broke their embrace. "You have the most alluring green eyes and such soft auburn brown hair baby," Brandon said as he continued gazing into Luke's eyes while stroking his curly hair. "Your hair smells so good."

After Brandon said that the two began making out again. There were so many things running through Luke's head. Brandon was a great make out artist and knew how to kiss. Brandon knew what to say at just the right time and setting. Luke sensed that he was not the first boy or girl to be seduced by his new friend poolside. Brandon would nibble and suck on Luke's lips and then let his tongue snake in to tickle Luke's tonsils. After a while Brandon wanted to suck on Luke's neck, but Luke knew that might be a little too much and forbid that move. Brandon was kissing all over Luke's face, nibbling his ear lobes, whispering, "I want you baby. I want you to fill me with your love tonight."

Wow, Luke thought to himself this guy is for real. He wants me to make love with him. Most guys would have just said you want to suck or fuck - not Brandon. Every move and utterance he made was so seductive. The two fired up another fat joint and passed it back and forth. Luke was developing a heavy buzz. What they were smoking was grade "A" grass. After they finished the second joint they returned to making out. Luke had never been in a situation such as he was in before - with a girl or a guy.

Suddenly, Luke felt Brandon's thumb flicking Luke's right nipple. Instantaneously it became erect - hard enough to cut glass. By then Luke's heart was racing and his cock was jumping with each beat of his heart. He was aware this was going down to the finish line. Brandon broke the embrace, moving his mouth to Luke's free nipple. Luke could feel Brandon's warm wet tongue tantalizing that erect pink nub while his thumb and forefinger played with the other one. Luke was gasping, moaning and writhing under Brandon's touch. Luke had never experienced anything such as what was happening to him before.

"I knew those things were going to give me pleasure," Brandon said in muffled voice, "What about you? Do you enjoy me sucking and biting on them?"

"Oh My God," was all Luke could reply. Then Luke said it again as he felt Brandon's warm wet mouth engulf his pink cock head. Brandon had Luke's swim trunks pulled down with the waistband tucked beneath Luke's scrotum exposing his hard cock and balls. Brandon's tongue was working around Luke's crimson coronal ring. Then it would sweep up across the dome tantalizing the piss slit. Again, Luke was moaning and groaning uncontrollably.

"My my that is tasty," Brandon said of Luke's precum.

Brandon, unlike other boys Luke had experimented with sexually, was an artist at giving head. The other boys would just get on a cock and bob up and down. There had never been the amount of foreplay with previous blowjobs from friends in New York. Brandon knew all the right moves and spots to bring total pleasure when performing oral sex. He also knew when to slack off and then when to go back to work. Luke sensed that his precum was starting to flow. Luke said, "I think I'm close to cumming."

"Uh huh," was all Brandon could utter with a mouth full of cock.

Back in New York the couple kids that Luke had experimented with sexually would signal when it was about time to cum and then the cocksucker would pull off and finish the job by hand. For some reason Luke sensed that Brandon wanted to take all his juice and suck him dry. Brandon continued working his magical tongue around Luke's cock head. Finally, Luke exploded in his friend's mouth. Luke could feel his cock pumping rope after rope of spooge into Brandon's mouth while his friend was sucking his balls dry. After a few minutes Brandon ceased working his magic on Luke softening phallus.

Brandon then turned around and began making out with Luke again. Luke could taste his own cum and feel the slick feeling as the two kissed and swapped spit. After a few minutes of making out Luke whispered, "Let me do you."

The two rearranged their bodies so Luke could gain access to Brandon's swollen cock. Finally, Luke was going to taste Brandon's beautiful pink knob. Luke took hold of the shaft at the base steadying the hard throbbing cock. The fist thing that Luke had noticed was Brandon's bush was trimmed. He reasoned that was because of his swimming in high school. Luke lowered his mouth onto Brandon's swollen pink know. He began trying to replicate Brandon's every move. Luke managed to accomplish that feat tantalizing Brandon's plump cock head, getting that first taste of his friend's precum before the older teen exploded with force. Luke gagged at first, but then began swallowing his friend's juice. After the boys had a good cum they decided it was time for another invigorating swim before any further sexual activities.

After a few laps the two went back to the chase lounges where they began making out again. Before long the sun was began setting on the western horizon. Brandon asked, "You hungry?"

"For more of that beautiful tasty cock of yours."

"You wanta go get a burger or pizza before we hit my bedroom for the main event tonight?"


The two went inside where Brandon noticed the answering machine blinking. He pushed the button to play the message: the message was from his mom telling him that she and her father were going to get a room at the hotel because they had been drinking and didn't want to chance driving. She concluded the message as always with, "I love you. See you boys tomorrow."

The two teens showered together to rinse the chlorine off their bodies before they dressed. Of course there was some sexual horse play in the shower, but nothing serious. Once out of the shower the boys dressed. Then they went to the garage to get Brandon's Mustang, and then they were off to the nearest In-N-Out burger joint.




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