Jack decided that he would be the first one on Brad's ass, and without any warning, he pounced down on Brad's butt and simply said, "Hang on buddy" as he grabbed his rod and pushed it up in Brad's ass.

All Brad could think of for a few moments was, "Oh thank God I have an ass hole full of grease!" Jack's aim was right on target and his full body weight went directly into his cock which then went directly into Brad's ass.

Brad heard one of Jack's companions actually exclaim, "Oh shit man!

Oh my God! He went into him fast and hard! God he slammed him hard! Shit man, I'm not sure I could have done him that hard and that fast. Shit man, I hope that kid's ass is OK. Jack really rammed him with all of his might!"

Joe, the rather quiet one that had just been standing back and watching what was going on since they had arrived, replied to George, the man that had made the comments, that, "Jack told us that if this guy did turn out to be the one he thought it might be, that he wanted to be the first one in him to show us what this guy could take! He told me that the night he fucked him in that bar basement, this guy really took a hell of a lot more abuse in his butt than he had ever seen any other guy take. He told me that after he found out how wild this guy can be, he tried his damnedest to get this kid to beg for him to stop, but he never did. He was still taking it when Jack had to stop. Jack said he knew that if he ever got another chance with this kid, if he was all alone and with nobody else around, that he would have to be really careful that he did not get too carried away and hurt him some way. Jack told me that he does realize that he can get really turned on with some really wild sex, and playing with a guy, like this one is, can be dangerous. He said that when one guy is the rough top, and especially when he is hung like he is, and the bottom guy takes more abuse than he should, things can get a little out of hand. He said this guy just does not protect himself at all, and if a guy can do it to him, he will take more than he should. Jack said that he knows he does have an oversized dick, and this kid was really all turned on and excited about him getting really rough, with it up in his ass. He told me that, during that night in the basement, he only stopped because he heard some of the other guys down there, that night, making comments about how they might have to step in and stop what was happening. That is what made him realize that he was probably getting way to rough on the kid. He said he wanted to be first, so that he could show us how aggressive we could get with him.

And believe me, with the size of a dick that Jack has got, right now, that kid has to know he has got one fucking train, running back an forth,--in and out of his ass. I got fucked by Jack once, and that was the last time.

I fucking screamed my lungs out when he rammed that think up in me. I got him out and told him never again. We've remained friends, but let me tell you I have never let him fuck my ass again. Has he ever fucked you?"

"Oh yea! Oh yea, he has!" George replied. "Yea he did one night after we had been out drinking together. Let me tell you, when he pushed that damn big thing up in me, it sure did take care of my being kind of drunk. It sobered me up real quickly! Hell, I kept checking my ass hole for three days after that to see if it was bleeding yet. It never did, but it sure as hell sure felt like it should have."

Stan, the officer that had fucked Brad's ass the week before, looked at George and Joe and rather surprisingly said, "You are kidding me!

You two do not like getting fucked by Jack? Shit man, I thought you guys got it as often as possible from him. Shit man! I like it and I keep telling him to fuck me deeper. I thought you guys got fucked by him all of the time. Shit, I get him to fuck me at least once or twice a week. Shit man, I like it. Well, anyway, you two sure did have me fooled. I thought you two were using him as much as I do. Well---I guess that will just mean that I will have to give him my ass to use that much more often."

Jack could hear the conversation going on above his head, and he slightly turned toward Stan, grinned a broad grin, and just said, "Yea!"

"Well, I guess that plan does not upset Jack any, does it?" Joe said with a grin, as he looked toward Stan. "Sounds like that, oversized, big dick, fuck happy, cop guy, will be using you and this kid just as often as he can. I had no idea you two were doing it together. I guess when I told him to never put it back in my ass, I guess I just never stopped to figure out who he was fucking. I guess I must had just thought his wife was getting it more often now."

All three men that had been discussing their sessions of getting fucked by Jack, had all been standing there stroking their respective hard-ons as they talked and watched Jack fuck the hell out of Brad's tight white ass.

"Hey this kid sucked me off last week, and I'm going for it again, now!" George suddenly announced as he planted himself directly in front of Brad's face and told him to open up for some "nice fine dinning"!

Brad immediately opened his mouth in an attempt to get George's dick in it, but with the rough and tumble action that was still going on in his ass, he had trouble lining his mouth and George's dick up together.

George grabbed his 8 and on half inch, cop's meat stick and fed it into Brad's mouth. Brad immediately closed him mouth down on it and trapped it inside with force and pressure, so that the movement going on in his ass hole did not force it to pop out of his mouth.

Stan and Joe watched as one of their co-workers fucked the hell out of a horney, young 20's something "kid", as they called him, and another co-worker fed that same kid his entire length of cock meat. Stan and Joe were both stroking their respective hangs of meat when without warning Stan knelt down and grabbed Joe's bag of balls, forcing his dick to drop down far enough for Stan to quickly put it in his mouth!

"Shit man!" Joe exclaimed. "I thought we were all out here to fuck around with this kid. I didn't know we were going to be doing each other."

Stan kind of just uttered something like, "yea, yea", and then pulled Joe's body up close to his face so that he could get onto Joe's meat as far as possible. Joe accepted the fact that although he did not expect anything like this to happen between any of the cops, he accepted it, and obviously started to really enjoy it since he grabbed ahold of Stan's head and pulled him forward, and onto the full depth of his dick. Suddenly he started yelling, "Yea man! Yea! Suck me! Suck me! Oh God Stan, make me cum!"

Everybody except Brad grinned and looked at Joe. All of them were very surprised to hear that coming out of Joe's mouth since he was always the quiet one. They did not expect to hear him express any type of excitement, especially to hear him beg for Stan to make him cum.

Joe saw everybody looking at him and grinning. He looked at them and said, "Hey man! I don't get sex out in the city parks like you guys do all of the time. This is new and exciting to me, OK? Nobody can hear us way back here anyway! Suck me Stan!"

The other officers had just experienced what, they thought, might be a complete break through in a personality change. Joe just had never been the type of a guy that any of them could expect that type of action from. They were happy to see the change.

Jack was torturing Brad's ass. The night in the bar basement was turning out to be rather calm, compared to what the city officer was doing to him, this night. Late at night, out under the moon light, showing off in front of his sex buddies, playing with some young smaller sized kid, in the back of an old and trashy city park simply gave Jack that much more excitement of being an, out of control wild and native animal, to make him try and force Brad to beg for some relief. He had a challenge on his hands. Brad was not giving in. He was getting the treatment that he had dreamt of having or at least wanted to get for years now, and he certainly was not going to stop it. Brad did not know why, but he did know that he had an internal desire to be sexually beaten up by somebody bigger and stronger than he was, and for that person to be a cop, was a complete sexual excitement and turn on for him. He was living a dream that he thought could only be made up. He knew his body was being pretty well beaten up, but he also knew that this could only happen to a guy once in his life, if at all, and tonight was his night to stick it out, and be stronger than he could have ever imagined himself to be. He knew he was proving to himself that although he was just slightly, as of about a month ago, 22 years old, and his 145 pound frame and body certainly did not match up to the size of any of these cops, he was not going to allow himself to even hint that he needed to stop. He knew he had Jack in his ass, and that Jack was without doubt the roughest of the group, and that he wanted Jack to collapse on him, in a complete pile of exhaustion, before he even thought of begging for some relief. He mentally accepted the outrageous rampage that was going on in his ass by fully concentrating on the dick in his mouth. He grabbed George and pulled him forward and into his mouth as fully as he could. His entire attention was geared toward that dick. He knew his ass was being used harder and rougher than it had ever been before, but knowing that he was letting it all happen, simply for the personal pleasure of the hot cop fucking him, was a total payoff for the possible injures that he knew he might be receiving back there. He knew his insides were OK. His butt might end up being kind of black and blue, but to be able to give himself so completely, to such a hunky group of guys was more than a privilege.

Brad had kind of figured out the group that was so completely using him out in this old trashy city park. He did already know Jack. That one he had finally figured out. He had the advantage of remembering him from the bar basement and he definitely remembered his very wrestler type of a body. Guessing,---he guessed that Jack might be in his late 20's. A very thick chest, probably a 52 or a 53" chest. Tiny waist line of about maybe a 34", and probably weighed in at 220 or 230, but he knew he was not too sure about that. Brad had never had much experience with a real muscular hunky and bulky type of a guy before, so guessing some guy's weight that was built like that was more of a guess for him.

Since George had made the comment about getting sucked off by this guy a week ago, he knew he was one of the two original cops. Last week when George was in front of him, Brad was not given any time or chance to look up at his face. Now that Brad had a slight chance to check him out, he decided that George was, in Brad's assumptions, about 34 years old, stood about 6' 1 or 2, and probably weighed in at about 190 pounds of very cop like solid muscles. He did not see him naked last week, since he then had only dropped his uniform pants enough to get sucked on, but tonight he got a chance to see the entire nice and well formed, athletic body. He was especially appreciating the view of being so very close to George's mid section. He saw a great six-pack.

He knew Stan had been his fucker the prior week. He recognized his voice, and he was anxious to have Stan take his turn, in his ass, this night. His fucking last week by Stan had been enjoyable, and he was looking forward to it again. After having a chance to see Stan this week, ---last week he was never allowed to look at him, he decided that Stan might be about 42 or 43 years old, probably about 5'11" tall, and probably weighed in at close to 200 pounds. He had a much more mature body than George did, but none the less, he was still a very hot built guy. Just not as tight of a skin coating, as when comparing it to George.

Joe was the new one to him. He had never seen Joe before tonight.

Joe looked to be a lot more like maybe 34 or 35. Tall and very lanky body.

Probably 6' 4 tall, and probably weighed in at 180 or 190 pounds. the very first thing that Brad did notice about Joe was the size of his feet. Yea, the old saying stood true as far as Brad was concerned. Joe's hard on was the longest of the group. Not the thickest, but definitely the longest.

Probably a good 8 or 9 inches long.. Enough to make Brad get real anxious to have him pushing it up in his ass.

Jack was sweating, even though it was not a very hot or humid night out. As the sweat dripped onto Brad's back, he knew that Jack was starting to get kind of winded from the frantic attach that he was giving Brad's ass. Brad laid there and continued to enjoy George's meat that he was so happily sucking on as strongly as he could.

Suddenly George pulled his cock out of Brad's mouth and said, "Whoa man! You were getting me way to close to cumin, and I don't want to do that until I've had my turn in that cute white ass of yours. You were really sucking me like you have done that to guys for years. You really know how to suck, man!"

Jack suddenly laid down on Brad's back and asked George if he was ready to "Take over back here? I've fucked this ass as hard as I can fuck an ass, and I guess this one must be made out of steel. I thought for sure that since I would be laying down on him tonight, instead of standing up like I did that night in the bar basement, that I could fuck him hard enough to make him beg for mercy, but shit man, I was wrong. I don't think there is anything that can make this kid yell for help. I have never in my entire life ever fucked some guy as hard and as rough as I have this one and not had the guy cry for me to stop. I give up. all I can say is he sure is my choice for being our new precinct whore. Hey George, fuck his ass!"

Jack got up, George laid down, and George took over the

"responsibility" of being the group's fucker for a while. He did not fuck Brad as roughly as Jack had just done, but he was definitely in the mood.

He grabbed ahold of Brad's chest and pulled himself up and into Brad as fully as he could. He hung on tight to Brad's chest and humped his butt in a good steady rhythm.

"Fuck me, fuck me!" Brad begged. It was obvious to all of the cops that their sex toy was having the time of his life.

"Shit man! I have never seen some guy take it like this one does!"

Stan said. "And I have been around a lot of guys getting fucked! I haven't been in his butt yet, but from what I have already seen, I know for damn sure he is the one we need as out precinct whore. We need to take care of this one and make sure he gets everything he needs."

Stan and Joe had broken up their tight little sucking session, and when George moved away from in front of Brad, Joe took his place. Knowing that Joe was swinging the longest cock of the group, Brad broke out in a big smile as he squatted in front to Brad and rather "offered" his stick of meat to Brad's mouth. Brad immediately said, "Yea", and put it in his mouth. The extra length of this dick forced Brad to readjust himself so that the could comfortable take all of it without choking. He did not want to choke or gag in front of any of these guys. He was still on his main mission of proving to all of them that he could do whatever they did, or offered, for him to do. He truly wanted to leave this session, as feeling like he was the winner. He knew he was younger, smaller and probably much less experienced than any of these cops, but he wanted to be the one that everybody admired for his abilities with another man. He wanted to actually feel like he had completely grown up this night!

Stan watched George get into Brad's ass, and he watched as Joe stuck his rod into Brad's mouth, and he then turned to Jack and said, "Well man! Your dick has not shot off yet, and my ass is apparently the only other ass besides the kid that will allow you in it, so how about you fuck me? I did not know until tonight that those two wimps do not get fucked by you, so I guess the kid and I will be your main holes to keep filled. Come on Jack, pump my ass like you did the kid's!"

Stan bent over, grabbed his ankles, and Jack came up behind him as if he was the stallion mounting his mare. One push, and Stan was full.

Full and happy. He liked getting it in the ass from Jack, and now that he understood that not all of the group used that dick, that made him that much more happy, that he will be able to openly ask for it more often than he has in the past.

Brad got fucked by George in a nice a calmly manner, and accepted his ass full of cum when George could not hold it anymore! George pulled his dick out, wiped it across Brad's back and then asked who wanted to do

"this ass" next.

Joe moved from his "getting sucked" position to his, "I will fuck him" position, and Brad now got Joe's dick in the opposite end. Again, one steady push and Joe was completely and deeply all inside. Brad turned his head and said, "Thanks!" Brad wanted each of his tops to know that he appreciated having each one of them up inside of himself. He wanted them to know that he was trying his best to be their toy of pleasure and joy.

He wanted each of them to be real anxious to re-do this entire session real soon. He did not know if it would ever happen for the whore group to be together and play with him as a group again, but to be looked at as the guy any of them can call at any time to get some good ass, was his aim. He did not want any of the four to regret being there that night.

Joe made more of a love session out of his fucking than the other men had done. He caressed Brad's body more intently, and he ran his tongue up and down Brad's neck and shoulders. He blew into Brad's ears. He talked to Brad as he fucked his ass. He told him how glad he was that he had a chance to fuck such a good tight and young ass. He told Brad that he was hoping that they would be having a lot more fuck sessions together, and he was the only man that asked Brad if he ever played the top roll. Brad was surprised when he asked him that, since everybody had only been acting interested in using him as a bottom fixture. Nobody else had seemed to care if he was only a meat item to be rammed, or if he liked to be the top man once in awhile.

"Yea Joe, yea. I like being on top too. Everybody at the bar has always known me as almost strictly a bottom guy, since I've been getting fucked in that basement since I was probably 15 or 16. That bar was owned by another guy back then, and he was really into little boys, so that is how I got in there, and how I got introduced to the basement. So anyway, over the years, I've gotten know as a bottom hole to use. Whenever I get a chance, I like to do the fucking."

"Hey great!" Joe replied. "I like to get my ass fucked too, and I think you just might be the guy to do it for me. What do you think? I don't mean tonight, but sometime soon over at my place, OK?"

"Yea, hell yea!" Brad quickly replied. "You don't let Jack fuck you?"

"No, no! No I don't! I will tell you I have no idea in the whore world how in the hell you can take it so roughly from him. He is too damn rough for me, especially with that big rod he uses. No, he tried once, and I wanted him to try, but I had to tell him never again. Too much and too rough. Now you, I think that could be fun!"

Jack could hear what the conversation had been between Joe and Brad, and with a big grin on his face he asked, "Hey you two. Are you going to just lay there and talk the rest of the night, or are you going to get some fucking done?"

Joe turned, looked toward Jack and answered. "Hey big man. The way you fucked the skin off of this guy tonight, I decided that he needed some rest and some nice relaxation for a change. I've got my dick up in him. He can feel it. Just because it's an ass hole and I've got a dick stuck up in it, we don't have to act like some hurricane is happening. You fuck Stan over there, and I will fuck our boy over here. OK?"

"Well Joe, my man!" Jack replied. "The way you are fucking, it will take you a year and a half to build yourself up to a cum. Your dick can't even tell it's in a guy's ass!"

Joe looked toward Jack and just rather laughed at his comment.

Joe continued to fuck Brad's ass until all at once he asked Brad if he could shoot a load up in him. "I'm getting real close. I'm about ready to give you a kid. Brad, can I shoot off in you? I'm ready to cum!"

"Yea let me feel it! Yea let me feel your juices man! Let me take home some police juice! Yea unload in me!"

Joe dropped his load, and then relaxed his body across Brad's.

When Stan saw that Joe was done fucking, he told Joe to move so that he could get his turn in Brad's ass, and he told Jack to lay down on his back so that he could get fucked and do some fucking all at the same time. Jack mounted Stan and ran his pole up into his ass.

Brad had now been fucked by three of the four guys, and as soon as Stan got up in him, he knew he would have taken all four of the cops, and with Stan getting fucked by Jack, as he fucked Brad, he kind of felt like he was actually getting fucked by two guys this time. He liked the idea that Stan was in him, and Jack was in Stan. Brad simply knew that any activity that could happen that was off of the rather straight and narrow, was definitely to his liking! He always wanted something different and just a little more off beat! This night of getting fucked out in a city park by four city policemen was tops for him. This was the kind of living that he always wanted. Did not happen often enough, but he figured that if he was gutsy enough, he could maybe find it once in awhile. This time it really worked. and, he had been hearing these cops talk about making him the precinct whore if he met the test, and since he really did feel like maybe he even went past the test, he was wondering just what all of that talking meant.

Suddenly he realized that he had a man in his ass, and he had gotten all carried away thinking about the precinct whore thing, and had forgotten that he was still getting fucked. And by a guy that was also getting fucked. That he liked!

Brad was not too sure if Stan was doing much actions and motions in his ass, but he sure did know that both he and Stan we feeling the effects of Jack being on the ultimate top. Jack was fucking Stan just as wildly as he had fucked Brad.

Brad was truly enjoying the double stack fucking that he was the bottom for, when all of a sudden, and without warning, Jack started yelling that he was going to be cumin!

"Me too!" Stan yelled. "I'm going to cum! Jack get off of me!

Jack I'm going to cum! Jack let me off, so I can cum!"

Stan was wanting to pull out of Brad before he came, but Jack was so forceful in pushing on Stan's butt, as he came, that Stan had no choice but to shoot his load in Brad's ass. Brad understood what was happening, and he told Stan that he really wanted to keep Stan in him when he shot off. "Stan, I wanted to feel your load hit my insides. I wanted you in there! Thanks man, I wanted to feel you unload in me! Thanks! That is what I wanted!"

After Jack and Stan both shot their loads, everybody rather separated and attempted to re-coup some.

As everybody laid there, collecting their thoughts, Brad asked.

"Hey men. Is it OK if I beat off. I've not had a chance tonight to unload my load. Can I do that?"

All four cops suddenly gasped and Jack said, "Oh shit man! We never thought about him needing to shoot off. Hell yes Brad, jerk it man!

Oh God man! We were so totally consumed in our own affairs and desires, we never thought about making sure he got what he needed. Brad jerk it man.

You need some help?"

"Hey if you are offering, of course I'm not going to say no!"

Jack moved over toward Brad and took Brad's dick in his hand and started jerking on it. It got hard, and Jack could tell that it was not going to take very much action to make the head of it shoot out its load.

Stan came over and stared squeezing Brad's left tit, and then motioned for George to come over and play with the other one. Joe did not want to be left out of the action, so he joined the group and grabbed ahold of Brad's bag of balls.

"Oh shit man! Oh God! Oh God this is great!" Brad kept screaming. "Oh God, of shit! Oh God! Yea pinch my tits! Yea, pinch them tight! Slap my balls! Yea men, get rough with me! Do me! Play with me!

Bite me! Somebody bite my tits! Please! Oh yea, Oh yea this is great!

Oh men, I'm about ready to cum. Men, I'm about ready to let it fly! Oh here it comes! Oh---I'm cumming, ---I'm cumming, ---I'm cumming!"

And he did! Everybody that was playing with him at that time, all of the cops, were amazed at how far he shot his wad! The shot flew more than five feet out in front of them.

"Oh shit!" Two of them exclaimed. "Shit man,---did you see how damn far that shot flew?"

"Shit, I wish I had gotten that up in my ass!" Joe said. "Shit man that would have felt good! God, I wish I had been getting fucked by him when that let loose! God I would have loved to feel that up in me!"

Everybody was totally amazed at Brad's shot and how he kept begging everybody to keep getting rougher and rougher with him. The way he wanted to be pinched, bit and really man-handled really turned all of them on.

"OK guys!" Jack rather announced. "I kind of think Brad has done a little more than hit our goals. I think he is going to be the precinct's new male whore. Any objections?"

All of the other policemen just shook their heads, "No".

OK then, Brad are you willing to be our new precinct male whore and make yourself available to all of us whenever we need to use you. We have a secret apartment available to us, and you will be free to use that space any time you want to, as long as you are willing to bend over and get it up the ass from any policeman that wants it. We've got something like 15 or 20 different officers that are in on this secret apartment arrangement, and all of them carry keys for it. We will pay you some, under the table, spending money so that you can keep your current apartment, and we will expect you to carry a cell phone so that our guys can get ahold of you at all times. We'll give you the phone. The only time that you can be excused from being available, at request, is while you are at work. OK?

Some of the calls may come in during the middle of the night, since we get off of work at all hours. Some of them might have some rather weird ideas of what they expect the precinct whore to do with them, but after knowing you tonight, I really don't think any of them will be asking for anything more than you are willing to give. In-fact, maybe some of them will introduce you to some new stuff that you have never done before. There will be times when there will be more than just one guy at a time wanting attention, and we will depend on you to try every attempt possible to make all of them happy, and not leave anybody out. Your pay-back for being our whore is your total sexual freedom anywhere at any time in this town. Even if we find you getting a complete fucking in the middle of downtown, out on the street, we might act like we are arresting you, but it will all be, a complete show. If you agree, from this night on, as long as you are our precinct's male-ass, you don't have to worry about you and your playmate getting busted for having sex out in public. We have a common agreement with the other precincts that have their own precinct's whores. How does this sound to you? Interested?"

"Hell yes I am interested! Shit yes I am interested! Yes I'm interested. Hell yes I am! This means I will have an automatic list of about 15 or 20 cops that I can depend on to come by and fuck my ass? Hell yes I am interested! How do I get started?"

"Well, if you agree to this, then the first thing we need to do is take you to the apartment and let you know where the hideout is located.

Now you have to remember, that apartment is a secret. Do not tell other people about it, OK?"

"Yea of course! No I won't let anybody else know about it. I promise!"

"OK, Joe is going to take you over there now. He's the only single guy in the group, so he will be your contact person. Do not call any of the officers' houses, understand? Everybody else is a married man, and they all have families. You need to protect them, or you are out!


"Oh shit yes I do. Yes I completely do understand!"

"OK guys!" Jack said. "I guess our night is over. We've all tested Brad, and checked his ass and his actions out, and I think all of us will agree that he is going to make a nice, little ass, addition to our group. Joe, take Brad with you and help him start getting organized. He needs to be ready when one of our city's finest stops by that apartment.

And besides, they are anxious to see if we found ourselves a good tight ass that is willing to be used and re-used!"

"OK, come on Brad!" Joe instructed. "You are about to enter a completely new and exciting life, taking care of more horney cops, and their cock needs, than the city probably even realizes that they have.

Lets get you all set up! I think maybe I will just happen to be your first

"client" after we get to the apartment tonight. I need to get fucked and do some more fucking! You are our whore now, remember?!"

"Don't worry Joe, I'd jump right back in bed with you right away, even if I was not the precinct whore! Let's go, I'm ready!"


Wade Wright

[email protected]


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