At 10 minutes till 2 in the morning, Brad did not care for the situation that he had now found himself in, and he definitely did not care for the neighborhood that he was walking through.

The city bus system shuts down at 1 AM each night, and enjoying the evening at the Bum Rap gay bar, as he did, Brad had failed to leave in time to catch a bus, so his only choice now was to walk home.

Dressed in a pair of short cut off jeans, a ripped and torn T-shirt, and sandals, Brad was not at all pleased with the aspect of having to walk through this particular section of town, especially looking a little too much like some available, gay hustler type of guy.

As he walked, he maintained a strong awareness of his surroundings and attempted to be aware of anybody or anything around him. He knew this section of town was not the 'friendly family' type of neighborhood. Way too many news articles out of this area, and he still had about five more blocks to walk before he felt like his life and safety were not in so much danger.

As he kept a quick and steady pace, he realized that he could hear an automobile behind him, and he was very aware, that automobile was not moving any faster than he was walking. Keeping his eyes forward, he did not turn to look, knowing that if he did, that would be the beginning of big, deep trouble for him, due to the type of hoodlums that control this area.

As Brad continued to walk, he continued to hear that car behind himself. He was very uncomfortable, and not exactly feeling very safe. As he approached a small, old and very unkempt city park, he heard the automobile speed up as if to catch up to him. He continued his steady pace until he heard, from the external speaker on the car, "Put your hands in the air, face the park and do not turn around".

"Oh shit!" Brad thought. "Shit man, I don't know what in the hell I did, but at least it is a cop and not some thugs!"

Brad put his hands in the air, faced the park and heard the patrol car door open, and he could then hear the police radio from inside of the cruiser. Then he heard two car doors close. Two officers! He did not realize that two officers were there.

Brad heard instructions. "Keep your hands in the air, and walk into the park. Go over there, toward that little grassy area!"

Having no idea at all as to just what was happening, but feeling better about the fact that these were city policemen, and not gun-toting thugs, Brad did as he was instructed. He simply knew that if that car had turned out to be some "bad ass rough guys" that his whole existence would have been in shear danger, and if he did manage to live though the rest of the night, he would probably be ripped and torn from getting fucked and mouth cock rammed, as roughly as they could do him. He simply knew that those types of actions do happen, in this section of town, once in awhile.

Troubled, and confused, --at least Brad knew he was safe from danger.

Officers and, thank God, not rough thugs that could, and probably would, rip his whole body apart, all the way from his ass hole to his mouth, just having their fun with it. He knew that to some of the guys around these parts, the safety of a guy was not so important; what was more important was how much fun could they have with another person's body.

Brad was given additional instructions as he approached the more grassy area. "Keep you hands up and grab ahold of that tree branch. Do not turn around, nor look around. Do not look at us!"

"Wow!" Brad thought. "How weird!" But having never been arrested before, or whatever this was that was happening, he was going to follow orders, to the order.

Brad grabbed the branch that he was instructed to get ahold of, and as he did, he felt one of the officers reach around him, and unbutton his cut-offs. "What in the world?" Brad questioned to himself. "What is going on? What is he doing? Why is he unbuttoning my shorts?"

The officer then pulled Brad's cut-offs and his jock strap down, and told him to lay down on the grass and keep his face hidden on the ground.

As Brad did what he was instructed, he heard the sound of the officers sturdy leather belt and it's buckle, plus the sound of his uniform zipper being pulled down. Almost immediately, and without any type of announcement, Brad was getting his ass fucked to its fullest extent, by, what must have been a very, very large cock firmly sticking out from in front of his now, apparent, "officer fucker buddy".

Suddenly without any type of warning, the officer flopped himself down on Brad's back and without hesitation or apparently even needing to aim it, he rammed his human officer's shaft into the deepest of Brad's ass.

The officer did not have, or at least did not express, any concerns about if Brad was used to getting big dicks rammed up in there. Fit or not, that dick was going in, and going in all the way! It did! No fanfare. No grabbing the cheeks of the ass and pulling them apart. No finger in the hole first, stuff. No checking the ass to see if it was slippery or not.

And definitely no asking the guy that owned the ass hole if he wanted it or was ready for it. Just one big push, and one small squeal from Brad, and one rather long drawn out moan of complete pleasure from the fucking officer, as he pushed his policeman cock into Brad's ass hole as far as he could plant it, and then try for even more depth, after he had gone as far as possible.

As Brad accepted the shock of what was happening to him, definitely all of a sudden, and without warning, (and by a person that he thought was his protector, his protector that would protect him from anything similar to this, of happening to him), he realized that he was having his head pulled up high enough so that his mouth would fit nicely onto the eight or nine inch, thick cock that was now being rather quickly placed into his mouth. The other officer, without saying anything at all, had dropped his uniform pants, had knelt down in front of Brad's face, and was now fucking, and completely filling, Brad's mouth. The officer had ahold of Brad's head, and was using Brad's head and mouth to jerk himself off with. All the officer said was, "Oh man, this is so much better than using my hand!"

Brad was in complete shock of what was happening. Shock and pleasure! Shock that all of this was happening without so much as a "Do you want to get fucked" question, and pleasure knowing that he was getting fucked, one on each end of his body, by two of the 'city's finest'.

As the officer that was fucking his butt hole pumped, with all of his might and strength, Brad knew that he was just about to get it from a city policeman, and never in his life had he ever thought that "getting it from a city employee" would ever be so exciting, so fulfilling and so warm at the same time. He knew that at any moment his ass was going to be used as the hungry receptacle for the officer's cum shot, or shots. As they hit, Brad realized that using the plural was the correct. Shot one hit, then shot two hit, and it felt even stronger and more forceful than shot one had, and then number three hit! Brad wondered to himself just how long it had been since this ass fucking officer, had shot off. Brad's ass felt like it had been completely filled to the brim, with police officer cum.

Brad's mental thoughts were, "What a load! What a feeling! Oh man! I felt him shoot in me at least three times! This is great! What a great very unexpected thing to have happen! Shit man, I want to know who these officers are. I want to do this again, and again. Damn man, they are so damn hot! Damn man! They are using me just the way I love to be used and I don't know if they know that or not, or if I just happened to be one lucky stiff, tonight! Damn, I wonder if they know something about me or not. I wonder if I'm just their latest toy on the street guy? Man, I have to find out some way who these two guys are. Man, I like what they are doing to me, and I like how they are doing it!"

Just as Brad was celebrating the sweet success, and the great feelings that were happening back in his tight little ass hole, he realized that his head was being held very tightly and being pulled into the crotch of his face fucking officer, and he heard the officer rather groan. "OH man! Oh shit man! I hope you can swallow cum while you get your mouth rammed full! Oh shit man, I'm cumming! I'm cumming!"

As he was saying, "I'm cumming, I'm cumming", the officer pulled Brad's head closer and closer to his crotch, to the point where Brad could only slightly breathe. His entire face was buried in the crotch fuzz of his, unknown, but hot, and very well hung, mouth fucking, police officer, hunk.

Brad did not really need to be told that the officer was cumming.

He was very well aware of that as he tried to swallow as quickly as he could, and then clamp down on that stick for another load and swallow it as quickly as he could, again. "Shit, oh shit!" He thought to himself. "At least three shots in the ass, and now at least that many down my throat!

Shit man! I have just been loaded with at least six cum shots from our city's finest. And regardless of how many other officers there are out there, right now these two truly are the city's finest! I know! I am the only one in town right now that really knows how damn fine, hot and drained, these two men are!"

As officer number one pulled his dripping, but still very strong and stiff cock out of Brad's ass, officer number two did the same from Brad's mouth, but not before wiping the extra, spill out, cum off of Brad's face with the end of his cock.

Office number one, told Brad, "OK man! Get up, and keep looking the other way, don't look at us, and get yourself all put back together so you can get back onto your way home.

Both officers stood behind Brad and rather repaired themselves into the respectful appearance that the city officers are expected to present. --- not the very recent, 'Officer with pants down, hard-on sticking out, and cum dripping from the meaty head of his shaft'.

As Brad pulled his jock strap and his cut-offs up and covered his very, very happy ass, he heard, who he could only refer to as officer #1, say, "OK get yourself all presentable, and head for the sidewalk. Do not look back at us! We will be following you in the cruiser, far enough to make sure you are out of this nasty, trashy, fucking part of town and to make sure you are safe, before we go our own way. Next Wednesday morning, same time, same place! Understand? But have a little more grease left up in your butt than you had tonight. Next week you get his dick, and you are going to need more grease up in there if you want to enjoy it, like I do.

Now walk! And, do not look back! Understand?"

Brad very happily replied, "Yes Sir, I do understand. Walk! Do not look back! One week from now! One week from tonight! Same place, but more grease! Yes Sir! I do understand!"

Brad turned, walked toward the street, and internally, and mentally celebrated that, "Only one week to go! Only one week!"


Wade Wright

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