Brad left the bar and started his much anticipated walk. The walk that he had been thinking about all week long.

The street was pretty well empty, with the occasional, and exceptional car load of, what Brad had to assume were, other gays on their way home or to another party. Within the first 10 minutes on the street, there had been two automobiles that had passed Brad from behind, and with everybody in the car gawking at him, they then turned the next corner, went around the block, and drove up behind him again. The first car had two guys, and two gals in it.

"Peculiar seating," Brad thought as he saw them the first time.

Both guys in the front, and both gals in the back seat. As they drove past the second time, Brad understood the seating arrangement a little better.

Both guys yelled sexy comments to him about his hot tight ass, and the girls just looked. His hot ass, he decided, was not getting those gals excited. They were obviously much more interested in each other, than his bubble butt showing through those tight, slick, glossy, biker shorts. And his bulging crotch was of no interest to them either, although the guy in the driver's seat must have liked it, since he yelled out, "Hey Bud, show me what you've got hidden in there!"

The guy on the passenger side threw a paper out of the window as he yelled, "I want to fuck that ass," but Brad did not pick it up. He could only assume it was either a phone number or an address. Brad felt that ignoring it was the safer thing for him to do, although he really did wish that somebody else was around that could retrieve it for him. >From what he could see, the guy on the passenger side looked pretty hot to him, and obviously was not too timid of a guy. Brad thought, "Hell he might be a good, long and strong fucker. I might be passing up the wrong thing here!"

The second car that drove around the block and then came back, had two guys in it. As they approached the second time, they slowed way down, and both guys looked and smiled, but neither of them made any comments.

Brad's reaction was a little more frustrated with this car and its occupants. He could not decide if it was because he felt kind of a put-down that they did not make comments to him, or if it was their athletic, muscular arms that he could see, and wanted to be able to get his hands on and grab ahold of, so badly. He did decide that perhaps it was better that they did not offer him a ride, ---they would have been very hard to turn down.

Brad realized that, "Whoa, man. I've been dreaming of my hooking-up with the two cops all week, so don't go and get yourself all excited over two other guys that you don't know anything about, and then blow your "two cops in the park" meeting. Hot, yea, real hot, but they could be gay bashers too. Just because they happen to be built like all gay guys should be, does not mean that once you are within arms reach of them, that you are then going to be able to grab ahold of anything interesting. Brad watched the car slowly drive on as the passenger turned to take a final look, and Brad could only hope that his "package" was showing as nicely as he could show it. He was rather proud of his ability to show off a good sized package whenever he had extra tight pants or shorts on, and tonight he was wanting all of it to show like a grand prize winner!

As Brad continued his walk, he realized that he was now getting very close to the spot where just one week earlier he first heard the car slowly drive up behind him. He listened intently. He did not hear anything. He continued his walk, and as he did, continued to keep a very open ear, and a prayer in his mind that he would not be stood up.

Just as he caught the first sight of the park that he was so anxiously looking forward to, he did hear an automobile slowly coming up behind him. Knowing the type of neighborhood that he was in, he did not feel totally comfortable of not knowing for sure if it was the police car or not. Especially, since the way he was dressed! He knew that if the wrong type of guys drove up behind him, they would make mince meat out of him as they played with their "fag guy". If it was not the police car, he could be allowing himself to be put in a very grave danger. The actions that he had known about happening around this section of town were not exactly what he had any desire to be involved in. Especially, since he would be a victim, and not just some type of a play partner. Some of the

"residents" of this neighborhood simply do not like gay guys. He continued to walk, and was very disappointed that there were no un-boarded building windows that he could attempt a glimpse of a reflection, to see what kind of a car was behind him.

As he continued closer and closer to the entrance of the park, he continued to wonder if he was going to be putting his life in danger if:

(1) He turned and entered the park, and (2) that was not the police car behind him. "Knowing this area, I could be walking right toward my own grave and not know it," he told himself.

Just as he hit the point when he had to decide if to turn into the park or not, he heard a man rather yell, "Brad, walk into the park."

"Brad, walk into the park? Those cops don't know my name! I never told them my name! Who in the hell is this?" he pondered.

The confusion became a little too much for him, and he started to turn and look back at the man.

"Don't look at us! Keep walking into the park. This is week number two man!" The man from in the car, yelled toward Brad.

The phrase, 'Don't look at us' and the, 'Week number two' were rather comforting words for Brad to hear. The, 'Don't look at us' was exactly what he had been told last week, and the 'week number two'

definitely let him know it was one of the two cops from last week.

The automobile followed him as Brad continued to walk into the park, and as it entered the park, the driver turned off its' lights. He was now walking in front of the police cruiser with only the moon light available to see with. He knew the automobile was following him very closely, and as he would come to a new "intersection" in the park, he knew he was being told which path to take by the indication of the automobile turn signals. As he approached a split in the road, ---well actually an old single lane path, the car's turn signal would either flash left or right. As he obeyed the instructions of the turn signal, he could faintly hear the car occupant says, "Good Boy!"

They had gone into the park much more deeply than where they had stopped last week. He had passed his tree,---where last week he was told to grab ahold and don't look back. Brad was hoping that this deeper area of the park actually meant a rougher and more time consuming session than what he had enjoyed the previous week. "I think they must be hiding their car", he told himself. "Maybe they want more ass and more time tonight!"

Going deeper into the park was rather somewhat of a disappointment to Brad, since he remembered how exciting it had been last week to be so easily available, to be seen, by any person that just might happen upon them, but then at the same time, he was deeply hoping that his policemen fuckers were looking for a more extended stay this week than what had happened the prior week. He decided that he would gladly give up the rather public exposure for a longer fucking session. Last week he had only gotten it in the ass from only one of the men, and after all of his excitement this entire week of looking forward to this session, he definitely wanted it good, strong and long from both of his officers.

He had walked quite some distance into the deeper part of the park, and all of a sudden he saw one very quick red flash. He immediately knew that was his signal to stop, and he already knew from last week,---do not look back!

As he stopped in his tracks, he heard the familiar voice instruction yell, but only loud enough for him to hear, and not carry hardly any farther than just to Brad, "Stop, drop em, and hit the deck, man!"

He did! He stopped, he pulled his sorts off, threw them on the ground and he immediately hit the deck. Face down, and not looking back, his ass, ---filled with grease, was sticking up in the air, and was asking, no,---was actually begging, for action. Regardless of how much he attempted to calm it, he ass was, "out of control," and was actually wiggling in anticipation of some good hard cock action in it. Fortunately,

"they" had once again picked a nice grassy area, although this grass really did need a good cutting. The entire park really needed some upkeep, but especially since this was quite a hidden area of the park, and was of course in a very seedy part of town, it really needed quite a lot of help.

When Brad threw his shorts down, he managed to get them in just the right spot so that as he hit the deck, he would be able to lay his face directly on his shorts. He could not only smell his own body odors and the manly crotch scents emitting from his stretched and skin tight shorts, but he could also keep his face from laying directly on the tall grass. He did not want tall grass, itching and scratching his face, distracting from the actions that he was simply praying for, to have happen back in his ass area.

As he barely hit the deck, he heard two car doors close, and then to his complete and total shock, he heard two more doors close. "Four doors! Four people! Oh Shit man! Four cops?!" Brad was now getting way, way too excited!

"Oh shit man! Oh shit man!" He kept running through his head.

"Four cops! Oh shit, am I going to get it from all four? Oh God! Is there four of them? Am I going to get it from all four?"

"Yea, that's Brad!" One of the, now, four cops said. I'd recognize that ass anywhere. Especially when it is bare. Hell, I think he has it bare more often, than not! I've seen it bare more than once, but until tonight, I've never seen it with any pants on it.

Brad's mind was now flipping. "Hell, whoever that is, he knows me, and I kind of think maybe he has fucked me, from what he is saying. Shit man, who is that?"

This was coming off way to similar to a gay porno flick, Brad thought. "One guy, all by himself, planning on meeting up with two hot and horny cops, but now turning out to be four, and meeting in a very sleazy and trashy part of town, in the deeper part of a rundown park, completely hidden from anybody, and actually too far away from anybody, for any person to hear him, if he needed to yell for some help for any reason. The idea that he was meeting up with just a couple of horny, ass hole loving cops, was starting to move way out beyond his normal thinking. This was starting to turn into something that was way more than he expected. Yea, more than he expected, but nothing that he was wanting to run away from. He knew he was being used as the toy for some hot and horny cops, but he was real confused about the one that knew him. Was he a cop too? Or was he just some gay guy that the police were using to help find some hungry, horny, cop ready, gay guys, that the cops could use. He was really feeling like the central figure in a very hot, mysterious, and hunk filled drama story.

He truly did want this night to turn out to be one hot fucking session, all centered around his hot and horny, and yea, grease filled ass. He was getting way excited, and was willing to let himself be kind of totally out of any self-control, all to let himself, and his body, be used by four hot cops. He knew he was in a very dangerous part of town, in the "back lot"

of a sleazy old city park, and was the object of four guys, but he was still not quite sure just yet if they were all cops or not. The one that knew him, still had him very confused.

His safety was all based on the fact that at least two of these guys were cops, and they did have a city cruiser with them. Excited, nervous and a lot of scared, since there were now more men involved than he had expected, Brad's only slight comfort was that he was sure no policeman would just let him lay there if everything got out of hand too badly. Brad knew he liked living the rougher and tougher life as far as the sexual actions were concerned, but to be completely removed from any safety factors and to be at the complete mercy of four men, without knowing what they intended, was making his heart beat harder and faster than it had for a very long time. He knew he wanted fucked, and he wanted to be fucked hard! He wanted to be treated like a strong man that can take abuse. He wanted to be the center of attention of four men that were bigger and stronger than he was, he wanted to know some of the city's finest were using him, using his body, and using his ass, and he knew that he was now experiencing all of the scary feelings of some guy that wants it "all", and has to live though the scare of not knowing if he is truly safe, just to get the thrills of delivering himself to their wants and desires.

Brad was starting to feel like a human, living, toy and although he knew he was at their complete mercy and that he was scared, he truly liked the way he felt. He liked the rush that was going through his body. He was getting very anxious for someone, any of those four, to start pounding on his ass. He wanted a cop up in his ass! He was getting so excited, he wanted the whole cop up in his ass! He wanted all of him! He wanted to get fucked, and he wanted it be a good rough cop fuck! He knew that he was now finally in a very unusual and questionable situation of submitting himself to men that he only hoped he could trust, in a very sleazy place, but he also knew this was a situation that he had dreamt of allowing himself to get into, for a long, long time now. He was now living a dream come true. This was reality! He was letting four hot, built, cops take him and use him, and,---all for their own personal pleasures. He was letting them have complete control over him, his body and his physical safety. He had never felt so completely removed from being his own self.

He knew that he had just turned himself over to them as a hunk of meat, as if in the butcher's shop. He could only hope that he would not be treated the same as if they were in the butcher's shop and wanted to cut that hunk of meat all up into pieces.

In Brad's mind, "Cop one and cop two, I kind of know what they are like, but I really wonder what number three and number four are. And yea, are they cops too? Oh man, let me find out real quickly! I hope they are cops and I hope they are all real hung, and really horny! I hope they really want to use me. If I live through this night, I want to know I gave all of them everything they were looking for. Right now I do want to be their bitch! I want them to use me!"

As Brad laid on the ground, with the four men towering above him, just wondering what was in store for him this night, he thought he heard a voice that sounded rather familiar to him.

"Yea, guys, you guys found the right one! This is the one that I told you to keep an eye out for. I know damn well this one will do as we want. Hell men, I've seen him do guys, and guys do him, that none of us would ever think about getting involved with! And doing stuff that none of us would ever come close to. I'm sure this pig will do it and go for it.

He's got a real hungry ass hole!"

That was the familiar voice. Immediately Brad started wondering just exactly what that person had in mind when he referred to him doing whatever they wanted him to do. All he knew was that right now he was still hoping that all four of them were planning on using him and his ass, and then he'd find out later what they were talking about. Right now he just wanted some cop-cock pushed up in his ass as far as possible. He really did not know why, but he did know that he liked getting fucked by a cop, more than by any other type of a guy. All he knew was that the idea of having a cop's cock rammed up in his ass, was more of a turn on than any other type of sexual action that he could ever imagine.

"OK Jack. Let's see how much he can take. Let's find out if he has got the staying power that we need or are we going to have to find us someone else."

That was another voice. One that Brad did not recognize and he was quite sure it was not from one of the officers that had fucked his ass, or his mouth, last week. He pondered the name Jack, and wondered if that was the name of the voice that he thought perhaps he did recognize, although if so, he still did not know who it belonged to.

"Brad", the familiar voice said. "This is Jack. The guy they refer to in the basement as "Big Jack". Your buddies in the basement don't know I'm a cop, and if you are smart, you won't tell them. If you like me, and everybody else down there, using your ass, you'll keep it our secret.

OK? I've fucked your ass before, and I'm going to fuck you again tonight, and my three buddies are going to use your ass too. George and Stan used you some last week and so they got me and Joe involved to see if you can take the working over that we need for our "stand-by, man-ass". See guy, some of us cop guys have the need for some good tight, man-ass, and our last guy that we always used, kind of got himself all in trouble with the state police and got himself a nice little cell in the state prison, so he had to leave town. You can see, we need ourselves a new one. We don't fuck each other, well most of the time, anyway, so I told the guys who to watch out for, and last week George and Stan managed to find you and try you out. They told me they thought they had found the ass that I had told them about. They gave you a very good report. We decided to kind of audition you tonight and see if you are up to our standards and if so, let you know how you can help us out, whenever one of us have that need for a good tight "man-ass". See Brad, some of our cops have some pretty rough days, and they need a guy that they can get real rough on, to take some of their tension way before they go home and have to be nice and gentle on their women. So we need to see if you are the one that can really take a good long, hard and rough fucking from some pretty big and strong guys, or find out, if you are too much like the women that we need to be so soft with. Brad, all I can say right now is, if you like the idea of having some good, stiff, strong, cop-cock up in your strawberry colored ass, about every other night of the week, you had better play it smart tonight and not be some kind of a sissy weakling! We're looking for a guy that can take it regardless of how it is dished out. Understand?" Big Jack! All of a sudden the voice that Brad thought he recognized, he realized belonged to the guy that had fucked his ass one night, about two months before, with what he knew was the biggest dick that he had ever had used on himself, and was the man that he had failed to turn and look at. Finally, Brad had

"kind of" re-found the fucker that had that enormous big dick that he was so anxious to have rammed back up inside of his ass, again! Ever since that night, he had been so pissed at himself, that after he got that rough and hard fucking, that he did not find out who the guy was that had that dick, and how to get in-touch with him, so that he could get some more fucking from his enormous cock.

"Jack, I know who you are. Well kind of! You are the guy that has got that great big dick, right? You fucked me one night in the bar basement, when I was pushed up against the wall, and I was so whipped from taking it, that after you loaded my ass and gut with all your hot cum, I never turned around and looked at you, did I? I just laid there and leaned on the wall! I was totally beat! All I could do was lean on that wall and try to recover. You're the one that fucked the hell out of me that night aren't you? That was the night that some of my buddies had to help me get up the stairs, and in my buddy's car. I was fucking whipped that night!

You fucked the hell out of me that night!"

"Yea that's me. When I got you, I figured I had finally found me a good deep ass hole that I could really use without having the other end yelling about how I was too big and how I hurt when I pushed it in. Your ass was hungry and I fed it everything I had! I fucked you rough that night! Tonight I'm going to test you again, and probably a little rougher this time, and my three buddies are going to be testing your ass too!"

"Oh God yea!" Brad almost yelled back.

"So if you want to be our stand-by piece of ass, you had better make sure you open it up good and wide and beg for more, deeper and harder from each of us."

"Oh I will! Yea I will! Yea, please do me! Yea please, please!"

Brad pleaded

"You ready to get started?" Jack asked of his hungry man laying on the ground. "We've got four big cop-cocks all stiffened up and ready.

We're ready to do some testing. You willing to get it from all four of us?"

"Oh God yes I am! I'm ready Jack, please somebody fuck me, please!

Please fuck me! Yea, yea I want to be your fuck ass! I want to show you guys I can do it!"

"You think then that you are ready to see if you are man enough to be our ass of choice? All the other cops back at the precinct are anxious to see if we've found us some guy that is man enough to take care of all of them. They want a guy that likes it rough! They are cops, you know, and cops like to do it rough! Brad, if you can take us and what we are ready to give you tonight, you will never need to look for another fucker, for as long as you live in this town. You will have more cops wanting to fuck your sweet little ass than you can imagine. We are going to make you our precinct male whore! Our guys need to get their rocks off once in awhile, and it just might be up in your ass!"

"Oh God yes! Oh man please, yes!" Brad once again pleaded.

"I told the guys to keep an eye out for you, and last week everything started coming together, that is if you are as much man back there as I remember from that night in the basement. Are you ready and willing? If you don't want to do this, now is the time to let us know.

Once we get started man, it's your ass and we are going to be testing it out! You ready and willing? Now's the time, if you don't think you can take it. You remember how you got fucked in the basement that night, well this time there are four of us, and the other three like to fuck rough too.

You willing?"

"Oh Jack please get somebody started on me man! Please Jack! Let somebody fuck me! I want to prove to you guys that I can take it. Please fuck me! Please somebody, please start fucking me!"

"Hey guys." Jack said to his three companions. "I kind of think maybe we have found our toy! I think maybe he is ready to become the ass of choice for all of us horny, hung, cops. What do you think?"

The other three cops, all with their hands on their stiff rods, stroking them back and forth, shook their heads in an affirmative action.

One of the three replied, "Well, I sure can say one thing. If we don't get started on him, and fill that hole of his, he is going to go crazy from frustration. His ass is swinging in the breeze with just the idea that each of us are going to pump all of our cop juices in there and fill it up!"

"Oh God Jack! Oh shit man!" Brad pleaded! "Oh man I never dreamt that anything like this could ever happen to me! Please,---I want to be your precinct's ass slave! Oh Jack, I want to get fucked by all of the cops back there! I want them to use my ass! Oh God yea Jack! Please, somebody start fucking me! Oh please! You guys,---pleeeaaase fuck me!

Yea, fuck me! Yea, fuck me, pleeeeaaase!"


Wade Wright

[email protected]


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