Fall arrived and the boys moved into the dorm and started their first semester of college. Jack had Alex push housing to let Robbie and him room together so up on the third floor of Magnolia Hall Alex and Robbie shared a room. Jack was in Jefferson Hall across the Quad from Magnolia, in fact he could look out his third floor window into Alex and Robbie's room. For the first week they attended their classes, hung out in the local sports bars, the little diner on the corner across the street from campus and late in the evening they would go to the dorm room Alex and Robbie shared, what they jokingly called The Den, and had sex. The other guys on the floor didn't realize anything at first, knew they were old friends and assumed they were just hanging out together.

The next week Jack had a paper to get written and had spent time in the library for a couple of nights and the next Saturday, while most guys were outside enjoying the mild fall weather getting ready for the football game, Jack was at his desk typing up his paper.

Across the Quad, in The Den, Robbie and Alex were lounging on Alex's bed, naked, their bodies entwined together, legs draped over legs and arms wrapped around torsos or their fingers twirling the hair of the other. The three of them had spent the night before having sex till each one was exhausted and spent, for their week had kept them busy for the last couple of days. Jack had left around one and told them he'd be staying in for most of the day getting his paper finished but they could go out that night for dinner and maybe a movie.

"You think Jack is up doing that paper?" Robbie asked Alex as he ran his fingers over the dried cum on Alex's stomach flaking it off.

"You know Jack, all straight A's. He has probably been up since six o'clock getting it done and the son of a bitch will make sure it is perfect" Alex replied, laughing at his own wit.

Robbie snuggled up to Alex and put his lips to Alex's left nipple gently kissing it then flicking his tongue over it making the nub grow erect and hard. Alex twisted around to lay flat on his back, his left arm thrown over his head giving Robbie room. Robbie moved over Alex's chest, kissing, raking his tongue over the skin tasting the saltiness of it and the remnants of cum as he ran his hand down Alex's stomach, slowly massaging the smooth skin with his palm and fingers. He kissed up to Alex's neck, along the jaw and around the ear, rimming the curve of it with his tongue. Alex moaned and pushed his body up against Robbie's as he reached out and ran his hand along Robbie's thigh, back and forth he rubbed the smooth soft skin feeling the lean tight muscle underneath. Robbie moved to Alex's mouth and kissed him slowly, gently, with no sense of impatience between them, instead the feel of having all the time in the world. Alex moved his hand to Robbie's cock and let his fingers trace over the growing length of it, trail along the smooth skin and over the sensitive head and Robbie gasped as he pushed his hips forward.

"You want to call Jack and see if he wants to take a break?" Robbie whispered in Alex's ear just before he sank his tongue into it again.

"Ahhh...no...we'll call him later" Alex stammered, the feel of Robbie or Jack's tongue in his ear always a turn on and his cock flexed hard as Robbie let his fingers wrap around the thickening shaft and give it a squeeze before he stroked it slowly, pumping it up hard. Robbie began to move over Alex as he slipped one leg down between Alex's and worked them apart.

"Wait...wait..." Alex uttered, his tone unconvincing.


"Jack can see into his room, right?" Alex said his voice suddenly sounding playful.

Robbie leaned up and looked into Alex's eyes, seeing the mischief knowing what he meant.

"Well?" Alex asked and Robbie got up off the bed and went to his desk and cleared it off pushing it to the window, the top at the height of the sill. Alex had his cell phone typing in a message and when he hit send he moved up to the desk and got on it sideways holding his legs up as Robbie moved between them and pushed his hard cock against his hole.

Jack's phone beeped letting him know he had a message and he picked it up. The message was cryptic, something about his view and he looked over to his window and across the Quad to Magnolia Hall. He saw movement in the window of The Den and he went over to the window for a better look.

"Those assholes" he uttered to himself, laughing as he watched Robbie pumping his cock into Alex. He could only see Alex's lower body and Robbie between his spread legs but he could see what he needed and he felt his cock respond. He watched Robbie's body, the tall lean torso moving with its fucking, the thrusting of the hips and the way his arms wrapped up Alex's legs holding them firmly in place. For several minutes he watched Robbie pump his cock into Alex rocking his body roughly over the top of the desk.

Jack groped his own cock, squeezed it, tempted to take it out and jack off as he watched Robbie pull back, his cock bouncing up and down free in front of him and Alex quickly sliding off the desk and down on his knees. Jack watched Robbie jack his cock, his hand a blur and then he saw the movement he knew well, the short jabbing thrusts forward when he is about to cum and the way he pumps his fist down his cock hard, all the way to the base as he shoots his load and Jack watched as Alex held his open mouth in front of Robbie's cock obviously taking his load.

Then it was over and Alex and Robbie waved over to Jack, laughing and Jack flipped them a bird as he laughed too.

Jack heard his door open and he jerked with a start worried his hard cock was visible through his gym shorts he was wearing. He looked around and saw Toby, his roommate, come in.

"What's so funny?" Toby asked as he came in, tossing keys on his desk.

"Oh nothing" Jack replied as he quickly sat back down at his desk trying to conceal the fact he was still partially erect. Toby sat at his desk and opened up his laptop, glancing over to Jack, his expression questioning.

Toby was from Tennessee, some small town near Memphis and Jack and he had found they didn't have a lot in common, for Toby was majoring in English, loved to read and wanted more than anything to be a writer. Jack was studious, made the grades to prove it, but he liked doing things outdoors and was therefore majoring to be a vet, someone who worked with animals out in the wild or on the farms. It was this difference between them that Jack fostered, used it to keep him distracted, for he found Toby attractive, his quiet nature appealing. Toby appeared to have a lean body, the way he wore tight thin sweaters over t-shirts or dress shirts, their fit perfectly tapered down to his narrow waist were he wore khakis more often than jeans, concealing the form of his lower body. Toby never went around their dorm room in just his underwear, didn't let Jack see him naked when he went to shower always leaving the room dressed and coming back dressed, so any temptation on Jack's part was tamped down by Toby's prudish ways.

For Toby's part, he viewed Jack like something wild, untamed and he felt anxious whenever they were alone together. Jack was so masculine, with his rural upbringing, and his body reflected this persona with his broad shouldered muscular body which he revealed all the time by usually only wearing boxers or some ragged pair of gym shorts in their room. So many times, fearfully, Toby found his eyes roaming over Jack's body, down his bare torso and over his crotch looking at how his cock would be pushing upward on the thin fabric, like now, when he came in and found him staring out the window and when he had turned around Toby had seen it, his erection pushing outward and he had sucked in his breath and hoped Jack hadn't noticed how he saw it.


That evening, paper complete and printed out, Jack made his way across The Quad to Magnolia Hall to hook up with Alex and Robbie. They were going out to eat and then catch a movie. Jack had left Toby as his desk reading another novel asking him if he was going to do anything that night.

"Nah, I'm tired and so I'm going to read a while and then crash" Toby had replied as Jack left their dorm room.

As Jack moved along the sidewalk he didn't know back in his dorm room, standing at the window was Toby. He watched Jack make his way across the open space and then disappear in Magnolia Hall. He knew which room Jack was heading for he had seen his friends wave from the window of the room they called The Den several times over the last couple of weeks. He'd met Alex and Robbie a few times and they were similar to Jack, this rural nature about them, this love of the outdoors and Toby had saw how they interacted together, especially Robbie and Alex. There was something sexual about the two of them, the way they touched one another, the way they could stand so close together and the way they talked to each other, finishing each other sentences, making the occasional cryptic reference that seemed to have sexual undertones and he wondered if there really was something going on between them.

Toby went back to his desk staring down at the novel lying on top and he looked over at the door hearing the sounds of someone going by and he went over and made sure it was locked. He had the room to himself for three or four hours and he felt a sense of freedom, his roommate out of hair and he could relax. He felt frustrated, trapped sometimes, the way he had to share a room with Jack who seemed to fill the space he occupied, and he knew it was more than that, this anxiety, this sense of being trapped like a wild animal, for even with their differences, the way they carried themselves, he found Jack attractive, the way he moved and talked seductive.

Toby pulled his shirt off and hung it up. He pulled his belt off and laid it in the drawer unit under his bed. He slipped off his khakis and hung them up and when he closed the closet door he saw himself in the mirror. Jack didn't know it but he worked out three or four times a week, something that not only made his body feel better but seemed to purge his anxieties and frustrations that built up over the course of the day and he looked at his body, the clearly defined muscular shapes that wove over his chest and across his stomach. He looked at his pale fair skin and the trail of dark reddish brown hair that ran from his navel down disappearing below his boxers. He ran his hand through his hair which he kept rather long, let the front drape over his forehead sometimes concealing his eyes, their dark brown color mysterious even to himself sometimes. He turned his head and saw how the dim light reflected the red tones in it. For a few minutes he stared at himself, looking at his reflection wondering if someone else would see him in a sexual manner, something erotic and he realized his biggest problem was the way he saw himself. He held up his arms and flexed his muscles feeling silly doing this in his room alone, but he admired the way his biceps bulged, their form sharply defined along his upper arm and he looked at how he had thick reddish brown under arm hair which was such a sharp contrast with his bare chest and smooth baby face. He had tried to grow just a goatee and even that came in too sparse for his comfort.

He moved to his bed lying on his back and he reached over and under the bed and pulled out the drawer unit with his underwear and ran his hand down to the bottom and toward the back. Grasping what he was after he pulled it out and laid back. He had bought the gay porn magazine last summer and each time he pulled it out he remembered how he was so anxious when he purchased it and then spent so much time trying to find a place to hide it in his room back home. Then there was sneaking it in his luggage and getting it put away where Jack wouldn't find it. It was his one temptation, something to stroke his desires, to let him drift off into some fantasy and he flipped through the pages looking at the now familiar men, their bodies completely exposed with their cocks up and hard and Toby would grope his hardening cock through his boxers as he flipped through the pages until his cock was hard, achingly so, and he lifted up his hips and slide the blue boxers down his legs. He initially let them bunch up at his ankles, the soft feel of the cloth, the binding of his ankles together as he tried to push his legs apart as he began to stroke his cock in earnest. He moved his hand down the long shaft, the surface showing the irregular vein just under the smooth pale skin and he moved his hand up and over the flare out red head of his cock, and he felt the first smear of slick pre-cum bubble up at the slit. He kicked his boxers off, spread his legs feeling the cool conditioned air over his naked skin and he stroked his cock, slowly at first savoring the feel of his hand moving up and down the shaft and rubbing over the leaking head and when the head and shaft were slick with pre-cum, his need to cum suddenly urgent he stroked harder, the pace of his hand faster and faster till he was breathing hard and he fantasized about a man's cock in his face and he opening his mouth and taking it, letting it slide through his mouth and into his throat and he imagined a man between his spread legs, touching him down there, penetrating him with fingers, then with his cock, fucking his ass as he jacked his own cock the he threw his head back, eyes closed and imagined Jack fucking him, pumping his ass hard as he shot, pumping cum out across his own body.

Then it was over, this fantasy, and he leaned up looking down his body at the pools of cum on his chest and stomach and he ran his fingers through them, smearing them around. He held up his hand and watched the cum drip off of his fingers and he wondered how it would taste.


"Goddamn that movie sucked" Alex commented as they walked out onto the sidewalk outside the cinema heading back to the campus.

"Yeah, I started to see if you guys wanted to leave about forty five minutes ago" Robbie added.

They made their way through the business district that served the students and crossed the street to the campus. Other students were walking in all directions, heading to frat parties, to bars and restaurants in town and to all those places students found to congregate. The dorm had a few guys running up and down the corridor of Magnolia Hall as they made their way to The Den. Jack came in last pushing the door closed and locking it.

"Okay motherfuckers, get naked. I've been horny all fucking day, especially after that nasty public display earlier" Jack commanded as he pulled his t-shirt over his head.

Quickly, carelessly, the three of them pulled the clothes from their bodies till each one was naked. They stood in a circle in the middle of the room, kissing, hands roaming over each other caressing skin, warming it with their touch and soon hands were on cock, stroking them to full hardness. Robbie moved first, dropping down on his knees as he took Alex and Jack in each hand stroking along their hard shafts and he leaned first to Jack and tongued the head of his cock, licked around the flared head and then he put the head to his lips and let it slid between them as he pushed his mouth down Jack's cock. He pumped his mouth back and forth a few times and pulled off. He turned to Alex, holding his hard cock out and he licked the head, probing the leaking slit with the tip of his tongue tasting the sweetness and when Alex grunted and pushed forward Robbie held his lips to the head of his cock and let it push into his mouth allowing Alex to pump his hips back and forth, the primitive fuck motion driving his cock through his mouth.

Robbie put his hands on Alex's hips and guided him backwards till he came to a chair and had to sit down. Robbie moved up between Alex's legs, pushing them apart as he sank his mouth down the hard cock standing up between Alex's thighs. Jack moved down behind Robbie, ran his hand over Robbie's back and down over his ass.

"Yeah...suck his cock" Jack uttered as he ran his hand down the cleft between Robbie's cheeks, probing his ass till his fingers grazed over the tight opening to Robbie's hole and he pressed against it till his fingers breached the tight ring and sank into his tunnel. Jack finger fucked Robbie as he lay over his back.

"Is Alex good and hard" Jack whispered in Robbie's ear and Robbie pulled up and the two of them could see how Alex's cock stuck straight up, hard, wet, glistening in the dim light, and Jack wrapped his arm around Robbie's neck hugging their bodies together.

"Time for Alex to fuck your ass" Jack said in a low voice right next to Robbie's ear and Robbie just nodded his head. Jack stood up and led Robbie to the desk at the window and pushed him to back up to it and lay down. Robbie held his legs up and as Alex moved up to his ass he took Robbie's legs and held them tight to his chest as he drove his cock into his hole, slowly, inch by inch. Alex sank into Robbie as he lay back, his head against the window and his hands gripping tightly the desk's edge. Jack stood to the side and watched Alex sink into Robbie and he put his hand on Robbie stomach feeling his body quiver as Alex pushed his cock into him.

"Fuck" Robbie uttered as Alex pushed the last inch into him. Jack moved behind Alex, taking him by the neck and pushing him over on top of Robbie as he moved to his ass pushing his legs apart. Jack rubbed his cock over Alex's hole, pressed against it feeling its tightness resist him.

"Do it...stick me" Alex whispered as he held his head down feeling the fast beat of Robbie's heart. Jack bore down and penetrated Alex and he eased his cock into him slowly until he was over half way in. Alex eased up and began to pump his hips, working his own cock into Robbie then pushing his ass back onto Jack's cock.


Toby woke with a start and realized he was still naked and his cum was dried on his skin. His cock was still half hard and he eased up into a sitting position putting his feet on the floor. He stretched his arms out and then upward leaning forward to miss the upper bunk feeling the tightness in his back loosen. He stood up and looked around his room, the interior dim with the only light his desk lamp. He moved to his desk looking at his phone seeing he had no missed calls and then he glanced out the window. He did a double take and then moved closer to the window not sure what he was seeing at first. Across the way in the room of Jack's friends he saw a head against the window and someone over it and he realized they were fucking and he looked closer and realized it was Alex over what appeared to be the other guy, Bobby, or Roger or was it Robbie? He watched them, the way the head against the window appeared to be rocking against the glass and he could see Alex holding the guy's legs as his body undulated back and forth, obviously fucking his ass and it excited Toby to witness this sex between two guys and he watched them intently until his own cock grew hard. Toby took his cock and began to stroke it, feeling it harden all the way as his hand moved up and down the shaft. He leaned toward the window till his forehead was pressed against the glass, his hand jacking his cock as he watched Alex fuck. How long he didn't know but he felt his need to cum quickly, and he pumped his cock furiously as he watched the guys fuck. He felt his cock swell in his hand and he was soon pumping his cum out, spattering the window with his load and as he was pumping it out he saw Alex shift down some and behind him Jack rose up as he was fucking Alex.

"Oh shit" he uttered to himself and he stumbled against the glass and nearly fell to the floor. He regained his footing and looked up to see the guys had stopped and were looking his way.


"Holy shit Jack, your roommate is watching us" Alex said with amusement and Robbie turned his upper body as much as he could so he could look out the window and Jack rose up and looked over Alex. Across the Quad in the window stood Toby, his naked body appearing to nearly glow from the exterior lighting illuminating him through the glass. They watched as Toby came to realize they were looking at him and then stumbled back out of view closing the blinds roughly.

"I've got to go" Jack said as he pulled his hard cock from Alex and began to quickly dress. Alex pulled from Robbie and the two of them watched Jack scramble into his jeans, his boxers still on the floor. He shoved his feet in his shoes sans socks and grabbed up his t-shirt and ran out the door not bothering to put it on first. Alex and Robbie sniggered at the way Jack rushed out of the room.

Robbie slid off the table and took Alex in his arms, nestling his cock between the cheeks of his ass. He pumped his hips pressing it against Alex and then he put his hand on Alex's neck and pushed, bending him over till his cheeks spread open and Robbie put his cock to his hole and drove into him, hard, all the way. He fucked with full swings of his hips, driving his cock into Alex and he reached around Alex's lean body and took his cock in hand, stroking it in rhythm with his fuck.

Both of them had been so close before, their cocks flexing up and down ready to explode and as Robbie pushed his cock into Alex's hole he stroked Alex's cock. Alex couldn't take anymore and he pushed his hips back and jerked forward spewing cum across the floor, wad after wad until the last dribbled from the head and Robbie's hand smeared it down the shaft.

Robbie felt each ejaculation as Alex's hole milked his cock and he fucked faster, driving his cock through Alex's hole until he felt his body tighten, his cock swell up more and he slammed into Alex hard pumping cum in him.


Jack threw open the door to find Toby trying to button a shirt, only half of the shirt's tail tucked into his khakis. Jack went across the room and grabbed Toby by the arms and made Toby look him in the eye.

"You only like to watch...or do you like to join in?" he asked Toby, still breathless from running across the Quad and up the stairs.

"What...look...please...I don't know" and Jack saw the confusion on Toby's face, the conflicted emotions, the indecision and he reached out and ripped open the shirt sending the buttons flying across the room and he tugged the shirt down Toby's arms as he leaned to him and pressed his lips to Toby's. At first Toby just stood there letting Jack manhandle him, tugging his shirt off and kissing him on the lips, then he changed, his emotions broke and he grabbed Jack around the neck, hugged their bodies together as he kissed back, roughly, shoving his tongue into Jack's mouth.

Jack pulled back and grabbed Toby's t-shirt at the neck and ripped it down the front, roughly stripping it from his body. He leaned over and put his mouth to Toby's left nipple, tongued it, sucked on it some and then he did it, took the rising nub of the center in his teeth and he bit down making Toby cry out. Jack ran his lips and tongue up and around Toby's neck, along his jaw and over his ear. His hands worked to undo the khaki pants, struggling with the belt.

"Wait" Toby said as he pulled back from Jack, "let me."

Jack suddenly stopped and watched as Toby stepped back and Jack, for the first time saw the body Toby had been concealing. His skin appeared to glow in the dim light of the room it was so fair and smooth and Jack couldn't believe the muscular body, its broad shoulders and its clearly defined form. Jack's eyes scanned down Toby's body as he stood in front of him and he looked at the trail of reddish brown hair that formed at his navel and traveled downward disappearing into his pants. Jack looked up at Toby and smiled seeing Toby anxious face relax and give him a small smile back.

"Why do hide this body...Jesus" Jack uttered in a low voice.

"I..." and Toby just stopped talking as he reached down and undid his belt, unbuttoned his khakis pulling the zipper down. Jack watched as the khakis came open revealing the blue boxers beneath and he watched as Toby systematically pulled his legs free and laid the pants over his desk chair. Toby stood for a moment, hesitate to go further and Jack removed his t-shirt, tossing it on the floor, then he undid his jeans, opened them up revealing his cock and he pushed his jeans down, raised one foot then the other pulling them free. He stood back up naked, his cock rising up hard as he looked at Toby, his eyes scanning down Jack's body.

"Take off the boxers" Jack said in a low soft voice and Toby took them by the waist band and eased them down. He stepped out of them and kicked them over to the side of the room landing them on top of Jack's t-shirt. Jack smiled at this one moment of carelessness and looked at Toby, naked, his long cock hanging loose over his sac and he moved to him, took him by the chin and kissed him gently.

Jack led Toby to his bed and eased him down on his back.



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