Robbie pulled out his bike, which he hadn't ridden for months, being busy with classes his senior year, then graduation, and all during it helping his dad on their farm. He rode along Highway 33, an old narrow state road that cut through the country side passing farms and pine stands controlled by the paper mills. He rode casually, a slow steady pace, as his mind circled around his gladness of graduating high school, his anticipation of starting classes this fall in college and the regret of leaving some of his friends behind. Of his six closest friends, guys he had gone from kindergarten to twelfth grade with, there were two of his friends going to the same college he was enrolled to attend. Jack and Alex would be leaving this fall with him, Jack going into engineering, Alex into veterinary school while he was going into agriculture. They're other close friends, John, Mark and Tim were going to end up taking whatever jobs they could find, probably at one of the paper mills, although Tim mentioned going into service and may do so yet.

Robbie turned off Highway 33 and down Deakin Bridge Road, a narrow unmarked road that was only recently paved and one that led to Jack's home. He had finished his chores early that day and decided to enjoy the rest of the day riding his bike around the farm community, letting the miles pass underneath him. When he had come upon Deakin Bridge Road, he decided to ride on to Jack's place. It was nearly five miles down the narrow road but he passed just two vehicles, one was Jack's dad on his tractor heading to one of their rented fields and the other his mom in their SUV heading off somewhere. He arrived at Jack's home and rode down the drive that looped to the rear and he saw Jack's and his dad's trucks parked in their usual place in the carport and in the rear yard under the shade of one of the oaks was Alex's old car, a twenty year old Mustang that barely ran. Robbie turned off the main drive onto the spur that led back to the barn, knowing Jack and Alex were probably playing basketball on the small court set up on a concrete pad at the back of the barn.

Robbie rode around the barn and came to concrete pad at the main entry doors. He saw the ball lying at the edge of the pad and t-shirts tossed into the chairs sitting under an oak nearby. Robbie leaned his bike against the oak and headed toward the barn, whose large double doors were open. Inside he saw the combine at the back, the grain truck to one side and an older tractor sitting in the middle with the hood lifted off and some repairs in progress, a tool box sitting nearby. Robbie stood just inside the door listening, wondering what Jack and Alex were doing inside, if they were even here. Then he heard the muffled voices, barely audible, but he was sure it was Jack and he moved to the side of the barn, his ears alert to any new sound. He knew there was a tool storage room and a seed storage room built within the metal framed barn along the side wall and he moved along the interior wood partition trying to determine which room Jack and Alex were in for he intended to surprise them in some manner.

"Come on...take it, mother fucker" Jack's voice broke the silence and Robbie knew it was coming from the seed storage room for he now saw the door was ajar and could tell it was where he heard Jack's voice. What Jack was talking about he didn't know, but Robbie eased to the door and glanced around the frame. He had to hold his breath to keep from crying out at what he saw inside. Jack was sitting on a stack of bagged seed, his jeans and boxers pushed down to his ankles and Alex was down on his knees, completely naked, sucking Jack's cock.

Robbie couldn't believe what he was seeing as he watched from behind as Alex's head moved up and down. He looked down Alex's lean body, one he had seen many times before, typically stripped to the waist, or in P.E. completely naked, but this time it was different, the way Robbie could see Alex's nuts hanging long between his legs, rocking back and forth due to Alex jacking his own cock. Robbie looked at Alex's body, the lean frame, one he knew was only five three or five four, the shortest of his friends, one that had dark olive toned skin with practically no body hair, making him look younger than his eighteen. His dark brown hair, its usual unruly thick mass, had Jack's fingers threaded through it holding his head, working it up and down the cock Jack had buried in his mouth.

"Oh FUCK...suck me...suck me...I'm almost there" Jack uttered, his voice labored.

Robbie watched as Jack actually began to pump his hips upward as he pushed downward on Alex's head making him gag on his cock. Robbie heard Alex choke as he took the cock all the way, through his mouth and into his throat. Robbie looked at Jack, his knees spread apart as much as possible with his jeans and boxers binding his ankles together. He looked at the familiar body, muscular, broad shouldered, the best built of the six of them, with his fair light skin, his nipples, nearly as large as quarters riding high on his pecs and the way he was pumping his hips the muscles in his stomach were clearly outlined. The light brown hair on his legs gave them a soft appearance, and the way they rubbed along the side of Alex, Robbie knew had to tickle his skin.

Robbie watched as Alex sucked Jack, took his cock over and over, Jack pushing his head down each time, and he wondered what it would be like, to feel someone suck his cock like this, so forceful, the way Jack was pushing down on Alex's head. Robbie looked at their slick shiny skin, the sweat still running down each of them, rivulets of sweat trickling down; Robbie even watched how it ran down into the cleft of Alex's ass.

Robbie had been around his friends enough to know how they constantly thought about sex, joked around about it, made lewd comments to each other, but he didn't think the other guys had ever given serious consideration to doing any of those things they had suggested; not like he had done. He had wondered what it would be like to do those things they lewdly suggested, the sucking of someone's cock or bending over and letting someone put it in his ass and it had scared him, made him back off with the joking around, but the ideas were there, always, lingering in his mind and when he had been with the guys at the pool at Mark's house and he saw each one in their swimming trunks, especially climbing out of the pool with them tight to their bodies, their cocks plainly visible he had to suppress his thoughts, or when they had P.E. in high school and showering after class, their nakedness too close in the small open shower room and it was worse when they had played basketball here at Jack's, shirts off, bumping into each other, their hot sweaty skin rubbing together until their cocks were half hard, pressing against their jeans or shorts and Robbie had wondered if the others had similar feelings, this sexual yearning, but all through their typical banter not once did anyone suggest they actually do anything sexual.

Jack began to breath hard, his hips pumping upward in short fast thrusts as he cried out, "Oh, I'm going to cum....take it...take my load." Jack let go of Alex's head and leaned back as he pumped his hips upward. Alex had his hands on Jack's hips, holding them in his tight grip as his head moved up and down on Jack's cock.

"Oh fuck" Jack uttered in a low strained voice, barely audible as he slammed his hips upward and Robbie knew Alex was taking it, Jack's load, as he held his head still and let Jack pump his cock into him. Robbie watched as Alex milked Jack's cock and sucked all the cum from it, shocked to see how he was getting all of it, licking it off the head of Jack's still hard cock. Robbie was about to back away and sneak out, thinking the two of them were finished when he saw Alex stand up and then Jack.

"Oh man that felt get me lubed up. I want that cock in me" Jack commanded and Robbie froze just around the corner, his back against the wall listening to what Jack wanted, unbelieving how Jack was going from the aggressor to the one submitting and he couldn't stop himself, he had to see what was going on and he leaned around the door frame and saw Jack pulling his leg free and kicking his jeans and boxers off to the side. Jack turned and climbed on a low stack of seed getting on his hands and knees. He turned and looked back at Alex, his face showing the urgency of his need.

"Come on, open me up" Jack begged and Robbie watched Alex move up behind Jack, bend down and push his face into Jack's ass. Robbie couldn't believe what he was watching, how Alex was rimming Jack, his face pressed tightly into Jack's ass making him raise his head up and cry out.

" me out."

As Robbie watched he let his hand tug on his cock feeling it harden within the confines of his jeans and he struggled to get it into a comfortable position as he watched Alex, even heard him as he worked his tongue into Jack's hole, lubing him up, loosening the tight ring of his ass, preparing him to be fucked. Robbie undid the button on his jeans, eased the zipper down, the sound frightfully loud to him and he reached into his briefs and tugged on his cock, let is straighten out as much as it could, stroking it with his fingers.

Alex stood up, his cock head visible to Robbie for it stuck straight out in front of him and Robbie watched as Alex moved up to Jack and for a brief moment, just before Alex's body blocked his view, he saw Alex's cock touch Jack's hole, saw it nestle up to it ready to penetrate.

"Stick me...come on, you son of a bitch...stick me" Jack pleaded as Alex was rubbing his cock up and down Jack's cleft, rubbing the smooth fair skin, almost pink along his cleft and then Alex pressed against the hole, leaned his weight into it until he penetrated, breaching Jack as he eased a couple of inches of his hard shaft into him making Jack cry out. His cry echoed in the metal barn.

Robbie didn't think about what he was doing as he watched Alex move his hips forward sinking more and more of his cock into Jack and he let his jeans and briefs fall to his ankles as he stroked his cock. He felt the slickness of his own pre-cum as it lubed up the head and then the shaft, and he stroked it slowly as he watched Alex sink his cock all the way into Jack.

"I'm in all the way" Alex told Jack, his voice so low Robbie barely heard him.

"Fuck me....fuck me know I like it that way" Jack pleaded.

"I know" Alex replied in a low voice as he took Jack's hips, held him firmly in place and began to drive his cock into him, slamming his hips forward till he slapped up against Jack's ass then pulling back so he could do it again, and again, and again, over and over, Alex pumped his cock into Jack, slammed his body against Jack rocking him back and forth and making the moans coming from Jack reverberate with every deep inward thrust. Robbie watched every move of Alex's body, the way he slammed forward and the way it rocked Jack, violent jarring of his body with every thrust and Robbie jacked his cock harder, in rhythm with Alex's fuck, hard and fast his hand worked along his shaft, noisily sliding over the slick skin.

Alex's fuck was fast, the thrust of his hips pounding into Jack with each swing forward. Robbie could see Jack's cock swing into view with each forward thrust by Alex, and he watched how Jack's body was so tight, the muscles so clearly defined, with every contour, every line visible beneath his sweat covered skin. He wanted to walk into the room, to go over to Jack and do what he saw Alex do earlier: suck his cock.

Alex began to breath hard, his grip on Jack tighten and he slammed his body into Jack's ass in short violent thrusts and Robbie knew he was close, ready to fill Jack's hole with cum and he stroked his cock faster as he watched.

"I'm" Alex grunted with each hard breath.

"Pump that shit in me...come on" Jack pleaded and Alex slammed into him hard, pushed his hips into Jack so hard he dropped down from his elbows to his shoulders on the bags of seed, his head resting on them as he grunted and moaned, taking Alex's cum.

Robbie came, pumped out his load, gritting his teeth to prevent himself from crying out as he watched Alex pump his load into Jack. When Alex pulled back he wiped his cock across Jack's ass leaving a slimy trail behind. Jack rolled over his back and let his legs drop down to the floor spreading them out. He ran his right hand down between his legs and rubbed his fingers over his hole smearing the cum leaking out.

"Damn, you fucked me good that time" he said, smiling up at Alex.

"Shhh" Alex whispered as he motioned for Jack to be still, looking over at the door. "Did you hear something?"

"No" Jack replied, "you must be hearing things."

"I'm telling you I heard something" and Alex, still naked, walked to the door and looked out into the main space of the barn. He didn't see anything out of the ordinary and started to move back into the room when he looked down. At first he couldn't process what he was seeing, couldn't believe it, then he realized he was looking at someone's cum running down the wall by the door trim. "Oh, shit" he uttered under his breath.


Alex rode into town with Jack in his old truck a couple of days later, still wondering which of their friends had spied on them in the barn, jacking off on the wall. At times it amused them, the idea one of their friends stood at the door and watched them fuck, stroking their dick, but other times they felt uneasy about not knowing who it was and afraid it could come out somehow, which in this deeply religious community with all its prejudices and biases, would be a very bad thing.

They pulled into the old drive-in, a place that had been in town for over fifty years, changing hands from time to time, but the menu was the same greasy fare. Jack saw Robbie's Jeep, Tim's Camaro and Mark's truck. Jack pulled in across from them and hit the horn one quick bump getting their attention. John was with Mark and he waved the guys over. They gathered at one of the tables that were arranged down the middle of the parking bays for those who didn't want to eat in their vehicles and soon were joking around, talking about what was going on during the summer. Jack and Alex sat next to each other and from time to time would glance at one another as they tried to figure out who may have been the one spying on them back in the barn.

They sat for over an hour, eating dinner and talking and when they finally decided to leave, with Tim, Mark and John heading over to the next town to see a movie and Robbie saying he was just going to hang out in town for awhile, Jack and Alex said they were going back to Jack's to play some games, telling Robbie to come over if he got bored. As they left the drive-in, each going their own way, Alex turned to Jack with a questioning look.

"Well, I'm not sure. I thought it could be Mark, for he seemed to act funny all night, but when he mentioned he was going to the recruiting office next week I assumed that was the reason for his acting weird" Alex said as he looked out over into the parking lot of the one small shopping center in town where several cars parked out near the road, a few their former classmates.

"I thought the same but I think it is Robbie."

"What? Robbie?! I don't know. Why do you think so?"

"I caught him looking at us with this weird expression on his face a couple of times and he'd look away quickly, like he was guilty of something."

"Like spying on us while we were fucking?" Alex replied laughing uneasily to himself.

Jack pulled around his home and parked in his bay in the carport that sat perpendicular to the house and the two of them made their way inside, kicking off their shoes in the screen porch. Jack's parents were in the family room off the kitchen watching television and Jack and Alex told them they were going to play games for there was nothing to do in town.

As long as Jack's parents were up they knew they had to be careful and they settled in Jack's room, the video game brought up on the television and began to play. Alex was sprawled across Jack's bed and Jack sat on the floor leaning back against the bed. They quickly lost track of time, focused on beating each other until they heard the familiar whine of Robbie's Jeep drive around the house to the rear.

"It's Robbie; I guess he got bored with hanging out in town" Jack said, looking back at Alex.

"I've got an idea to test if it is Robbie who spied on us. Quick, here's what we'll do" Alex said as he got up off the bed.

Robbie came up to the back door, kicked off his shoes and knocked. Jack's mother called out for him to come on in, already aware it was him, as familiar with the sound of his Jeep as anyone. He came in, spoke to Jack's parents for a few minutes and then excused himself to go see what Jack and Alex were doing. He went down the short hall and gave a light tap to Jack's door.

"Come on in" Jack called out and Robbie opened the door to find them side by side on the bed playing a video game. The closeness of their bodies and the fact they were just in their boxers made Robbie pause at the door.

"Well...come on in. You want to play with the winner" Alex asked as he kept his eyes on the screen manipulating the controller in his hands.

"Who's winnin'...why are ya'll stripped down to your underwear?" Robbie asked with the confusion showing on his face.

"Because it was hot as hell outside and we wanted to cool off and be comfortable. You're use to the heat driving around in that open Jeep all the time, but damn, don't you get hot sometimes?" Jack replied.

"Yeah..." and Robbie looked at the screen as he made his way to Jack's desk chair sitting out in the room with Jack's and Alex's clothes tossed on it.

"Just toss those on the desk" Jack told Robbie.

Robbie was soon sitting in the chair, his long legs stretched out in front of him watching the game as it progressed on the screen. Out of the corner of his eye he could watch Jack and Alex, the way they lay across the bed so close their bodies bumped against each other, arms rubbed against arms and how they responded to each other as they challenged each other in the game. Robbie let his eyes roam down their bodies. First it was Jack's broad, muscular torso, the curve of his back making his round ass more pronounced and downward to his long smooth legs, bent at the knee so he could lie across the bed, his feet resting against the wall, crossed at the ankles. Then there was Alex, his shorter frame lean, his dark olive skin smooth and his lean legs were like Jack's bent at the knee but angled back swaying back and forth as he played the game. Alex's boxers lay loose over his ass, the white cotton boxers nearly transparent and Robbie tried hard not to stare, and after a few minutes he shifted in the chair to make it difficult to look over at their bodies.

Alex suddenly cried out, rubbing in his victory over Jack. Jack climbed off the bed and asked them if they wanted a coke as he moved to the door and as he opened the door he looked back at Robbie.

"Robbie, play the little cheat. See if you can beat him."

"Come on, get comfortable and let's play" Alex said and the way he said it, 'let's play' struck Robbie with its insinuation, the idea of them playing together in a way other than the video games. He had to make himself move, trying not to show how distracted he was by everything. He wasn't comfortable with removing his jeans since he wore briefs and his cock felt half hard but he pulled his t-shirt off and as he tossed it on the desk he saw himself in the mirror. His tall lean body, his chest and stomach flat, still looking like a teen's body instead of a man's and his long arms accentuated his long torso. He ran his hand through his brown hair seeing it stand up in an unruly mess and he wondered if Alex and Jack would find him sexually attractive, would they do those things they did together with him if given a chance, but he pushed those thoughts out of his head as fast as possible and moved on to the bed next to Alex. He kept some distance between them but as the game progressed Alex kept shifting over, closer and closer, till his arm was rubbing against Robbie's and their feet would bump together. Jack had come back and was sitting on the floor just to Robbie's left and time and time again Robbie found his eyes roaming over Jack's shoulders and down his chest to his boxers where his cock was plainly visible underneath the thin fabric.

"Man, you're play is shit tonight" Alex mockingly said to Robbie as he bumped shoulders with him making him mess up even worse. "What is on your mind?"

"Nothing, just out of it, I guess" Robbie said as he handed the controller to Jack. "Here, your turn."

For the rest of the night Robbie struggled with his emotions, the image of Alex fucking Jack playing in his mind over and over as he tried to concentrate on the game they were playing until he finally had enough and told them he should go.

"Hey, before you leave I want to ask you about the registration date on campus this week. You're going right?" Jack asked as Robbie slipped his t-shirt over his head.

"Yeah, I'm going. Are you guys going?"

"We're going too, in fact, mom and dad told me to go on up the day before so I could be there for the first orientation and I've asked Alex if he wanted to go. So what do you say, care to go the day before and share a hotel room? Mom and dad agreed to two nights, one before and one after, so we have time to look around while we're there."

"Seriously, you're going to head up the day before and stay in a hotel?"

"Yep. So what do you say? It'll be fun; just the three of us." Alex replied.

"I'll ask mom when I get home."

"No need. Mom called your mom this evening and your folks already agreed" Jack replied, smiling up at Robbie.

"Okay, then I'll see you guys Wednesday. What time do you want to leave?"

"It'll take three hours to get there and we'd like to arrive by five or six so plan on being here at two. Mom is going to let us use her Tahoe."

Robbie was soon gone and Alex and Jack were lying on the bed side by side, just staring up at the ceiling.

"It was Robbie."

"Had to be."


They arrived in the town a little after five and Jack soon found the hotel that was across from campus. A few minutes later they were checked in and back out the door to go explore the business district that catered to the students along the side of campus. They grabbed dinner and shopped in the stores with colligate apparel, each getting a couple of shirts and after walking along the streets checking out what would be available to them they made their way back to the hotel. It was nearly ten o'clock and as they went to their room they saw the pool closed at ten.

"Hey, let's hit the pool before it closes" Alex said as they went by.

"I didn't bring any swim trunks" Robbie replied.

"We can wear our boxers; they look like swim trunks and besides no one is around" Alex said.

"I don't have boxers on" Robbie told him, laughing at Alex's idea of swimming in their underwear.

"Wear a pair of Jack's."

"Yeah, just wear a pair of mine. Mom packed enough for a week."

In the room Jack and Alex stripped down to their boxers and wrapped a towel around their waists, watching Robbie strip out of his clothes. They watched him slip the briefs down his legs and toss them on the bed with his other clothes and then slip on the boxers Jack gave him.

"They're really loose" Robbie stated as he slipped them into place and picked up a towel.

"Well, you skinny bastard, you do have a waist smaller than even Alex" Jack replied making Alex laugh with him.

The water was cold and they eased down a couple of steps and dove in, Jack, Alex and finally Robbie, who came up staggering as he tried to pull the boxers back up after they had slipped down his legs.

"Shit, your boxers are too loose."

They only had a few minutes and didn't want to bring any attention to themselves, so they swam around a little, exited the pool, wrapped the towels around their waist and headed back to their room.

They were shivering from the cold pool water and quickly stripped off the wet boxers tossing them over a chair as they toweled off. Their cocks were drawn up but soon, with their rubbing the soft towels over them, they began to lengthen. Alex looked over at Jack and winked.

"Robbie, are you going to shower before bed?"

"Yeah, if for no other reason than to warm up. Are you guys going to take one?"

"Yes, we'll be right behind you."

Robbie went into the bathroom and pushed the door almost closed and got the shower running. He liked to take long warm showers, liked the way it relaxed his muscles, and he liked the way his soapy hands felt on his own body, the soft slick feel, and the way it felt to rub his soapy hand over his cock. He was so engrossed with his shower he hadn't heard the door open and he gave a start when the shower curtain pulled back.

"Damn, you're slow as shit. We're tired of waiting so move over" Alex said as he and Jack climbed into the tub, pulling the curtain back in place. It was crowded in the tub, their bodies bumping into each other.

"Hand me the soap will ya" Alex asked and he began to soap up between Robbie and Jack. Robbie tried not to stare, tried to make himself turn around and face the spray, but he just stood there, watching Alex run his soapy hands down his chest, over his stomach and over his cock. Robbie watched Alex's cock rise up, the shaft thicken, as he soaped it, gave it a few tugs. Alex looked up at Robbie, saw the look on his face and he held out the soap.

"Do my back, will ya?" he asked Robbie, turning around to face Jack, giving him a mischievous smile. Robbie's trembling hands rotated the bar of soap within them and he reached out and put his hand on Alex, touched him like he had never done before, his trembling hand feeling the smooth skin, its warmth, as he rubbed the soap over his back. Robbie moved his hand downward over Alex's lower back, feeling the curve of it, the line of his spine and he ran his hands back up, along Alex's sides, up to his arm pits feeling the sparse hair in each and the softer skin. Over the shoulders and around the back of Alex's neck Robbie rubbed his soapy hands over him. Robbie's eyes were glazed over, just staring where his hands were touching Alex, each curve and indention, till he was letting them roam downward to the top of Alex's ass cheeks.

"Don't stop Robbie" Alex said in a low voice not breaking Robbie out of the trance he seemed to be in. Robbie rubbed each cheek, feeling their round firmness and he rubbed along the side of Alex's hips and back around to each cheek again, slowly, hesitantly moving, wanting to go further, wanting to slide them between Alex's cheeks, to run his fingers down in the cleft, to feel him there. Jack moved up to Alex and wrapped his arms around Alex's waist and took each cheek and spread them apart.

"Wash him there" Jack said; his voice low and commanding.

Robbie didn't hesitate, did as Jack commanded, running his hand down along the cleft, feeling the smooth skin with his soapy fingers. He brushed over Alex's entrance, rubbed it with his finger feeling its tightness.

"Do it, Robbie, do it, push your finger into him...he wants it" Jack whispered and Robbie looked up and watched as Alex put his arms around Jack's neck hugging their bodies together and he realized it was happening, this fantasy, and he pushed his finger into Alex, sank it slowly into his hole making his cry out.

Robbie worked one finger in Alex then two and when Alex told him to put another one in him, Robbie worked a third into his hole. Alex pushed his hips back, sinking Robbie's fingers deeper into his hole as he hugged tightly to Jack. Robbie looked up to see Jack looking over Alex's shoulder, his shorter body crowded by the two taller boys. Robbie didn't think about what he was doing as he leaned forward and pressed his lips to Jack's, kissing another guy for the first time. Jack pushed against his lips with his tongue and Robbie let him slip it into his mouth. Robbie let his fingers slip from Alex's hole and he pressed his body against Alex as he continued to kiss Jack. Robbie could feel Alex's body between Jack and him, the way he moved slightly, pumped his hips back and forth, and pressed his ass against Robbie's growing erection.

Jack pulled back and said for them to get out of the shower and move back into the room where they could be more comfortable.

Jack sat on the bed, his back against the headboard, legs spread, stroking his own erection as Alex led Robbie to the foot of the bed and reached down taking Robbie's cock, stroking the hard shaft.

"I want you to fuck me" Alex told Robbie who only nodded his head. Alex moved down on the bed, crawled across it on his hands and knees till he was between Jack's legs. Robbie watched as Jack held up his cock with one hand and with his other guided Alex's mouth down to his cock. Alex didn't hesitate to let it slip between his lips and deep into his mouth. Jack looked up at Robbie, smiling.

"Come on Robbie...dick his ass. He really likes it."

Robbie moved up on the bed working his way across on his knees until he was up to Alex's ass, pushing his legs apart as he moved into position. Robbie rubbed his leaking cock over Alex's ass, smeared his pre-cum along the smooth skin feeling it stroke his desires. He pressed it to Alex's entrance, pushed against its tightness till his cock penetrated the tight little hole stretching it open further allowing him to sink his cock into his warm depths. Alex moaned loudly around Jack's cock as he pushed his ass back taking more of Robbie's cock.

"Fuck" Robbie whispered as he felt the tight ring of Alex's hole milk his cock as he slid inward. He began to work his hips back and forth, slowly at first relishing the feel of his cock sliding back and forth in Alex's hole. He held Alex's hips and pumped his cock back and forth. He slid one hand up Alex's back following its curvature feeling the smooth skin hot to the touch. He looked up and watched as Jack held Alex's head and pumped it up and down on his cock, Jack moaning and swearing and the sound of wet cock slipping through wet drooling lips coming from Alex.

"He's a goddamn whore, isn't he" Jack said to Robbie just before he threw his head back, mouth open and pumped his hips upward into Alex's suctioning mouth.

Robbie's rhythm increased, the thrust of his hips got faster and he leaned over Alex, laid his chest down on his back feeling the heat of their bodies, the slickness of skin on skin, as he pumped his cock faster and faster. He reached under Alex, ran his hand down his smooth chest, over his flat stomach and down till his hand bumped up against the hard shaft bobbing up and down. Robbie took the hard shaft and stroked it with his own rhythm, the pace of his own fuck, and he rubbed the wet head, slick to the touch and Alex jerked underneath him, his cock so sensitive to Robbie's manipulations. Robbie stroked down the shaft smearing pre-cum over it, slicking it up, and as he fucked his cock into Alex's hole he stroked his cock, fast, hand slamming down to the base, Alex's tightening sac swinging back and forth while Robbie pounded his ass, thrusting cock deeply into his hole.

Jack pulled Alex's head off his cock and scooted around to the side, running his hand over Robbie's back feeling the heat of his skin, hot, slick with sweat, and he slid it along the curvature of his spine down to his ass feeling the way it moved, primitive, this urge to fuck and he let his fingers slid down along the cleft of Robbie's cheeks feeling the heat of his body, the slick smoothness. He rubbed his fingers over Robbie's tight hole, pressed against it. Robbie lifted his head up and looked back at Jack, his eyes glazed over with his lust, his desire, and Jack felt him push back a little more, push his ass against the fingers probing the tight opening.

"You want it don't you" Jack stated as he pressed his finger into Robbie making him moan loudly and shove his cock into Alex hard.

Robbie took Jack's finger, felt it work his hole open, penetrate into him and he held his head down, his lips running over the sweaty skin of Alex's shoulders tasting the saltiness of him. Jack slipped two fingers into him and he bit Alex lightly stifling his cry out. He slowed his fuck, let Jack open him up as he lay on Alex rubbing one hand over Alex's chest and stomach and the other still stroking cock, slowly, like his fuck.

"Stick me...put it in me" Robbie pleaded to Jack and he spread his legs a little more, opened himself up as much as he could for Jack. Jack eased down between his legs and pushed his hard wet cock to Robbie's hole and penetrated. He pushed inward, slowly feeling each inch slip through the tight ring.

"Goddamn you're tight...fuck..." Jack uttered. He sank his cock slowly all the way into Robbie till his hips pressed up tightly to Robbie's ass as he laid on his back feeling their bodies slide over each other, the trapped heat of their bodies so hot and he ran his hands up and down Robbie's sides feeling the smooth soft flesh.

"I've wanted to fuck you for a long time" Jack whispered in Robbie's ear and he rose up and began to fuck, powerful strokes, driving Robbie into Alex, rocking them roughly in their fuck. Robbie cried out, his grunts echoing in the room as Jack pound cock into his hole.

They were noisy, rough, cocks thrusting into holes, sinking as deeply as they could, sweaty bodies sliding over each other till Alex eased down on his chest, ass up, taking Robbie's fuck. Robbie worked his ass back and forth, shoving his cock into Alex then pulling back sinking Jack's cock into his own hole. Alex began to shudder first, his hole spasm around Robbie's cock as he spewed his cum across the bed.

"Ahh...fuck" Alex uttered as he shot wad after wad; his hole stroked hard by Robbie's thrusting cock. Robbie felt the way Alex's hole milked his cock, the tight little squeezes as he shoved inward and pulled back. Jack pulled his body up, wrapped his arms around his chest hugging him tightly as he thrust his cock into Robbie's hole. Jack bit Robbie's shoulder, squeezed him tightly and thrust hard into his hole and Robbie knew he was pumping cum into his hole.

"Oh...I'm going to cum" Robbie cried out as he kept working his hips in short hard jabs.

"Do it...fill Alex's ass...pump that shit in him" Jack whispered in Robbie's ear, egging him on, pushing him over the edge and Robbie slammed forward, jamming his cock into Alex hard as he pumped out his load.

Robbie was soon spent and they pulled apart and fell down by each other on the bed, breathing hard, their bodies cooling in the air conditioning. Jack ran his hand softly over Robbie's chest feeling the smooth softness of his skin. He leaned over and kissed Robbie gently on the lips and when he pulled away Robbie smiled at him, then he turned toward Alex who leaned forward bringing their lips together. The three of them lay back, arms and legs intertwined, their breathing back to normal.

"This is better than watching in the barn, isn't it" Alex asked Robbie.




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