Chapter 9

As I gradually woke I lay still to orientate myself to the strange surrounds. The sun streamed in through the front lounge window but the bedroom held more than reasonable darkness. I turned over to find Dillon on his side wide awake and watching me. "Get breakfast, I'll take a shower", I ordered without waiting for a response.

When I emerged from the bathroom I found myself relaxed and at ease with how the night had gone. I joined boy in the kitchen who had prepared coffee, eggs and toast. It smelt great.

I took a seat inviting him to sit his naked arse down after me, by now he knew better than to sit before. He was coming along. I hooked into the meal, seeking to extinguish my morning hunger.

“What do you think?”, I asked between mouthfuls, “you still want to do this?”. He knew what I was asking.

“I’m more scared than I was yesterday?”, he replied honestly.

“What of?”, I quizzed, “don’t hold anything back”, I encouraged.

“That you’ll beat me up”, he answered, holding his gaze down, “that, I’ll stuff up so bad I’ll end up in hospital”.

“You really think I’d smack you around so bad you’d end up in an emergency ward?”, I was surprised, but I didn’t show it.

“I don’t know”, he paused, “you said to say everything I’m thinking”.

“Yes, I did, it’s very important to say everything. You’re doing excellent”, I drew breath, “what else?” I asked attempting to get everything on the table in the one conversation.

“Maybe I’ll think of more later, but that’s what’s going on, for now. I’m scared you’ll hurt me, and it’s strange that I can only speak when you give me permission. I feel like your slave”.

“That it?”, I beamed glad he was unloading, “get everything out, so we can deal with it”.

“That’s all I can think of, that’s what I feel”

“Ok, you comfortable for me to talk now?”, I asked making sure the way was clear. He nodded yes.

“Let’s start with the physical stuff. I’m never going to beat you for fun. You’ll never get a black eye, broken ribs or fractured limbs. You have my complete word, you will never end up in hospital because of me, understand?”, he nodded as I continued, “when you fuck up though, you will get a blazing butt or crushed nuts, real pain, but no real damage”

“With sex. Sometimes you’ll get a red raw, stretched arsehole, a painfully sore throat and maybe even chewed tits”, I stopped to consider other possibilities. “I’m doing my best to think of anything else, oh, maybe ‘blue balls’ when you can’t figure out how to cum”.

“So, physically I think that’s it.  Not saying a red butt doesn’t smart but it’s not permanent. Get the difference?”, I asked, genuinely.

“I get it, fucken hurt last night when I tried to empty my balls”

“That’s the whole point. Think about it, you won’t wake me up jacking off again, will you?”

“No, but couldn’t you just tell me?”

“No” I responded with no intention to elaborate. Time to move on.

“You mentioned feeling ‘slave’ like”, he nodded. “Well, in the beginning there’s lots of stuff you’re learning, so you get told this and that. It feels like you’re just being ordered around, right?”, he nodded again, even more eager to agree. “But, think about it. I’m never going to have to teach you again how to get the shower ready or, tell you ‘breakfast’ next week. You’ll just do it, you don’t have to learn stuff twice. When I arrived last night, you were naked in your collar, right?” more nodding “see, you already knew, your place”. He was keen to talk, I let him.

“I follow, but you’re saying I’m the one who’s going to be doing all the stuff while you’re the one who just sits back fucking the crap out of me whenever you feel like?, and I don’t even get to cum when I want”.

“See that’s perfectly understood, you do get it!” I said without an ounce of withdrawal, “you’re 110% sub, I do what I want, when I want. You, you do what you’re told”.

“Look, I hope you can understand I’m being as upfront with you as I can. I also want you to know something else”. I made sure he was all ears, “you’ve got one of the hottest bodies I’ve ever seen, I’m going to be fucking you as hard and as often as I can, that means almost every day”. His head was spinning.

“I don’t know if I want that?”, he lamented.

“Exactly, which is why you need to think about my first question this morning, it’s important. Do you still want to do this?”, I paused, a significant juncture.

“So, there’s nothing I can think of I’ve left out. Maybe, in boundary stretching times, ‘who I let fuck you’ or ‘what tattoos I pick for you’. That’s a long way down the track though, months away”, his mind fuck spiralled.

“Look”, I said standing to finish. I reached across to drag him to his feet, more instant education. “By Thursday, make a decision. You’re going to be doing my boots, gear and truck for years, regardless of your choice, if that’s your upper limit, then fine”

“It’s also ok to get a few months down the track and change your mind. It won’t matter to me as long as it’s not mid fuck. if that happened I would finish making my seed deposit, then I’d leave, quietly”

“If I exit though, I won’t ever be back. Not for that”.

“Just laundry” he mused to himself.


“Can I ask one more question?”, I nodded.

“What’s in it for me?”, he asked with real and genuine desire for me to furnish him with an answer. Maybe it even had a hint of expectation I would.

“What?”, I responded slightly overplaying apparent confusion, “how the fuck would I know that, that’s for you to work out, I’m just looking out for me”. I left.

He was well into the beginning of his steep learning curve. When it flattened out he’d draw amazing amounts of joy from me simply curling my lips in the slightest smile. He had a way to go before he got there.


The week progressed much as others in recent history. Every night I left my boots on my door step, every morning they were spotless. The laundry basket in the corner gradually built to its Friday fill. On Thursday night as I stepped out of the truck grubby from work I went straight to Dillon’s place.

I found it curious, I was full of nervous anticipation. It seemed that deep down I really wanted this to work. Ultimately it would be his decision, I had no control. I had already shown my hand. When I opened his door and let myself in I found him standing in his kitchen, naked and collared.

I walked across the room and stood on the other side of the bench. He kept silent, head slightly bowed.

“Why are you naked with your band?”, I asked, “you expecting me?”

“No” he answered, “I’ve been this way all week. I wanted to see what my decision was”
“And?”, I questioned. He put down his utensils and came around my side of the bench. He immediately dropped to his knees and took my zipper in hand. Asking for permission to proceed with his eyes, I gave a slight nod. He opened my filthy work jeans and fished out my thickening seven inches.

He swallowed my entire length without pause. I had my answer. My heart sang.              

Over ten minutes I worked his throat without shifting my stance. I filled his gullet, let him correct my jeans and left. I’d be back tomorrow.

The next day, I arrived around nine thirty, I’d again caused a stir at the pub with my early exit. Conjecture was rife that I was in love. They had no idea how close and far away they were from the truth. I didn’t care, I was utterly focused on getting my rocks off twice in two days.

When I let myself in I found Dillon kneeling waiting naked in the passage near the front door.

“We don’t need that sort of shit, don’t do it again”, I told him as I dragged him to his feet. Get the telly on and me a beer. I stripped where I dumped my boots and headed for the couch. When he arrived with my drink, I took it and set about finding a comfortable position.

“When you’re done folding and stowing my stuff”, I said nodding towards my clothes, “find a perch up here, I’ll need head soon”. He dashed off to comply before returning to nestle in between my legs. I had him lay along my midriff in a similar recline to myself. I craned my neck down as he held his up. I kissed him with the passion I felt. It was excellent.

When I had drained my beer, and established who had won the football, I was hard. I took hold of his freshly clipped skull and lowered him to my waiting shaft. While the game wrap up progressed I enjoyed half an hour of gentle but constant head. I didn’t allow myself to get too far along. Compared to last week, I planned to do much more fucking.

It was time to move to the bedroom, I was fully primed. When we arrived I had him position himself on all fours at the edge of the mattress. His hole the perfect height for me to make a hassle free entry. While he held his place, I lubed up, I smeared the excess from my hand through his buzz cut hair, transferring the irritating stickiness away from myself. 

I placed my knob at his puckered rose and pressed forward. He shifted his body weight to better brace himself as my force started to affect his centre of gravity. I was in no rush, I didn’t simply ram my length in. I have to admit the thought did occur to me and no doubt I’d do it in some future session.

He started to grunt as the pressure on his ring built. He wasn’t as tight as he was during our first fuck, but a week of inactivity had shrunk his hole nicely. When I reached critical mass his backdoor opened quickly and evenly, his verbal utterances lifted a pitch and I landed two inches inside. Fuck he had a sweet arse.

I reached forward and took him by the shoulders. With my grip locked on, I solidly pushed my entire length inwards, it was excellent. When I was fully home I remained in place savouring the joy my cock was delivering to my brain. He took the time to physically catch up.

I slowly withdrew completely and went back in for another plunge. I set about creating a cycle of push, pull, electrifying every nerve ending on and around my meat. As he started to loosen up I picked up speed making sure I didn’t stimulate myself to an early finish. Over twenty minutes I fucked him through a range of positions but always standing. I figured I’d be ploughing him lying on the bed later and standing made a good change.

I detected he was giving himself the occasional ‘reach-back’. His self-stimulation didn’t bother me enough to do anything but, I did smile that he was taking so much care not to disturb my routine.

I felt myself nearing and lifted my intensity. A second before I blew I pulled out and held his slowly closing ring in my aim. I thoroughly coated the opening in rope after rope of white creamy seed. When I settled I took my still stiff rod and plunged back in. My load had re-lubed his hole nicely and I resumed my pre-cum rhythm.

I didn’t last nearly as long as I desired. In the end knob sensitivity won out. I withdrew and lay on the bed beside him. He remained almost frozen in place, still on all fours. I couldn’t help but notice he was rock hard and dripping pre-cum. He hadn’t managed any relief that round. I had no interest.

Once I had cooled down, I rearranged myself to rest on the pillows at the head of the bed. By then Dillon had felt free to move and lay beside me chest down. As I started talking he raised himself on his elbows to match my height.

“What do you do for work?”, I asked.

“Delivery truck driver, general parcels like FedEx stuff, almost three years now” he replied.

“What do you earn?”, I quizzed immediately jumping in the deep end.

“$34,000 a year, no benefits”, he answered without pause. Fuck, he was six worse off than my shit wage and I had basic cover. It was actually a bit of a relief, we’d probably be a good mental match. I’d been worried he may have been a lawyer or something like that, a truck driver would do just fine.

“I’m on $40 in construction”, I declared making sure I matched info for info. He just nodded. “You got family?”, I quizzed. He shook his head ‘no’, “Me neither” 

“Can I ask some questions”, he ventured.


“Am I your first sub?”

“Yep, but I always take what I’m due in every encounter anyway. You still scared?”

“No, not like I was. First time I’ve behaved like this so it’s new for me. Can I have sex with others?”

“If you want, long as it doesn’t cramp my needs. You want to?”

“No, not specifically, just trying to get a fix on how things work. You going to fuck others?”

“I don’t put limits on myself, but all this is different for me so I’m not sure. It will depend on the situation. At the base level I follow my body, I tend to respect what gives me a hard-on.”

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