Chapter 11

At two past the hour I arrived at the truck, dumping a drink laden ice box and general outing stuff in the back. Pleasingly he was already in place with a beach towel and sun lotion beside him. He was right about the gym, he still looked fully pumped. I was seriously impressed.

He wore knee length cargos and a perfectly sculptured white wife beater. He looked amazingly hot, especially with his red edged collar in place.

As I turned over the engine I told him to lose his gear. Initially stunned, he gathered himself to kick off his runners and drag his camo shorts down. As I backed out of the drive he had his tee off and sat in just a pair of black Speedos. By the time I pulled to the street he had resolved his internal conflict about whether or not I expected the jocks to stay, they sat folded on top of his shorts. His nervousness obvious as was his now fully exposed, hairless junk. I made for seaside.

Twenty minutes later we arrived at the asphalted dune based car park. It was around a quarter full, so getting a place near the centre to beach walkway was easy. A dozen or so people milled around getting themselves organised to hit the sand over the dune. It was getting hot, I looked forward to the other side and feeling the fresh sea breeze.

When I’d shut down and hid the keys I leaned across and clipped a leash to his collar D ring.

“Grab the cool-box”, I instructed, “leave the window down, it will make the car too hot if we locked up. I’ll put your wallet in the kit bag with mine”. he lent down and grabbed his leather fold. I exited and set about gathering my stuff, he seemed frozen to the seat. I lent back to the window.

“Do you really want me to have to walk around there? Think about it.”, I said foxing that I was pissed “Now get the fucken box”. He slowly stepped down, pushed the door closed and almost ran around to my side. When he grabbed the cooler, I decided I had better head his thinking off at the pass.

“Carry that at your side, keep your chest up and your arms back. You’re here to be noticed”, I reached forward and pumped his cock head a little. To his credit, although mortified by his predicament, he didn’t utter a word. I grabbed his leash and we made our way to the soft sand walkway.                         

When we arrived at the crest there were ten or twelve clumps of tanners and another half dozen singularly scattered along the protected beach. All were men. The wind, sand and water were perfect. I picked our spot and headed directly for it.

I saw little point in hiding my super-hot, muscled, leashed fuck. I deliberately chose to walk along the water line. The attention was immediate, everyone on our end of the sand and half from the other direction stopped and drew breath.

Of the twenty to thirty tanners already in place, only a third or so were naked. I’m not sure at what point Dillon realised it was a nude gay beach, but I didn’t care. He was still the only one on a lead. I flagged our spot fifteen foot from our nearest neighbour and set about getting ourselves organised, we couldn’t have picked better weather.

“Smooth two spots for the towels”, I directed letting go the leash but leaving it attached. He flattened out two rectangles and spread my towel first.

“Build a bit of a bump on yours”, I told him as he looked at me quizzically. “Where your arse is going to lie, don’t make it obscene but enough to have your butt pushed up a little, displayed right”. He’d been red when he first stepped out of the car, the last instruction sent his embarrassment into overdrive.

When he had completed his little mound, and spread his towel on top I told him to test it.

“Flatten it out a tad, it’s a bit too high”, he did and when he lay down a second time his crutch was opened up nicely without being porno-like. I tethered his leash to the cool box handle, tore off my shirt and cracked my first beer. As I handed him water, I reflected life didn’t get much better than this.

For the first hour and a half we oiled, tanned and occasionally swam. There was a steady procession of lookers who slowed to wander past our spot, there was no doubt Dillon was one of the best specimens of male sex on the sand. I was having a ball being next to him and watching the throng.

Just before three in the afternoon, two really young guys approached. They came directly to me wearing the tiniest black string Speedos I’d seen all day. It was obvious the fabric didn’t have much to hide, but they still had a fair bit of growing to do, body wise at least. I’d say from a dick perspective they were already cooked.

Their lack of meat size was more than made up for by their bravado. Young, dumb and naive, I mused to myself.

“S’cuse us mister”, they opened. At least they had some manners, “Is he your pet?” they asked blatantly pointing at Dillon. He shifted uncomfortably.

“Sort of” I responded. “How old are you two? You old enough to be here?”

“Yeah”, said the slightly taller but equally skinny one, “we turned eighteen in April and June, this is our third time here, we really like it”.

“So, two and four months ago you came of age” they nodded. “Sit, talk a while”, I pointed to the sand, “why do you like this beach? There’s not many teenagers here”

“We’re gay, we come to watch nude guys”, said the other one with enthusiasm. “Older guys are horny as!”, he added with his best friend agreeing madly at his side. Wow, I thought. How lucky to be so in touch with themselves so young. I couldn’t scratch myself in my teens.

“Where’d he get all his muscles from?”, asked boy One.

“He’s name is Dillon and he works hard in the gym”

“He’s got a huge cock”, declared boy Two, “fucken huge”.

“Hey, language”, I admonished.

“Sorry”, he quickly retreated, contrite.

“What do you guys want, or are you just overly friendly types, saying hello”

“Well we saw his lead and just wondered if we could take him for a walk, you know, just up to the headland and back”. Wow! These guys had huge metaphysical balls. The idea of Dillon being led down and up the now busy beach by two ‘teenagers’ had appeal. It would be great education that he had no say in such things.

Ultimately I decided it risked being too destructive to his self-worth.

“So, now the truth”, I locked on to their eyes, ”you were just going to walk him?”

“Sort of”, admitted One.

“Sort of?”

“Well, it would be good if we could feel his muscles and stuff a bit, you know pat him, like a good pet” confessed Two.

“By stuff you mean his dick?” They both nodded eagerly in the affirmative.

I took my time. “How many men you guys been with?, Truth remember, I don’t give a fuck what you say”.
“Well” started boy One “we’ve played with each other a bit, and I’ve been to a beat before”

“So”, I confirmed, “you guys haven’t had any real sex then?”

“No, no” they both admitted, heads down.

“Ok, well you play careful you hear, there’s lots of guys, even here today that would like to take your virgin arses and do you damage. You make sure you stay safe. For the first few times make sure you play with people you trust” I advised. They both nodded, I wasn’t sure how much went in. I’d done what I could.

“Thanks, no one has talked to us like that. Sort of freaky turning eighteen and being able to go into clubs and stuff.”, Revealed Two, “some guys are weird”

“So, can we take him for a walk?”, One asked for a second time

“Sorry boys, it’s a good idea and I like your style, but no walks today”, they were suddenly chest fallen. I paused a little longer.

“But, you can have a play out here in the water”, I said pointing directly in front of where we were sitting. “Dillon is pretty strong, he’ll easily throw any tackles you might like to try. One of you at a time, mind you, and only for five or ten minutes, got it?”, they absolutely had, and were mad keen for it.

“Two other things, only one or two gentle dick feels. I want your word”, I demanded, never breaking eye contact.

“Cool! Yeah, we swear, don’t we”, committed Two.

“We promise, we promise, ten minutes, three or four touches, each!”

“One or two, and gentle I said”, I corrected, internally admiring their tenacity, “you can try and pet his muscles as much as you want, but I suspect his defenses will be too strong”. I was all smiles, inviting them to keep it light, “the other thing is, you two could easily end up losing your G string thongs. You going to be able to cope with that and still come up here to thank Dillon nicely?”

“Oh, easy man, we’ve been nude here heaps before”, assured One, “easy!”, he continued, seeking no verbal approval from his partner in crime.

“Ok, well go out and get wet, Dillon will be out in a second”, they scampered off giggling like girls. I turned to my astonished fuck buddy, “Pick them up and throw them about a bit, for fuck sake don’t look so stressed, have some fun but don’t get too rough, they look like they weigh less than sixty pound each”. I reached over and un-clipped his leash.

“Let them cop a feel or two but keep them honest about being gentle, I doubt they’ll stick to a couple of touch-ups but when they’ve had their fill call it quits”, He started to get to his feet, still a little reluctantly, “Hey, make sure they lose their gear, it won’t hurt them, and they might not be so cavalier next time”, Dillon looked at me with widened eyes amazed I was even sending him. It made no difference, he was going. He half walked half jogged towards the cheering, beckoning teenagers. Fuck! Without doubt he had the hottest arse on the beach.

He played with the guys for what ended up being closer to fifteen minutes. I watched him carefully. More often than not he was smiling and actually seemed to be enjoying himself. They came at him from left, right and rear. Regardless of their plan of attack he easily tossed them aside. At times I swear they flew four or five feet through the air before crashing into the low breaking waves. Everyone had a ball.

When he called time, the three of them wandered naked up the beach together. Dillon was half hard but the boys were full mast. Their four-inch skyward rods caused no shame.

“Hey, thanks mister”, said One with genuine gratitude. “That was so much fun”

“Yeah thanks”, added Two “You’ve got a great pet, he’s really cool, but doesn’t talk much”.

“Only talks when he’s got something to say”.

“Can we get your number?”, asked One, “Like if we wanna talk”. I scribbled my number on the back of a napkin and passed it to their now dry hands.

“Now you guys piss off”, I directed with fake firmness,” might see you next time”.

“See ya”, they said in unison and headed back from where they came, still hard.

“Time for us to go” I declared “pack up, I’m going to cool off in the water”

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