Chapter 10

When chat had waned to a natural break, I nudged him with my leg as I spread myself preparing for the next round. He clued on quick and settled in between my knees, he sucked me down to my root cleaning my cock from the first bout. His mouth didn’t take long to generate a steel like response. When I was sufficiently hard I took hold of each side of his chest and lifted him forward.

He understood my aim and set about placing a foot either side of my hips, lowering himself, facing me. My cock slipped straight in to his pre-stretched arse. He began gravitating himself up and down.

It was clear that he hadn’t blown during round one or maybe even that day. The anal stimulation across his prostate immediately sent him rock hard. As he bounced up and down his own six inches followed the same pattern with a second or two lag. His slit glistened with a pre-cum anticipated release that wasn’t going to happen. At least not in the near future.

I reclined even further pushing back deep into the pillows, I clasped my hands behind my head emphasising the fact it was all about me. He was doing all the work this set. After a time it was clear his hamstrings were burning. As he started to slow I dragged him forward to rest on his knees. The easier position prompted a resumption of his previous acceptable speed.

I felt my nuts starting to lift, he was destined to receive another load any second. When it arrived I reached up and held him low on his down stroke. I filled him again and as before, remained in place for a moment to absorb the magic encasing my cock.

I released my grip, to have him raise himself clear. As he moved to the side he maintained eye contact. He was getting good at working out where his next instruction would be coming from. I simply looked at my meat. As he had done in the beginning, he leaned down to clean my equipment, this time it differed in that it was slick with a second load of arse spread cum.

As he took in my full length I held his head at deep throat point. I didn’t want him sending electric shocks through my engorged head. I let him up and down a few times before declaring I needed to piss. He moved out of the way as I headed for the bathroom. Two down.

As I made my way back to the bed I noted it had passed eleven. As before we chatted back and forth getting to know the non sex side of each other. He was wary in his conversation presumptions which was pleasing. It would have been awkward to slap his arse this late in the night.

When I was ready for my final pre-sleep session I rolled him face down and climbed upon him. I pushed his knees as wide apart as I could mashing his junk into the bed top along the way. I wasn’t overly concerned about his comfort, I just wanted unrestricted access to his hole.

He was loose enough now for me to ignore lube. I slicked a single coating of spit down my shaft before pushing it home in one go. I hooked my hands under his arm pits and took a solid grip on his shoulders. I fucked the daylights out of him. I went as hard as I could, as long as I could and managed a full six or seven minutes. To him I’m sure it felt like thirty.

When I tired, I slowed to a full withdraw, pause and punch re-entry. It sent shock waves through him every time. In the end I was completely covered in sweat, not an inch of my body lacked a moist coating. I let out a guttural raw and filled him for the third time. The session wasn’t overly long but it had been the roughest I fucked him to date. Very nice!

I lay to his side and worked to catch my breath. Dillon remained in place not sure what to do next. It suited me, at some time in a future session I may want to get back into it. It was good he wasn’t making assumptions. When I finally settled I nodded to the shower and watched him exit, I noted his wider than usual stance and smiled.

I arrived in the bathroom to find him completely under the shower. I wouldn’t have expected him anywhere else. As soon as he saw me he stepped out and stood to the side, the water was perfect. He quickly developed a shiver but stayed in place, it was heart-warming to watch. I soaped from top to bottom and generally took my time to relax and prepare for sleep. I stepped out, dried and made my way back to the doona. Three minutes later when he’d finished he joined me to be spooned. What a great night this was turning out to be.

“I may wake around three or four to fuck”, I informed. “If you find me in you just hang on and do your best to make it good. When I fuck at that hour of the morning, it’s always intense but usually short. If I blow and fall asleep in you, just stay. At some point I’ll roll off, if I don’t, live with it. Got it?”, I asked as confirmation.

“Yes” he replied quietly. I drifted immediately to sleep.

I woke about eight on Saturday morn. The sun was up and as it turns out, so was I. Dillon was still deep asleep on his side. I found the lube and lightly slicked my thickening wood. He hadn’t moved as I positioned myself beside him and honestly don’t think he woke until I was mostly in him. When he did eventually stir I simply pushed him to his front and mounted him. I was uncharacteristically horny for first light. I’m not really a morning guy.

Today seemed to be the exception. I pushed his buzz cut head and the middle of his back deep into the mattress with a hand each as I braced myself to pound his back door. I kicked his legs apart and set about grinding his arse with as much power as I could muster. He took his first load of the day although by the feel of my overly drained nuts, there wasn’t much volume.

When I’d settled I pressed up and made my way to grab a shower. I knew he’d instantly start breakfast. As I arrived in the kitchen twenty minutes later he stood beside the bench with bacon and eggs prepared over two plates. As I sat so did he. I grabbed him by the ear before he made it all the way down causing him to scramble back to his feet. I sat.

“Now you can sit”. He did.

“What did you have planned for your day?”, I asked indicating I didn’t consider his infraction serious.

“I thought I’d go to the gym, then come back and hang here”, he replied, keenly aware the conversation was new ground.

“How long does your gym pump last?”

“About an hour and three quarters on hard arm days, a little longer for legs”, he replied. I was impressed, not the longest I’d seen, but well above average.

“How long do you spend at the gym?”, I quizzed as I forked the last of my food down.

“About two hours on Saturday”, he replied. I sat and thought.

“Ok, head to the gym about 10.30, make it a hard arm day, be back here by 1.00pm”, I instructed surprising him. “I want to show you off at the beach. Be in the truck at one, bring your collar, no jacking off”. I stood, noting his plate on the way. He still had half an egg and a strip of bacon left. “For future reference, with meals”, he was watching intently to see if he was going to get punished, he wasn’t. “When I’m done, you’re done. Get your timing right or you’ll be throwing out a lot of food and going hungry, got it?”, he just nodded, “truck at one”. I left.

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