I have just received and e-mail from Biker Cop Ken who invited me to his house this Saturday night around 6 for dinner, The time was well after 5 30 pm as I got back on my bike and started heading over to his place that was in the country a good 20 miles from were I lived, I approach this huge dirt laneway that were on the direction he gave me in the last e-mail he send a few days back, It took a good 1 minute until I got to this very Gothic looking Older Mansion home as he was standing there waving at me and pointing out were I should park my bike.

He quickly came over to greed me before I started to follow him inside the house, The house was well decorated with a kind of Gothic theme to it all, I love the massive kitchen along with a huge dinner room that had a table and chairs that seated about 20 people plus. The tour of his place took some time before we sat down in his library and den area for some drinks.  

"Thank you and coming over " Ken told Cam as they began to hug one another as his eyes were amazed of Ken hot body in his 501 Levis Blue Jeans along with his dark muscle bike shirt that he likes wearing, The next thing that happen there was a some kind of servant that came out to tell them both that dinner is already now.

The dinner was a nice Prime Rib roast along with all the trimmings and a nice bottle of Red Italian Merlot wine that Ken told Cam that he like to make, The wine was 90% proof of alcohol and it was made around 6months ago in his wine cellar in the basement of his house. The meal lasted a good hour before they headed of to the TV room to watch some old classic movie from the 50's era.

Cam started to feel funny and a bit weird from all the wine he had for dinner, As for ken he was there enjoy the whole evening as it went bye. Ken began to help Cam up from the leather couch before they headed down to the special sex room that Ken had just build in his basement. The room was a good 750 square feet that had dark walls and lanterns hanging on them that was control by some form of a switch. 

Ken help Cam lay down on this massive massaged table that can fold down in many different positions as he started to undress Cam and himself, He first remove all of Cam clothes before he started to undress himself. Fuck you look fuck'n hot Ken as Cam eyes were open watching him unbutton his jeans as he pull them off and threw them on the floor. 

Cam was in some kind of drunk'n stated now from all the glasses of wine he had at dinner before he notice there were around 15 to 20 men in the same room wearing all different types of leather,dark speedos and underwear.They all began some form of hollowing and chatting as they all began to touch different parts of Cam Cub oily body. 

Once again Cam open his light blue eyes and notice that Ken was at the end of the table wearing a dark black tight silk briefs with his semi hard cock sticking out the hole in the front of them , Another huge man approach Cam and started to rub some kind of massaged oil all over his hairy body before he did the same to ken. 

Cam began to get aware of what is going all now before Ken ask him to have a Gothic Sex act with him, Cam smile and told Ken that this is also a fantasy for him from watching  Gothic Horror movies from the 70's. The chant began to get real loud as Ken began to pass the Huge Bottler of Rush poppers to everyone in the room.

The song called Black Sabbath was around a good 100 disables coming form the 6 Bose speakers that were hanging on the wall. Ken with a help of another person pull Cam body down to where his cock and mid waste was. They both took a huge snort of poppers as the music went up another 30 disables as Ken hairy cock and body started to go inside Cam tight ass. 

Cam was now screaming for more as Ken huge cock started  fucking him good and hard now, You can now see that Ken got more aggressive after every stroke when the music kept on getting louder and louder as the whole room turn into a sexual massive orgy now. The lights flicker as Ken and Cam body were all cover in buckets of their own sweat as Ken hairy balls were slapping much harder against Cam hole, The small hands of Cam are now hanging onto Ken briefs so tightly now as the music was close to 150 disables as their body's started to vibrate and shake from all the sexual passion and pressure.

The sound and lights turn off suddenly from the speakers as the whole room was pitch dark for a few minutes they slowly came back on, Cam then notice that it was just the 2 of them left in the room as Ken hard cock was still inside his ass, Ken was now bend over with totally exhausted from the fuck as his dick was still inside Cam hole, He began to pull out of Cam very slowly as he saw their was a huge load of cum and ass juice still left on his dick.

Cam then began to get up form the table and ask Ken were the shower room was? The hot water was pouring down on Cam sweated body has his hands were washing all the soap off of him. He then found a dry towel to dry off with before he went out to see what Ken was up to.

Ken was still laying there from the fuck as Cam started to wipe off with the towel the rest of Ken cum and juice that was still left on his semi hard cock. The time was very close to 11 now as Ken  pull the table down to where is head is just hanging " Come here Cam put you dick down my daddy bear throat now " Ken shouted out as Cam started to approach his goatee mouth. 

Cam fuck Ken mouth for a good 5 minutes before he shot a load of white cum honey all over Ken mouth and hairy tits and chest, The look of enjoyment for Ken eyes when Cam started to pull up his briefs and started to suck him off as his hard 8 plus semi cut cock that was hanging out through the hole in the front. Cam gave Ken balls a underwear a wedgie as his tight lips were rap around his cock as he was now deep throating and licking all the salty wine tasting pre cum up.

They both took a shot of poppers before Ken shot off this time once again another 2 loads at once all over Cam hairy chest and lips, Cam reach down on the floor to grab the towel so he can wipe off the mess that was left on him. They both got up to grab a shower together over in the shower room in the basement. They began to scrub each other down with soap and scrub brushes that Ken likes to used, Ken then took the shower hose to wash all the rest of the soap off of their hairy body's before they got out to dry off and get dress.

The night ended with a chat about how the evening was as Ken ask Cam if he was scared at all ?Cam told Ken that he was nervous a bit before he question Ken more on what all went down. Ken began quickly to shut down the conversation as Cam then got up to put his biker jacket  The both gave each other a hug before Ken show Cam were he park his bike out side.

It took Cam another 30 minutes to get back to his place for the evening. Cam woke up next morning with a massive head ache from the wine and loud music at Ken place. He went over to his lap top and notice that there was a new e-mail from Ken telling how bad he feels a bit from all what went down the night before. 

Cam reply back to him telling him the if they ever meet him again it well be at a Hotel or his place, He also ask Ken if he was involved with any Cult group in the area were they lived. Ken wrote back telling him that he was not into any Cult movement and the men were there that night belong to the Gay Leather, Biker Bar that was about 1 hour away from them. 

The End Part 3 To Follow




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