I have just turn 19 and same up my money from my part time job to buy my very fist motor bike a Honda 750 x sport bike, The year was 1979 and there was a little place very hidden over by a brook about 15 miles from were I lived and love to go there about a couple times a month to relax and hang out for the afternoon.

The time was like 3 30 pm as I made a left turn onto a dirt road when I notice another bike approaching me from behind about a few hundred yards away, I made it to my secluded place were I quickly hide out in a brushes area before I got my blanket out along with my knapsack that I like to bring with me.

I have just finished my lunch when I was approach by this Biker cop who quickly  snook up and started showing me his badge before he started to ask me all kinds of question, He was a real daddy bear type around 6 '2 short dark buzz hair and a well groom goatee. He also was wearing his Leather Bikers pants and jacket that reminded me of Mel Gibson from the movie Mad Max. He look to be in his early 50's with greyish hair showing a bit when he took remove his Bike helmut.

Hi told him that my name was Cam and that I come down here a few times a month to escape the city life. He told me that his name was Ken that he also like coming down here to check things out at times. We chat for a bout 10 minutes as it got so hot that I had to pull my zipper down to my mid section of my one piece leather bikers suit that I always wear.     

It was a little weird that I felt that officer Ken was getting a little turn on over seeing my blondish hairy chest along with my white jockey pouch underwear that I was wearing. We were in a very good area that know one else can see anything at all, "Fuck it real hot now " Ken spoke out As he started to take off his leather jacket before he went over to put his gun in his lock compartment that was on his bike. 

My mind began to wonder now what this is all about when he look at his watch and told me that his shaft was all over now, Once agin he started to ask me all kinds of personal question before I started to grill him on a few. He made it quite clear not to worry about anything and  that he feel great being down here with me. The sun was now going into clouds before he started to grab his crotch with his burley hands, My cock began to get a nice semi on now as I deeply enjoy watching him rub his huge leather bulge with his hands.

Ken began slowly asking me if I was interested in him at all ? I told him that I was Bi curious and  that I never play with a man before and that I always had a fantasy of having sex down beside the brook. I then approach ken as he was leaning against the huge Maple tree and started to rub his chest before I gave him a huge deep tongue kiss. Ken then  push me against the tree and started to pull down my leather suit to my ankles as I was now just standing there scared as hell in my tight white briefs.

" My God " You are fucking hot Cam yell out, I then watch him take his shirt off along with his white t-shirt that all cops like wearing. He look fucking great standing there in front of me with his hard tits and darkish grey hairy muscle chest, He then turn around and started to undress himself all the way down to his powder blue Jockey briefs that he had on. His semi hard bugle was showing a massive out line of everything that he got.

I then began to go down on my first men cock before I help him pull his underwear all the way down to his biker boots and ankles, He was moaning by now as his nice 8 inch semi cut cock was pouring out his pre cum all down my throat, He then told me to stop for a bit as he was now about to blow me. His hairy wide mouth goatee felt great as he began to deep throat my cock as I began to scream out of great sexual pleasure. I shot a huge load of my cum all over his burley tits and chest before I grab a towel from my knapsack to clean it all off for him. 

He then began to ask me if I would like to get my ass fuck for the first time ? I agree with him that he got to go real slow because this will be the first man ever to fuck my tight hole. I then felt him pull my body over the huge thick tree branch as he began to eat out my hairy ass. His tongue felt great along with his bushy mouth as my ass juice pour out of me all over his goatee.

He then got up and bend me over the tree branch and spread my legs very slow as he stated to spit on his massive cock to make lube. " You already Cam " Hi dick started to enter me as I began to yell out load with passion and pleasure, It took a good minute until he was all the way inside my Virgin hole as I felt his manly sweat pour all over both of our body's as the sun came out.

The fuck was great as his hairy cock was stroking me as his huge balls were slapping against my hole as he was close in cumin . He then quickly pull out of me as turn around a told me " To finished him off now with great demand" I was now sucking on his juicy cock sliding my mouth up and down on his pre cum rod as he started to scream that he was about shoot. I felt him shot 2 loads off at once as he was orgasming into my mouth, His hot sweet & salted load taste great as I then grab my cola to wash the rest of it all down.

I deeply enjoy watching his put his leather gear back before he tighten his chin strap to get back on his bike. I waited a good 5 minutes before I got back on my bike to head on back down the dirt road to highway 97. I notice there was a little note left inside of my bike seat with his e-mail address that he had given me .

Part 2 to follow 




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