The training Master had said it was necessary for the new slave to be gagged and bound for the journey to the real Masters home. It had been quite long in the back of the van. The table and all the implements of pain were the real Master’s belongings. The slave had been informed that it would have to clean and cook and all the housework tasks as well as all sexual duties. The Master as the slave now realised was his only Master had told him that he was to be exclusively his to obey and satisfy. Master had told him that the training master had said the slave had the face that could be beautiful in a man or woman. Just needed a wig and clothes with some anatomical extensions in the chest.  

I wasn’t that keen at being feminised if that was what my Master wanted then so be it. I no longer wanted what I wanted, I knew now I should only want what pleases my Master. I was keen to be the sole implement that gave my Master his sexual and sadistic satisfaction. The pain had been a twist and his age was not what I had imagined but I had become adjusted to the fact and realised I was just a slave for someone else. I grew accustomed to the routine at my Master’s home and it was an endless round of household chores and sexual sessions which I enjoyed every time even the dungeon visits where pain was a major factor became just part of my life. My Master would only apply enough force to give pain but leave no real long term marks. I was quite content with it all and I was my Master’s slave to command. However there was the card game circle where my Master played cards with about nine other men and they would take turns going to play at each others homes. The training Master’s comment came home to my Master and he got it into his mind to train me up to wait on the card table when the card circle came to his home. A female friend came and taught me how to apply makeup properly then how to overdo it to get the right look. He got me a rather sluttish French maids outfit which I was to wear. The stockings were fishnet and attached to a garter belt the pants were just enough to cover my chastity cage age a band that separated my arse cheeks. The friend got some heady perfume which I was to put on heavily. The first time my Master saw me he was aghast and a small doubt crossed his face but then even he was turned on and we went downstairs for a heavy session on the table. All doubts were forgotten. Pity that was a mistake for both of us.

The night of the card game at Master’s house came and I got dressed up to wait table. I was kept back until all were in and seated then Master asked them what drinks they wanted. With that he shouted through to the kitchen.

“Oh waitress come and get the drinks”

I walked in and the group reaction was a gasp of appreciation. Comments like Lucky sod you have that at your command. They knew Master had a slave but they thought it would be a nothing worth looking at. The perfume pervaded the room and the testosterone and lust was almost visible as the night went on. I would go round filling up glasses and bending over to get glasses as the game went on. Some of them even the straight card players would stroke my legs and one went up the skirt as I bent over out of sight of my Master. I was forbidden to say anything. My Master was not a good card player and he was having a bad night and losing badly. Then one hand he lost thae last of his cash. That was when one of the players said.

”You can get all your money back if you play one hand for a night with this lovely slut.”

I could my Masters dilemma he had lost badly but wanted me for himself.

“If you play win or lose you get all your money back, win and you also get the pot of cash on the table right now, lose and you get your initial stake back and the rest of us get the sexual use of this slut here and now”.

My Master was aghast.

“What all of you tonight?”

“Yes a Gang bang here and now on this table agreed fellas?”

They egged each other on and they were alcohol fuelled and even the straight ones were feeling randy. I could see the bulges in their trousers. Some seemed larger than others.

“Yes, yes gang bang here and now!” they all replied.

“Alright here and now and only sex”. I could see the doubt when he said it but I saw the lust in the other’s eyes. Fear clutched at my stomach, fear and a little wonderment at what was going to happen tonight.

“High card wins, alright?”

“Yes alright” replied my Master.

They cut the pack my Master went first, he drew a Jack, he looked slightly relieved the odds were good he was going to win. The other player shook his head then cut the pack and looked at the card.

“Rather appropriate a Queen of Hearts” He laughed and they laughed.

The table was swept clear and they hoisted me onto the table and my shoes and pants were pulled roughly off. They all started to take off their trousers and exposed themselves to be more than ready.

“Wait condoms please!” my Master begged.

“We are all clean and condoms were not mentioned for the deal, were they lads?

“No, no condoms let the slut lap it all up!”

Now I was really afraid I was there but just as apiece of living meat to these guys, Some held my hands and arms, with that the first one was shoving his prick into my mouth and another was already pulling my arse cheeks apart and pushing hard to penetrate my arse. He was not the same size as my Master but he was unlubricated and it was painful until my entrance opened up and let him in. I was desperately controlling my breathing to breathe through this violent mouth fuck and overcome my fear which had my heart pound. My body shook under the ramming actions of the two card players and the mouth stopped and pulled out just far enough to squirt his cum into my mouth and said lap it up slut. The other squirted into arse and pulled out. I barely caught my breathe when another two filled my holes. It was brutal and extremely intoxicating. I really was a slut. I was actually deep down enjoying this. They all had a turn at one of the holes and my mouth and arse were dripping cum, I thought it was over when they said swap ends. They did and were all primed for another go. It seemed endless my body was shoved backwards and forwards as they rode me hard and fast. It was sore on my arse and throat was raw with it all. I had become a piece of meat and I was enjoying this misuse, my arse squelched and my mouth made squishy noises as they rode my holes. Time just disappeared and as I was a piece of meat to them they became one fucking mass of penis and cum.

Eventually it was over.

One leaned by my ear and said “ I am going to own you soon and then this is going to be just another day and then there are the tricks you have been trained to do, yes slut you are going to make me money and your poor fool of a master is going to have to pay me to have your tight little pretty arse in future”.

They all agreed they had had enough but I heard them say that was damn good how about next time maybe we could have ‘her’ when we come here.

“No” my Master shouted you have had your fun but never again. I saw he had his hand filled with the money and there was a look of doubt in his eyes. He didn’t touch me that night. Just said when they all had gone “Clean yourself out and have a good wash, tomorrow I am going to ride you after I punish you for enjoying tonight”.




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