The Training master        

“Darkness”.  At least that is what I thought it was until I try to open my eyes and find that I can’t. Something over my eyes, no something over my head a hood and it has a Gag filling my mouth. My arms and legs are fastened and I was naked other than the hood. I can’t believe I had fallen asleep like this. I was still groggy with sleep, senses disorientated by that fact, that and the fact my mind was reeling at what had happened. Gradually I fitted it all back into place. I still found it hard to believe. I had been kidnapped. It was the man who I thought was going to be my Master had turned up at the meet and had forcibly kidnapped me. I could only think “Why”. It wasn’t something we had discussed and he knew that I could be trusted to turn up. I tried to understand what had happened. I met him at the edge of the city at a bus terminus which was very quiet from passing traffic. I was early but a car had been there matching the description that Master had said was his car. I approached it and he had got out of the car. “You’re early, good let me show you my equipment like you asked” We went to the back of the car, he handed me the cup that was in his hands and said take a drink you look thirsty. I was so I took a big swig of the drink. It tasted good and my thirst was quenched. He had looked at me with a smile. He opened the boot of his car and inside was a selection of belts straps and leather equipment. There was a strong smell of leather and it made me feel quite submissive as I find it does every time. Why I never understood. His next statement was a surprise.

“Get in the boot and strip off and I will take you to my place right now!”

“That wasn’t what we had agreed on.” I was beginning to feel groggy and supported myself on the back of the car. The world began to swirl and I felt his arms spin me around and into the boot of the car. I had no strength to counter him and let it happen. That was the last I remembered until I found myself in this darkness. I had no idea where I was or how long I had been asleep more accurately how long I was drugged for. I must have moved and caught his attention.

“Good you are waking up!”
 I wanted to speak and ask him to let me go, tell me what the hell was going on but the gag stopped all that.

“I suppose you want an explanation, don’t you? Well just this once I will explain but after this time you will do as you are told when you are told or you will be severely punished. You wanted a Master to train you. You wanted to call the shots as a slave. You thought that in reality the slave had some rights and that it was only in that porn fiction that the slave was actually a slave a victim to his Master’s wants. Well maybe in some alternative lifestyles that sort of thing happens, maybe the part time ones who go into the world and co-exist their vanilla lifestyles with alternative lifestyles. You have been entered into a different lifestyle one where you have no wants and gets nothing except what his Master wants him to have. Oh the odd reward for excellent performance you might get a something like permission to jerk off but that is all.”

As he was speaking he released my arm and helped me onto my feet and got me to hop over to a point on the floor. He then chained me to two lengths of rope and pulled them up. Which raised my arms up he then raised it so I was on my tip toes and straining to stay in that position.

“Well that looks good. Now, time for your first lesson in your new reality. You are at my beck and call and the plaything to my every whim. The lesson is supplication. Now this is a rather crude Cat of nine tails made from leather laces. It’s cheap but very effective in bringing slaves to realise what they are for”.

He stepped back and swung his arm and the whip smacked against my back it felt heavy and then it hurt with a burning pain.

“That wasn’t hard enough to break skin and that is not the intention. The intention is to give you pain but in a sustainable way so that you can receive pain all day and every day and not have the need to recover from boring wounds.”

He then laid into me strike after strike, the pain grew with each hit, I wanted to get it to stop to give a safe word or sign but I was chained and gagged and had no control of the situation. Then I realised that was the point of the lesson. I was a slave with no rights or wants. I passed out and hung from my bindings.

A bucket of cold water was thrown over me to wake me up. The shock of it took my breath away and the pain returned to my back.

“That just tells me you need more training in receiving pain which I will have to give you in the time allowed”.

 In the meantime get used to this and he rammed a big dildo up my arse. For a brief instant that took my mind of the pain of the whipping and my arse hurt at the force used to get the dildo in. Then I had the combined pain of the whipping and the effect the dildo had on my arse. My eyes smarted with the pain and I wanted it to stop. He released me from the ropes and I fell to the floor.

“Kneel’ head bowed and humble yourself before your Master”.

I assumed the position and waited. He released my legs and walked away.

“There is a bucket and mop over there now mop up this mess and while I go and get something to eat. Nothing for you, I need to get you trimmed down a bit. You are in not bad shape but there is a little fat and I want you slimmer though you are pretty enough for my requirements”.

He walked out of the room and locked the door behind him. Now that my hands were free I was able to undo the gag and take my hood off. My eyes took a little time to adjust then I looked round the room. It had a hard concrete floor and small channels for water to flow away to some drains. There small anti rooms with stuff in them that I didn’t recognise and there was one with a toilet and shower. Hanging from one wall was a selection of whips straps canes and tawses just as you would hang tools in a garage. There was a table or something in the middle of the room. It had a chilling foreboding, certainty about it all that I was to become very familiar with it all. I cleaned up as it seemed the smart thing to do under the circumstances. I took the opportunity to smell the leather goods to pacify myself and get me feeling submissive. Once I was finished I slumped against the wall and waited. Not sure how long it was but it seemed like ages. The door opened and he walked in and closed the door behind him. I assumed the humble position.

“I bet you have had a good look round at all these wonderful machines. Well the only thing you need concern yourself with is the table in the middle. You are required to be a sex slave and a pain slut the other delights are not meant for you at least not now but maybe some other time.  Oh there are some body worshipping activities such as foot kissing and rimming to learn. Very good, you got into the humble position so quickly without being reminded”.

It was a compliment but I strangely felt like I had been rewarded with the comment. Maybe I was beginning to think as a slave.

“Now get up and go over to the table and lie on it.”

I got up and approached the table. It was short in length about half my body length and slightly narrower then my body and about waist high. I lay on it as best I could. My knees were slightly bent and he fastened my ankles to the side legs of the table then got me to drop my arms down the sides and they were then fastened to the other legs of the table. He fastened my gag back on without the hood.

“Now I am going to introduce you to the straps paddles and tawses that are on the wall. Just light smacks and three strokes each so that makes 60 strokes in total. You will be squirming and writhing by the end and this will happen twice a day starting today”.

The light strokes were not so light and my arse cheeks ached, under this barrage of hits the only gap was when he changed implement. Wriggling did no good there was no real way to avoid or change the target area. My backside was on fire and the pain just kept on getting worse. I felt I could take no more when it finally stopped. He left me tied up like that and that was when my body took over and the endorphins clicked on and swept over my body leaving me feeling very warm. That is not quite right but I cannot adequately describe the feeling that came over me. Maybe I was beginning to enjoy it but only after it had stopped not during. Again time melted and I was not aware how long I was left in this position.

The training Master had enjoyed what had happened so far and it was only the first day of the contract to meld this slave into the needs of his new Master who the training master always mentally thought of him as ’the brute’. The little fool was of the opinion that he was being trained by his future Master and had been selected for his picture he had put in the web site and what he had said in the profile. He was right that the picture had attracted the attention of a Master but that Master was inexperienced and apart from the sex aspect had wanted a pain slut. The ‘slave’ had said he wasn’t into pain which meant they were at odds with each other. The Master then approached him and asked to acquire this slave as the training master’s profile said was a speciality and prepare slaves for the Masters who wanted a different sort of slave. His services didn’t come cheap and while he enjoyed these conversions he needed to live and buy any required equipment for the work. The Master he was training this little fool for was a beast of a man and was quite ugly and brutal in his looks and manners and his personal hygiene was questionable but the selling point he had to work on with the slave was the Master was very well endowed and the ‘slave’ had wanted to serve as a sex slave to a well endowed man. So that was his training angle to convert him to expect pain before sex. Unbelievably it showed signs of working even on the first day. The ‘slave’ was obviously a latent real slave he just had to be brought out of his shell. His slight built had to be maintained and the flabby bits had to be trained/dieted off without muscle build up. That had been another part of the contract. The brute had wanted a dainty slave with pretty looks and compact arse. Well he had a compact arse but he had to lose the body hair and some fat. Exercise would get the excess off and trim him up. He was so pretty that with his build he could pass as a woman if dressed right. The training master wondered if that was what the brute wanted. The little fool would actually look like a beautiful woman with the looks he had. He had enjoyed watching that tight arse squirm under the beating he had given him. He had wanted to fuck the little slave himself but that was not allowed. The brute wanted him virgin territory in actual fact but aware how to perform in actual act. Quite a challenge hence the dildo that was a match for his new master’s penis. He would have to advise the slave how to perform through verbal description pity as he enjoyed a good blow job and that slaves mouth was sensual. Ah well back to the job. He opened the door to the training room and walked in looking at the slave strapped to the table. Blast he had forgotten to insert the dildo into the little slut’s arse. He walked up to the slave and gently ran his hands over that cute arse and on his legs . The slave tensed in surprise at such a gentle touch and attention.

I was startled by the sudden gentle touch instead of the rough treatment I had received so far, his Master had a gentle touch. Instead of being released he was kespt in the position.

“I said you would get this treatment on your arse twice a day and since we are running late I have to do it all again now. Sorry”.

He wasn’t sorry at all and enjoyed the look of dread and fear that went across that pretty face. Inflicting pain to someone was enjoyable but part of it was the reactions in invoked.  It wasn’t the intensity or the possible damage done to the slave that was enjoyable it was the reactions. He could get as much pleasure from a gentle spanking as he would a severe beating if the slave reacted to the pain. It was such a pretty arse to redden up and this session promised to be quite exquisite so soon after the first one. Maybe he could do it again tomorrow or even do it more than twice a day. A well, what a pleasant dilemma, to have to work out. He started the beating and the slave really squirmed very satisfying.

The training went like this first day like clockwork for the next 4 weeks. The training Master had managed to squeeze the beatings to four a day and the pleasure he got was always very satisfying until about the fourth week when the slave was now beginning to be able to tolerate the pain better. Shame he might have to increase the force of the blows.

Then one night just after the fourth beating he was upstairs resting his arm and having a small drink. The phone rang.

“Hello, .............Yes the training is coming along quite well maybe another three weeks and he will be really ready. No that is too early. Ok I could advise you what to do to finish it off. No apart from the dildos he is virgin to human use. Yes he has only been allowed to jerk off when I have been beating his arse with a strap otherwise he is strapped up in his chastity cage. Yes it seems to be working well. You would have to train him how you want to be pleasured, well yes that would be a pleasant task for you and you would be well able to do that. No he doesn’t know yet about you. So you want to test him this weekend at my place what do you want me to do in preparation?”

The next day he went down to the slave and he was in the humble position.

“Very good. I want to test you this weekend. I will have someone else to advance some of your training on the physical side of things and he will beat you as well. It is important to me that you obey without hesitation his every command. Right we have two more days of the usual routine what will I use first this time? Ah yes the three prong tawse.”

The day of the test came and I felt I was ready for anything but I knew I had to please this stranger or my dreams of being my Master’s slave would come to nothing. The door opened and a burly figure walked in. I couldn’t see much else as I threw myself into the humble position.

“Eyes up and behold your days trainer today”

The voice was gruff and course. He was a going to fat and about twice my age. He had leather chaps on and a cowboy jacket. He hand the rough Cat on nine in one hand and he was exposed but quite flaccid but it looked quite impressive in that state. I found myself wondering what size he would get to when excited and hated myself for these sluttish thoughts.

“Get on the table and assume the position for a beating!”

I hastily went to the table wondering what I done wrong already. He fastened me to the legs quite expertly He must have caught me sniffing the air, he was rank.

“Caught my odour, have you, I often don’t wash much and so in preparation of this test I haven’t washed for a week to test you out. Now I am going to test your mouth and arse with prick but first I have to give you pain to excite me so I brought a special heavy duty lochgelly tawse. Something you are going to become well acquainted with. Open your mouth and take this soft manhood into your mouth and lick it. The smell was foul but I obeyed and he shoved it in. He might need pain to get hard but my tongue sensed some twitches of life in that penis. A sense of achievement went through me. He pulled out.

“Impressive but it has been some time since I had any sexual relief”.

He went round to my rear and then my world exploded under the weight of the tawse and the force of the blow, I let out a cry of pain but that just egged him on and he hit harder. I was glad of my conditioning which had hardened me to pain and I started to control the pain. He just beat harder and there was no number of strokes I just had to wait until he stopped. I started to squirm though.

“That’s better, thought you would never show the pain after that yelp. Your cute little arse is geting me quite hot”.

 I heard the tawse fall to the floor and suddenly my arse was split apart as a huge warm prick uncovered was rammed into it. It hurt more than the beating but after the initial surge of pain the penis just kept coming in and my arsehole just got bigger and bigger. Then he was still.

“Ah that feels good such a pretty tight arse. That won’t last too long but you will enjoy servicing this big prick just as you said in your profile that is what you wanted”.

I was puzzled what does he mean by that. That didn’t last long as he started to pull in and out virtually the full length which positively left me breathless in pain and excitement. I hated myself for that sluttish pleasure I was feeling. What would my Master say. The pounding seemed to last for ages but once stretched the pain eased and I actually started to enjoy pleasing this huge prick. He was right I had wanted to be the sex toy to a huge prick. Time melted as I found my mind exist in the present with no other existence to mind. He twitched and I felt his penis start to ejaculate then I felt the blast of his cum explode into my arse.

“Ahhh that was very good, its going to be a pleasure riding you”.

 There it was again what was he meaning what was happening. He came round to my face and presented his softening prick to my mouth.

“Clean me”.

I just opened my mouth and it was shoved into it and I tried to lick it clean unbelievably this produced that monster swelling up so he started to shove it in and out and mouth fucked me. My training with the dildo came into act and I started to control my breathing and swallow it down to prevent gagging. Surely he couldn’t be ready already to cum again. Minutes passed I believe and he continued to fuck my mouth then he pulled out slightly enough to keep his head of his penis in my mouth and I held it with my lips when he exploded with slightly less force and his cum shot to the back of my mouth and down my throat. I only got to taste his cum from what oozed out after the explosion and I licked his head to clean it up before I was commanded. I hoped he wouldn’t mind.

“Excellent not a suck but a mouth fuck but you took it down well. There will be plenty time to learn to suck it as I like”.

“Puzzled your, face says you are puzzled well let me enlighten you. I saw your profile and wanted you for myself but you said you weren’t into pain so I contacted the training Master to kidnap you and train you up. Now you are mine to take home once I get dressed and cleaned up. No one will miss you, your profile hinted at that and we sounded you out before we kidnapped you and nothing has come up. No one is missing you. You are my slave to do with as I desire. You will be used sexually quite a lot actually I have an appetite and libido you will find out. Pain will be a daily occurrence just as today but heaven help you if I ever need to punish you. If you think the beating today was rough that was just a starter for a punishment beating”.

His voice had hardened and fear ran through me to the point I physically shivered at it all. The prospect of serving this stinking fat old man repelled me. Though from a dark place inside me I was thrilled that that piece of prick was going to be mine to satisfy. I really was a slut.




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