The next day the slave went to the table to await his punishment but he had guessed wrong about the true nature of the punishment.

“Stand by the ropes” his master commanded.

This he did, where his Master tied a rope to each of his wrists then hoisted the arms up by pulling on the pulleys which pulled his arms up and out so he was standing almost as a cross then they were lifted higher so the slave now had to stand on the balls of his feet and made the calves of his legs stretch. Once he had got the slave into that position the Master tied the ropes to a fixing point on the floor in front of the slave. He then fitted a hood with a mask and a gag onto the slave. The slave was now at full stretch and completely unable to see or to speak. After a few minutes his calves were already beginning to get tired and he tried to ease them but it was hard. Then he felt the heavy blow followed by the sting of the homemade cat of nine on his back. The sting burned so it was quite hard but probably not enough to break any skin. So followed blow after blow on his back until his back was on fire then his Master switched to his arse and legs. When the whip hit his legs it would wrap around them and it was becoming very painful and his world was on fire and pain was its only sensation. Then his Master moved to the front and whip his chest and stomach. More pain and he was sure there was no area where he hadn’t been whipped. As suddenly as it had started it finished then there was a brief pause before his Master loosened and then unfastened him from the ropes. He was then guided over to the table and made to lie on it. His arms and legs were fixed to the table. He was sure he was about to be fucked. Then he heard a swish and then a stinging pain across his arse. Then a fast series of swishes and stinging hits on his arse. He was being caned. He wanted to shout enough and tears came from his eyes and as if his Master had heard it all stopped. Silence and a pause then the tawse was used but with an intensity and savageness as it had never been before. His arse was a mass of pain and agony. He had never experienced such punishment and his training had not prepared him for it. Then he felt the head of his Master’s penis at his arse hole. It had something floppy on it. He was wearing a condom he was not uncovered. Then his hole was forced open by the tremendously stiff penis and rammed into his arse the full length. Thrusts after angry thrust ripped him apart and eventually his hole had stretched enough to accommodate his Master’s manhood and the pain eased. Endorphins started to kick in and his body eased and started its recovery. His Masters penis thrust and tensed and spasmed inside him then he ejaculated. The condom prevented the explosion inside him he usually felt and the slave felt cheated of its sign of success at pleasing his Master. His Master pulled out then he felt nothing just anticipation what was happening. He was then released and allowed to stand. His hood and gag were removed and he saw his Master and the anger and despair in his eyes.

“ I had to do that beating as a prospective buyer wanted to see your body after a severe beating and wanted to see you being fucked. The beating was filmed as was the fucking. He as just texted to say he will buy you for the agreed sum of money”.

I must have looked puzzled and anguished but I said nothing.

“Last night after I saw you being ravaged and abused I knew I could never have you again, you were tainted by their use and I wanted you pure. I know it was my weakness that had you abused but that is irrelevant you are a slave after all. I put you down on a slave auction and posted your pictures for sale. A buyer contacted me and asked to see you after a beating. The pictures persuaded him at how well you are prepared for a life of abuse and pain. He feels he can make use of your talents and develop some speciality acts for you to perform which will make him money. So now you are sold to him and since he lives nearby he is coming for you this afternoon. So clean up and tart yourself up for you new Master. I believe he has a gig already for you tonight so get ready you are going to be very much in demand and last night was nothing compared to tonight’s session. Pain and sex will just be a part of it. He wants you hungry and thirsty so you can gues what speciality he wants from you tonight”.

I could only stand and shiver. I was a slave sold and bought. A commodity.




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