After doing the show in the dark room on the second floor of the Bijou, Brad went downstairs and watched the porno that was playing on the screen in the dark theater. A couple of men approached him either to suck his cock or to get him to suck theirs but he ignored all attempts and contact. He just wanted to rest for a while. Both his mouth and ass had been royally fucked several times in the last couple of hours and he just wanted to rest before going in search of more cock.

On the screen was a white guy getting fucked by a black guy while at the same time alternating his mouth with two giant black cocks. Now that was something that Brad had fantasized about, being used by some big black men who didn't give a damn about Brad except for his mouth and his ass. The thought of such a thing made Brad's dick get hard. He had to take it out of his jeans and beat off. He took his shirt off and used it as a cum rag before putting it back on.

Brad reeked of sex as he made his way back up the stairs to the second floor. Men walking down the steps gazed at Brad longingly. Some turned and followed him back up the circular stairway. Since Brad had already been in the backroom where he and the big guy had done their show he decided he would visit the hallway of glory holes again. Some of the men that passed by told him how good his show was and hoped that he would do another before the night was over.

As he walked down the hallway, Brad noticed a Hispanic guy cruising him. The guy looked a lot like rough trade. It looked like he was still wearing his shirt and pants from some sort of labor related job. The Hispanic guy walked past Brad and when Brad looked back over his shoulder the guy was looking back at him. The Hispanic guy grabbed his crotch then turned and walked away. Brad turned and followed him. They guy walked into a stall but when Brad checked the stalls on either side he was disappointed to find them both occupied. The Hispanic guy was probably going to have two mouths to service his cock. Hopefully he would reappear and Brad would be able to follow him again.

As Brad had found out during his first visit to the Bijou there was a line of men that leaned against the wall of the hallway that connected all of the areas on the second floor. Brad slowed his pace as he went by giving some of the men to the time to feel up Brad's ass and make lewd comments of what they would like to do to his ass. If Brad really liked how a man looked and what he said, he would push his ass back against the man's hand.

There was one tall guy in the middle of the line that had everything that Brad liked. Not only tall, but also built. The guy must work out every day to have the chest and arms that he did. Brad stopped in front of the man, turned his back, and leaned is ass against the man's crotch. What Brad felt was a pretty big piece of man meat, however, the guy didn't say or do anything. Brad was disappointed so he moved forward and continued to walk the long hallway. When he looked back the built guy had moved away from the wall and was following Brad's path.

Brad decided to walk through the maze to find out if the man was going to follow, which he did. Whenever Bran looked back, the man was always in sight but would always look the other way. Brad realized the stud wanted to do the chase with Brad being the catch instead of Brad doing everything to entice the man. Brad stopped looking back and just continued to walk through the maze. When he passed the stall made of plexiglass, he stopped to watch that action that was taking place.

There was a young, slender guy who looked to be the same age as Brad but weighing much less and with nowhere near the muscle that Brad had. He was on his knees sucking the cocks of two guys that looked to be in their late 40s or 50s. The two men where kissing and had their hands on each other's chests while the young man was alternating between the two cocks. It was apparent to Brad that the two older men were lovers but must like to come out to Bijou to play with twinks that looked like young boys. The boy on his knees looked very happy moving back and forth between the cocks and was anxiously waiting for the two men to feed him their cum. When the first man started to shoot into the boy's mouth the kissing got move intense and then the one man pulled is cock from the boy's mouth while the other man slipped his in. It wasn't long before that man filled the kid's mouth with his own load of cum. The kissing and the playing of the pecs got more intense when that happened. The second man pulled his cock out of the boy's mouth and the two men started to rub their sperm covered cocks together all but ignoring the boy who had done what they wanted. The boy stayed on his knees but was not asked to participate in any way. The two older men left the booth and let the boy stay where he was. It wasn't long before another older man entered the booth and began feeding the boy his cock. The older man had left the door open and someone stuck their arm in and caressed the man's ass while the kid sucked away.

Brad decided to continue to walk through the maze after enjoying the show. His dick was hard so he was rubbing the bulge it made in is jeans. As he passed some of the men moving in the opposite direction as him, he would check out their bodies and return their smiles but didn't stop. He continued to hope that the big, built man or the Hispanic guy would approach him.

It was about 5 minutes later that an arm wrapped itself around Brad's shoulders and neck. Brad clearly realized this was the big, tall guy just based upon the size of this arm and hand. He could also feel the huge mound of the big man's cock rubbing against his ass.

"I saw you eyeing me kid, what is it that you want?"

"Your cock."

"My cock what?"

"I don't know what you mean?" The way that the man was holding Brad's shoulders and neck there was no way that Brad could get a look at the big man's face in an attempt to understand.

"I only give my cock to someone who knows how to serve a man like me. Someone who appreciates my whole body and uses the right the words."

Brad took one of his hands and felt he forearm and bicep of one of the big man's arms, trying to convey by touch that he was impressed by his arm.

"That's a start."

Brad also reached down and felt the big man's quads and tight ass.

"Better. Now what is it you want kid."

"I want your cock sir."

"There you go. What do you want my cock for?

"I want to eat your cock sir, and I also want to feel your cock inside of me."

"I saw you on the stage a while back and am pretty sure you can take my cock both ways, but where should be do it?"

"Wherever you'd like sir."

"Good answer. I thing we should do it in front of the line of guys that have been watching you tease them for the last couple of hours. We can let them know that out of all the guys here I was the one who caught you and made you comply with my expectations."

"Yes, sir."

The big men let go of Brad and pushed him through the maze until they were back in the hallway where the men were leaning against the wall. "Gentlemen, look who the kid decided to serve. Not any of you, he knows quality when he sees it." Looking down at me, "take off your jeans and shirt and hand them to one of the guys here."

"Yes sir." He took both off and handing them, surprisingly to the Hispanic man who had reappeared. Brad let his eyes move over the Hispanic man's body which looked even better up close.

"Looks like you may like this guy. Is that true?"

"Um, yes sir, but not as much as I want to serve you sir."

"Good, get down on your knees."

The floor was sticky with cum from, Brad assumed, from guys who had been in the line when something like this had happened in the past.

"Show me how much you like my cock kid."

Brad leaned in and smelled the musk of a real man. Sweat mixed with the cum that he had shot into other men's mouths and assholes. It was intoxicating. Brad leaned further in and started to lick the man's balls and the area just behind his balls. He took one ball into his mouth and then switched to the other.

"Take both balls into your mouth kid."

With a little work Brad was able to comply.

"Roll them around a bit and then start licking up the shaft of my cock until you are at the head, but don't take the head in yet."

Brad was getting so horny from this scene he started to beat his own meat. Brad finally licked his way to the head of the big guy's cock.

"Now just lick the head like an ice cream cone."

"Yes sir." Brad did exactly that. Licking ever bit of the head. Brad noticed that several of the men in the line had taken their cocks out and were slowly stroking them. They were probably all wishing that it was their cocks in Brad's mouth.

The Hispanic guy had dropped Brad's clothes on the cum covered floor and was also beating his impressive piece of meat. He stepped a little closer so that he was beating it just about an inch from Brad's head. Brad couldn't help but look.

"You like this guy's cock boy?"

Brad pulled away from the head, "yes sir, but not as much as yours sir."

"Good answer, maybe I'll let you have his after you've drank all my man juice. Now take my head in your mouth and let me feel how much you enjoy it."

Brad suckled the head of the big guy's cock, so much so, that the big man cooed in appreciation.

"Shit boy, you really can suck cock. Now take some more."

Brad took more of his cock in as the big man started to push more cock into Brad's mouth. Soon Brad was gagging but the big man didn't care. "Just relax kid, you'll get used to having this snake going down your throat. Breathe through your nose. Yeah, that's it, I knew you could do it." The big man started to pick up his pace, drilling my mouth and throat with his long, thick cock. Brad was loving every minute of the assault on his mouth. The big man grabbed the Hispanic's cock and brought it closer to Brad's face. "Get close man, the minute I pull my cock out of this kid's mouth and I want you to shove yours in so he gets a double load of sweet milk."

The big man picked up his pace and also was lengthening his strokes. His cock continually leaving his throat and then assaulting it again. Brad wondered if he was going to be able to speak when the big man was done. The big man's cock all of a sudden got even harder and then he began to shoot ropes of cum down Brad's throat. "Good job kid." He pulled his cock out and then pushed the Hispanic in front of Brad and told Brad to take the new cock, which Brad did.

After a few strong sucks, the Hispanic guy shot his load. Some of the big man's cum was still on Brad's tongue so the combination of the two made a tasty cum cocktail. Brad finally got it all down. Since his usefulness was over both men walked away leaving Brad kneeling in the hallway. Several men approached Brad with their cocks out but he stood up, smiled and said "maybe later guys, I need to take a bit of a rest."

Brad grabbed his clothes off of the sticky floor and decided to go downstairs to put his clothes back on in the bathroom after he had the chance to wash off some of the cum in the sink. His clothes may end up being wet but if the shirt and the jeans clung even closer to his body that wouldn't be so bad. He had also noted a vending machine where he could get a can of soda to cool down his ravaged throat.

When Brad made it down the stairs there were 3 large Black dudes standing in front of the door to the john.

The guy who looked like he was the leader of the pack said "we've been watching you tonight White boy. We saw you beating off as you watched those brothers filling the White boy on the screen, we saw your show in the back room and we saw you eat those 2 guys just now. You got us all hot and need someone to take care of us. We think you're mouth and white boy pussy is just what we need."

On one hand, Brad was a little nervous because these three guys looked pretty muscular and had that thug type of attitude but he was also excited thinking about the movie he saw of those three Black guys taking advantage of the White boy on the screen.

"Can you let me into the john to clean up a bit?"

"No way Whitie, we want you like you are. You look and smell like a whore and that's just want we want. We want to fuck the shit out of a whore tonight."

One of the other Black guys told Brad to get on his knees and put his ass up in the air. The leader told one of the guys to try out Brad's pussy and see if he was any good before the leader wasted his time. The guy pulled out a good sized cock, ran his finger across some still wet cum on the floor and lubed it up and then put the head of his cock against Brad's hole.

"Hey boss, how do you want me to do it? Hard?"

"Yep....he's a fucking whore, treat him like one."

The guys cock roughly filled up Brad's ass with a long, thick piece of meat. Holding on to Brad's hips he continued to slam Brad's ass. The leader told the third guy to tease the White boy with his cock by rubbing it on his face. That guy's cock wasn't as big as the one in his ass but was still impressive. The guy kept moving his cock around. Brad tried to catch the cock with his mouth but the Black guy didn't let him catch it. The leader said "told you he was a whore....look at him trying to get another cock into his mouth, he must be really hungry for some black spunk."

Brad felt his ass being filled by a hot load of black cum. The guy that had been by Brad's face moved behind him and pushed his cock into his ass and started moving it back and forth without touching Brad except in the inside of his ass canal. It didn't take long for him to shoot his load into Brad.

Brad began to notice that several men had come in from the theater and were watching the Black men fuck his white ass while they beat off. When he glanced at the circular stairway he could see it was full with men who were all beating their meat as they watched the leader, the third Black guy, shove his cock into Brad. His cock was the biggest with the most girth and felt good filling Brad's ass. He lasted the longest amount of time. As he was getting close he motioned to the men standing around to get close and cover "this whore" with their cum. As I felt the blast let loose in my ass I felt loads of cum hit me on my back, my ass and my face. The big Black guy pulled his cock out, wiped it on my ass, gave me a slap and said he looked forward to Brad coming back. He said he'd bring more of his crew to fuck his white pussy.

Brad stood up and felt cum slide down his body, looked at this watch and saw that it was only a little past 4 am.

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