After the last man in the courtyard pulled his cock out of Brad's mouth and he had licked his lips, he looked down at his watch and saw that it was only 12:45 am. He couldn't even remember the number of cocks he had sucked or the number of men who had cum on him. He did know that his shirt was soaked with cum and smelled of sex. He wore it as a badge of honor.

When he left the courtyard he went back into the dark theater. After his eyes had adjusted he saw that there were the shadows of three men in the front row. Last time he had been in the Bijou he had seen a man on his knees giving head to someone in the front row. Brad decided he wanted to try the same.

He walked down the line of seats and stopped at the man that was farthest from the aisle. The light was so dim from the screen that all he could really tell was that the man appeared to be tall. Brad got down on his knees telling the man what he wanted. The man already had his cock out, beating it as he watched the screen. He pushed it down so that it was aimed at Brad's mouth. Brad leaned in and licked the head of the man's cock. Brad could tell that the guy had already come at least once because he could taste the leftover cum. Brad grabbed the man's cock by the base so he could control what he did with his mouth on it. Brad could hear the man moan which drove him to do even more with the man's dick. The last time Brad had been to the Bijou he had learned how to take a cock deep into his throat so he tried that move again and the man moaned even louder. Brad started to stroke the base of the man's cock while he took as much in as he could, his reward was a mouthful of creamy, salty cum.

The man pulled his cock out of Brad's mouth and just settled back to continue to watch the movie on the screen without one word having been spoken. Brad looked to his left and saw that the man in the middle of the row was watching Brad as he stroked his cock. Brad slide over and got between the man's legs. When he tried to take the head of the man's cock into his mouth the man pushed his head away. "Just watch me beat off." Brad licked his lips but the man didn't seem to care, he kept his cock away from Brad's open mouth and just kept stroking. "Open your shirt up kid." Brad unbuttoned his shirt while he stared at the cock being beaten in front of him. The man aimed his cock at Brad's chest and shot 5 strings of cum all which hit their target. "Let me see you rub it on your chest." Brad slowly moved his hand across his pecs until all the cum was absorbed into his skin. "Thanks kid."

Brad looked to his left again and saw that there was only one more man in the row who was sitting in the seat against the aisle. Brad moved in front of him. This man didn't have his cock out. He took his right leg and put it over the arm of the seat so it was partially out in the aisle. He took one of Brad's hands and put it on the big bulge in his pants. The light was still too dim to get a good look at the man but his hand could feel that there was an impressive cock under the fabric of the pants. Slowly the man unzipped his pants. He raised his ass off of the seat and pushed his pants and underwear down below his ass. His large cock, already hard, was standing straight up. With his left leg he nudged Brad to move over so that he was between the leg up on the arm of the seat and his left leg. Kneeling, Brad moved his mouth toward the man's large cock, but he couldn't reach the head in a kneeling position. The man kept teasing Brad by using his fingers to wave his cock in Brad's direction. Brad realized he was going to have to stand and bend over to get his mouth on the delectable looking piece of meat. He stood, bent at the waist, and wrapped his lips around the head of the cock. Using his tongue and lips he worked all around the head savoring the flavor of the man's dick. While his was doing that he could feel multiple hands feel his ass as they walked by or stopped to watch the show. This excited Brad causing him to work the cock in his mouth even more. He started bobbing up and down on the cock with the man's hand on the back of his head. The man wasn't trying to push him down farther but just keeping Brad's mouth from pulling off his cock. Hands kept cupping his ass and he could hear appreciative murmurs. One man even bent down and whispered in Brad's ear, "I hope you're coming upstairs when you're done, I'd like a shot at this ass of yours." Brad felt his ass twitch in anticipation.

Brad continued bobbing his head until the man moved his hand from the back of Brad's head to his forehead making him stop his bobbing. The man just kept the tip of his cock between Brad's lips and said, "here if comes....enjoy." One, two then three shots of cum filled Brad's mouth. While salty, this man's cum also had a bitter taste that Brad enjoyed. Brad opened his mouth so that man could see the amount of cum he had shot and then, by moving his tongue forward and back he swallowed small amounts of the man's cum so that he could watch Brad savor it as long as possible. While this was going on three other sets of hands caressed Brad's ass as they were walking by. Brad stood up, licked his lips, getting the last little bit of the man's cum and then turned to walk into the area behind the screen that he knew would provide more experiences and more cum.

Since Brad had already been in the courtyard, he knew he was going to go up the circular stairs to the second floor, but first he needed to take a leak. He went into the bathroom that had one toilet in a stall, without a door, and a single sink. The walls of the bathroom were covered in graffiti. Brad stood over the toilet, pulled out his cock and began to pee.

He could feel someone standing behind him who moved in close enough to have his crotch push against Brad's ass. Whoever it was took his right arm, reached around and took hold of Brad's cock. Once done peeing, the man started to stroke Brad's dick until it was hard. Brad notice someone was watching through the glory hole while his cock kept being stroked. The man in the glory hole obviously wanted to taste Brad's cock but the guy behind him wouldn't turn Brad to the mouth at the glory hole. As Brad was nearing orgasm he legs began to shake and the man reached his left arm around Brad and cupped it in front of the head of Brad's dick. He could also feel the man's tongue licking the area just under his left ear. That position allowed the man to see the cum that shot out of Brad's dick onto the man's hand. The man raised his hand to Brad's mouth and told him to drink his own cum. Brad started to lap up his cum. When he had gotten it all the man said "that's a good boy. I'll find you later." The man was gone before Brad could get a look at him.

He could still see the mouth at the glory hole, obviously waiting for Brad's cock but instead Brad stuck it back in his jeans and left the bathroom. There were a group of men outside the door to the john that watched his ass as Brad moved toward the stairs.

When he started to climb the staircase the men that were walking down the steps stopped to watch Brad. Again he felt hands cup his ass. If Brad liked the touch he would flex his ass so that they knew that he enjoyed the feeling of their hands.

At the top of the staircase, Brad had to decide which way he wanted to go. To the back room with videos, the other backroom with the sling, the hallway with doors on either side, or the maze of booths. Brad was amazed to see, what he estimated to be, at least 4 times as many men than there was at his last visit. Again, they were of all heights, weights, ethnicities and body types. Some of the more buff men were shirtless and some of those with leather straps around their biceps. He also noticed that there were guys as young as he was also in various amounts of clothes. Brad had kept his shirt unbuttoned and had rolled his sleeves above his own biceps. Brad thought he needed to do more to advertise what he was after. He tied the bottom of his shirt so that it was no longer than his belly button. As in gangbanger style his pushed his jeans down enough that about an inch of his ass crack was showing. As he was doing this to his clothes he knew that most, if not all, of the men's eyes in the area were on him. He saw hunger in many of the men's eyes but the guys who were more his age he saw jealousy, both made him feel good.

Just like his first visit, there was a line of men leaning against the wall of the longest hallway. Before deciding which of the other areas he would visit, he walked passed the men making sure to stare at each man's crotch. He really didn't care what their faces looked like, he was interested only in their cocks, however, he was more drawn to the buff men who were taller and broader than him.

A couple men made suggestive comments but he decided to keep walking by to see everything that was available. When he reached the end of the line he turned around and walked by the men again as he headed to the hallway that had all the doors.

As he started walking down the hallway he noticed that some of the men from the line were following him. He opened some of the doors but saw that they all were taken by someone either sticking their cocks through one of the glory holes or someone on their knees feeding off of one or more cocks. He walked farther down the hallway than he had before and noticed that at the end of the hallway there were two glory holes cut into each side of the wall that led to the last two booths. When he got to the end of the hallway he didn't enter either booth but turned with his back to the wall and stared at the line of men who had followed him.

A man entered each of the booths by Brad. Brad could see that one of the men had their mouths at the glory hold. Brad ignored him and he soon left. A long, thick and cut cock came through the other hall. Brad grabbed it and felt its warmth. He dragged his fingers from the base to the head and sort of tickled it. The cock jumped. He took the warm head into his mouth and worked his tongue around the head. Out of the other hole came an equally big dick that was ebony black. Brad reached over to feel its heat, it was on fire. He moved his mouth from the first cock to the second cock. He never felt such a hot cock on his tongue before and enjoyed the sensation. While he alternated between the two cocks he saw that a group of men had gathered at the end of the hallway watching Brad servicing the two cocks. Brad realized he enjoyed having an audience as he did what enjoyed. He continued alternating. With his mouth around the white cock he received a large load of cum while the black cock covered his face with big load of thick cum. When he let the white cock slide from his mouth he rubbed his hand over his face to bring the Black man's cum to his lips.

With the audience watching Brad serviced four more cocks getting a large load each time before he stood up. He heard some of the guys sigh in exasperation since they hadn't gotten their dicks sucked. He walked back down the line of men who were more aggressive this time in feeling Brad's ass. One guy even pushed the back of Brad's jeans down so that his whole ass was hanging out. Brad decided to keep them that way but had to hold on to the front of his jeans so that they didn't slide all the way off.

As he walked by men who fondled his ass he would slow his pace so they could enjoy both the smoothness of the skin of his ass but also the hard muscle that lay beneath it. As he walked he started to feel the crotches of some of the men he walked by, those that he found the most attractive. At the end of the hall he entered the room that was showing porn. There were a couple of men stroking their cocks as they watched the screen but no one that really turned Brad on. Before he could turn back he felt two huge hands grab his shoulders. "You're a fucking cock tease aren't you?" He felt the man's hard chest against his shoulder so the guy must have been a lot taller than Brad. He also felt a very large package wrapped in denim rub against his exposed ass. "Do you know what we do to cock teases around here? We like to see them put on a show for a larger crowd than those that watched you suck those cocks." Brad tried to turn his head to look at who had him in their grasp but whenever he tried the huge hands wouldn't let him. The big man pushed him toward the screen. It was the first time that Brad realized there was a small stage in front of the screen. The big man pushed him up on the stage and followed himself. When they were both on the stage the big man turned Brad so he was facing the room. Several more men had entered the room and Brad could tell that the word was being passed back because it wasn't long before a stream of men started coming in.

The big man pushed the back of Brad's shirt up toward his neck while he pushed his jeans farther down. Brad could hear the big man unzip his jeans. Brad assumed he had taken out his cock because there was some "wows" and "look at that fucking thing" from the gathered crowd. The big man pushed Brad forward so that he was bent at the waist. Someone from the crowd put a small bottle of poppers under Brad's nose and said "you're going to need this, breathe deep", Brad did just that.

The big man made Brad turn again, this time so his side was facing the audience. The big man moved one hand to the back of Brad's neck while he brought his other had to his ass. He gave Brad's ass a smack which was hard enough to sting but not hard enough to hurt. The big man started to use some of his big fingers and started to insert them into Brad's ass obviously trying to stretch his ass lips in preparation of what must be a large cock. At this point in his life, Brad had only been fucked a few times. A couple of times in the woods near his college and the last time he had been here.

Brad felt the big man's fingers pull out of his ass and almost immediately felt the tip of a warm cock on his hole. It was definitely a bigger head than he'd ever felt before. The big man moved one hand to a shoulder and the other hand to Brad's hip. Someone came forward and put a wad of cloth in Brad's mouth, it was more than Brad could spit out. When that happened he felt something that felt like a baseball break through his ass lips. He tried to scream but the cloth held the noise in. He tried to buck free but the big man's hands kept him in place. The man with the poppers passed them under Brad's nose again.

The big man took his hand briefly off my hip to smack my ass again. When he did he used the opportunity to push more of his bludgeon into my ass. Brad thought he was going to split open but was surprised when more and more of the giant cock got further up his ass. Finally the cock could go no further, he stopped, letting Brad get used to the feeling. After a couple of heart beats, which Brad could feel in his ass, he started sliding his cock back and forth. The feeling was unbelievable to Brad. He never felt so full nor so horny at the same time. Brad's cock was rock hard. The big man moved his hand from Brad's hip and wrapped it around his waist. The big man took his other arm and placed it around Brad's chest making him vertical again. Brad was on his tip toes and finally gave up. A little bit more of the big man's cock went into Brad. Brad pulled the wadded up cloth out of his mouth and yelled but it was a primal yell and not a yell of pain. Using his arms the big man lifted Brad and then let him slide back down his cock. This went on for a while in front of the cheering crowd that were all beating their cocks. The big man slide his cock from Brad and then he felt a load of spunk splash all over his back. When Brad felt that his own cock shot a load of cum into the crowd. A big cheer went up from the audience. The big man pulled Brad close to his chest and said, "good job cock tease, you can stay around a while longer".

Brad glanced at his watch which read 2:20 am. What more could did the night hold?

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